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VOL. 6; NO. 262.
We arc still selling our BATAVIA brand of Canned Goods at same
prices; shipped in carload lots and are guaranteed to be superior to any
1 if .U'Vijtrari
r- .
Hutat In ANparngiis Ti; r can 2-V
" Anparagu i r ensi
" Corn 2 ran for 2.
" Stringier !!.- tiH .rr ca CO.
" Karly Juno IVa 3 emu f r ri,
" French lVas pr enn 2bV
" Orated and Sliced riinnpplo j.,r cnu :t k
' Roily lVlly Cherries for pi pr can ?f
" Hlleed Lemon ("ling; lYnchc per rKo S5o
" Fears, Cherries, and Kjric I'luins per tii .vc
" Htrawherrie ami I!ai lit rrl per run 25c
".rium riul.llhi?, He
Tbojr Are 5ot fMirpawl by Any
in the W.rlJ.
Braaiiient Fields Hurt Ii;i;iinlnnt ir
Ings tti ( uii in i rial and
lnluirl.il Mor J - I nrrlng
!! of l u. I P
f .
II r
A new line of Window Shades; prices run from
10c each up. : : : : Call and sec them.
IIul'MUT", ('t. ). Tle MlltlflO-
tunr.' Ili.'rl ;. ;!.:i -Ii- h a very tU'rir.
a!o ret rv i o. r,- ti.; tlj , p:o .;;wta of the
Texas o.lf lily C F. V. C'aiuerUfi.
V I d Liu U. u r
it for N'YtT.i.; II.
gatlt :i1 Hill I o
yearn.;; i. At u.w f ,r; 1r. Cir.icn-tl
crttici-e Vi'.'V h': .ii ' V (!;o wild ;.-' Q
Lite.u L.c!i li.'.n 'vv W;Ii I in tho or
pi tr. .i'. n .i:' "ju r1' ioi.i, aiii ', form
til tiii-r.j f"r the urjHiu tjf '!;in tho
t. k thun f.T tlio K',-itiMite di'Tol'ip
un lit c.f t'i'i oil V'Uiii'.h. Afur jxnut
irn out tLe icrt-a' ilun'M of this 1nfl
tiuutotho irK"i-u.it dovulopmi'iit of
tuxiiiiiix, an. I the timx-a tlmt art) likuljr
to bu iuf'un.-l by the ioa!atiY craM,
' ho wtyi la )rt:
"I am n t tmkiug tUia itaU mint
Llimlly or to (Wxmraie lcifitiinmte iu
Teotmeut, but rttibor t-) t tvt lh Tital
imlnotrial (l.'roloiincrit, that ara abao
lutoly DMHMry to iusora aud uiaiutaia
au lu'lustry that hiii U fro it poxibili
tiei o Tat tlmt the ordinary man can
not lotwibly estimate thera. Taking
tbi tlild mu lt a-tunl iaTeatinent,
and not uj-.n it. capitahxatAm Minflat
d by 'bubl.!.. cuu; anien, I d ) not hesi
tate to statu tlmt the returu npou the
uouy actoiilly cxix'iid.sl for property
bovht at tcnwmalile fiifureiand tho da-
TrioVEjwy;.th" prifTti' will be
ouud a a w hole to t iot-.-.! thotte of auy
oth r flfld no far li-jveril eat of the
Iloi ky Hi' iii.':tin."
Iiukln forward to the tinio whun
the liU-uie-i 'a-i.'I adjiHl i:'lf to a
tvit'lj ou j ut, ru:U; r timn to the euor
iuou .r.Ia.-tioii of "kuhIh'm" at one
point. bi !iii:a'e the ullii-mte psi
bility of (!. TriH. 11 -Id at 4.V"0.OA
Ui'rL') a y.ar, which he itatce may be
ttikcti ai a miiiiinuiu buxi rather than
factlitlea. The throe pipe Knee ooanact
inK lloanmoot with tiabiu and I'ort
Arthur willclianK thla ooudition, and
a tunoh irr-ater output will be old."
MIm M.H.a Harris.
London, Oct. 5. The weddina of Mia
Helen Mortou, daoi(htir of Leri P. Mor-1
ton, formt r rice prwiideat of the United
Etate. aud Cuuut Umou da Perlgord,
aon of the duke of Tailyraad-reritord,
waa celebrated at bt Marya Cathollo
church, Chdja.
be nu'-hi'il a a regular output within
five year. He also Btato. that afur
a careful cxniiiination of couditioun, ho
foul jumiti.-d iu prslictiiia future rata
of CJ it tiU per baind for Tela crude
pctroK um, or about equal to the price
of the Iltmoiaii prKluct, allowing for the
irrvati r di'tnand for the Tela output.
ami at t ) c ntit a bnrrel thii fuel oil
will be Cfju.vii.Uiit to coal at J 40 Jer
C'i in;uiriii the Kuian oil fituatiou
With that of Te he mit:
"Tin ro hit teen a markixl fulling off
in the price, of Kumiui oil eiuce the
Trim field wax developed. Such de
creaito in value ik thorouKhly illogical
from the btiinciu Matidpoiut, becanae
the condition of both oil, chemically,
freot;rapically and otherwise, are ucu
a to make coiupetition from either aide
an atmolute itupoaitibility, since the val
ue of liijuid fuel i ettabluhod on the
At Inn no cHtt of the United States.
