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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, May 30, 1900, Image 4

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Th p'lWIr h hr th. tlm-l.-"-n rully rdnvlnn-.! tht r keeplrif
(h- kk1 aril i;,r.i h-:i"T thin anviie. , '. ..r It ha. ihb I mvn to u. v-rr
i : r;r It imr et;stm.-r. Our tor s-t thirtv itv.s "0 ll.-.i'.y M i '- Clotl'inrf.
(w FnrnlOiiriK (.vl, Xts-kw.-ar, M -n', Laite-a ami t'.i.Wn-n'a Mm- has "
Wv Mtufai.irT and owin t ani!;..-r Um 'o-li atn.h our lav; has r-eeni'v
I. h w ri in irnul .li.lr. for utiles ar- rer.-ed to nnk Mom.
hai- -le reCnre d.s hli-il u still maks a : ul iut on our pn-a-nt low (.r.'-. aril
tnw thu iho-i- int"iullr,K to buy a aicl or any rt "f a suit or anything el In our lm.
:'.! :t ua is. tint call If you w.h lo i mony In the iWl.
'In lime of peace prepare i'or war, j
So, too, when will prip.irc (or sickness. The r.iiny wami
nnd hot weather is alvv.iys followed l.v n tiain of dise;tes, m
look over your medicine ihest and let us s(.rt il tip for .m with
idl the liest and must seasonahU: ('" f "lir ' 'ke, as wi ll
as others.
ma m.t m".!!1 ' !i " r'.i.weiT.nMrtiLi j.lm aig
is second to none, as we ue only such drug's in compounding
your prescription in we would in one intended for our own
household. Kcmemher "Itcads Itlack Cellules" the ideal
Liver purgative.
i Ben S-
m m M ' wm M
. a.
0Wif Insurance Agency in Bryan,
Established 188.
Fire, Life and Accident
Nothing lnit liest companies represented. Personal and care
ful attention given to the business. (JIN INSL'KANCE A
SPECIALTY. Am agent for the Pcim Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of Philadelphia, who offer the lust contracts of
anv life company, ask for specimen copy : also rcpicscnt The
Fidelity A Casualty, rnd The 5l.iryland Casualty Accident
Insurance Companies. Your business respectfully solicited.
M -.-
HaTlnu'l'iiri haaed Iho tJT'rjr buii.-i of Jaa. O. K-ml... which la tha lu st
enull'tsi alalilx In l!ran- ' r pp-pared to a rv tin- puMIc at
all hunra Jit aiet nn:M, ith
Knobby Rigs of all Kinds
ir.U flrsi-claalnitl.orilouliedr1vlr.bnrai. Our motto will U roiirteoua, Prompt
and Careful IVronal Att'itlon to all ralu. Vt will appts-li a lil-ral ir
tlon of your patror.arfa and guarantee aatlafartlon.
J. V. BROGDON, Proprietor.
I i' '
1. J ..
S D.r,r iafr.nl n nrl nliimhinn
1 i iut. win i niiu iiiuiiiuinu,
j I IJS ..W. w-.-w. p- -j y f.
i -si waur Back IB Store, Flttlnf op Rwrrolr, fUth Tut, Hoae Repairing, He. lar '
1 ' 0fd(-r aWlli'fcli'kmlih shop or ilTh 1 BrynEleorarie; work promptly done. f.
r- IM. F HEENAN. !
it !
w - M aa a
- 4 - i- -
1 f
Stii i
Trouble' With SluvrV II. coming
N.rious in That tntpire.
HussU anil Fndanil AkJ .That All
itailuMc (luulioats He Srnt t
the Srcni lliissla Urady
t lutiiil TriMiju.
london. May 2 Px-"'ud disfi h
any it U U hi'Ti (I Hus;i ia nl.nt to
land tn.-s at Taku from P,.rt Arthur
whiw ."), in n nrv in r-a'tiii
Tlirhin. MirlT. ..i t. d to U. oml-;
iiiK Liry in,,,.., f ir,H.,i overlnn.l from 1
llu Nn:i iiikI Ki.nitf, l.iir tl. K. . r!isi. j
mo r. fnss to nssunm eoiiiiniin,! .,a thu
J.li n of nirktii-M. I
Tim "Ihiv, rs" nss. rt tliry np-r-mfMotit
of rr. . nin tin. Mipin from l!ic 1.. i
e.-r Kmi.r. ss. 1'ninvn Kntur Yi .,.l!
fhina Tui: and tli nitiro Manchu
armv. Throiiuliout tin. tnth tin. "Un.
its" bm o.ihsiin' h'irdi. of il"sj-r.i'l'i"H.
