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We oiler to cloe out U N Hi Holla of Wall Paper
1 to .' roll patterns worth L'no to ."ii)- per roll, reliii'l
price 10 cent pr tloul!( roll. This is a jrreat oppor
tunity, don't mi it.
To arrive in a few days the largest stork of
Wall Paper ever displayed in Hryan. New designs,
pretty pattern.-', the very latent tintinjjs. 15uy your
paper from home people and -ave the 10 per cent
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fciTertfl nt the po-tofflc a second
Class mail matter.
T rogstf l.l.T A CAKMIH.
tar Wtek, lOo.
- Per Month, 4oe.
Fill DA V. FKIdd'AHY 2-'. l'l.
The imrtant an I pressing nwd
f the A. and M. College at prce
nt in a chemical ami veterinary
laboratory and an appropriation
of 131.000 in ak-l (or tl.i-t p-.ir-jnse.
The efficiency of tin de
partments ban 1st n held in chct k
aW many years liy the limited
Jal( Mrb t)WktrM Mar tor la
Mmi Wreaking.
Toprka " h. 21. Judge MeCnbe ol
the city (. , ha-nbsl a division tistnv
iu nt of Mr. Carrie Nation
for smrslnug tint Senate auXsiu, dis
charging her. Th case wm auhmirtcd
oil nn agreed atemcnt of facta. Jiulg''
Mi-Cal. held inee Mra. Nation had uc
malice toward llu propri-tora of tlu
place , Kellr and I.vtte, and destroyed
j tlx- place in ntmting a nuisance, sin
, wni not guilty (if malicioiia dcstnictiot.
! of pro-rty.
j Tin iIk not a(Ti-t tin1 case penditu
I against Mr. Niitioii f ir the Snuila)
ntiil which she U now in tlio counts
! juii.
J Will l'rol-l fropcrlr.
! Wlnn. ld. Ka . Feb. 20. The 4 n
k.s-pi r have refused to remove 'ryn-ii
, fHtuie from tin- city and tl fity mar
thai 1 1 urne-d pm deputies under in
i struct ion to preserve order H'ld prevent
j destruction of miTt t nt all haaird.
I oeirtal frulerllng Nalnona.
Wichita, K;ii., Feb. 21. One hundred
! churh ini'iiiIxT nt (iiirdi'ii l'luiii, tint
comity, liavi' ordered saloons'to be clos
ed ty tomorrow night nndcr -nalty ul
tin- destruction of I ho li.iu.tr, lir.
Judte Orubbt ol Greeavllle Replies to
aa Aastii Report.
iiicitor. lime fought 1V IiIiiloHoihrH, tur.-i mid slot machine. Cuntx
. .1.1 . xioi.l.l-. 1 IMIII'I 111. nt'llt mil nui-uil M
nan ni icngiu, iicuori.ing i.j a no
ton ('oiniany, U-eit realized. An
umlirella-t-haM'd rt-fl'ftor thirty
three fwt in diiitneti-r thrown the
un'w ln-at ii oti a long, ult-mler
iKiiler whirh Ofrtipie the poeilii n
the Htick would o-cuy if the re
Hector were ft ally an umbrella.
The heat act Ululated in the boiler
in immense and the energy de
veloped Hutfires to work a pump
that mine water enough to irrigate
.'5X) acre of orange.
!. Maya nuillM IMaa al Colorado Kprlnct
Attar a I ..fill Ufa.
O Smith, the ii nn i mn ion mid friend of
Space aligned to their important i Murk Twain, and iii-piration of tlu
work, and the time ha an ived j novelist "lK tor" in "Iiinm-i-UM-
when lilioral provinion should he
ude for them. Tho present legis
htture seems dipoed to ai t favor
ably on college appropriation and
Ibere iii every reason to l-lie ve
provision will 1? made for a
chemical and veterinary laboratory.