There uro mi mauy elcincuU in favor of
the fuel ie(roliuiii found on the gulf
plateau that it i ouly temporary mat
ter before the pubho will appreciate the
Tat advantage of liquid fnulovur Died
carbon, 1 hi ia epecially to when wo
consider the HMwiUlitiu of crude petro
leum in the induction of tteam in the
merchant murine and uavie of the
World, a well a on locomotive and
utiJ.r vtatioiiary boilor. v
"The etroleu!u found in tho Bean
mout ditriot I of great value in the
production of lllumimitiiiggnft, aud will
protbly furuinh the gaprixluciug
hydro-arUin of Europe, nnlM a de
maud i at once create! in tin country,
which 1 more thuu probable. Tho pe
troleum i of the very hihent value aa
a fuel. Tho Tcvw petroleum fieM are
not yet thoroughly known, aud no de-
pcll.h lice nhould le plaoxl nu re-
p rt coii.leiiiiiing titty one district in
favor of another. The petroleum aud
Kit bnruing formation of thi regiou
extend from Alt:ma into Mmiuippi
ami LouM.tint, mi l are proliflj in ln.inv
ikM'tioii. Ort iiu to the fact that the
aila.il contour of the go ilogical country
OnUi.lo of tiei iurfuoo drift of nx-ent
origin, i not known, it ia very difficult
to Mate authoritatively without verv
Iniiitito iuniH'ti..ii v. hi re Htroleiim and
K'K are found. The era of Text a petr
1 ut:i (level .; ni':;t lmi not yet arrived.
except iu in-ilaicd iiMt th vt give no
i l it X t itioi iw t.nl jxintibiiltie of till)
Bndevelopi d indtnlfy.
"Ihe Tex.it oil tii I U, t'j ivially in
nettled production, are, and for many
year will coiitiuue to 1, of tho high
est importaii" to the tiuaucinl and iu
duittrial world, and within l'i mouth
the dHiiinnd for Texan fuel etroleU:u
will be greater tlmn the supply. At
prciM-iit about l.'.OiiO barm! are shipped
ilni'r. bet thi is only a temporary ron
IVar KcbUf" tUpath Still lluld
a t'lM ll.tur. I ha Cowri.
Wa-hingfon.Ouf. S. Lieutenant Com
nihiid r ILfclon, formerly navigator
of ('oinmolore Schley's flagnhip, the
rriklyii, coiitinu.il hie testimony bw
fore tho S-hley conrt of inquiry today
after i u'li'j of tho oth.-r vi'iwe hid
m a c'o o stndy of L.-eti ;.'iven an o; iKrtu'Kty to correct
, fo:lortiu inventl- i fit ir ti iieoiiv hen court u tj mru--am
ti 'l l otui I bd I n ' .y tii.-bs (.m inn a-id-T M'xlg-oii
in tiio i in; of Ju'i,-n A Iv'i nt.i
1 'y. W h-.- e ;'.i. ca'.o-i f bun r-
to- i vi rv iar,-e.y .( tint na'uru or A
r. '. cJ;iiiiii.,iti'.n. Thi w.K due to the
t.v t that l.'o igsoii had h-c;ii calh.-l by
Ljih ;i!ri c I the coiitruver-'y and was
coniilerel even more of a Schley wit
tie than a governtneot witne.i.
Captaiu Lemly and Hauua continued
tho iiuuiry f r the givirumeut at the
beginning of tho sitting, after which
Mr. lUyuer began a series of qnestioua
intended to present tho Schley side of
tho lirooklyn, during not only tho bat
tle of July S, but of tho entire Sautiago
campaign. Mr. llanaa's inquiries were
devoted partly to developing more of tho
details concerning tho bombardment of
the Fpanish ship Cristotxd Colon on May
8. The entire correspondence between
Commander Hodgson and Commodore
Hchley waa alo put in evidence. .
Tho court began tho session with tho
understanding there would bo only one
s uing, this agreement being reached
aud brought about by tho fact that tho
members of tho court and tho counsel
find thcimtelve greatly fatigued by the
exacting nature of their work and con
tiuuout session of tho court.
There ia much interest iu tha episode
concerning Admiral Sampson and there
is doubt as to whether be will be a writ
nass. It will remain with Admiral
Schley aud his counsel to ay for what
day, if for any, he shall be sailed.
Controversy a to tho admiral's mean
ing in hi "Dear Sohley" dispatch on
au ttreu.e ltion, aud that this will J Mar 20 has been in no wise abated bT
t - J
'tj Three large front rooms, two
Q large Halls suitable for Lodge
purposes or light manufacturing
Tarticulars and terms apply to
Doesn't make a butcher shop
An body can do that ! ! I !
