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VOL. 7; NO. 75.
Will U-a K'h! month to tot tin- Mij.riority of our
goo!-.; every ai title guaranteed, kiehelieit Maple
Cre.imf.iriii.ikmgi.ui.lv, ieing cakes, etc. already
prepared; Iixtr.t cpi.ility Hatavia Mi nit- Mi it, r
1 IV'. We olfir extra value iti dried fruit-,
Midi as pear-, A j pies, Prune-. Put lies. Apricot-.
IllackU-rrie-., I'itteil Cherries, Hik-kleU-rrie-. etc. t u-.
JS.itavi.i Salad lire ing none ! u tter -re ! tor t:-. .
oil lettuce, fi-h, game, -.dads, it has no tjitil. J!,.
taia Preserve-, alesolutely pure, sugar anI fruit.
NtimU-r one Mackerel, i or for 250, acvoplitig to -ie
Try a hi. of iniirtel aiu liovies or 5.1- jr li.
Jtist unloa.le. anoth. r car of the t eh hr.itt d White
Swan llotir only ft. 25 Ir sack. Costs yon no more
than chr.11.1cr priced Hour.
Kitchcnor Carries Out a .Surrc.ful
Attack on tin lU-rt,
0r Mi Hundred Mrr Killed or (ap
turrj and llre, (alile, sheep,
Wagon', Arm and AnmiunU
lln Mere alo Taken.
'at in .Mi'i.-(,a iififi miii. i;nc. 1."..
weapon n. (J was a pltol an. the hub
let tore away a 1y.1rV.ua of the lapel '.f
, bla coat ami blew tt dear through the
1 shoulder. It was picked out near th
shoulder Made. The wound la an mly
j n and may result aerlously. Officer
iierry ana i-anning mad an arrest.
Ahaariuaew harlMtaa) Tf'p.
Washington. Marc h I. It ran tie re
garded as practically an assured fit
that the president will rind It Impos
sible to make bla propoe-l and already
once abandoned trlj to Charleston ex-posltlon.
Grocer, and COrTtE ROASTERS.
Having sold nut my Itotfling Works t- ( '. i. Parsons, I take
thla iiu tlnwi .f tliankiiiir my frli-n.la an.l customers f..r tin- Jit.. ral
patronage accorded me In tl,.. yHt ami to In-speak f..r my Mice. or
coouiiuniieft ni meir Kin. I favor. twing assured t !mt ho w ill appre
ciate tli same and give satisfaction to the trail. Itvp.-ctfiillv.
January 15. 11'2. v. ,. Ki:i:i.
Having purchased th llottling Work of v. A. k.-. .1. coiis,.i
dating th same w ltd Pne..!!' Itortlin Works, n 111...I. rn an. I uj.-to-tlat
plant, ftilarging ami incr.aliijr tli. fn. ilitl.n of hiim,.,
now pr. .ari . I to han.llo tli. no.ln water I. iisin. es . f llr.vitn an. I nir.
roun.linir t. rrifory. ami r. si.,.t tfully ..ieit a lit.. rnl -Lar- ..f r!,.
puMic 1 utroiine. Itslialllx my nim ami purp... to n .ik. !!,.
viry l. st o.U p..sii.... k . j ii.u' eoiistiinrly in j. w ((,. Mn. r. r
elrni.liii. ss uii. I iiiiiforuiify of iniality. i te.. 11 . II i j ri.-i-. niil l...
tli eain to mi" nml nil ."ii.-j.. r . as., cj (... n ) f,,r ....t;i war. r. all
flu i.r S.lli. p II 1 1 w . .... . .. 1 . , .
