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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, May 25, 1901, Image 4

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i I
j IP TOTJ . --. I
during the coming summer, j t -t address them al
the Colorado Chautauqua. Moulder. Col... You'll
either find them there or nt trnne of the other
numerous Rocky Mountain Kesorts. Texas has
been so prosperous tli.it the people aic planning
nil over the taf to spend the hit immthf in Kool
Kolorado;" and the mmilier of Southern people
up theic this year will he numerous. People al
ways want the lull worth of their money, ami this
accounts for the plans of almost every one pto
i.ling for iisig 'IUE DUNVIIR ROAD'"
from Foit Worth. Because, von know, we have
the shortest line, make the c;uickct time, urn the
only through train with Cafe Cars. Pullmans.
Mo.lern Coaches, Ktc, so You d m 't have to
apologize for riding on The Denver Road I"
- . a . . ....
n.f.mwm.i, A. .A. til.lv-sON. ( Has. L 1111,1
A.O.I'.A. ;...IMi. T.I'.A.
TX. lb Tin- Ppworrli I.. -agu, i, will - t priM ur way July
ill! BY GOVERSlIEXTi fonroe Edae $mmm mmm&
VoU 1X1111 be delightedl
! Court Will D,Ti.l. the Constitution i'" M tStHT
I "I'. ..ra.rl H s.in l.i ,r mr lfr
U'.. iixo . nnti.r, at,.!. mavk II
m... '
uih l.h-M'II DIVIDED.
Wabors & labors
uccaaaoaa to j. p. rm
Having purchased this h'lst-d.iss and thoroughly
equipped stable, we ate prepaieil to smi. the pub'
lic promptly, with the hest Horses. Cairiages, s,.
gleand douhL- turnouts, , tc. for ple.iuie .hivin ' ..r
county trips. Our hoarding facilities aie unequaled.
Mr. Henry Spell, the well known livervman, will
he found at our stable tow alt on the puhlic. We
VM.l appreciate a liberal share of vnur business.
Habors & Labors. Phone 42.
'I "fltandy Hiilcftcn and TJcc Crcant parlor.
V" M: ..'.iy, V.,-"
rURE CKEAM, SODA WAT MR and all k,n,U of rrf,-si,,,
nil exhderating smmer drinks s,.lxfl , it-class stx ,.,
fmes, ! Landies. F,,sn plui,s. Pine Cigars. I.umV, and (mm,-
her sLamhcs, C.eau. supplied iu .,u. tu s f, parties or enter-
tainments - . . . , ' ,
t eletihone numb.-. ., .
to .., BiH t Mn ,., i,,)., -I,,,,,.,,
Irrn. (ar.lv:. .'iO.. rl.- u . t..l,d hoot
Tbrn. Will n, B1,J, out-.
luB, hut Sini Mill l ( War- j 1 1 ",l '" ' fc-i
rent nllh tho Kj ,rij, , . i,,,r n en.,. -. hr.M
, lillll.. r.i ...rl ,.r -i r,a, ,. s
h....w -r. br aulilr. hrn
aiul oihrr I,,.,., .,. ,,rllT
WnshinKhvi. Mar 8I.-t:ih d.vi.mr h. .y', -,"
I'f t IV Sll.rf!ll,. ,1urt f ,Jt, l-m,J.i ,11.1 ,H """" '""
'..:.s, it unrt.sl. wiUU-tliat t lio oi "' 7.' s! ,.,u-..
tituti..i. t,.. r f..n ... ... . . . .r,--v"-' r ' ..'
" '"' " i ir.Hn. S.,.- . !
J With our super!, stock of impo.ted and domestic liouor in--W.
..t...l;... i ... ....
,u "' '"v-si Man.lar.l l.ran.ls of shelf and -Vv
ha.iel goods. We buy in c.uhud lots and cany everything
t 1-e found in a lirst-dass houseiu fact there i, no' other &
house like ouis in 'l-..s. ;
.1 i, v. ;..
t 1.
I r.ii
oi.i-1 , r i.
