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Now that the winter weather has
come, why be troubled with your
skirts dragging in the muds? Buy
some Skirt Goods at Gilmore's and
have a rainy day kirt made. Wear
Koehn & Fecheimer shoes and keep
your feet dry.
Im Will Take UmIIm Knurl feck DmhiM Caeae "" wave
4 ! Iwpartaet MaMlaltoa. It MaM Ills.
Waahinicton. Jan. 1.Y The bout will! N.w York. Jen IV -The Tribune
plange m'o the routine work this week. ; wri
Mont of the time, eiceptma; Friday. ! The rvuiocf atic ori;auiiation of the
wbich bu Wn net apart fur paymit city ere in a had tangle over William J
tribute to the memory of the late Vice Bryan a approaching v ml to New York
Preaident Hotntrt, will bedevuted to the O It I' lUlwont. who baa no official
consideration of appropriation billa piilin ailher unJar the city aJou ma
lt t eipected" that both tba urgency it etim ir in any of tba orgeniietione.
deficiency bill au! the pension appropri- Intends to entertain Mr Itryeo at din
atlon bill will be pawl ttu week Tba D-r Al tbi dinner will ba nearly all
former, weening a it doee. many mil- the prominent IViuiocrat of tba ataU
lion for the armr anil narr mar raise the nlr Tliera will ba raprew-n-
the whole ti. tion aa to the inturrec- taiives from up the date, front Kuigtj
tion in tli Philippine, with ita allied r.tmlf friu Taiumany aud (rout the
lwuea and lea to a very protrated da-' fbu a.) platform Winvratt The idee;
bate. How far tha Itepuhlican it tj turn the d.mier into a aurt of lore J
will allow tba debate to run baa feal ind hartu.wme all faction o that
not yet ten determini!, but if the IV in- a a-.li I an!
UtlalUUlcU dcl'lCatloU I11AV '
ocrata are iunitteut and pertist they can b m-hi t, tha nel IVku.vxelU' national
hardly refune them aeveraldaye in view etuvt-M ..-n to -te tt I'.Meu Tbit it
of the large amount of the appropria- all '.; .rr r. - (hi! thetr.ul!e
tion involved. tr n . tI n :i.- aheil
Tha pnaion appropriation bill i likelT
to caue aotiix apirited debat.1 owuiic to .,: r "jstui asia-atl the club,
tha dipoition in certain quarter to a.vc! v i,fV tier are two
rriticiae the conduct of the pention of- f't:l, jiix ,vtiiti;.. p-e ttrtt i
flee. Attempt doiihtlen will be ma le f---st ; J j V K.'.s ;rsi.l-ut
to legielatuie upon the bill reversals of 0( t!-e IV-.-vr i -?d a, temp '.ate
rme of the pension commissioners rul-
sr tt
i a Ir Ur u t b.-n-
ner4 at tha Foaloflne at Brrau. Tela, a
Second Claa mall matlur.
icnncairrioH rsica:
Per Week, 10c. - Per Month. 40r
IriK. but at all turh Irnlation i aub- Lr Mr. Kr tit he wvuid ivr
Ject to a .int of order it will fail. U-.b'.t m.le Vr l;raa la 01 ue K d.n-
There ia no protpect that the Koliert 0fr mX the club a h: tjure. asJ if he
eae will Kct into the hou before ueit at-eptt he wv-u'.d icv.te a num!r tf
w"k- prominent IVmvrau Ui r..et him. Tbe
Tba aeiiate will reaume conaideration Jik-uk h i at to whether thit dinner
of the IVttitrraw renolution making re- ,h:i partake of a formal pUtioal ua
qneat for certain information onnceriiin ture r i .iuip'.y a per nal wr'.-me rf
the IteK'inninic of the war in the Philip- yr Keller ta Mr ltraa If it i a f rm
pinea Senator IVttiirrew will continue afTir. it cannot lie on av uut 'f the
bin apeeh on the Philippine reoolntioii M ( the olubhoute. larse d.nner It
and after he conclu Senator Ilerry c,n i mt, t,ry im;. rtant. howev. r.