Alirond," i deiid at hi renideliee in !
thi rity. Ih-. Smith w lirn in New
port, Mum., Autf. 1H1H. HrwuMouo
of Che tlmt jfriMluate of UU rllll inlleKe. , Kn,,lliy , ,(. ti.n.rcie off l!r..w Head.
ana wiw an intiimiie inuiiu oi nonv a
A specimen of (j runes county
surface oil was sent to the Waxh
biEton University at St. Louii
84Miie time ago for analysis. The-e
iperts said this is the het oil in
the United Stite with the excep
liuii of oil from one of Ohio oil
IYM, and returned the following
analysis : o" per cent illuminating,
per cent lubricating, :i per cent
mph.iltuin, a truce of sulphur, lrHi
toj(K)degrers f re test. A repre
entHtiveof (iulley and ( iah-y, tin
ig oil men went out to the (trime
annul jr oil field, accompanied by
Mr. Cameroa. lie state.1 that in
le Ulan V) days he would have
an oil plant on the ground-.
Sava-oU ieoile held a mass
meeling and voted to acci-pt the
nnrttoition f.irtheexlen-ion of the
Calvert, Waco and Rrai l'y
aailroad through that city. The
proposition provide that the Nav-ae-dii
people furnich right-of-way
sVnin Hryan to Navasota and from
Kavasota to H.ring, and aluo
gTo-md for depot, switches, etc.,
at Navasota. The Navasota people
were gjiven six d iy to see if they
van carrv out the terms of the
proposition, which they accepted
ThoM! repre-cntinj the interests of
the road went from Navauta to
AndupMtn to confer with the people
there, regarding extension to that
point from Hryan.
There is always something new
online to us from California, tin
Intent item being a description of a
trnhire power Menm engine now
heiug drivn some ten hours a day
mar I.o-t Angeles without fuel by
anemiM of Ullll-hllle. 1 lie soliir
(iri-a-ly. He ntarted life n a priiu'lu-r,
ami lui. r a the lir-t rerter employed
liy (ircely on tin- Trilimin.
He w nt to Califirnia in I' to, joined
the regular army, later iH ame rich and
traveled with Mark Twain. He win
mater mid mrt owner of the flr-.t chip
tlmt Niileil from .-in n r'rnnci.w'o to Aun-
tral la.
I h-. Smith wu the author of two
work on ether and chloroform from
en'riineiit he conducted. For aevenil
year he pive hi alteiitioii to metlicine
and later wu Bociatcd with More in
completing the tir-t line U tWeeU Wu.sll
iiik'loii and riltimor.
Ki-.,,ir Whlia l(l. j
Ion Amtel.-, F. h. '.'l.-Kx Unit.Hl
Stall- Senator Stephen M. While, died
at la residence here after a nhort ill-
To the Kditor of The l'iwt.
AuKtin, Texas, Feb. IS. In your
i-xue of today I note the following
among the Austin dispatches and
I lu g eiiU'u-ient space to make a
' j nitwit ( ruhb, who has made a
fpfchtltv of the industrial school
lorgitl idea.hu fallen out with
tli i.-e who want the schind estab
llhed a hii luljiinct of the Agri
cultural and Mechanical College.
In this he goes contrary to the pre
vailing eentiiiielit of the State,
M"i of the States having school
of this kind have located theni with
their agricultural ami mechanical
college and, jiHtging irom tne
memorials received so far on the
subject, a majoriiy of thoe who
have given the matter thought in
Texas, want the school made an
annex of the imditution maintain
ed at I'olleae Station."
