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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, January 26, 1900, Image 4

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List ot lUnralna Offered by
Hudson t Nail, K E
tate Afnw,Brjrii.
J. J. Kubanks place 210 acre
itvi..rr.i-.l Rrazoa Wtoin fa nil. ffood
i. m -i r...
artesian wen. i en miica
Dwelling and two sen of land
in the western imrt of Bryan
Kight building lota near H.
Rhode' residence.
There were entertainments at
Mr. Ferguson's an Prof. Rollins'
Saturday night.
The inging at Mr. Dye' Sun
day night wa a grand aucce.
A. L. Sharkleford was here from
College Sunday.
Horace Furguson left Monday to
attend the. Wuco College.
I'litman Buchanan and Thurston
Cole left Lst week for Dalian to
Seven huilding lot in south part
of town, east side of college road.
Thomas Rowan iilace, near
graded school, consisting of live
and seven-tenth acres, price looO.
Fourteen acre in smith jart of
City of Bryan, two acre of which
ia eituatfl within the corMrate
Mr. Smvthe addition to the
City of Bryan, out of the Phillip
Three acre of land in the Mouth
em part of the city, upon which i
a four-room house with ilouhle
chimney and good lot, stables and
shed, and u good cistern. Price,
Lot (5. 7 and S. hlk St", in front
of Allen Academy.
Six room dwelling on lot and a
half of ground, three block eat
from Main street.
A quarter Mock unl improve,
merit opposite and eat of court
house. An exceedingly desirable
piece of property.
Hern's a Sou p.
Three acres of lain! in the south
ern part of Bryan unon which is a
four-room house with double chim
ney and good lot, stable and shed
and a goo.l cistern. Price, foil.
attend school.
The little son of Mr. and Mr.
Will Pate died Wednesday night
t I Tl I.... t UaKw1
ami wan ourie-i inur-ua, "V ,, " Sunday night was fine.
umit.rv Rev. J. M. Bullockl ., ... . .
At 3 o'clock last Sunday after
noon, Jan. 14, at the home of the t
bride's parent in this community,
Mr. Kdwant htlge ami Mi Min
nie Lee Buckhf UlU were pro
nounced man and wife. Kev.
Stewart of Bivn performed the
ceremony, a large number of
friend and relatives living pres
ent. The happy couple have the
well wishes and congrutulution of
Several of the young eople
from here attended the dance at
the reeiJenee of George Kdge. of
Clairmout Monday night
The ringing at Mr. Buckhault'
conducted the service.
Dulanieand Iron Barron visited
Harvey Thursday.
JohnJone i finishing hi new
residence, which makes Harvey
show up very nice, with Mr. Uain'
Mr.Holl.nd' and Kev. McClung'
new homes, which have just been
Mr T..m IVlIurt and Mi Kvie
Messrs. Waller Cargill of Zion's
Best and Sam Jones of Harvey
were recent visitor up here.
Miss Clyde Meredith spent lvt
week at Steep Hollow, visiting
Mr. Holligan of ion's Best
came up Sunday.
Mr. Carroll and daughter, Mi
Laura, attended church services at
Kurten Saturday.
Mr. Henry Atkins of Wellborn
M-fiy i-iniliiitr liia tiittfer hru Salnr.
Cariier were marruM nere . uesuay , lla y ft),j Sunda v.
evening, Justice J. M. Powers The yi ung people spent a most
officiating. May thev live noble pleasant evening at Mr-. Carroll'
i in early! e.lneil:iy night at a camlv
",,lJ ' breaking and liable Among
life- I those present from other commit
U. P. Andrews returned home miies, were Me-srs. Tolm and Tol
II. C. Meek in who has been con
fined to hi ld several weeks, is up,
and we hope to see him at his
place of bnsiness soon.
Miss Alice Dunlap has returned
from a lengthly visit to friend at
Mrs. Kittie Clampitt of Mirlin,
visited her aunt Mrs. John Wagner,
several days last week. She left for
Navasota Saturday to visit her
cousins, Mrs. O. L. Steel and Miss
Minnie Ferguson
Miss Zuda Holliday is spending
this week, with Miss Mary Mill
in the bottom.
l)i. O. T. Lewis's, little daugh
ter is still very sick, we are sorry
to note
F. A. Spunn returned from Cial-
vision Thursday night, and left
for the bottom Friday.
Mr. George Brooks, who resides
near tne rot it quarry ami .Miss
Lilian Beckway of (ialverton, were
in tirimes county last week.
