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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, January 16, 1900, Image 4

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"Getting Money
From Home '
I a tine iliinir, aa eeryone will stfree
Die next In et thing is kwp.ii if it it li r
Yi'U wav tliii.k onr laundry li:l i
small item when vim .end it aw,y from
hon , iiit many Kinall of der 'ent aw ay
make a l i.' I "If in ihe MM of n tonne
Uu.irai Iff t i 'I') stiictly lirst claim
wmk jruii i't I y a. id at reaaoiialdr
prices. We cheerfully correct all mis
takes when cal.ed to iiur at'ention.
I imp u- it I'Ofttal or 'tione I II anil we
ill if1 t vonr lur,.lle and appreciate
your i'roMiKi', Tan ilNira eolith "t
Karuaiittc hotel
Mm Laiinirv.
InTli .tin want
Water backs in Stoves
Fitting up Reservois
Bath Tubs
Hose Repairing
l-saie orders at lirlrs A Zimmerman
Imp. All sink prima. li; ilujie.
Coiiie and p t your limit' uinl
Slinfh ihuiIp; t-pgfil or hw ! ; any
Ih you v i-h. Urine int. your rr
juiiiii :). Work yii:ir.iiittil nttis
faclory .
N. Jametta.
!rl your fir.h n.raLnf all klinl.al
Brogdon's Market,
Ili-r f, I'ork, Siiti-yi', Ktc, tb leM
that cnu lio liml, hIwiivh n,i hand
Your tn jilcimr,
Itryan, Texas.
tjthie. over Jama Irui( hlnrs. Ret.
dence phoi.e 13,
Houston, Taxaa, Nnv.7, 1!X.
NoTK'K is herel.y (liven tliat
H-i lal meeting nf the Stockholders of
the llmiaion A Ti'Xita (Vntial Uailroad
Company ha lieen called by the Board
of I irecinra of said company, to con
vene et the (fenmal olllie of said com
pany la Ilia City of Houston, Trim, at
iwehe o'clock, nin, on the nineteenth
day of January, !Ji, fur tha purpose ol
authorizing the making, execution a'i'l
delivtryof a lirtt iiiortatfH upon Mi
railroad recently purchased aul now
owned by said company commonly
known at the "Waro A Northwestern
Division oftha Ilonaliin A Tex.a On
tral Hallway" extending from a point In
or near the town of liremoml, in Koti
ertson county, via Marlin ami Waco, to
a point in or near the tow n of oa, in
Mclennan county, with Ita franchise
anil appurenancea to secure tint pay.
inent of first moitgsgn leitids of t lit
lloiiHton Tex tVntraJ Uiiilrnad
Coiiipanv to an amount not exceeding
twnily-livi- tlmu-Hn l ilollara for each
mile of said railroad, payaMe at a 1 1 1 m
not exceeding thirtv year-. fmi: ihmr
iliiti', ami lin iiijf intrri'Ht at a late not
cxri'filini hx per rent, per an ii i n,
pmaLlo rrnii-Hiiiilliilly, to b i-ucil ,,r
the purpoM ol pavinif f..r, t- unplfti iitr,
iiiiprnvinK anl n enttluu tlm aiil mil
ri'aM with in fi urn hiMt-H ami appurti'ii
anrra. K. W. C AVK, s.., id iry
Houston Ti'xaa Cin'rRl i'Hllron.l
Company. il jan in
Ex-Miisitr I'-invit riianri-s (lie In. 1
MtiTatioii to fx.'iutor Hoar.
HIS Sl'KKCH 1111) IT i'fl
Vr. Ilarrrlt S.ij Mr. Iluar' Antlrx.
paniiti m-Ii tin Trli'Kraplirii
to Hun; Won if and Inrltcd
Hi l'iliilnirw to Wat.
rnn h
3M Li LSLb
To t Im I'iiriiirrr.