. .'.' ..I, .
i i i. i ..
I i
S-I.I..U. tli.. in,. st iuii.riiit that jjr.-at J'J,"'
i.a.-iias ev.-r ma...', Hlil mil. .s-1
u n. t ,M .ii.iav. Tli,. i-i,i,,ii
in favor of t!ie cvt riiciriit. I.ut lv a
iivul.1 Nii.h.
Tlt. r.' wi.l t,. ..t 1, n,t ti s linlivuliiii:
ji;ui..us. but s..m.-i.f tli.'v nr.- lvn.,ur
rilU "PI II .11-. lAl.r.'sslIU' t'.i,. vi,. .a
tin- r:t, rs m. TP fiillv iiii.I lortn ularlv
Ihan will N- .1, hi tli.- i.:.iui..!i ..f tip-
inaj ifity. Tli.-omrt will Ku k t ith-
l-n.-l ui wlii. li tli.. r. public was f .rm...
aii.l tin- I'.nistiinti,,,, fr:iim.,i auii
ors t.. -, rtam u b it wn. tl... .. r . ... t .1
" f-'Uii.l. rs of tl..- iT.it i. .ii.
Tin-i.i.iiii.m f tin- iiini.rttv of tli.
court will (l:i. ft!,,. muf,,rm Ux;x.
ti..ii clan. ,,f tli.'.Miistituti .ii win. h ha
Nt ii r. v,.k..,t by ul! tlu- ai. Uaiu, n
lip's,, i lls.-.
Tin- frmu.-rs of ta,. iMii.t;iuti.,n it,.
OplllP'il Will sav. Ill u ririn . il. .. . 1
had no tlioiu-ht ,,f if,apili.-iiti..ii t,, t.T .V.,I
III. Ti ll .S,l,,I,. ,. ,..,
as is now pn s,.t.-,l had nri u m th. n
tni.lst ii.,. r. an-,., "nil ,iit,,.,, iiiiist
nii.l t'v.-i shall I... muf iriii thr,.iik-h
out tin. Pnit.-l Stat,'.." th,. ,si -,!
h .l.l, was p:..r.,l m th,. -.intiiti .11 a.'
a r.-.ult of t!, j,..,u.,. ,,f ii. ,,,...
wlarii inn?..,! u, f,.rniiii t! uti ., r
was iiit.'i..l.'.l to pr.-v. nt iu,r o '
coiiibi:iati..u ,,f tat,-, .-,( run? iidvau
tiu'i- -v r itip-th.-r or th. r. i.. ..r..,. .,,
i ij'oi. ;.. i, T k ,,u ,;! ff
s ' '. a-'.r .". I. I, .,,, f ,,
. .. ..... .... ,,.,,, ,.p,h,.r , r
... .r..,.HrM .r h ! U r ...
, i I A . N .t..,H-t.
t t .. T I... .... -
' : .'I sr..
, '-,r' - . - - tf,:.!,) ,.t,
. r. ... I. . .n , , , ,,
r... . .' ' " " ''' "tlirr.i
.1. ... ... .... " " f-r sr
.... .., ' ' " " ":' 'V- I 't "'
' .Ml . . i ,,s k. M , ;
Cf ! -1 ! -I .,mn. K.,.. , ii,...
r.-.. i .1 , . : , ,(r.M,, rl
" t' t Mmi . . -!,,., .,.
" ' '" '' l-an i nr. il:
sr t... i. , .,r r,y , J,,.,,,
' I'Mlil I K..( K r Y
. . , . .....
" ' " Tr, . r,., .
' '' i .. t , ,.f I
I H' I
"II. p.
' "" M I , , ,. ,..,.
't- III .r.ui-. ,.. m,
r" i. y ,
. t'.r i . i
T. 4 III
11. .n, !) i.m.i ,r
1 1 .t. . -n-.r
rs.v Irrm.
",' ' " '' '-" "I r-"-"l I'll--I frm. I
' " " 'it ii,.- ..it.mt... i
Vl-., V,. i, .v I.. p,t .
