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China Dinner Set Free !
" itli every cash purchase of in cents or over, we
will ive you ONE STAMP FREE, or as many a 10
in contained in the full amount of your purchase.
Paste these stamps in your hook which we will fur
nish ficr of tharjje. Wc will accept thein (or
Victoria Dinner Ware.
Start vour collection a once. Nt.tc the following
Special Offer:
To ach of Me firtt 100 ciHtetors of Stamps 1 mill give
!.00 worth of tlamps froo.
We waul cveiv la I in I'm an to call at our stoic ami
examine the china
l'liouo lit I
II. A T. r. Nl 1111)11. 1..
Northbound N. I...
Northbound N... 3 .
Northbound No. 15 ..
Ht.utlitM.inol No. -i ..
southbound No. 4 . .
Hutht...und No. Ill .
2:1.'. h. li.
U..I7 j.. in.
V. W. A 11. V. SCH KIH I. K.
1 Kin.- up K. It. I.oinav and !,. w ill
.. . . i . . .... i .. i i . i... ...ii.. -
:I7 p. lu. .
2.11 it. in. ('. A. (ii. mi wa In r- from Ntoii
H n. in. ity y. sic rday iti r eotioii spray rs.
:'"': 1'i.tato It. i' Toisoii l.'i e. nt nr
' package Mclioiuald n llriltf Nlorc tl
I l i- -! I., iirhi . corn, toiimi " niol
- i kin I rn s r- i-i ivi .1 ilail v at I low . tl
I l;i..-. M
No. I'0-Noutlitouiii pji.s. ii. ' n. roiul hand ilonrs. window mid
j.''-r Arrives I'.': lit p. in. mantels t-.r Mil.-. Apply t II. u
No ltd-.Northbound Mi..l on:,-.-. tl
, J',,v;" ;"' 1 Ir f. T. S. Mint.r r. f urn. I
'"'T'ZVl"' ' .l.t-uy ait. r M '''-' "k at
No. 1"J - Nolit l.houllil M iv I , M..I..H.
7 : 1' ii.lii. ! t I ,,iv..iv io.-l. In!!, la -ilk nt N..r.
bound - I'.i". n- 1 ,.,,,,,1 ....t,..! ..,i i, ,-i lit. .it
::' I'- "-. .. r yard. He.
I I ' N i'K.-t 1'iof. ( liitilrs I'uryiar will p. i..
I ' t ,c Mlllllll. r lit I. IS ol, l,lllC III
rtrtmTniti.trrrTtni((otif,t,trrt i i.t.t.t I n.mia.
? J ist . i-i iv.-.l fr.-h -h I-,. 1 1 1- nt 1 1 :i v
i r till.- eiiiidl. III Mi ll, til.-. ti l
tiiiiiuiuuiiiittu'iuuuuuu)iitti : Ion.- M-.r,-. ".'if
1 Arrives
V ). in:i -Northl-
f l.'1-r l.i -live
M. I'ov has r. turned
' Mrs. I...
' J. W. Wili-v of 'oltonoo,l was
J.,-r- y, si. rday.
' lluyl. r s tin.- can, Ins lit M.-i..u.'-aid
ilnu stor.-. n.i
M rs. k.. Wolf nf 'i.r-i.-iitia i- h n
V l-ll 111 . l it in . s.
J K. N. Mi-N nt i of III arm- was in
, t !u- city j i st.-rday .
l. S. I.I- . V d W.ls M Hi! ill.- l-lt..s
j 111 tl Ity - - ( rday.
r 1 M iss It. .it t i.-i- 1 1. ami-has ri t iirm ,1
I ' from si-h.M.I ut v ... i in
Mrs. Ilotii.T M. .!. of h.-illas is
Inn- isit inr r, lat j . s.
Kktra eo.le i.r tli Mondnj; Kiu-h-at
llii.'H s lunik nt.ir... tf
1 U. II Nmith and J. T. Pam-ll r.-
lurni-.l frmii l,.iisi..ii v. si. r, lav.
Kn-sh l.riad and eakis inadi- t-.
: x-rdi-rat K. lii i. . rn ( it v I'.akirv. if
ca :
A l,i- lin, of Mis. s .lr..;i sti:.-li
li..s.- ni i'.t r tits . r pair at Unit
N . W I h. l'.l
WAN I I'll- ,,. pair y.-uiu-, w. II
dr-.k". II . "r l.i I. an I I, ml. s.