Aikanaa will take the Hr for a k"- by a carefully eeleotevl l..t of gnret-
eral e-U.on tha Philippinea. an lithe plan ia to make it a icatherin-
When the Pettigrew resolution ia di- of j,"ri,uiint Dem.vra! from all over
poeed of. the Hoar resolution will ui- ,h, ,,t ,tl.j rltT tl wel.vme Mr
ply food for t.ilk no li day in the morn- Drvan
- I in hour, and after that the Hale re- J,,hn F Carr.'ll. Mr Ooker'a ili putr. ;
Till! OIL MILL. I lutioii coiiivrniinf the ..izure of Amen- d the l.al-r of the Tammany orKiii-
Mr. K. J. Fountain. managiT of! "n g"u,U bjr u'"lt Ur,""u wi" U u- ' Mr ker at-n.v. d,-. m i
the Bryan Oil MtH, has a j.lan on fc , h . h.. atmier at th. Hotel Svv ,
ftKit to increase the number ol i f tnB financial bill each day after and make it a bttf one with rmm
free CAIilp llouseR for the Use of the the coiu liiiioii of the liioruiuir hour, but epvbe an 1 in galore. If tbi plan it
it i not probable that he will iicc.-,-d in ; "-re.i 10 woui.i p.r..e o ue u. .
lure ol a i auiinany anair eon-ij, uu.i
Taminany Would have the -relit alone
Kepiiblloati C'oiivrntluii.
To the nrecinct chuirmnn of
Bra.on county: By authority yes
ted in me as county chairman, I
hereby t all a county 1 publican
convention to meet in the court
houio at Bryan, Texas, on Jan.
IJl-t, at .".::i0 . m., to eltrt
delegate to a oongreMonal conven
tion cftih'.l by 11. 15. (ioobyto
el.'ct (leleateH to the national eon.
vention at 1'hilailelpliia, l'a., June
lit, r.'on.
Thf precinct"- are entitled to the
follow tut; votes:
Tre -hiel No. 1 l'
1'rrviiict No. '2 - '!
Precinct No.
Precinct No. 4 15
I'recinct No. ' -
l'n it.ct No. - - '2
Pri- met No. 7 -1
Total 51
Precinct chairman are hereby
advi-ed to elect delegate on or be
fore Jan. 2'', and forward copies of
credential to fno nt my 1. ). nd
(i'ij liry'.uf,' Tea-. Jl'-eji't,
'"' ' N. A. At iikhkiis,
County ' Iriinnan, K-j'i i . n-an par
ty, Bra'H county.
oeonle who brine their cotton to
Bryan and ho come here to trade. ; ''
Thebenelits of and necessity for dlinilf . s, ' . , ., Tamuiany im-n would pre.lominate
' UiirniK tin wen. d ilator Daniel will nij (je m cjj,r(, , while at the Ietno-'
tliene free wagon yards and Camp he beard and other addreiwe ou thit crnt ,.!llb TammanT would have to,
houses are well known, anl the i subject will come later.
exjierience of the preent se4Soii
proves tliat more are needed. Mr.
Fountain nays the oil mill will
furnish the ground if the mer
chants and other business men
will have built thereon by opular
subscription a six to ten room
camp house.
The oil mill is Mill buying cot
ton seed at $10 per ton, having
bare honor with other
The consideration of the Kamoan Thit i the contention, and it ia (aid
treaty in executive aeeeion will be re- that money it being tpent laviahly in
turned if the legislative work ieruul 1 cable toll to ft rulinif ujxin the ou
and Senator Itacon and Money will : troverty from the chief who ia now in
inuke tpeeche in opiition to it 1 England Whatever the ilecmon I it
It i aim (irobablx that the report on la aadl a diuntr will lie iciven Mr Kryan i
the (juay cue may be presented late in , and be will be a.ked to tpeak. lie will j
the week. j be allowed to tay whatever he (il-.