" 'T-'- k . I . hi,,,.,.,., ,, ,.,
nr.- l I Ih r... . i. '
l " r"j r .. . .i,
! K
IL-.' "JfTV mi .11. -r j-
to take her riding in one of inv nohbv liu.r.,;... .i,;.
one of mv lleet-footed toad-scorchers
These turnouts are built for comfort, ease
-trength and beauty. It', a great pleasure to ride in'
of them.
Wear.alwtyi.iudrUKth-llf.-rf bu.lnWM.. to tss up.t0.d4tf.
ad gixr Ihr twit wnrlc for th mo.t r.-oniil,.. prt,.
If your horw la hunnry and him to our tUbte.
1I.... . III!
"Old Liza"
A. Lee, Proprietor.
(Jooil drays and
polite dravraen,
ful work are the claims upon which u esolicUa thavl
01 VOUr IlllHini'ssl 111 tlio Alt urn Tl t .
have favored me in the past and hoping to continue I
to nleauM thom om rni,n,ir,.ii.. !
I . j v.vTl, 11 Ull ,
I V P T'i
I C I.' . -, , ,, ,
I i.ii .- 1 ....', ... -m,. 1. ... r.
,,,,,,.. Wl. 1 . rn . , ,rll,
n v. ry h 1 c h I. n I.. 1,
' .,f in,.. I,-., t . ..i ,
ti..-i.rts t .. at,,,, ,;a.,n,u j.r.-f.-r I::;;,,:';:.;::: I: :h'.":;:; Jt .,7
I' III 'I- uv.T th.i-t'iif i.li.)lii.r in li,. mitt,,. : s'h.i !,r
tilt I. ill of (Mods.
'l ii.. nil., i.f tin if, .r m n v u,i. , 1.
riiuar;ly f.,r tin- .t.,i ..' mil,,.,i ,
mrt will h ,!,, not f. r t. rrit .ri. . th. i
I"-"' I "i" iift.ru, iris iir,iiir,,. ,,.
tin- i-..ti.t!,titi,,,,,.,l r. ,;1,r,. ,.., Mf
tl.-! ii l .tu- as all .li.t,,., ,, ,i,,rt, lir,
Uiiif .riiily iiiins.. ,it !1 11, .,
thm.iirl,,,,,! t, l-,,t,., Stut. .. TIpmpI
vaiit.iu.- of tins null .rotir v it.... !. ...
t. ipl.'.l t.i t. rntori.'s mi l .,... ,,
tat. , ami ii.,i r, ,,f ,, ,,, ,
tint is f,.r i',u-r,. , , ,1, t. rmiip. uinti 1
thi.' iit,tl,,nty i.f th,. ,',,11,1,1, a, mi.
W.l.l-r.rr W ill O... kln.
l'- rilli. XI a it Tl,.,
L'ti.l.ii in w ,,,. rs II, .it i..,.,i .....
Wiii.l. rs..- ,a 1 in!'.iiiii,.,l 11,., rl,,,,.,..
Butlp.nti. thai . w.ml.l iu,i 1.. .... P..
kin until t!i. ,, ,t r. tunis i,i ).
lul l 1111 inf. rvi.-w with Kiin,r,,r K'u ....
nr.- until. .rilMtiv. ly .l..ip... 1 p'l. pi;.
h. r.- -av V..11 Wal-l.-rs.'.. w ill 1, ,u,. p..
kin mi Xlav :il. ,,r it f. w- .lays lat.-r In
Jiinui. It is urn . rtaiii w h. tli. r U- ,1
r. tiirn l.v th.. way ,,f il. l',,, , , ,..
or Ma Siniuiiai. ( M-rmaiiv i. irv. i,
chart, r v.'ss. U for tin- r, turn ,,f 1...
troops. Th.. li. rniiui ii iitii,.'. nt r..
inaiiiuiif in t.(. pri.vini'.. ,,f J'. i f,i l
Will 1h- I s, lllllll. r Mis tl.jin ll. frili. I
cr Fn in h tur.'.'s.