1 am al a loss to understand
where your rei-orter k1 his in
tVrmution that " a majority of those
ho have given the mailer thought
in lexas want the sc hool made an
annex of the institution maintain
ed ul IoIIcl'o Milton. 1 am
an are that a lew schemer at Dry
an have been ever since the bills
acre introduced in the senate and
house of representative trying, to
make the legislature believe that
Mich is the case, hut I feel that 1 am
in position to kiiow what the gen
tral sentiment of the people of
Texas is on Ihe sutuevt, and par
ticnlarlv that of the intelligent
womanhood of the State, and Irom
my personal knowledge uf the sub-
c l J no not lie-Hate to say that
ihe sentiment is very decidedly op
posed to any such a disposition of
the dirl s liulllelrial College. II
same Hryiin crowd who have in
iecteil this sectional light into th
legislature over the locatioa of '
proposed institution caused the ile-
teat of the measure in the senate
in They "coral led" every
enemy of the hill in that body and
in that way secured the aiUiption
of an auieiiilinei.t to the original
hill making it a part of th Agri
cultural and Mi hauical College
and the same enemies of the bill
then proceeded to strike il dowa
l v lililiUr-terini; tat ties. From that
time until I lie meeting of ll:
Twenty-seventh legislature not
word of encouraiMint-nt did they
Nevil Ma.kelvne of the Kjfyptaill hall. ,y . ,i ..lH, ...ve mtu ttl
I'inadilly. l.ndon. The iimtriiine.it .on W)irk ,,v ,,,e wlllpe ,.,l(rW
the v.-l att.M-l.e.1 M t he luetal ot j . ,
t he nn and ciMiiiccted with win- at-i , . ,'. ,
. , ' . i i ..i ,.f ti. secureii nirtaco
riieilel ion- iiii'i on r.iMi. ... ...
teaiiir. The influence which convey
arrc-t the leailer mid he will uink
them k'lvu IviiiiU to preserve puocu.
Tli I'aM I'nai pon4.
Topcka, Feb. 31. .ItidgK Hnznii ha
p,itiiel the cii- Htnunt Mm. Nation
and other for malicious detnii-tioii oi
pro rty on lat Sumlitr until the next
term of court, which will bo atnuu tuns
iu April.
lilram MahHint AllaraaaV.
I'hienifo, I'. li. at. Tliri-o salism in
this city Wcdiicwluy night were dam
aired by admirer of the met In U of Mr.
Carrie Nation. The total damai.'w suf
fered by the thn-e proprietorn will
amount to several hundred dollar. The
smaliiinf wn done in each infiitu-e bv
a different penou, and iii'enrily an, nt
the mlice aiherel iu the Kiuailier with
irreut promptituile and locki-d thetu up.
Colorado Spriiur. Feb. it. Ir. Mayc ' Amo,tt lnnii.. Tri..l Thai will il
( Thlrla .MUM.
a M
N.-w Y.k, Feb. SI. Tho stenuishir
(ii-orgic, which ba just nrrivtHi from
I,ierJ had on lmrd as a n gel
K. V. SlinTiiiuli, who had charge t
the eltsTiinelit with wireless tell
Mr. aliooniuui aid that lie m-nt nin
sages to Hnw Head from a distance ot
over III mill- aad rtsi-ivisl replie tnW
could not ps eive mes,ige farther tlnui
that owing to the fact that the rolling
of the ship aoiiiewhut ili-sirningeil la
ll.- iIc.t. not uv the Marconi but
svst.'iu inn nt.sl by Henry Montague
Hosier. s.s-retarr of Lloyds bunion, mid
A. D. HcConnico.
Fire. Life and Accident
Nothing but the best conip.i"- rrmat.-nted. l'crsonal
and cjtcful alteiitioii gien lo t he i.sii;e gl t$n,IJCt
SrtCllllJ. Am agrnt for the I'KW .d I'UAL Lt' li-.snt-ance
companv of I'hilndelphii, l'' tie i.e' tji.tmc-,
of any life companv, aV tor sprcmicn cop , ti- lepirscnt
the Fidelity & Catualtv. and f! M I'v'e. CMiiItv Acci
dent Insurance Cr'. Yiwr business repecn soi.cite.l.
..-arli.-t r-ft v-j rT'l'T; ", fl
rt ,i m - n i,.a a f a- J a a - wmmi
a, -t
I ,. i..rl.. il itillnt tT
it sireiirtli-ii you mid
helps resist col I and I i
lle. I ,'v ir. II Is l.eller
than iheiitetur. The kind r
sold by J. I.. II K a km:, L
.... '!.. j
Dryaii, Teta.
' .-.' i.e- , , .A
Class Style...
The fini-kt C.mdies, Frch Fruits, Fine Cigars, Lownev's
and liuwthcr's Can!ir.
Ti':i.i:iMnrsi: x. .