They an. int.'iit uui n!!lin every
thiutf t'lrein.
KhmUn 4uiiIm.U Trl.ir a.li.l I'ur.
JslmiiK'ini. Mv '.". -The Kiissimi tun.
Wtrr ut IV kin luts lrl"k'i'a! '.I iiskinif
t hut nil avuilulilit l,mhIm,i:., U sent t,i
II Will I ."Irrl Ai.irtlrun
Mtt.l A.tirrliAii litlrrfsl
Wushlii(.'toii, Mav Wioiild the
rtoxer niovt men; in I'hiii.i tlireateii
American missioimriea and Ani-ii aii
iuleri'.stK adii'i.itc measures will lw
Uikeu to provide t'uein wilh prot.ion.
Kenr Aduurnl KeniptT, ismimindin
the senior s.ii,idr ni of tli'i Asju'i'i fleet,
which avoriliiiK to iui order j-ist isued
"will eoniiris. all vi.W north of I IriK
Koiij;," arrived at Taku yien!ir on
Usird the eri.isi'r N'-wnrk. He will at
onen (siiiimuiiicnte Willi l imed htatea
Minisi-r CoiiKer and artaiiKt. with him
to take audi precautions as may aeem
advisulilo. Admiral KemiilT mar aond a
man n ciLirl to I'ekin. Theuthoritie
are in a very awkward position with
respect to lauding troops in China. It
is not desired to tnku nny audi action,
for one ri lls' in l-c:iu Americans am
distrililltist at Widely aeairnted mlntn
aud for another r asori Ihs uuvj the en
trance of the Americana would lie fol
lowed hy a niiiiil. r action on the pirt of
the powers of Kuio.
rr.ifr.s..r llraillanil l.lrra This aa Ilia
Vtrnr of lit .'llir" Trent. la.
New York, May .".). In dis nssiii(j the
"boxer" movement, the Iter. Isiuio Tay
lor lteai'Uud, profeitsiir in the I'm vi r
lily of l'i kin, who left I'ekin on March
7 and H now in New York, takes a
aoinewh.it s-ulinr view of its origin,
lie Mild:
"The Kroueli I'nilicihc priests are the
fniie of the troiili'e. The French min
ister in China had the 1'alholic priesta
ninde Chines,. i.tli.-iaU of ilelined rank,
whosn Imsinesa it is to decide case of
hi iif.it ion l.!.v.-u Chinese Christiniis ' ld-d hy IlieSan Aulouio murt of p
... , ,.,,.,. ii'i i'.ii. i, . 1 t'l III favor of the ollhs r, but thu
priet enters a Chinese court if he out-
rniiiAs me 1 1 1 1 1 1 s. .int. i. ii in- ii'i-ii-s i iii-
mnt'. r. If he tiu.l -mink him the in-
llueiice of his nill i.il rank nmoiint to
alxuit the f.ii'.ic '.!.H1K.
"It is a piretit to the mithoritie that
Russia does not propise to be N'hind
liaml in any limvi l.k.kuiK to the ills
riiemls rmeiit of tli. 1 1 in jiire.auil it would
not Im surprising if Home day the World
In ui M wake up to lind that Kussia
had ipuietly aim. xed northern China.
Such action would probably l pns-ipi-tated
by the liiiidini; of foreign tnvip
which would lie mndp th" excuse for it.
It is known here thnt Kiissiadidnot join
with the other power of Kurosin mak
ing ruireseiitations to the 1'. kin govern
luent with resjsH-t to the 'boxer' inure
meiit bniti her refusid on the fact she
i an Asiatic wcr. The iintund result
of her refusal has N-en to iucrea. her
liilluciice at l'i kin.