M. n.'. I-. '"I
All 1 1..' in w si I. s in iinii in. t v and
a iii.- In," ol -iU w at Mis. I.
M. lT... t.. s l.i I
Mis pal., lias ii turtn d to In r
li..iin' at I., lln I alt. r spt mill,.' a I- w
,1.1 sail on. .
I'.. 1. Puli Is a-i lit fir tin- lialil
1 1 1 . . I , I lyp. writ" I, til.' lust in. nit-.
AW to si , 11 woi k. 7'i
Mis Virii- Nfott riturniil to
N.ix as.ita tt rday afli r a visit to
M i- lli 111. 1I1 I'.r.iM n.
It.- siir.- and mi- iln.si- pilis of
t-.tiialot s and olio r llui- 1 t-i tiilili s hi
t lo- ity Mark" t Naturday. 1 "
WIhuvoii want to ei.., ntT and
1 tijo.v lit- s-t I. your f:i t.riti- r. sun
and eall for Fiilsiall luilili. I r. Mi
Mr. J. R. Smith of Ilelianrn wan
In th city yt. rda.v and in eonvt-r-natlun
with thu Kaln r-Hrt.-r aaiii
lie s inakiinf It nuik'ti for the boll
wevvilU on In (arm. lln 1 1 a at-ri-ady
pii-k-tl tdc iuar-a over hi
etitton twice. gvm noiut Inter-i-mlnir
fU'ur In euiuietltin witfi hia
ntnt. iui-iit. Ills two Im.jh pli-kt-il up
lt.10 a-purt u in on mif iy nmj u,
IIiiih Kipuiria tln-y round ami lf.
iitriy-d Jworum or yuim wi-i-vlln.
tlnr ImIiiu' oniftiiuf two in hum
Nipuire. lit.- miyM tlu-y m-vi-r pniot a
I. ..II w..-i nn. I Hint "he in foiiu to
k-i mi pii-kiii' tli.- s,iiar, as loin;
a tlii-ru u any klp'ii of tlie wt-eviU
Your iM-aI coiinon tn-ki-t am-ni
linn Iw-i-ii siipplit,) with illiistrut.-tl
land d.seriptivi. lit.ratur.- showinj
tin- Ix-auti. s t.f tin. sei-iii-ry and ri
sort of ( oli.rado and th.. K.a-kv
Mountains. Tii.s,. 1 ks ar. fr.
lor tin- asking, an, I "Tin. i, nv.-f
Honit ' wilt I..- -Ia, to jjivi; a,,. , u
sistanei. Iiy i-iirr. sioinli-ni-i! in your
elioiew of a placet to t.p. inl your va
cation. 72
Attornty liiek Jon. is just In
frmii tin- drums county mi tl. Ms,
nun mi un y Mir. ly p.i oil n. r
llnre, and it punt ilow. . K1V
when tln-y htruek oil tin r.-, twn wi-il
on .Melir.-.'or plaee in this county
across tin- riv.-r wt-nt to actiii m
iii. t 1 ly ri-ht aw ay just as r port.-.l
in in.-., vss 1111, 1 r,.t ni yisi.nlay
W. I. Viirdly of !.-Mi.-1 was lo re
yi st. rilay ami n-port.-d that In- is
llhtliii tin- I...I1 w.-.-vil. In jrnliii;
oir tin- coll.. 11 Willi the h.- tin
hands nr.-piek iuK' uj. all tin- I. ill. 11
sipiari s iin.i all in..-.- on the l.latit
l.u ..r.. li.i..r...l o 1.......
!". .iij..i.-ii, ti i,-iu t-iis in
1 dlstiliuisli the latt'-r.
I Miss Willi.- I:,, , rs r. liini. ,1 ln.it..
lmi yards of l.laek Kmpn-ss l loth at Thursday ln.111 J.ick.on. I.a.. and
I w ill sp ml t In- -11 1,1 in, r w 11 h .Mrs. K.
1 I. liarrli. Mis ...-. rs has l . 11
Il.-ai-h in.-nrt and elociii loii in (he V,
V. . Iii-tiiiit.- at J ,n-k si in.
W. ('. I'.- st and sisii r, Miss Annie
ild st ..f It. It. in. an, I Mr-, liirdi.