IS. . T
tne messinre in Wireless telegr.lpliy 1
able to sis ri-adily through insulators,
m li as iu ii -las. but is nli. .rU-.l to a
very gr-nt extent bv all eonilu live ma-(-rial.s,
es-mlly by sn.-et metal.
While a number
of the counties of Texas puased VJi
their lb 'Una-ratio conventions res
olutions favoring such platform
demand no intimation cuiiih to
Wncii from the clti.' tis of Bryan
or the Democracy of Brasos coun
ty thai they fav red or desired the
e-t.'ilili-liinclil of all industrial '.'ol-
lee for girls. Not a word was
heard from them until the hill.
were introdiimd i i t the lepisla-
Kir al Atlanta.
Atlanta. lMi. r.l -Fire in th bii-d-ness
irtioi of Atlanta bniieleil by
Ds atur, IJox'd. Wall Stn-ts and rail
road avenue dotMvisI pro-rty ng,'n-
initimr t.i.oi. The lire started
the cxploelou of mi oil tank ill the
wholc.ile gn.vry 1ioiis- of J. .1. it J. F
Madid" k and soon spread to adj iiiiiiig
I..,, 1. 1,,.,. a
The l.wsisx mav ri iwh fioo.ooo with fet d--r for iliem or to prevent it
.Vl,ooo iiisuniiio-.
and others which are contesting or
mav mutest for tlw prize.
I shall rely upon the good sense
and partriotism of the twenty--evenlb
legislature to do right in
the premie and to administer a
proper rebuke to the Bryan coi
t io m-ikt for the beat interest and
we fare of the young womanhood prere.pii.m- to doing bi.Mn.-. in tin
f Texas are making a light which
-eriotislv threaten the life of tl'
Saaala raart tli Mill Inr IIm ok oil.
itallwa of Hrtaral ItaOriiaa
Ausrut. F-'b. 21. The "at,, commit
lesi this inorn.iig ri -rt.l favorablj
Oil the IIMle bill r-llinilg lire illsUS
ami- isininie to de.it i,ooi a
troin I ,,.i TI...U il.....
orgaiii.cil ii strong iobliy to com e to
Austin and either make Ihe pro
pored (iris industrial school a
Tsrasa m. whitc
. . . i . t
res rrom illcenition oi ine siomiun.
Mr. White wii a prominent piliticlun
and stiilaiunii.
Arrldnl Wa Talal.
Nornian. ). T.. Feb. 21.-Imgl 0.
trool In Nota swoila.
Halifax. Feb. 21. The government
return for It"" "how that th proiluc
tioii of gold in Nova S.-ofia was valu.sl
at 'oU,tsi. This is Ih" second highest
annual yield sii gold was discovered
in I sim. 'Die estimated yield of I'.SU
will exns-d l:oo owing to Out new
MtrthfxtUt Mlnlilar MlMlna;.
Knoxville, Feb. 21. Hev. Walliuvg
Walker, jsiotor of the Mi-tlnslist Kpiev
nal chtin-h at Itogervillc. Teiui.. disap-
. ...... i ..
Mi hit a iiMiiiinent ntl11 of tin town euretl hist allav ingm aim na no.
and constable of this precinct, lie dead he. u ms-ii since. Ills the opinion ot
at his home, the result of n wound from relatives that hi mind i ntTecf ed, as he
a 4J -aliler pistol. Ib.port a Ut Ihe has twice l. fore wander.sUwuy during
cin-uiiistance l.Niding up to the killing 1 til of mental nU n-ation.
are at variance. Chief Mans, depnt v
. i . ii. On I yni'liad, th Olhar Mhol.
city marshal. I under arrest. Hens- . , , ,. ,
.i,,.r.. ,,f il,.. filial .In a ljike harles, lit., reU it. I noma
i ai-cldi-utnl.
The Champion .