I am Introihii Ini; in tli lonnty h ti t
liHVcon rxliibltii'll al I rn . ,V Zuiiii er
iiimii'h lilu, kntnitli hIi 'h Hijui ,
Wriiiht'i" pat'-nl vhii'l toiina 'ip.
port, n a'.inplo ami inaxj'fii-ivii iliMre
w hii h in a lilraNinir to leiniN nml a huiu.
to tin ir ow ntira. Von rn conlially in
Tl t-l to rail anil examine il. Vnnra
truly, M. II. Klam,
II . kiii
VANTi:i) A ponitinn na (iovrnni
M ii-io tea her in a family, or trroiip
Miliea. Thiw yfar exprrienie,
. Fur partiriilara, adilreta
t J 10. 12
Chicago. Jan. II. John Barrett, ex
milliliter to Siam, for the lir.t time pub
licly naiueil Senator Hoar Saturday
nii(ht at Lake Foreat uuiveraity aa tlm
Uuited Stu- Senator whoae ant.ejpan-
tion apeech waa cabled to HotiK Koiik
and nil(iiciitly put in the liau 1 vt
tha Filipino aoldiera. laming, at Mr
liarrett believed, the oen iuanrrection.
Freiiiently thil apem-b aud ita pre-
uuied effect have lieen inentiuued. and
tha reading ptililio Iim connected the
name of Senator H. r with it. and it Ik
probable that Mr. liarre'.t would Hot
have uaed the lawmaker' name mi thix
occaaion had he not been ftcing an au
dience known to I largely Inutile to the
admiiiiatration' policy in tha oriental
It apn arel further frmu the ex uiin-
later a nech tliat the frorernnient bin
dirirerel privately tlm atak'e by
which the antiexpamtioii ad lre reach-
e.1 Luzon.
There waa much interest in the recep
tion Mr. Ilarrett'a apeech would niext.
At the cloee of the meeting lie wa
cheered and the audieiiCD of aeveral
hundreil waited in line to aliake hamU
with hint.
In the murae of hi address, which wn
on the general aubjert of the "I'hilip-
pinea," the ajieaker aaid it had been ilia-
covered in the Knvern turn t investigation
thut Iloiir i Hpeech waM cabled in cipher
aud in fragment to I'uria, where it m
put together and fowarded to llmi
Mr. llnrrett aaid the apeech waH ahowu
him at llonj; Koiik by the preanlent of
the Filipino jtititii tliere who aent it to
the Filipino at M.niiln. where it wh
pilbliabeil and dli-triblited over the
One Maakeil M.a llulila up Two llaalau-
rani al Kanau ilj
Kania City, Jan. I0. -I11 trueweaWrn
fa-hioii a lone robU-r. uutnked and
armed, cleaned out two restaurant m ;
the ivnter of the city at 0 o'clock Sim
day morning under the K'lare of an elec
tric lik'ht.
Iu I-ewia' restaurant lie pointeil a pis
tol at Stanley llruhwo.vl. the cashier,
and tapped the register while he kept
hix revolver in plain view of two cus
toiuera tented nearby. The coiitetita of
the reKlnter had b-eri transferred to the
aafi) but a few minute previously an 1
tha roblier aecurrd only a liatnlful of
obaiiKe. He then Kave the waiter and
the two t'uatoiner a parting Word of
warning and hkipped aero the etreot
to the reataurant of Hubert Mc
Cliutoca. The robbt-r covere.1 Cashier
Joaeph Dryndnle. and commanded two
waiters and three customer to hold up
theii lunula They complied promptly
and the roblier promptly emptied the
till In a twinkling. He pocketed the
entire content (Mil and backed out of
the ih or, encountering a grocery eolic
Itor He poketl hi revolver into the
aolicitor'a face with the command not
to make an alarm and forced him Into
tha restaurant, where all the other" still
tool with upstretclied arma.
At thia instant the robber darted down
a nearby alley and disappeared. Hardly
more than five minute waa consumed
at both job and the robber had plenty
of time to get away twfore the scared
victims had recovered composure.
Iiis.. frem llss.y Neaa,
New York, Jaa 1 Fur the last week
heavy seas have been rolling in from
the ocean along the aborea of Korkaway
beach and Jamaica bay. (treat inroads
have been made Into the beach at Ar
verno and F.dgeniere. A wido channel
ba been cut Into the beach opening up
tha old inlet at F.dgemere At this place
the water ha almost reached the rail
way track and it i feared the big sum
mer hotel may la damaged The heavy
bulkhead which wua built a year ai;o to
protect the property has crumbled to
piece under the force of the breaker.
