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tees the
This Ij-rjj
on Every Package Sold" by
Leading Liquor Dealers
of Central Texas ....
We liamlle even tiling in the Liquor Line and make prices
that cannot le equaled in Texas. 1- or I'.imi'v and Medicinal
Use, our good Ii;ie the endorsement ot the het physicians.
Snd for Pric Utt. DUNN & DALY. Bryan. Texas
Kereil lit t!o jmatofllen Aft aeeond
Class tnail limt t.-r.
er Week, 10c.
IVr Month, ks.
Folt MAVOll.
Ve are authorized to announce
a a candidate for r-l el in to the
i!tli f Mayor of Bryan at the eiiau-
lug- April Heel ion. j
P.rentiatn has raised nearly all of j
the lloD.OOO needed to establish a!
cotton mill.
J. I). Cunningham has been ap
jsiinted state revenue ai;ent to suc
ceed Joe Lew Jame-on. resigned.
Beaumont lias a gnu well that
throws out (hunk of ice which
will burn, according to a corres
pondent of the (ialveston News.
(ialveston get t"e elate 'leino
cratio convention which meets
July 15. June 11 had leen fixed
as the date for holding primaries in
counties where other dated have
not been fixed.
Thursday afternoon and evening
were notable for tin brilliant re
ceptions given by Mr. K.J. Foun.
t ii n, president of the Shakes
pejire cltil, at her beautiful home.
The ladies of the club and frienda
of the hostess were entertained in
the afternoon from ) to .VOi)
o'clock. The receiving partv wan
coti.poffd of Mrn. K. J. Fountain,
Mr. W. K. Astin, Mrs. II. T.
Movie, Mrs. A. H. Carr, Jr., Mrs.
Frank Clarke, Mrs. Fred I'ryor,
Mr-. W. S. Ho.vell, Mr-. W. C.
Fountain. Mi-sen hillie Mav Joiich:
and Myrtie Conway dispensed! de
licious punch. A historicil con
test, in which the names of famous'
American beauties were the an
swers to the questions appearing
on a handsomely printed card,
all'orded a great deil of amuse
ment. In the evening .a reception was
tendered to th ladies of the club
and their husbands, the unmarried
members being accompanied by
young gentlemen iriemts, i m
feature of the evening as a grand
c pring millinery ojening. Kach
lady and gentleman was furnished
with a iliminuli ve hut shape, two
strip of paper in assorted colors
and four pins, with instructions to
trim the hat according to taste.
The ladies, of course, were equal to
the dainty task and their handi
work was admirable, but the things
the men made were in most case
'without form and void." The
or hhe will my that llio
C :K Pi
Ice Gorges in the Allegheny Thrca!
in" Many Towns
Nivisoti Prayer Meetings.
Navasota, Tex., Feb. 'Jo. There
is not a town in the whole South
where religious matters receive the VTU f'r prettiest hat trimmed
by a lady, a handsome hat brush,
was awarded to Miss Lou la Cowl-
attention an here, and that by bus
iness men. Kvery Sunday after
noon from 3 to (j is spent in prayer
all over the city, some at churches
and some at their f tores. At the
hour mentioned there can be seen
men, old, middle-aged and young
men, in all directions with their
I'ibles and prayer hooka under
their arms, going to their respect
ive places of meeting. Methodist,1
Episcopal, Baptist and all denomi
nations meet together. There is
no sectarianism in these meetings.
They meet for the common good of
all classes and creed. It is said
that there aro are at least from -K)
to COO men participating in these
meetings every Sund ty. They are
strictly for men only. To say the
least, these prayer meetings are
instructive and conducive of much
good as they touch a certain class
of men who never go to church.
ter and presented by Mr. A. J.
Huchanan. Sam B. Wilson carried
oil the gentleman's prize, a pair of
scissors, which was gracefully pre
sen ted by Miss Parks. A salad
course and ices were served.
"Cyclone" Davis and "Stump'
Ashby, whilom companions in the
propagation of opulism, are on
opposite sides of the prohibition
tight in Comanche county: They
can be depended UKn to furnish
entertainment for the voters.
fJarrison, just north of Knnw, is
to have a tomato cannery.