"The Chinese clmrife thnt the priest
procure ilis isioiis in favor of Hie French
Catholics through their inllileiice, irn
.s UV. ly of the merits of the case. Thi.
has Hien ko.uk 01, for a lo1(c tune and
the Irritation caused 1., it ha rulled
at lust in the Chinese forming the teH-ret
"leties cnll-il -boxer.' '
"This in Chinese i 'I Ho Tuon,' the
T ineaiiin? riht.sm-ii.ss, the
atnndiuK for Hnce, Timh' meaiiinv a
fit, which the profeasor illustrated with
clenched hands."
farmers r.MiMrr.,
Ilonston, Tex., Mar V!!. There will
Is? a iiKH'tinit of the ex-utive committee
of the Fanner' Coiires tomorrow to
formulate a programme for the iiieetiuii
of thu coiijrres which 1h held at the
Stale Arieultiind nnd Mchaiiicul tsil-l
Ictfe III Jul. SlV. llllolM e!T ills lire ts illlt!
liimie 1.1 ) : tin a creiiiinlile exlutut r p-
neitillg every sectloliof the atate. The
railroad are leu Iiiik valuable assistance
tn th mntter of ciiUecttnir exhibit and
also have promised reduced rale for thi'
Wa a I I Vi.lr.
WahiiiKtoii, May .a, The 1 ffoh
tuadx in the judit iury Oiiiuitiittee of tin
bouite to take up the (iayr.cr te)filntioD
propoed by the attorney Kenural to fs
cara tha removal of Meurn. (iaynoi
from Ntvr York to thtoriria, but pruved .
suiiMuaaful on a tis ruta. ,
(MrallM (hlnatowa after r alias!
Mal t'oarl limrmlna Thm.
Snu rruiici.soo, My '.".. Thp iUiraa
lituatinn Bssumi'd n ni w i)mm Mnuituy
tnnht which will irtll)l.r nnult iu th
qaarantiuluft of the CUimsw Mellon of
Iho city. j
Tliu iuaTiintiiilii of CUlimtown wru
not enlUst forth by nny unfavorable de- '
Tt'lnimi'tita, tmt it wtu lut to th iiwti-
ity of pnividius for th Mttr cuntml
tit the Httu.i'.iou in vi' v of tho f.u t that j
t'uitisl Stnti-n ( inmt ismrt yhtir-
day i.ssurd mi urdiT n-'mininu tho
lanluf btnUh and Dr. Kiuymm, tlm
L'uilod State nurtfism, from linicx ulitt
luif t'tiuiiw nnd Jitnttnt'iMt.
I Wliui tliKilit-isinii of th court wm
r"lll,,'r",, s"rH"' Kinvouu railed off
'""I1""" d notiti.Ml Surjjtsm (ruu-
''ral Wymnn of th. r.mrt'n action.
T1" ,"''r,, ,""l i"t.'r
m At a iuii-miik of Hint Unly a
resolution wiw is.sc,l inMrm-tiiiK the
ls,"r,l of lnnltli to un efi'etivo
'l""""""'" "rouml Clitimt..vn. At tliu
l,1,rll,W "f t'1" ,'"r'1 n-jn-.iitv
t'v ni. r, hunts of tlio !ty with i.r..iut
! t,,,r nmi..uii.-.-.l they would nnd-r j
I v,'rr n'it"c t' the eity nutlioritii..
Dr. r.luut, i.lut. li.nlib olll.s-r of
Tinis, who win also reMnt, favored
(;imrnlll!nlnif the I'hillese iiinrtrr Blid
MuI.mI that if miiIi nit I' in whs talon ho
wotiM 1 1 1 h 1 1 1 v the iiiuirnutiiiH awuiu-t
I t'.ilifoiiua. ikiw exishiuj in Texas, aud
' allow phnU and tsoiis to enter thu
.sliile if th, y euirleil a eertilleutu uf
The I.. i nl Uuinl of h' lllth iho-D not vt
js't Ktslerul iuti rf. r. nee in the mutter
'"r,'""f n tuiiruntiiiti us they n ard il
aa n jiup'iy iiiiiniciiai nuair.
Iiij.oiilli.n staying a I'.MintMr Kullug
Asalnsi s,,-(m, r iaa;u.le lliMtllug.
Kniisis I'ity, May .'!. A peculiar ait
n:iiion win ereiite.l hero when thu
kl'mled States district court issued an
tnjiinciioii kIiiviiii; mi onl. r of the pt
mater p'ln ral. It wan in the cau of
Stephen A. WeltlltT aud Joarph If.