. ! tut it will 1 intimated to bnu thai '
THE KENTUCKY MUDDLE. wniieT.m..ny d. not ak b.m u
abandon bit free stiver creed, there are
Acllea IU(a la Teelett fee lleveraM
and l.teuleeaat (.e.eraer.
ottn-r iuue in which Tammany i more j
I ntr..o.l At tile in.ifnerit and whii-h he'
Frankfort. Jan U-Tue hearwiK of . -,,!, .,Mt dilute ut..n at lena-th. I
advanced the price to that point the evidence in the content f.r governor -r,,,,,,,,, , mrrtudrr to liryan is cm- j
some time since. The oil mill is ""enant governor has brgun. The , j,rt hll, , empkar.:xe. by the fact that ,
... . . , ' committee to try the content in the rate ' the organization want bim nil to them-1
now on a basis to compete with ... ... , : .i. - .i.J
OI llie KorrioiBiiio ih i -0111 in wii ui rfu- pr-nt-- airi wrw ,i'k " " u r...w .... .
any mill in the state, and expects I a,,,r, t'ra.i"r I'reii.haw an 1 Allen and' honor of welcome with any one ele
to continue jiayinR the top of the n,.I,r,.ttivc Hickman. lUrton. Finn.
market lor seed. Sledge, Lyon. IWry and H-nnick, Ivm-
ocrat. nd Yarlx-rry, Kepublican.
The committee in the caw of the lieu-
Kt. Itev. (leorire Kinsolvin, j x, Mnt govmur is comp..d of Senator
liishop of the diocese of Texas, ! udlnin , SelN and Waxen and Kepre
preached nt tlie Kpiscopal church i eetative frawforl AUiander. !Ur 1.
Sunday nitrlit. Tlie sermon Was ! n,,iM,,i a,i shnrn. Iviim-rata. and
HIsliopN Visit.
Mnsr HflKuH-k.
Iuiprovel place con-istnu of 1 1 acre
two act)' of sriicli is "inside- corporate
'.inil of liryiin. Place i i.-ar the
powder h'''le -oiitli of I i wi (iood
i-ideio I'fopertv, or a so'eiidul pas
tnre. Mil-'. m'II insi'ln ul n t ten days
1'rire iniv I). Sec II i I -on ,v Nail,
real c-taie ai.'etit-. II
a mastsrful argument uriiig the luprevntativex P.eed anJ Lilly, IUpul
necessity for the faithful perfor- li.-ann.
mance of tin; small and seemingly' fder the rule ire,,tT adopted by
common place lutii- ami obliga-1 the committee the eontti.t .re given
ticills of life toward" both (!od and f,Jtir davt in which to intr., dure their
our lelloW man. The liishop made' j,r. .f. The c.iit-tee ther. are given
plain the truth that the" sphere i f1 fivelay in which to pr-w.it their tide'
Do man's life i-" So 'OirY'TiriiS' ribrd and one i allowed the contestant to
that he cannot titid oportunities , bring in rebuttal evidence. H ihm-le.
within it for the servii.V of the are to s given a reaeobable time for
Master, and that it is art old, com-! argument by their re.ective .-..un-tels
mon error of men and women to 1 111 addition to Loiii Miijjuwu and
desire to do Soni'J gf' t thin for , Johu K. Ileiidrn-k, who will t aa gen- (
t'lirist, w!iei their plain rltity lie-'eral c.nn-L Mr. n-jehel will have a
in the ordinary walks ff, life, uil'l' spe-lal couiit-l who wiD le.k after hi
(Ihrist has taught his fylbYwers by '( eae, when certain count are being
precept and example never to de-, couriered. Ju !ge .1 tme p. Tirvin, of
spi.-e the small thinps of life. ( Covington, Z k Phelp and Aarou
Scripture mill leoends were intro-1 K -hn of Loniiville will le ain .ns -dileed
in support of the truths Set , 11 1 f- ial couneel Former governor
,'orth. After the' sermon the rector W. Hrvlley, Ju 1',) V if Yt. of
It hat not teen deci b-l Vet whether
or not a routing m.ix meeting will l
belil. at wbi h Mr l.ryau wi.l U atke-l
' to H-ak but tbi it re'urde l nt un
: hkely.