,1. .'at. ...
xn.1. p..
: Special pu.es by the doeti 01, oui line case goods
1 .
rsrAiu.isiiKi) ,s;s.
A. P. fU Con nico,
Tire, Life and Accident
Nothing but the best compa-n-s ici.teieiitcd. I'etsonal
and careful attention given tn the '.iisn-.r,, gig f flSdraiCC 1
Specialty. Am ..a.-. tit for the 1TAV M I V.L Li : Insur
ancc c-mpativ ..f l'liiladeld.i i. wl, , tu-r tie i.es-; c.uitiacts
of any lite company, ask tor , t l i n i,-n (,,,, , !, u.pt,.M.nt
the Fidelity Casualty, and t! - v . I ( is,, ilty Acci.
dent lnsutan.e Co's. Your busuies, r. ,,,,v ,.,'llC,.,,.
a. a--4.4
-F. A. LEE.
W. O. Tallafrrra, tt lu.l, iih Ju.rl, .liatrlo
KoM. Anaatrung, lain of Arnulrong ft Nala
Taliaferro & Armstrong,
ittorntfi and Counttlort at Lam.
OBoaitpHtalnln T!laf""i hi-tl.Pr In cm.
koua aquare, 1 1740, Taiaa.;
V. B. Jtt'DHOV, rilairtot Altornar.
. u. i.-.At.iii'. Aiiornor-at-Law.
..rlrl..ii I,, 1 smllh.
San 1'ran, i,-,i, Xlav '.' Tli,. Chrmii
rl- publish,', a ,,pai, , fr, Wii.luiirf
ton atatuii! that U.-.r;;- I'. t -, , ri. lv n.
ni-n tary to th.- pr,'..i,i.iit, will .
I'ostiiiiiati-r (i. tii ral M1111I1, w ho is
to r.tin-. Sn-ritiuy t',,rtilvou w,.tili
tp ith. r iitliriu or .1, uv tin- r. ,rt Xl.-m
l-ra of th.- pr. ,p. iitml ,u ty. h,.wi.v. r
who had roiu, r-. on th., mipJ., t Wllf
1'imtiiiiist. r (.. ii, nil Smitl, ..(,,r,. ,.11V
liilf Wiislunt .ti Nml 1. j ,, ml,.u
tiuu of ri'tinng.
Smm I'urrsn Mlnlalvr,.
Wushiuirtoii, Xlav -. Mm llm r,
th iinw 1,'ori'iiii iiiiuint.-r to tli.- Cmt...
htati-a, iw'.',imiiii,h ,v tir, J,,,!,,,,
ioMiii., iiiik iirriv.-.! 111 Washington
No nrruiifiiii-iitH Ii,ivt. ,,. Ilm,
y.-t for tho ui'W iniiiisti ra pr.. ntuti.i
lo thu atato il.'imrliiiuiit.
Will H.taru la I'MllppinM.
Wauliiiiifton. Xlav 21 I
bf llilf ns,i,( I to ilutv in t). Cjt(
finu-s 11 him tin, i-iinriii ,,n ,,f . i,.a.
ir.-.-nt l,.nv.. of alMi-11111, Itnifinli...
Vii'lPTal rri"l I). ( .runt .,.! t...... i
mriil J. U. Rvt.-s will ri'turii t., tlu.n
tlltPlllS III tllH pllllippil-lt.
Al.h.n., Ii.,,, s,,.,.n.l.
Mont 11,,. via. M
by I. unity hank lp. .ii.p,.i,,,., ,wy
in.. nt. A until-,, was j 1 ,, f, ,,H,
anyiuir Hii, li in ti,,o ui,. ,1,,.. 1
flri.vv,, m ..r .....1 1 .1. .
; " - ..ii,. inn n.iiiir.-t,, ,-,,
iis't promptly ,l nmt t, M1. ,..
' ti-tiiMiriiry.
Olll (.rr.la.l lr Olll. 1,1,.