Kelly, proprietor of the rehnul of liiaif
tietic healing at Nevada, .M i., who wem
;"","y "'d f',r ""'"K ""
the piiriost. tr limidaiid wlexto nun I haa
Iss'ii held up on the order uf the post
' tuaster treiieral.
The utt-.riievs for Weluier ami Kelly
Went immediately to WusbiJKtou to
have the emlniruo rciiiovs fnun their
lie Ill's mad hut Were uut aucceissflll.
The lawyer then npiealed to the t'nit
ed htul. s court. The postmaster at N
railo had onler ton-turn the mail under
eiuliatuo to the uder, if k.ible, and
when tint m inter' liaiue wus Hot on lint
IIVfloie, o the dead letter otllee. lle
forc these order csiuld Ik olieyixl an in
junction wn iHS'iired from Jud)fn Am.
Thar, r in thu United Stales court of ap
anls restraining the N'evu U poktmaster
from iil -viiiK the orib r of the poituia
ter if-neral. The iiijunctlou ia ret ur lia
ble June i in St. Iuits.
To tl lha ly law.
Waxiihacliie, Tex., Mar '."J.-Suit WM
broUKht in thedistru t court here to timi
the clause in thu late feu bill relulillK to
the eves fees over the uinximum
amount allowed. The i x-euunty clerk
and county attorney are the piiuclinl
t fcliditdts. The Mime oiieatioti wa de-
ioniiiossii.il. r mint here Is I Uot wil-
1 1ll L 11 Hilt lit tllllt itft-lsl. ill HM till! Uw.
I Kl Iao, Ti'X., May '."J. Tha urvey
j of the Kl I'aso ext. lisiou of thu l'eco
Valley route from . ..swell, N. M. tu
un cny, ua occu couiiieiei. jaeiaiu
ainictioii work will Ii. Km at iimn. It i
th p-tienil opinion that the Kock Is
land w ill absorb the new hue iu order
to K''t into M. xteo via thin poiut.
I'lrailr.l l.illlly Iu Mur.Ur.
(!uthrie, il. T., May '."J. William
Ariustend, who shot and killed City Mar
ahal Ilovil nt Iinesiou 10 day aifo lie
can si. the marshal disarmed uiui when
he attempted to shoot another man, with
whom he had quarrelled over a chicken,
plntded ipiiltr of murder aud wa aunt
to the peioli iilinry for life.
Nrarlnc i iiilatloo.
Wa-koiu, Tex., May VJ Tli exlen
ion of the Missouri, Kaiisna mid Texas
ruilr.se I from JelTcrsoii to Shrerrport i
lieiiriiu' co;iipli-tion. The Kradlntf is fin
ished, and steel has been laid 20 mil.
TI..I ..lilr.i,d Ii iy HH. l.af f,,f al .lilla..k
.,-,. MMar ,x,.tt()U to U ruu.
ul ,,T JnIi)
! lor llialmar liniiiMirr.
I niifoniii, Tex., May W.-Tha city
mrilnl i,rr. ted iht iieer.a here
.har.-.d with hifhwuv robWr. A
crowd of u.'kToc met a n-aluuraut ke. p
er mid ri.lilM-d him of 1. Au attempt
wus made to hold up two Mexican, but
as the Mexiiaus made a fl(ht they us-
CS d the m fns-.
tslimilliif al Tvrrall.
Terrell, Tex., May 'i'.). Wiuca nilUni
wa shot lu re iu the K"iu aud also
wounded in two linger of hl left Imiol.
Iifteher Fields, a lu ifrn, has bucll placed
under arp'st by (Vitistable Wimhcrly 01
a warrant rhnriuit axault to luurder.
Iluiar. Kilandlnf Their IXalda.
ShaiiKhai, May S'.l. TruubU arislun
from the defeat of the K"Vruiueiit
tnHiM by the "buxr'' lutvo cxtamled
to Iuhau, where tie work ou tha rail
way wa ahniwt eo:i.pletiy UiwtroyeiL
Five huudn-d refu(j Lav onf at pro
tettuu In tha Freurb cathoaraJ al Pcklu.