Little, Miss Alice Cone of Nava
sola came up Saturday to visit
Mis Cuuniguaiu and returned
Mr. and Mr. Tom Poole and
Mis Bettie Poole are visiting rela
tive in Madisoiiville.
Mr. W. K. Allen of lirimes
county i visiting Mr. Spaun and
Mr. C. R. McGregor.
"Getting Mone"
From Home '
I a fine lliinir, everyone will s.rree
t he next best t tiintri keeping It t liomv
You mav tliitik your laundry lull i"
small item when von einl il wny from
home, hut many small onlem nt sway
bisk a 1'iK hole in the pmM ol a lioinc
Uaaranlevi to ilo strictly tlrst-clsss
work promptly a.i'l s r-'nalile
prices. We cheerfully correct all mis
lakes In-n -alll to our attention,
l'rop a postal or 'phone HI ami e
will iri-t your lnin.lU sn.l apprmMatr
your palronairc, Two iloors south (
Kxchaiitfi' hotel.
from Abilene Wednevl.iv.
Anion William will leave Mon
day for Hall where he will at
tend school.
Mr. and Mr. Wiley entertained
ome friend Friday evening in
honor Profs. A. utV and Kveridg.
Music and social coiivers ition were
the entertaining feature of the
eveniiic. Painty refreshments , tain.
Tubias, Paul Kdge and Tout Hicks,
anil Misse Nannie Hendcr-oii
Katy Andrews, Lemma Hi-rbert,
ami Tonic Otto, from Kurten;
Mr. Pick Joins of Bryan, Mi-ses
Lizzie and Pearl Wheelers and
brothers. Tonie and Jeie, ol
Fickey, Joe Taylor of Payne's
Pr;rie, pen TulUis of Clairmout,
V. Freeman f Wixon and several
mure whose names I lit not oh-
No Reward
Without Labor....
J (ritndl and Itvi Iht hlrl litrHJ 4 har
rfriml in lhlfut, and h" to add nrie namn to Iht
W .''or fur wo ortaUr itvard (Ana iht ronhUtut of
our mtumrrt. H' tutikt nu tieq-liuit u hm t My
h,u t on, of tht pumt, jmht't and (ntift loch of
drum and nudirinrt in (Vnfru Ttiat.
W't thank our
lift during 1900.
Hall's Drug -Store,
Texas Bakery
J. I. Post nnd family
I -..! ll who dttelhi Mt-rs
er? , ... , .. ,, ... it
, . . , ami .uiss i.aura v urnni, -nr. v . ii.
report having had a ni-e tun- ,,, al, Mr j.; N. M..re.,th
A suprise arty was ptven at .nii, I-(iii!v tt,.niirti j.reacbiiin at
Bev. McC'lums's Saturday niht. ; .i,,n's B-.-t Sunday .
Acuff and Everide and MUs Ida Holligan ui .ion s
llrt i vi-ttini: Irieiiil in tins vi-
, - ...... .
music. , MHsr I..H.;vird Moorhead and
There was an all-day sin'inz t I and Alex Carroll were also of the
U..1.1.-1 st.m.Uv niaLniliceiit! party from her who atton l-.l
dinner was t-erved, and there
w.ia larpe crowd preeut, visitors
Mis Gritlin turnished some nice
from Bryan, B ck Prairie, tola and
ireen"s Prairie.
Mr. Williams, nn ac-d g.-ntle'nan
who has 1m-.-ii fUlfering several
months with a cancer, died Satur-
lay and was buried Sunday. We
extend our sympathy to the be
reaved fainilv.
hurcb at Zion's Best Sunday.
Mrs. Carroll and Mi Lul.t
P. st visited Bryan Saturday.
Mr M "tt viited Mrs. LceK le
of Clairmout Saturlav.
' M.sleoka.
Talsr, J.n. 'J'!. Health i very
jrood with the exception of a few
cases ofineas'es. Mr. Tom !al!itm
Las iijcasle.-. Mr. Krint K.liott is
. II. MoClunir is r-portetl : reciverliij? from ma-ies.
CiltKKN'S lMt.illtlK.
tireen's Prairie, Jan. 'J.I. A i
this is my tirst communication in I
l'Jt.), 1 shall hein by wishing the
many reader ol I lie Kai:le a Imppy I
and prosperous New Year. I trust j
thai (ik will j:r;int them many;
blessings, ln.ih spiritually and j
lemjKirally, '
But little farming ha been d-uic ,
on account of the bail weather. ;
Messrs. Will Sellers and Kminett
Bruiisnii and Mr. P"lln- M. Cul
loi h were summoned to the id-l
side of Mr. Sam Williams, who
died Jan. tith, at'!.'!'i p. m., after!
a severe illnes and inten-e sutl'- r
iii)? of about six moiiihs dur.ili.'ii. ,
Mr. William was a good christian, j
a laithlul, hone.t ami upright fit-:
izeu, a kind and loving lather and '
husband, who lre hi sull'crins i
without inurmuriii or complaint.