I Ward of Kl.-in. Ii ft Intir- lay ni-ht
, afti-r t-iijny 11,,' i-ttinin-i mi nt as in.
,ti.-sts..i r.ryiui In. mis.
Kil'.M A sum of money in the
KaiiNiintli lam which tin' ow 111 r
can jr. t hyeallin.' .mJ. II. Walla. f.
Nainsook Km sup. 1 int. ml, nt ..1 eoiinty nmM,-i.,
2 White Organdies nt '
15c per yard.
1A piece of 11 eelll Law IIS mill llill-
itii'H nt
10c per yard.
:i yar 's of LT-iiu-h hla.-k tall, tn
silk nt
98c per yard,
x Patent Keath. r Nlipp. rs f.,r
$2.50 per pair.
98c per yard.
MI shad. of Ni-va Nilk at
18c per yard.
j pii-i-.-H of i - all ovi r laei- ar
50c. per yard.
o0 pie,
Nn't always a pliraant experience, hut it is unnecessary when you
purchase at our Mure as we deliver all j;nls free of
charge and promptly when ordered.
Our store loaded Willi pod things
in all the de!icacie of the vaen, our Wln le Wheat Hour Dread
heini; especially tii.e; fur hi;h tirade fancy and staple
Srncerie our prices are luwe-t in tow n
if line
at., 1 a sum , in., i;s -nr. a. I w. r.- t
ii.ital.ly et, joy aide f. atur. s of I!
i pay iiu lir t his a. I.
It.-v. i:. I.. Nh. ttl. s r. pin -Is. ill the
i Nun. lay s,-,,., -!, ii.tr.-n ..f the M.-th-,llst
i-huri-h to lilie'. Ii 1 II. at the
'church this afti riiooii ut 4 o'clock to
I praet let nn-'iii .
1 Mrs. K. Ii. M.niz who was !.. r.-
from rl. Worth isitm,: r.laiiv.s.
was sii,,. nly e;ill. ,f lion,. ,,n a, -c unit
1 ol tin Hint ol Iii r l.u.-lmil, K.-v.
j K. 1). 0 uioii.
I A while silk parasol, whi.-h was
'lift 111 a car ot tin- si,, .i.il train to
i( oil. i.'.- can In- r.-t-t iveil ty ow in r
- ealln.,' at (his i.t'l, -.- and paying lor
r,,ii. , I hv "otic. .
I -. -p. iit! Jam- W. st. w ho hit. ly r. tiirin d
1 i-ii.ii,.- mn, Aii-tn, i iiiiij,. ,.,t m,. ruiaii.
Mils if. i won a lin ea-li nrie for it,.. I,i .i,...i
ynirs in llil.l,-
Nabors Tvlabors
T!,- tollll- p.o.e. l-,.
a 11111110. r 01 mart n-.i ei.npi.
a i h j'it lid . . niii at t In-i-oii
. at rounds la-t iii,-!,i
wit'i .lam-in.' i.. a lir.-e tari aulin. ,n.r-. -.. l..r 11.....
slinl .
I.I lT Out- hip r..,e Sunday ni-ht
I Jut,.- .11,1 l,.-t w .en llr an ..ml I .,11.
I Kiinlt-r pit ast- return-!. 1 1 hiotti,-.. Hinl
1 X' ' rt-w ,-ir.l. Nam M. inters. i;jtf
60S S S () 0 C3 0. Q QO 0 0Q 00
inie vcnsililc nr'.'cstioiis : not sen-ible occatisr we make
tlu-in , hut hecau-c w hitc waists ate the proper tiling
for t!ii season of tin- e.n , Vc ,ue -hov-ino
all the new thin-'s
Wtbb bros.
On our past season W hite W'.iNt we make the
follow mp; pi ices :
tl o " 7-V
I oil " 1 (NI
1 " 1 -j.-.
2 (M " 1 ."()
'2 hi) " 1 7.')
I 'r. W. C. fnl. v. who 1
,le I.
The Third r.'.-iiti. nt hand i:.ive an
1 1 f ! 1 . r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 r 111 t he eoiu t
l-oll-e .11 I I. i-l ilK-!i. I In- lio V- are i , ,
pia.-tn'-iii.- i,u-!,ilv f..r il.e Austj,,' faiHo l.uy y..ur .-...-ial.e.