At Arverne tlm sea are encroaching
n.. ill the boardwalk, and at Said. the
foundation of the big dancing pavilion
are so undermined that the btrlditig
threaten to colUp t '
rrotiilnsut alsa llssil.
De Moiiie. Jan. I l- J.X Camp died
at bis home here aged t years, lie win
txirn in McMinti county Teiim ss. ,..
He was educated at Abingdon, Ills . a;-
(Hillited by l'rcsldeut l.llli'ulll Consul to
Kingston. Jamaica, in I Mil, where he
was coiini-cted with important iiueiTion.
during the war, was appointed n !ii ! t
f internal revenue at li.ilvoi oi 'Y- ,
in Is' l in I iu l":! was siiiM-rv r
oral uf custom ill Texas I r in is i i i ,
'K'.':! he v. a editorial writer on t'ie I ,w ,
lloinciii ad in this city, and I t tv .
yi a r later was editor of tiie IV M in ,
Uailv Newa.
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ol p.ll.'l at-! ami wuri nnaiirsf prsrl
I lock; auitaiil alias for ladia sads.uii-
tua. 1 bu atiaps is tuuul auJ vauar.
Daisy NeclfPln.
Genuine llard-Cnamal
and Uold.
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Msll.it frta fnr 1 1 IImi hradt rot fmni
Liosi Cellr wrspfcrs snd a 2-csat tlsmp.
All uuu.ilaily Iiih- I'U'liilr. limn Ida l.n,.li
oliiiv iii.ie-l lifiiusn srti.t, 4;utiri,-l Mix
ll la fixni'li-'l mi ( haimwj'a rni. "'Ihtf
Lint lirile" Ttia iU.ry l uiurrtlii'i!.
as't M-inl with rat k pli'ttire a hau.1
pome toller, rruitiilniiia tsy nl Ih .. m
aujli laiitf tUsUuuliL b.n-, IhAiui Ik.
Dorothy and Mcr Friends.'
A bright,
cheery picture.
For a tioej heads
anil a 2c. stamp.
A origin, rherf
fill lurv. D-r rm. nv
niralittltxirli'lay. Ina with hrrrhn k
rii.aml hvmlihits.
1 tie pnsJouuiiuliusT
reluri srs tub n-U
aiet yn i in bite,
f". t lln h1t
Sii'l I .-ml iun.
Mill ln.il 11 linntsl,
l.aUf tur Laimiu.
riantel Clock.
ft Br trf.
At HO m
kaaS. asd a
w it. slaait.
tstauli fully
a ii ith.it
w itb sill.
A Mauty
and fisj
tuns aatrisr
Alarm Clock.
Vnt hf siprtss. peteali. " Ua htwd as4
a ftmmtp. Whan naitsni .tthar cl'.
I i.ata li.Di. jour Carol Elpreas dltifa, li Uiwa
uo ti prat uAcs lucakKl lu uuf We a.
Stylish Bclt-Uucklc.
T5V, 4Tis-ttamt.
- 1 - ,T- : . J uui,, aiiu ati
TlVjLi rolorad ).w
taWQr In Iht c.nl.i.
1 hit will Is
welmmsd tar "arMSed-np " accatmns t r
the UvlirS who Ilka to f UiRarant
ctilorr-l tathrs Tha rnlil-fiinh f wall
with an? ul thm 411. sa rat JO Usa
bawds and a 2-csnl ita asp.
Ladies' Apron.
Marl ef (nnrt
Otulilr lawn, wuri
aitrrutls rer.ru.;
aiel Im kl; tnai
ttm tl bottom, and
It matlr falbrrrl
at waul: a v.r
superior nd ttvli.n
art i els. bus, Ml 49
aivsafur ntloa
hsadt asd a isot
Fruit Picture.
V W,V-JST ' 1
Pir, inchtMi. OUcq gr a u
Setisla an4 2rnt itimp,
50-Foot aothes Una.