To Cura Chlllt or Malaria In 4 Days.
Take Qulnorla. All druggists are au
thorlzed to refund the money In any
rase of chills, fever or malaria It fallf
to cure. Price 60c per package. M
II. James, the leading druggist. Hrao
of pnp't!ar priced S.nos
..'..?) ar?l t.0!, now on
exhibition nt enrstor
are the best evr olfere I
and really lo )k as ";ood
and will com para avor
iAy in every respect to
other makes ollered at
live and nix dollars.
Come a n d investigate
and vou will .av the
Hunter &
See that our label is nn nn tnciiicinc bottle.
It means liglit iii:ilitv and correctness to you.
Prescription woik i our specialty 0 0
0 0 0 0 that's why w e cxccll
Holtl Arrival.
kxi iian;k.
W M l'dike, fhiea,'o: (' S Kill:,
Galveston: Win Moore, Myers; W T
Thompson, Waco; T V Morris, A
ON; W II Calloway . S II Lewis,
St Louis; M I, MaiiieH, Chiciin; J
I) McOill, Corsieana : K v ll.irri-.in,
Tankey; J V Wilson. Kockd.il-; I:
Land), Houston; J Siminnii. San
Antonio; It It l'arks, N. w York; W
W Wallimr. Austin; A 1. 1 ila st,,n, ,
Ihtllas; ('has Ji'iikins. Cnrsieaiia ; W
I. IMckham. V tl Skeeii. Idll.is; Win
Moore, Chicago; W A Walkt-r.
Cook, St 1 oills.
TI('K V. K llot'SK.
Win l'rjuluirt. Curt Dunkerly,
Texas CoiiKtruet ion Co; F.A Mar,
Waco; J W dimly, NaNhville mii
dentH; II ( Wills. Dill In; Tom It. n
nett, Marlin; Tom KohcrtHon, I ' !-
tine; IC Ixowiishir. Jaeksniiv ilh' ; I d
I'arr, S (I Moore. V C llo-iie.
( KM H. I..
Mary K (irimth, Mississippi; (' A
Mayor, W T Tlnniipsoii, Waco; V J
Tyler, Chieairo; W T Wo.,d. V. II
liorn; W ( l)rtiiiinioiid. Kurt.'ii; J S
I'Mce, Houston.
ATrrstle tVf.rnei hy frr-hrl (silfi
a Serious Mruk In Ourirla-AII
Uatrr in A In hi mi II ch
and !. in .ic It purled.
ri:f1d.urjt l' !. 2S. The great
cortes In tin- Alli'Kheiiy rlwr are
hniki n and Ire l-i svrefl!n; down on
thi r:tv. The llit hn ak ocnirre.1
at Montrose nt :! : il o rl.u k tliis l.ior )
lag and an hour l.il.-r the corpe near
Sandy I'm k hi "!' !i the to.ir 1
that of lie.t y artillery and began to
niovs slowly do.n the rivrr.
Caught In swiftly moving parks
wire (mo ytmmers. the . T. Watson
and Ceorge llrowdy, with their crews.
The Wa'hon was reported form Mon
trose flKhtlni; its way agaliiHt hea y
Ice In the middle of the river, tt Is
Considered extremely tloiltil fill wheth
er she will lie able to survive. The
llrowily Is nil the mouth of Sandy
(.'reek In evirlly ix himilar position.
UiHldeiits of river towns have been
wat tle I (if apptoai liln l.e ;nid pre
parations have been made to lire to
higher ground In the event of be
gorges ugaiu can in; the river to over
How. The water at this point has only
risen about a fuot since Thursday, and
t 10 o'cloek the river was free of Ire.
head of goige not having rearhed the
lii ports at M oYl.uk t-ay iiss had
Forged again nt Montrose. Six Mile
Kerry an, Sliarp-lmrg. ami was hi ll
intaet at it lll'.a-it S'ati.m At Moiit-
rose il Is p.l.d :.u feet h.ii fio:n slio:e
to shore. The Km port road Is two
feet under water and all lion-is nlotuj
the roal r.i.tly nulum t fd. l.uwer m.
tl his of Vermis and I' .e -wuk are un
der water and Many l.uii.v lloodi d.