London, May 2 1. -Sir Alfr.-I XI iln,.
lrriv.il nt Suiitlmniptuii t,v frul
South Afrira II,. ili.l i,,,t r,'.', iv,. th.
w.-lroiii.- th i;ov..rtiiiii.it lu.,1 ,,,,., f,,
bitii Ottli'ials Kr,-,..., linn, hut piihh
utliUMinmii wit lii.-kiiiif.
Will Krr I'l.,!,,.,
Moii'ifoini-ry, A In . XlavJI -Tl on
atitiitioiial roiiveiition Iihh iiimtniiumi.
Iv Iil.-ilifi-d its.iif t i k,..,i, i), ,a..i.. ..
tlui jKirty and to fulnnU any e.nistita
tlnli frHiiu-d to tin. Hi,pi f,,r nitilleo
Ik u.
A TTORNEYS-A T-LA V. i n i ,. ,B Nlo.
fXsTT.U.l,.,V!hI,!,n'lnn'rlc,T,'Pr'' . MH'lri'1. May I. A niinist.-ruil , ri,
.. 1 "r isoiarr I-UN-V j, . .
laenaa Uran, Ttiaa. tw wiucua.
! P. - o,r. , r ...,,.,. i. .,.'',,, ,', " 'v "
"".'P;". I .in'..' .1.. ,
r- .... Im-lA BIIP In I ti V.
v.. ,-. f I . . ..
I v i, !.. rs k;:..'.i:: !.. w ;',! j .
! ' 1 -" 1 '''. K'-: , sys,, ...j v,rV(
I it.-.. ..i.,...7. ,,!:,',K ; "N :' ''
, Harr .bur... l'a , M ,-. ;t j;.v. l. '' -,!:J b ' A
(' A-"v , -i. ,r ,.: i :, I : , Mr, , i v' " ;.
A'r; in M- t':i sli.t i:,. .. inir I. ..t .
! r.r...;.'.i. N Y.. h... I. t :ul , WD
tin- n s
It W
.aaf ' r-TT I
niliuU Ii lli) M
w..wsr v.,,, a1 It, IUU
vmi willed! at mv Mme and vc
cne i if ihoH' mniiitH bars anj
lutiif. 'I hoy keep 'cm mil
I (1 to S I..
I . ', -I r, ,r ! (,, II Ki ( .,,.,..,
fo -. I-.-. '! , ,,. i-.,s v, w ,:.,
I--'. (;,-' ,, ,...-.) v v.h..r,-, r
! ! ... .,r , ,; r, ,., h.,:,, , ,
1 1 : IP.-,, 1.
of iiiiap ;i!yiu.; i i.nr-a funis. ,n.u, ,r
iluia'Piii mil r.ii.ii,t iia!.-..ii.iiirf r
iiiioi -T.-r at it ,ii ,,f t',,. pi,, ,,.l,,
-iif.-r. I,.-,. ,,f t,. Atf., an M.-t J,tii
i::,,.".,,,,;,:;,:, :,
l'..l...w!iu' ih.. v.-rdi"! .,f tli,. r.nif. r
i-'p .' Ir A-"v.hI wa, rr. ,t... ,v t
I l.irii-'.ur.' .p '. -tiv- ..ii it rn ,r.'.. .,f ,1...
frau :i ! ,r lin.-i, k.-.-i.-r In
I i'1'v in Ai; Ms., I s i . Il- furiii.li.-.:
bill t r i. i. . r i . ir Astw,.. un
f,,r s. v. n y.-..r, Ciiii. I M.i'.., , .ii,,, at
San li'.iiiiii... and is ,,,, ,,f n,., ,,
j r .i . 1 1 1 1. nt ti.-L'ti.-s in th.. country.
lllf-..lr nil, I.I ia.
s , .