Waxha.-hw.Tex..r. h It. -Mr. IVesa,
W llrafeher, living alnit three miles : Ujt Wus shot dead.
wct of thi city, reports having rnl
ied I ') from one sovr, ls-side killing J
thris-bogs from tlie same iiioin.-r iuuv
netted IOO0 pounds at la uioiiths old.
pas-iig.by getting up a lulU-r sec
lional light in the legislature ovw
Ihe locution of the school. I have
pleaded with them not to do il,
but to let the bill pass uud lluu
submit the advantages they claiai
for College Station to the Ismrd ol
regents, which board is em
powered by an amendment to Ihe
hill to combine it with the Ann
cultural and Movhanical OJIege
or any other inslitutiotiuf learning
in Ihe state if thought best to
so, considering the intvrtMs of the
two schools as well a the rWativi
exnellM- of fiLUippillJt the school
in combin.it ion with another or as
a separate institution.
They persist, however, in inak
in the fight in the legislature, and
I hereby deliberately charge uisiii
tin-in thai i.l is their settled pin
pose to kid the bill if they can not
-.-cure tho locution ot the sclioo
M.uldox. wh i atteined to defend l Jimtii n.av cont nbute to thei r sel
fi-h designs upon the Isitinty o
proposed co1 lege. V. W.tiruhb.
I'nfavnrahle Report.
The following telegram, wliatli
bmbtless refer to action liv the -'l-
ti- wn rc-eiveii rroiii Austin yimir-
l.iy :
V. K. Siuinder n inotiou to
insert the A. I.lld M. Colli ge Ilk the
lace to locate (be girls' Indus .rial
liool the Vote WMS a t le, lillC t lie
liair decided to b-nve IbenilMMiol
lace of local ioii blank
II. It. Stoihl.'ird.
This, while in tlm mil lire of it tent-
Hirarv rever,.-, is tiy no mi nis u-
isive, and refers to mi ion by only
one liraucli oi Hie ii-gisiaiur.
Vital, the negro who criminally assault
ed little Nora Mill'T. was lrnched near
Kenton on Wednesday night. Samuel
Two til? Is C ramalail.
'Wc ncer shut an eye to ipiality."
prcscripiion won.,
Is it spciially with iis, hence we make it a poxitivc point to do the
best l'lcsciiption woik.
the State. 1 deny that I am op
Montgomery. Ala.. Feb. 2t.-B.-wie I jnised to the location of the girls
and Alice Willi.-, itg.-d I'i mid Is, wvre industrial college iu college .-onion
rei.iated in a tin- which destroyed tin or ul an V other lilsce ill lexas. 1
home of their tinitlii-r nt I'rattville. The ' HI,i iierfectlv willing to let tl
mother, iu saving tin-life of In r blind h,ar,j of regents decide that fines
on, forgot ills nit .her daughter. I tion after tin-hill shiill he passed
U but I ohie t lo is t he leoiian ling
----- j ,
of the hill by inp-cting into it
l.itt. r sectional ligblover the iiies
tiim of ncatloii. 1 have been
charged with wanting to stock U
the board of regent ill the interest
of (ireenville. 1 denv the charge
If tireenville n-ally wants the
school its people have done pructi
cully nothing to manifest the de
sire, and if they should finally get
A Turk. sn Miiiir imsicas. j
Coiistmiiin iple, Feb. 21.- The Turk-'
lsh miiii-ter ut Madrid has ivam ten
derisl his resignation to the .rte owing
to the ii hi my luioit ni Ins salary.
Tha llitn Ovar.
Pill-burg. I", h. 21. T'n- run on the
Senium National Umk of Allegheny
which U-gaii Tuesday afternoon is now
practically over.
The ai-liale fllllli'.V sl I It- bill pT
Tiding for th m-iliilaUon of tin II m-
ton and Texa I'. iitriil. tin- Fort W.irH
and Ni v l irlenns, the '. mr.il Ti
and Nrthelern tap, tin- Au-Mii n4
N-ir'hwi-t.'rii, and the Marble rails
TW- actiiite nigrossssl lull m propria!
lug f 1".' s to make mm. nil mrvey ul
the tale.
The m imte then iiolinli T d the bill
ais-king to create a girt s iii.liis'nal
ciluol. the I'olltetltliill I - -1 1 Wlntllnl
the mil. i;e shall In- lm al.st at I'l'Miii ol
HoCI n.MMlmanl.