Train Inin a Crrrh Kllllni 1 rain-
litvn anil li.JuriltK IWi.r.
flrlffln. da.. Keh. S.-A s v.it hhiemd
pnssenger train on (he Cobimbm
brunch of the Southern Hallway went
through a trestle into a creek late
Thursday night m ar .. iella. (U.
The following wete killed:
A. K. Matthews, engineer.
J. I.. Mill, baggage ma -ter.
l-i ('. Murray, mail i b rk.
Isaac McDowell, tin man.
Several pisnengrrs wire Injured,
but none fatally.
The ftructure had I ti weakened
by heavy nilns nrnl three bent nf the
brldgr gave way. The , a;n was run
ning cautiously, and not making over
fight miles and hoir.
The flrst-ilHss coach wk th only
car that did not 'o li.to the wadiout.
Kallwaf Trftlr I'araiytail.
Ashrvlllo. N'. C, Kel :'s --All rail
war traflle In the mountain are com
pletely paralyse, s tlm ri suit of
Thuihday hlght'H storm. Tin" river is
the highest ever kti' Wli and all mari
ufactiirlnc plants on the hanks have
been forced to ( lose.
A wreck Is reported near Marshall.
N C. In which one man wan killed and
three Injured.
The following bulletin has been Is
sued by the tralnniasier of the South
ern railway: "No traiim today on
Murphy branch: nothing went possi
bly before morning: Southern trujns
Indefinitely delayed.-
I will st-ll you ciHun;h Wall Paper
ir.diiJins Nfvicr ler a rtKdii for f i
It knock- cut thr sample Nx'k man
0 0 A! I. NEW STOCK 0 0
'if.:'-" -"s.-;- sf
Coffins, Caskots, Burial Robes
anj .ill knuls (d Uiulcrtakcrs' Stirplies just rea'ivfj I7 Nuhtrs
Urns., 1 ivcrMiicn. UnJctukers arJ t uncral 1 itectors. See our
Miik an.l cet pri.es Ivfnie hiv. Our liverv equipment i
iompiv'te anJtiisi-ilass. I'lumpt jttemii-ntoitrJeriiJjyi.niiht
Poo! Jones
TiiKorciiorr tin-:
V()KI.1 tor nvtr 50 years
It's IO years old
i n tl i t. t. ustns it!
If you want a win. key in.loise.l by tlie U.nlini; li sii i,ii,
iM-rywliete, don't forejrt 1'aul Jones.
Special attention will Le j;ivcn to family tra.le, also through
our sole agent. V. T. I'OKI).
H'iee-Meir to J. K Vin..-r
El: position Saloon.
Ta ll J.m, I'UtliWr, lvijt.rCIo, k'T.
Itmrr.t- r nr on- in i n tn m-u p.ul J.in t-.ul.- Kuril . Slot)n I.
ieii.g vi f4u..iy.
Old MclhuJisl Church lor Sale.
Sealed bids tor the purchase of the
old Methodi.t church building in
Itryau, Texas, will lie received by
the Hoard ot Trusters (directed to
I'M Hall, secretary of the hoard) up
to iiod including
.March l'., V.t-V. T
12 in. Tu. sd.i
tei-K reserve, (he pi IV lie;
Rmmers Pre5cripHon Pharmacy.
ml of l r n - -
' "f r.j.-e.-
in.' any ninl all Id Is. A cert died
cln-c'i for $'iO iiiust iiccoinpatiy encii
hid. Itlllhhlu' to lie It IlloVeil VVl'liltl
todays from tlnd- of iiwardin,- the
sale. All movable Collt. I.ts of the
lllllldill is Ii'mTVI-iI.
S. M. In iii'i:v, Chaiiina 1.
Ki II a 1.1.. Si creiarv . Tl! 2d
Dux Lost.