.- i .-r,,. .viav .'I - it i, r- ta.rr
that th,- Api, in mi I. ,., n,,, (,, ,.,
tiy, whP'li is m.w- planuiiK m .on
tioii of th.. Ian I , ,n,y
tiiri- ii l.irk-,- iniii,.r ,.f ' liti,.,,!,.,,,,,
eoiii-.-ru, I l.i- r. Mrt rannot I,. n,,,.
flrm.-d hut it is kiP.wn that a .l,al ,,
j,r.,i;r. s, f,,r .-oiiv.li.latPin .,f liii.s,,.um
'J'li. r.i an- liitiiiiiitiuim that if thu i;t
aolplatpni i, iti- ipli,,,.,l it Wl H, n
li.sl with, jf not I'.mtrullisl )V, tin. cap
itnliMtt lin k of th.- fui hi Iwl H
Oil eouipiiiiy.
iloril) and East
t s,- y
mtOTIVI MARCH 10, 1601,
Rci River Division
It Shortens the Distance.
ii n it ..
in mm
Ilia; tuiaura ,f iIMI r,.
Now York. Xlav 21 Stat.. (;amn l'r
U-etor John K. tiv.-rtoii elniiua In. fin
In on.- r.iu of th.. An-tn- Kr.-...ini; n
nv' aloriiar.i linns.- -.Iiimi airtriilafia
iiinil, Kmiis., ami ,.tl r K,u ,jr,,, ,)
sli.tin or ,ios.,i.in of wlm li m th.
atat.. out of m-ii,ii j, piinislinhln ,v i
tin., of f Hi for the llrst bird kill...!' ,
hfld in hs.-i,iii iiinl I.'.". f,,r thu m
or . a. ii turn l n.-r.-iifi.-r If th,. i,uiul.
fouinl is ,iiot,-. e,.rt.-clly th,. Iln.'swil
e.'.'.-.i ai.wio.ooo.
'" Win m ..l Markal.
Wiisliiiiift.iii. Xlav 'JITI... fo.
Stllt.'S has i l,lv to at.'i in 1111,1 will fill
iinirK. i, mivs ( oii.ui j-, 1) f.,,.r j ,
lon.nniiii.'i.tp.u to tin. atatn ih-rf in..i,
III r. fi r. ii,'.- to tin- II..I aitiuiti,,,,
limitary. II,. aav, th , ...,(..,
"pir.'UiiK,rtant f,,r iu,Kr,
Real itate jgtnt.
IIt In nftlf. th, only a.-t nf lialr,st
of llraiiai rrunty land IUI-.
w llli ll Is a li. vv niiiH.rt.-r ..f
tin- prohii ni of h. r industrial il.-'velup
Nil, thai
Tn.ilia l..r Tpi oil.
PittsburK, -May J.T, J. m. Ouffi-)
retrol.-iini couiianv of T.-xaa has vim
ii eontrni t with th,. Hit..r.(;..ii,.y Xlann
fiu-luriiiu roiuiNiiiy of iIuh eiiv for l.-i
tanks of I I.-..IMKI lMtrr.-1-t euK.i:ity i.n, ,
Tllt-w. I.uik. will U. tin- liiruesl v.-,
iimnufartiir-d. The eoiitra. t nparoxi
Uiuti-a :io,uh).
l ive Ioim and ii.-w cottaL-.. .... i-.a
b'U" road. Stabl... ird.-n, irt,.
f '-oo, ti-riim i. UM.njibl.-.
Two lots in,,) i.t.i r,. ...
Hoiilliw.st part of town. I'll,.,. run
Twoiiml alt I.,,. . .
Acad. in. v. P. ,
Al.l Otl.,r city i 1(l.rt V
BEWARE! Bowarel
mv friend and avoid n It M-tvo
i'OWDl-K sob! at nc i
- . j'-.. ..hi
or lessthey eontain .Mum which
is a corrosive poison ; uny aue per
son knows that Alum taken into the
t-ystem is Doisoiuin, a,,, I .. ill .,,
or later ruin your health mhiic wav
bi v... I I : .
- , , hjimiij, pvv(t.r get '
l'm cream ot Tartar l'owder
for tale hi ull ..r..,-. I
v f," i
Potts Baking Powder Co.'
wirn r-v a
f a
i !
, !

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