Alter reading a Hrtioii of the
Scripture and of!erin: a prayer
and a beautiful and sympathetic '
a ldre.-s by Pr.f. M. potiaid, ho ;
conducted the funeral services, we
laid him to rc-t 111 the 1, thel inn-
etcry, Jan. 'J.!, at '! o'clock p.m.,,
m tiie presence of a l.ir'-- cnu're- ;
gation who assembltd at the rave;
to pay the last tribute of respect to
the pd man who his gone to h,s
home in heaven. We extend i.ur
heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved
l.im;ly. ' ' A Fi.hm'. I
The Oldest!
The Largest!
The Best!
Fri'sh Hreail, Hitlln, CakeB,
Ktc, Imketl daily. Prompt
lelivtry to any part of the
city on short notice. Orders
for dinin-rs, barbecues or pic
nics promptly rnipplied. The
best meal in the city for 'J.'ic.
Otto Boehme.
seriously ill. I here yr u n, Hl
.r, ..ii. ,.c ...t,r 'Christian ch'ir-di .Monl.iv
1 Here i some i.hn i on.......
1 usiia ill. in".
There was ouite a Ure ero d
attended the wedding of Mr. J. M.
singing normal here next summer.
Key. J. McA. Black was here
Saturday. Kva and Marie.
Star 1 1 , oti want
Water backs in Stoves
Fitting up Reservois
Bath Tubs
Hose Repairing
Moncrief and Mrs. Jyey Sample mi
the evening of the l.Ui, at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs (iatiaway. Mr. and Mrs
Moncrief left Saturday for their
home in Beagan. We wish for th
bride much happiness in her new
home. We shall miss her very
much at Tabor, where she has
lived since a child, and was loved
by all who knetv her.
Tullie (lanaWMV returned to
Madisoiiville .Monday morning,
after spending a week at home.
The farmers are prepiring for
another crop, tfiough it i mo-t
too wet for the plows to run.
Mi-ses Venter Heed, of Calvert.
and Maude NicoN. of Bryan, are
spending a few day- with Mrs.
Mo-s. A Friend.
Kandy Kitchen
asi ;
Seived in any Myle.
The linct....
Candies Frth Fruits.
mi mm,
Phono 202.
I r..ii,-.-i ) l i
ua wwin aiiiiv
Health of the neighborhoo I very
The continued wet weather hal
retarded farm work and farmers
have not planted any yet.
Mr. and Mr. J. H. Wiley, of Col
lege Station, visited relative here
faturday and Sunday.
There was a musical entertain
ment and singing at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wiley Fri
day night which wa a complete
success, several being present from
Sleepy Hollow, Bethel and Harvey.
Mr. and Mrs. Lum Ben-oii gave
the young people u social party
and musical entertainment Satur
i i .
1 here was preaching here Mtnr. c, ,,t,iriW0d. Jan. '.'.! We have
day and Sundav tw Key. layl-.r ,, .,. llivj,li; v,.ry
and Meredith ol kurtin. ; weather this week, and if the g I
Key. Post and family and Bev. weather cintinues will hdoii
II ilines, of Kurten, attended yin l.irming again,
preaching here Sunday. I.et all of us rebuild our fem es
Mr. and Mrs. Tom li Iman, of where they are i,ovn and need it,
Harvey, were here Sunday, at-1 so our neighbors' cow s and other
Icinl.ug iireai'hing. , stock won i noiner uus year.
Measles still all the go here.
( In l.i-l Thursday eve at sun.
down death vi-ited our midst ujiin
Mid took our beloved fiieiid and
brother. Mr. Thomi. lie eave
,i wil'.- and six children and a hol
of friend' and relatives to i iru
his lo--. II" was bin ied at ( 'ot
loiiwood eeuieti-ry Friday lit -1 p.
III. Key. .1. M. Bullock conducted
I he funeral services
Mr-. Irew, of Cobb I'riirie, vis.
family of M rs. Tliomas
tv.VLM i cki:i:k.
W.vim r Ckkhi. Jan. '.'1 The
farmers are busy planting otts and
breaking their land, for the g-n-
eral is preparing to come in luil
force soon, and they would have to
give up and surrender their arm
to the general.
There has been -oine moving go
ing on in the .i-t few day to the
far west, while some are buying
land and settling down.