It tskNi s msa aho knows good markrt cattle nrn h
im4 tbm, sad snothrr one ho knom how to slaughter
rlhl sod on who know how to rut m-i. Good ctltle
rn.y be rulnd for markM r tther In lm;htrrlr.g or cut
ting on the block. Thro the nest should uy In rol.1
storags vrrsl days. Whea you buy .from os you ft
th tx-ni of sll our good meat and kng Xrtnee.
the tentative agreement aa to his being
summoned. Counsel on both sides bad
before them copies of the dispatch and
each waa trying strenuously to bring
the other to their view of tho case.
When Lieutenant Doyle was excused
Captaiu Lemly again brought np the
question of the difference of oonatmo
tiou of the last paragraph of tho "Dear
Schley" letter. He produced tho orig
inal copy, reading a part of tho para
graph aa follows:
"I therefore am of tho opinion oor
best chance of success in capturing their
hips will be to bold two points. Cien
fuegos aud Havana, with all the force
we can mutter. If later it should de
velop these vessels ara at Santiago wo
could then assemble off that port tho
ships best suited. for the purpose and
completely blockade it. Uuiil wo then
receive more positive Information we
shall coutinue to hold Havaua and San
tiago. Captain Lemly then said:
"If tho conrt please, I waa requested
yesterday by the counsel fur applicant
to produce the original of tho letter
from Admiral Sampson to Commander
Schley, dated May . Ih'M, the ques
tion being as to the final name at tho
end of tho first paragraph whether it
should bo Cieufuegos or Santiago, and
appears over an erasure. I invite atten
tion to tho fact that in the press copy
book it is Santiago, which shows that
the change was made before tho letter
was press copied aud sent. I will add
that the punctuations is as I stated on
yesterday iu tho press copy."
Ho also at the requeat of Admiral
Schley's counsel introduoed auother
ropy in which he said: "You will aee
there was uo correction. It appeared
originally as Santiago."
The conrt examined the original pa
pers and press copies with care and it
was agreed the papers should again be
printed in the record.
Captain Lemly then requested that
all papers in Admiral Schley's pusses
si. u U-aring npou the cae be supplied,
and Mr. Raynor replied for the admiral
that h. Admiral Schley, had no more
Lieuteuat Commander Albion 0,
Hodgsou was than called to continue
his testimony. He was aaked by Capt.
Lemly a ton: his correspondence with
Admiral Schley concerning what tbo
judge advocate called newspaper "col
loquy." Tbo witness took exception to
tho use of the word "colloquy" and
CapUlu Lemly replied that it was th
witness' own characterization.
The letters were then read by th
ju'le a jvixate. Couiinaudar UuJaa.i
" Willi illlll Vf . a-xA
5rlllL I f EFfilT TliET WE AJft IN THE FSrriCLCF TJi: ZUV
First appearance of W. E. NANKLA ILLL'S magnificent
production of
nn b 93
Tn idylic play of homely life among the picturesque Arkansas hills
taentirying various document as pre
Mr. Rayner said that if it was desir
ed tho letter would be accepted as evi
dence and that tbey could be printed
without being read. Captaiu Lemly
replied, however, bo considered the let
ters to has s an Important bearing upon
the precept and therefore bo preferred
that they be read.
After part of itso letters were read
court adjonrned to Monday.
SaauaMoa Is Re Wlleaa.
Washington, Oct &. In tho Schley
court of inquiry Friday Mr. Rayner,
chief of counsel for Admiral Schley.
asked Judge Advocate Lemly to sum
mon Admiral Sam peon aa a wituosa in
tbo case. The request grew out of a
difference iu tho construction of a sen
tence in Admiral Sampson's Utter tc
Commodore Schley written from Key
West May 20, while Commodore Schley
was with tho flying squadron lay off
Real Ettatt Agtnt.
Have la offi-ie tb only set of sbstrsot
books of Drssoe ooocty; Una tltias.
Four room house and two lot cat
ground on wet lde of town. V J
and stable on premise. 1'rico VA,
terms easy.
Six room house and one lot os
ground on west aide of town. I n o
Six room house and two lota f
prcdind located four blocks frora
Main Street. Itrick cistern on pre
mises. I'rice, t.'oO.
Two lota and old &-rootn house la
southwest part of town. 1'rlco IV X.
Also other city property
...you can't
kll liLIL
For love or money sometimes, but there is never a time you
cannot send your clothes to llryan Steam Laundry and get
best work at lowest price. We send for your bundle when
vou ring 141:
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the washing. We have doubled the capacity of our plant by
purchasing the Outfit of the Famous Laundry. Give us the
next bundle. : : A. E. Worley, Proprietor.
Are our best advertisements. Therefore-, if for no other
reason, we shouM still try to give the perfect satisfaction which
we do. We try to make every man to happy that he will immtdi
ately U-11 all hia friends of us. We do this by selling the txt
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ies at better price?. We don't mind proving this ttatement any
0. Hike
5 5.

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