I'ri iii here Mr Pryan will go t.
Ma-aehuetts where be will cott ilt
. with lie. rge Fred Will. ami and other
in that section of the country.
Ir. Bowers, pre-onb-d
four for confirmation.
j ic i ii' 'tiling vi bad l"i" a conoli ,i coirl.iiio,
S r.MMl'.I-'S t'Ol .ll BALSAM
ui ics, the ioiio'ii, Joe ,i I'oiilc
a cla-s of L-Tiin;toii. Ju lge, A. P. Humphrey and
' ' t and b.ivid V. I'orlelgh of IxmlsVllie
will ! aiiioii those who wul h.-jk after
( (ioveriior T.iylor s r,se.
The Kepublican leader cUim to have
eiicouraffiiig in-- from lawyers who
ure rej r .'u.g the Kepul l., .4n v,i,-
tettees 'fli'-.v claim to have assurance
from that quarter that ivu thmil l
lioveric.r T.lor aid laei.t. i.i t i;.,v-
I'oi a pain in the b.u k u c.u
i:mh:i;s im-llakoma plastlks
coinfoit. I cai h.
I'm iliiiim.itisin. ci ii k in the neck or soiv tlno.it, he
neuralgia, try
.-KAY OIL, 2oi-and .poc per bottle.
Our Standard Medicinal Preparations arc vld 20 per cent less
. than patent medicine.
rni'.r Marshall I tin.-,it-l I v the ef.
islature they will institute pr-i-eedin-le-fore
I'eileral .Iii'lgn llvuns at L,ni.
ville to restrain the )-moratic con
ttantH from taking theoMi .-.iind that
ajef,rir more will Ups lrf.f,,re the
case can l. finalljr decild, a the case
Will 1 carried up to the supreme court,
bo matter how it might U decidud by
the inferior court Meanwhile they
say the Republican will hoU the
S-nntor (im Ul i attorney and the
(ioeM leader generally, do not think
thero i anytmg in thit claim, a they
Tlitf Will lltlee H.jliii.lil. and
Ih.iu Hurleg the W ar.
T'.ronto. Jan. ll -'With men an!
tuoney we will asisl the m, Uit-r ait.
try,'' w what Hit Wilfrid Lurr. prt
inier of the I) ii.inioti, said in a brief
;rh at fherbrn lie. W1' '1J4.V
ago. at, 1 now cm' the ax.n usicement
that when parliauetit reseeialie Ir.
lent than a month a ',W f B it let thar
.1 .you.uoo. will tie .-rd U Jfry tli et
pue of the .'i") u,n in the fell i:
Soiitu Africa or uii li.e wy th.:V-r fr i:.
thi ioij ii ty
f 'li i.llll 1' I'y aL 1 eli'.tOs i. v
ib masel a- I;n!air, d.5lciit.et
increased anl the re-ult i the Juvr
of the I'-ivernmefit to nerd ii. en ar. I t
pay the t-.e-t of kee;,;i.g them ii,
fl-M. A'ltn-ii'y will ;,., t . -.:,! .' i
p v.-r ; j iy any i i!r. m ,i,.t
sary lynd the num x.iiiie.l. T!. v
J cLm.- I')" the i lara'.l'Il of tl,e e. .. r
oil lith ni !e..,f tue h i'.- Wlii '.' M.
in, i. 1 he i i i..,u i'i we;; : .
the Hi on. y f T t.'e r- i- It.lyto f a
ur;,!'n of i.i r t.'.aii I V-i r i-, ..
et.it trean-irv w.tn a n'.ll ei;ir. ! I
tra le an 1 ;i wi .