A hound L'.vp. siv years n. I, black
spots and Id iii. speck h-n, h little rid
around t lie in. .nt h. Left my home
near Cross Thursday, IVb. 1 I. oin'
up wi st side of Navasotn river. Will
give fj. Ml for information nf'her
W hi rellhollts. Ullie Scott, Cross,
Texas. ilvvlt
llaavjr It.in. ta 4inr(la.
Atlanta. Keh. 2. Heavy ratns liav
rnlei thf watir to Hood lolghr In t'
ChattahiMM he, Alabama, t i niulKee mid
Savannah rlvern and coimlderal.le dam-
Bee Is reported in tieorgia and Ala
Lama. Kour lives wire lout as the result of
a wreck caused by a washout nrur Mr
Uonougli. (Ja.
NuiiieniiiH freight svreck hav oc
curred from the same ciiiiHe.
Nearly all manufacturing Vlants In
Columbus. I'hoi-nlx City mid (ilrard ar
closed down. The water main supply
ing Columbus unshed away and the
city is w Ithout wat- r.
Washouts are reorte. on all rail
roads and miles of track under water.
Oconee riter U In the second story
of home tmil.llngM at Athens.
S'ipi riritcriiii nt Vaughan says water
Ih high on the main line of the
Southern road between Atlnita ntid
Macau that un operator liu miles this
side of Macon bad to have his po-t
or be wa. in d a v.iv.
like Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver."
l.sVniKIM MITIOt S St fl't.Y OP l!U!KPHi)rilAllt.E NEW
Great Morihtrn
Mmn It ttj forfinri.t r-s.l fnr luiurl.Mi. (rn.(t f.-llltl tlret 'conowtloa mad tl
Iwi. fur all iiuit. un main n u brtwiu
1 lie route you are looking for to ST. I OU1S, MEMPHIS, anj objec
tive points North and East, u ith
-Pnlntinl Throticjli Cars
' "" Kenly;ll lo Ih" pn,r'lT .plrlt. nf th All
1 rtu iiir. i-nriliauy Kitn I.) mtS
l. rmcE.
In4 Vina ITMnt and Hon. Hurt
Ticket Ap-nt, Itrynti.
Oonor.l 'a.Mnrr and T1etl Af n
Prl(rlo I.
KtioTVilb'. I'i b
i w as v r- cl,e. l.ear
Norfolk Mini Y. s-
EXCIIANGH IlarbcrSliop
II. H. IjORsI:Y, I 'kmc.,
Thr- I" i pert I nlnn II ir' rs; n- int l"ii'ir-;
Hot anl ("uld 11 iiti-, I' r - 1 n Tut . V ir t
rmiti;'. rsrss-trui:y ..j;i-it.-d. N.-vt iinnr t. Oil.
i: lung- if -t--i. tr
aln W'rarkil.
L's A frehdit train
I:. i. .ford. V i . on t :ie
in radio id n w Inch
Ill .ikem.ill '"I 'yd l'. -ton was kill
Near Marlon. Vn . the s in e root uf
fer. il a sei ions vv.i iioiit wli.ih has de
laved all Indie.
Iteavir creek, nt Mrlstol, Is hlirher
than ever known and Is Hooding parts
of that i 'ty.
Throiiu'ioiit Kinrhwi'stern Virginia
and eiis iin Term, s e the rivers arc
nt llond st.iee and great damage to
railroads and otlnr propel ty Is report
rd. a
Vn lri ni li.i..i vi..,ini,ttiiy.
Mont-nno ry. Ala. I'eb. 2S -The
heavy rams of the l.i-t few days have
canned ir'tueioiis wa 'i.i iti. I'ractlcal
ly no trains l ave enti red Montgomery
from the aou'li or cist m 21 hours.
V . In . -1 ill rr.
Middle. Al l . I'e'i 'js -This rlty haa
tieen shut off from Montgomery on ne
count of a washout on the l-o'.ilivlllo
and Nnhtivilb'
O I T Y...
always on hanJ....
PICNICS AND BARBECUES ruretabad any amoant of rtrad, aln. on twenty
four hour, nolle. Hal room on door north of llanvay'.
E. GRIESER, Proprietor.
I We furnish or repair everything, j

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