Hunterail Frearh Enlsra Jetaaai
CapaTuwu, May tfD.-Il U
ifcar 1
hrtre that Genera! Frasok kM &tara4
Juhauuuaburg. ,
wood yard
I have put in a new grist mill atthcoldirianierv
and will grind every day in the week. I also want
to luiy all the dry, straight Wood "contagion" to
Itrvan, and will pay the highest price for oainc.
Wood delivered to any part of tow n iu loads fuun
10 cents up. Positively will not credit anyone.
Send your money hy the driver or don't nsk for
.. -
& Milinery!
I have just received a splendid
and I, i e lie l.ilesl .bains and
f ' Ti Huntings. Kililions. elct.
'I I it 1 i.lu-s of Hi .Ml ;uil uiititv in it! In i ill.
Mrs. C. M. Proctor.
... ..
Old M
ful work, nro the claims upon which we solicit a tdiare
of your business in the future. Tliankiii-' those who
have favored mn in the past and hoping to continue
to please them I am respectfully,
...Is marching on
To Willis Coleman's fur all
the Lite desigtis in
...and the new
...colors in
...flat Boards.
"Getting Money
From Home'
la tine Ihinir, a evprjroni" will ifre
thr next 1 at lliilut i- keennx it at li'Hii
You mav tlili k vnur Imindrr lilll i
mall item ln-n vou end it av from
hotiiii, i'iit inanr small ordcra .fnt aa a?
li.akaal'iit Imlo iu the prod tit ol a don,
Guarantees to do atrietly flrat-r'aaa
woik rouiitly and at reaannahlp
rues. t ilief rlully eorreet all lit in
takea alien called to our atlar' n.
1'rop us a postal or 'ptiotta Hi nn we
will vet your liundltt and appreciate
T"iir patronaiie. Two doora aunt h u
Kl( halite liutel.
(let rur frph maala of all kind al
Urogdon's Market,
TU.tNT'8 Oil) ST AN I).
Beef, Pork. SHUt.aj.-e, Kto., the hent
that ciin he hud, always oa hand
Ytiurs to pleuo, ,
H'liafila r.Dut a ms-h.ns-al ar Iri.anilr. mliia
itr.irtnalnril"Oi. I'arla Kipo.lllua, Vila gv
aaiarr an .tis-n... ail'l. ilmwl aril,
i linl-AtUtt iifcwmu. UalUoiQr. MiW
and grist
v 1
.a . - a.
New Stock cf Sprii.g Millinerv,
l.n:c i in MAI'S, also I Ires 1
li.itteiiluirvf and I. ace Materials, t
)y DllAY LINK, F.
A.Ia'6,1 rojru'tor.
(inotl drays nnd
politu draymen,
prompt ami care
F. A. LEE.
i A little w..rk can Ik- ilmr
easily mid i hpuitly mm
SINGER Sewing Machine 1
; that ..il III flml it a di :
I f Voll llo nt uf II,.-
enioiot n v 1 Klb.ril to us
.I I In a i v, a vi ku nr. I in;le!
'I I! i: M li;u ,., H
III, 'Si Ii :i lit, .hurtiT lll-tili
filter f d limn nny ott.nj IT
The best Material 1 1
is II--.I ill the 10,'lkitli' f.f if if
l Nl 1 1 Ii. Mini it mil Install
I, II. I'll.' In t l.ttiii Inn, t'
tin lli. liio xf work. I'liis it
Business is Rushing
nnd I inn s, lliu,; Iut, uf t'v ii'
The Lock Stitch Oroo Head.
The Singer Automatfc Crop Hc.ic
Kneli tlie tliiist of its
i T!ie llr.ip Hi ml Ant.
le Would luti r. sl vi.ii silt.
llulll.ll. -s the lltie-t pi.
Ii i. n lii in t v v on i v . r av .
Hie iil.niii il .
0. L. MILLER, Bryan. Texas.
Telephone 185.
1 1
xit v Tin: ini;w
City Baker
Fresh Bread, Rolls,
Cakes and Pies,
Delivered to any j.at
thtt City.
B. (ilUKSSKK, : Pn.nr
Two doors l.elotr Wehl Hr"
; The very finest;
the ne plus ultra '
! and the crcme
dfi la rrfimn
j ' that is Harper j
whiskey in three 1 1
InnnnnnA" Crvlrl 5
I 4
by J. t. Hearne, .
Bryan, Texas.

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