..-anipm. nt and" hat.- 1. r-in- fr""" ". Market t ,re.-.. l .r ry
f..r I hv Prof. Mill.-r and .vim M,- a,"r,,-,-v " "' -'" 1 '-
t ICo'frol.l the t oil. K-e l.nll.l. "' "I- IIC- to Voil. I-.J
WaNTI'Ii On.- pair y..un. w. 11
M. via after hi. t.iniilv, will not I..- ,r",k" l"" -Mu-l I..- u-.od
ahl.- 1.1 ir. ,-u-i, s,,!,,!,,',- 1, I'l'ktrs an. I cheap. N,,m M. Win-
i In- Kiltie o .-in in .11111 '. Unit li, v. J. ' r' ''-'f
I'. Iiol.l.s of 1 1 uip-t. ad w ill oivup v : '!'hfei. hiiniir.-ii j ards nf talTeta 2."i
tin- pulpit at tin- Hapti-t church 1 'o 27 inches w i.le is on s.il. at N..r--suuii.iy.
w mid ut N'. and '. cents t-.-r
1. . . ' .v"ol. ly.,
Pafroiue home int. rpris... There;
is iioihin- l tt.-r i'l.in the eohl ' -storage
Un a's sol, I l.y Kr.uikliu l'.r-.-. To Cur Malaria in Four Dayt,
All ca-h transactions for ticket HI Ti , ri,., . m 1. , .
,.re.-i.i .ii. 0,1 ..- T,lk Ouinona. All ilnicclstn are mi
p. runt ili.iouut. i-i, ,,,nz,.,1 , rrfni . Inmi.). ,a rtIiy
I ! i 11 m.i: No i n i - I '.,r nm- do-' ' a-i- of 1 Mils, f.-v r or malaria It f 1 !
lar in cash paid at o-ir oltiee. w e w ill to mn. Price ',r p.-r pae!;.e.-.'. M.
evehaiu-.. $l.lu worth i f ice checks. II. James, the It-ading, ilruguHt, P.rjan,
liryaii lee, Mora-.-iV ('..ill Co. t.:t f , 1 van.
iccaaaona ro J. f. rtmnm
Having purchased this first-class and thoroughly
equipped stahle, we are prepared to serve the pub
lic promptly, with the hest Horses, Catria;ev sin
gle ami ih uiI.1l- turnouts, etc., for pic-mure driving or
coimtv nips. Our lio.inlini: facilities ate uueiiualed.
J Mr. Henry Spell, the we'd known liveryman, will
1 he found at our stahle to w ait on the puhlic. Wc
wi.I apptcciate a lil crul share of your business.
j NABORS & LABORS. Phone 42.
We mmlon u r-mlnilr-
0.0000000 0 0-900 000
0 0
0 ,
hir I ;e is made front pine, s ift a'cr, cotidcn-ed. skimmed,
V.!,' rcNoled, tiltcicd and f:,i,--i. Wc have the tno-t complete
ami pet feet in, idem cipi-pnieiu. Cold Stou'e U ion! for
seven to ten 1:111 nf ice. art- !i ulivr imlh :m,l ,Ilt
shoitlv receive tiitee dclivciy v .iotis of four toys can v ius;
capacity to take the place of vva--uis now in u-e, : : : .
r. s
actual daily capacity
1 m
Feather dusters and brushes; moth
halls ; cleaning cream; IIujj Poison;
sulphur candles, opera) and Jother
disinfectants; Soap of all kinds, in
cluding tiie disinfecting kinds.
Ren S. Read, Druggist
Try BLACK CAl'SL'LHS fothil
iousncss. Trial box inc., full bottle :5c
B. -S. K.
jfTV) snd will take especial pains ,'7V-
to sercy.ui PROMPTLY. )z
!v 'FiioNii :i2o;(j. 0
0; 0
g Bryan Ice, Storage &oal Co. g
'. ...
r 1 v!
. i
: 3
t i
U often such that the slightest varation from what the doctor l
nresiril,o.ni.,-li.,s.rli..tsr.-iitlt: l1...:...: . ft'-l
. . ............. ...j - . is.Lnpiion compounutc f-
! 1 here are ahsotutelv correct. The or.ler is f,,ltn.. 1 I 1
I , We add iioihin,'. hold out nuthinf and tiiluili,.,. . ni .
I j " ......v siui.K, 1 im
purest drug's and mc.liLines are used. EvcrytbinR it irti and
n. II. JAMES, i . 13
7 " j

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