We heve a large si hool in this
community, with something ovr a
hindrtid pupi! in attendance,
with two teachers. This seems to
be a prosperous community. The
people all -eem to be getting alollg
Well. Nil- AND TlC K.
Phone 52
For Corn. O.iN. Il.iy. Meal, Hulls. Mi an, or am thing in the
feed sloie line, We ale pleasing those who have ttied us iiml
want to add other names to our list, (iive ti a tiial older, if
not already a customer. We ate now nib-ting line Seed Corn
and Sorghum Seed. Youi to pleae,
hin.' at
ug preaching.
Mr. ,1. N. Kisiiij.-r and
M r T. A. lien irliu.' and
i iid i t ),.. - attended .rea
o-ep Hoil.c.v Satur lav, and a-si-i
e I :n working the . em.-terv.
I K Tic-. ,,,..,. .1. II. Kes.:,
V'.er! and Mnioii Shavv and
' her -tiei,d--1 in all day singiic
r I:. ! .! s-u.dav.
I'. I C.rl and S. T. !.-e, of Hock
I'i i rie, u here Saturday.
M'-s l.-mr.i Cirro'.!. of Kurd n, i 'd the
..... . . i .
. I relatives her- satur lav. iMimlav.
. ! Mr. lee Bobiii-ou.
W NTI-.I A 'isiti..n ks li.ivern, ss vi-ited Mr. :lll I Mr. .)
an. I Mil-ii- teacher in u family, or iiroiip : Monday.
itee Vears experienci
Fit KKV.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilugghins visited
Mrs. Whebs Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. l.-e K ige were in
our community Sunday.
Mr. Meredith and family visit
ed Mrs When-s Monday.
Miss Ma lloii gi.ii. ol 'ion's B-t,
wa a visitor at Fickev MomlaV.
Mrs Butb lirommond visite.l
Mrs. Bo-,. Kdge Monday.
Mrs. Flora Sibo returned to her
home at Whcelock Sunday.
Mr. Tom Whccles went to
Whcelock Sunday. Lilac.
Noll, i- in heieliy giw-n thai I ihis.lav
liHve I ri o j .. n 1 1 r ... ii.in-orarv a linin.
i str ii 'r ol i lie est 'e of V II. Catr, r,
Mil power lo collect all ilelilH Hil l to
ring s ol if uecessarv t hr.-for ; ! laLe
i Ii iii.iii el, com ml mi l in oiKje the e--Mllc.
All i.r-ollS llldelilel tl tlil'e..
Iii'e Me linlili-.il lo nellli- h.iiiie at o. e,
l v place nt i esid'-'n " is llnan, P.rao.
C 1 II II I V, lev lis. I I I mi k I II.
I'.rvaii, Tex., Jan. HI. Usui. -fill
H. & T. C. R. R.,
Sliiirtaml Wiirk 1.1 in h. li-n North
mel sunlit Ti-ia(.
I M X; I AT.
rrl. YLY.V l;h''l,iM V, IMUd Kin! miikft the Kht
1 llllt H II
Tliriniiili si-r.rr
OA I VKsri. Iliil sloN1 ST. HI H. is I'l iil.nii
Hill -1'iN -I I'rNV I II. V in I I Wi.r li l,.l M W .V II C
llol - I i iS an-l W VI o ia tin n 1
II Ol - His ami A I - I IS. Via H . in .sl.n l
A Is I I N aid I llli A oil, V la W anil Pallas
Ch.nr Cars on Diy Trains Between Houston and Austin, Houston and Dcniso
II .V T. C 'l'r:li. 1 hi lie. I Ht llu'l.l.iil Hit - , n t lo-f II I'a. Il.r Ir dlia rrin f InK
1'iliiliiaji -la ..tnl a.nl or Iiiimiji sH'i-icr to
San Francisco, New Orleans and the East.
S K. II. Molt-K. Traill Minm.-r.
M I,. IliiHIIIN t. T. A T. A
llol -KiN. 1 X s
rt your frcli ii.i-al. i f all kinil. at
1 ol (aui'ilies.
Salary low. -
Mi"i M. bin :U0.
There aere tierve(.s al the Chris.
r particulars, inl lress ; tian church Monday night by Lev.
12 Nail.
VT c. Kul NTAIN,
a. Oin OTvr lUiirjr HUudi'l Htluou.
Ileef, 1'ork, Sausiige, Ktc,, the best
that etui be hud, always on hand
Your to (dense,
Iiryan, Texu.
0 Dce ver Jamnsi Prug .ISIore. Ret.
dence phot.eUl.

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