Ansttn, Feb. 31. The ho..-.- j.nt all
of Wislnewlay disiusxiiig tin- Hoga
amendmeiii. For a lime it l'kit aa
A mi hid 'Cinioii of sent inieiil. iii the if t lie career of thu Hogg amendment
muse we learn that no iiiiie vlty r- might be cut short without reaching
iort ha Ih-i-ii inmle mi l be seJisi itute Ihe dipnlty of efigroumeiit. During
bouse bill, reporVi'd favorably by the the first half of tu mil call the ameild-
diii'iit l iiial coiiumttee, providing; for ment fell seven vol.. Is liiinl; in the
the loe.kl.ioii of the Industrial sctiool next iUnrter It ennght up and m- pamif'
for gir'ji and Ihe textile K-tiool at the nnd Ssikr Prtnoe ws iinsl ty bract)
A. ami M. I olU-ge.
I till closr out today and tomor
row all oi tne snnue tree, ever-grs-iis
ntiil Mi' at the Central hotel
Mini for whatever ih.y w ill bring.
I'.. M l l: li
For fine selected s.-etl corn and
torglniiii seed cull on Saiinder A
lllisoli. "II
himself for (Welding the isissihio tie.
But in the stn-U:k iii- ai.ienilmenl
caug-t " ivtl ixed to eirriMsmotl!
by a ainjorily of four. The vote, was
U to Mi.
I ImI Tat oa Itallroad.
Austin. Feb. 21. The isnrt of civil
apiils ha iiftlrinisl the dis-ision of
Judge Frank Morris of Urn Travis coun
ty district court in the case of the tat
and Travis county ngaiuvst the Austin
I V -.1 ...... I. .. i
11.1 .son nw ester. l iwiunni ,niisuj,
which is known a the franchise tax
... . Tl .1 .1 -,... 1...I.I.
I IVi. ill' mill i oi i mi ii'i" in" .!.
that tlie iulatigible -n.-rlv of a rail
way coriratioll is taxable iu the ditfer
ent isiunties Ihroiigli which tha rnd
.ssi's. Judge Key, one of the mein-
Is-rs of this court, dissents from th
The (irtat Dull Show.
The Methodist llolne Mission So
ciety will have the doll show SMur
day, Feb. i'trd.. ut I In- courthouse,
lieglllllillg lit ;i p. III. I'lies given
for the prettiest bride .loll, prettiest ,,..,, .,. ',. ,.,,,, .al the ill
doll ill stteet costume, prettiest baby ,,,,1,!;, iM timitd. only ill the oollllty in
doll. iieal.-Kt doll dressed by child wi,ich the .rus'ip'il otlli-e or domicile
under I-yeaN of age, and oldest and of the corporHtioti is situutiKl. The de
best preserved doll. Also prize for cisioii has Usu awaited wu h much in-
the prettiest .1 rated bllggyiilld tere-t throughout the slat
wagon. There will be it llsh pond Iu
connect ion, full of doll clothes, kites
mid everything to please the boys
mid girls. Mrs. Nation of Kansas
will add the exciting Interest of
her presence hatchet and all, Ad
. i .en i ... ...... ...i..i...
amoveonthem-clvcsto secure it ;- - " '-.? "
Loudon, Feb. 21. -It is n isirtwl par- u i InV desire that my own town ,.., .. ,l,..i i ii... reidet.ee ..f
liameiit willt. invited to vote t'l"."0" Hhall stand Upon the stitne footing. Mra. V. If. Webb i-nrly Satiirihiv
to Lord Ilols rts. I Amarillu. .lell'crson. Tchtiacana ; morning to be properly numbered. 7U
ArlHir liar In Trias.
Austin, Feb. 21. The governor Wed
nesday issued a pris laiuatioii tuakiiig
WaeUingtou's birthilay arbor dav
I'ralaat Against Urlllsh WarUra.
Port Kliwilieth, Feb. ai.-Presldonl
fiteyn nnd lleiieral He Wet have issued
a proclamation protesting ugnin.t J the
alleg.sl violation of the rules of civ j.vvl
wnrfiire by Ihe llritish. ,
4 .. r iiLoial1

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