Lord Mratt.' i.a n i.Ter to pay iLe i.-t
of ".""I or '; " 'a.'.a'l.an ni-oijt- has !! t,
many other o: rs ,,f I. .-1 j. from pi, ,
citizen, and linally a prop-eial has I i,
ma le to the in,;er;al governmi-nt tnai
t'aha-luri will. .y pi.) lie fih.i r.pti -n
pay the cot of 'I'lipping aid transport
ing to t'aj Town or Iiurhan of l'
more mounted men
latait IImii' Itrrllerf.
Orange Itiver, Jan. I V-len. Woiel.
f ir tin- lirnt time in the campaign, ha e
tahhhe! a nj.t in the enemy a country i
With a force of all arm lie timk op
rsititioii on Jan. 0 itt Znutpan Drift on
We make a price its right
We show a ntylt, its new
Wt piiaranti'e an article, its
in mil
e .
Buying 1bcrc Is Safe.
Not onK bcc.niso wr .ie vm on our pun li.ws. doll.it and
cents, but because the sterling stamp ol wottli, fii ilit , ociiii-inenc-s
and titc on with c cl V tiling on hiiv. We 111. ink our
tiicii.ls .hi, I iiistouicis oi their hl'cr.il p.itrnn.ioe we h.tc in
ioxcl in the past, and dc-iic to .iiiuouocr our readiness and
alolio to scio one and .ill in the Inline with jju-ntcr ell'n icnev
tli. in cct 1't l'Oc.
webb Eros.
Wgajnajaja) mitMMMHIHIC
Biggest and Best!
That's what we claim for our stock of diu.'s and we are p-ady
to rve it. Thirteen year of continuous liiiinr- succes
h.i" given our house a reputation fir purity and ijuality of
driii;. iow jiruis,
thro ughout this
tie.n. We have i
patronage ilurini:
cordially think our
and fair deal i n k
and adjoining cuiin
joyed a splendid
the past year and
friend and the jiuh
lie for the same. W'i-iun one ;ui l all a Happv New Year,
we will continue to be found duriiiij l'.tkj at th" s tme old
James & McDougald,
Th$ Leading DrugQ.tt, Bryan, Tuat.
JOHN WITTMAN. Merchant Tailr-
Kt-i-p a ioil !otk ot li.e Itct Imported
. and iJoliitHtii (i. in ds (or Suits ill I'alits.
Kcpail ilij al.il fleioor. tlone ie:iHKI-
j b e pr.. y.. . . imm
Patronize fur Home Tailor and keep money
at home. I guarantee Fit and Finish.
i i
Wo Buy
And Pay tho
intitt that no Federal ntieatiun Involved ! ",,rtn theOratiK rlr In tht
ami the caae. if fi eL would htre n,. rreeMate
tandinft in the Federal court.
There it at yet no Indication of the
much preUcted l-loodshel
M. Ialmri. the lawyer who defended
Captain Dreyf ua in hi famoo conrt
inartial trial, it to lecture In thia country.
WMI Uttt le Ike I mmlllM.
ruh.lKh, N. (.'., Jan. IV A prom
Inaut Populiat aaya the Popnliat com
mittee will take no action aa to the con
titutlonal amendment restricting auf
frae, hut will leave the tpiMtion to tht
tat convention.
TWO nARKIiT5--()ne in City Market Build
ins: and one next door to John
U. Mike's Store.
BRYAN, : : : . TEXAS
. VJ, ,' , ', , r, J'.',,"..",
-tiMi'at Mei ileinls ii i
a av .w av
- - a " - '
J J' V

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