(Uvtn 9nf IS
lloi hwi) anJ
"3 lt ilAattp.
liraslilnl sibn
thrfivlt. ttmn. will gi u ot
Box of Colored Crayons.
wAlVtl'lll ttin
C . -
rrafnn i.wrsj js-'l
with ttmnr lir,
y ptaftul Ltaak-tut.
Child's Drawing Book.
a collwtlnn
of Mrs nuUiiiw
i leturrsi U-UL 1
nut Uiok t'irm
witti thMts ff
liuu pr t
twssa Ih
Iimiis paf" l"6
rhil.lrrti ran
Irai s Ih tii turat hsn.sth, Ihna afloelin!
niji jrm.iit, ss w.ll u inilrurtion tn lh
l an I tud ye. 1 hn, ilrswiiK tas k, an I
Ihr l-n i l rrsrrn. to T.rr . bstrthrr
lh. ni tie na .lii!tr.nl kimla. an I wt
drswlni hm.k rtsulrsa Ilea ksadt and a
2nl stamp.
Naval Box Kite.
See It fly t
The rela-tm,-j
I la, i
kiu linw to
I ular.
Tliirtr inchas
Ion alvl
mini-, tsti'ly
loltlct. Is.l
nn iiulrkif
tsi tpri-ail ta
tlr. Fvi-ry
Aai rii an toy
wants imr.
and r.l.lir
s-rMn. alio
arc inkrettcrj
rialted tra loe 40 How heads rsrl rnm
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Irrth. firs Inchn. ruiutl fnr emtlBf,
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Ul.sa tut litlsa kwwssaada it.tlamp.
0!vt tor JS liMdi ami 2t
alamp. A flrtr.aa r..r. iutvtt .(
kiitf.ub ta., tuni ttltft tiuitow irtjubi.
Rubber DrcA.sing Comb.
rsr IOIIimi h.sJt srtda tst tlsmp.
t'I'k'th. 7 llii In, fu.l itr tli'l Wr.Slit.
Mlf of fi-nuine IikIis riiLlwr, r.nly
rililatir-il . A I I .-t,( r (.- ,.r a ladirt' lirut
lud isae or lur u- lu Uis I.luis Uoi L
(lame "India.
fimilu to M ra.r
!- ii I lf nl It. rut.
.a rrn it.utitr.it nuvm
a V ' y ' " r - "r iitxatt
fX tfy JV tfnii'u iht'wt inn
M; 4H-!rV0 W r..m,wn,in ii. A
ftr-if h l"t Is
nsv.r tirrnf i lsTlnr liw tur iu llwa
kxad sad a i-s.nt tump.
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Kandy Kitchen
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mir CHfttimrr. W'r Itnilf lin i if'ytit.ui i, u'r.i'i vt
Inn our of Ihr piirrrl, fit l,,-t ,u,.l ,
(frwia riinf inrilirimi in fu,t"il T-"
frii mil nml itlrnnn fnr thr if-r i Wr
in riit j in tlit )it, rrn. h . ,' i ,, .i 1 1 i,
li't iIiiiiiii) Hum,
If. ih.,
.1. if
,r ...,e
Hall's Drug Store,
Cat si 4 sis
Texas Bakery
hilled n Wulnaa aud Kalrldad.
IJoziiiniii. Mont, Jim. IS -At II 1
kTTail.'. ) mile West of here, Trunk
Kofer a liiiT.'haiit, shot ami killed his
Uu llmly, Mr. lUvis, mid then com
Uilttel suicide. Jealousy camwd the
I lie Oldest!
The Largest!
I he I Jest!
Frt'li 1WI. Kull. Cakes,
Ktc, lmki'il .lailv. I 'r ni tt
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for dinners, liarlieeiie-: or pic
nics promptly supplied. Tlm
l est incal in tlit city for 'Joe.
Otto Boehme.
"t 'l, ''l. I.?''
i :
Si i i d in liny t
The lini'st....
Candirs. I:rrti Fruits.
Phono 202.
Phone 52
l "r (.'mil, O.ils, II.in, Mciil. Hull.. Ilr.m, ( aiiMliIni,' in llic
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