I" ' ' 1 1 . l lil.'i N JIMI 01 hi r rl.'ll-
tl. sat n lllliililf prii'. ii. K. i.J. etfiiiJv,
London. Man h I F.i'lo lm th
pr.'.-".'iit of .or. l.i!i-rtH, who an-
no'iivd fJi-iiiTI Cronje' mirr relcr at
I'.n !.!. urc on thf annlverrary of th
l-.'M- of Ma 1. ilia II. II if. !. :7. lMi,
!. d l-C.r. !i 11 t i: ;.;i.n 1 iitly hd.- t
tt;.' ,i.',.- audit, r- ai V to u.-liU'W a bli!
si1'" by n 1 ..in'. .ii-, 1 rnoviTiHiit, la-.t-I11
: 1 "!.n. nraiiift the H.mt for
a.rb.n lh- 1 1 arn .i:t!i and Van U.-l-tj
t .- I.i " of bin. kli'Hi i s. T!.- l!'!.-r
l'i -. ;ir : 1 ;-:it- t,o rm-n kilb"l or
p?'ir' I. .' o . ir- . and I'v'i' .i i.iil
of 1 f -: I it.to tb- bauds of tbc
I!.".!. )i tio p
'I'll. Ii'.. a( sm w.b'iine to the
l!rit!-!i tbat It a-t ial o.n in The
h'iu-e r,f rnnrrioln Friday by tbf ur
f . r- t.uy, Mr Hi., !. ;i. 1.
T!..' .l: ;al.:i of Iird Kitchener it
kA f..:biH
"HarriMiilth. Pi'li. 21 Yenterday
the r.irnbiiuil . ;nrat lona of the col
umn frinlnat'd In driving the ora
aKainst the I(arrlm!th and Von Itle
o n biockhouDe line. Th river Wilg
wan held tiy the lelnitep regiment and
KKlottn mnint.ft Infarjtrytuca fro:a
rur-si.T ,ia , Wmy an.l Iturla
a uiubr .. l..rl In 1-brU.
Cpi land, ().. .Marc h 1.-A floor r )!
1 I ;:i the bit ! I r.g m n;ii. I l y :h
li I 1. 1 r, 1 :t ; 1 'in:;i my b'T e It
.: ! a ii'i:ii'..-r of p.TviriH w re
T:..- ! .;. i: r of itie li 1 :! t)
Is ' cir s'o. ; s li.'li. i .!!a;"i I
i.l 1 '.i-.tr rl.'oii'i to ih- cru imJ
t l- . :
I r. j
k : !.
h. !i
an I m
t H.r Ii-.i J...;.;.' wire on ll.e II .r,
M'ld rhcy .ti ,:,vkl In (he . - i 4.
I .'i y a:e i:t (,.. ru.riri. aud .'.e.'i
r all are ! ,.J lh a, y.-t unkuOAii TUt
fire id , ui'io-nr wi ( ailed and rbe rVr
n.. ii kre ini'.v at work tring to r le
(be iet!mn l b vi.-'im a-e all jr:r'a.
II li -.ild. A ri!.ml,. r of .r'.s on the
third floor mn-p Miy.d. -un (arr .-d
don 11 Udder from the Ui'-hm.
Sh.ir.'v bef ire noon an g;rU w.-re
taki-n from the ro;ui and removed to
the h.Millal It !s not be!i..ye.i lh"r
Injune win prove f.,ral At brat to.
and p. rhui three or f ij r p.-r ii.s are
alill buried in the d bri.
! KIIU.I mm-i Wamttar B.
Ila4 la 1 ha Itobrl
I'hila.l. lr.',; 1-.r. h 1 t ..P.M
Ilarrimith. while th columna formed u.,.a ,h. r'r,. ... , 1,,,,,. ,
on the Frankfort and lb.tha a taaa h. pi. 1,1,,.. t,....
blrx-khou e hh and a!vano.d aouth. n rhmm .,r., ...n .1 t-.
hnldlng the entire country b.-ten workmen are known t he hee k, 11.
t!.- U'.ly.' uii,i the Naial front:. r .i .., . . . .
""o iiio-e uRt ri in me nospirai
In the flr.-t niKbt a aevere aitempt r0.y jnJur.si. ,j,0,.ri ar ,0
to break through waa made at a point be burled under the ruin. I,s, of Ine
between Kem.nKton'a and Uyn. col- .1 thli. time 1. only conjectured. Cbe.t
umna and th New Ze.lander. be-' nut ,rP(.t thu , UrHy
i-.ti.-i. aiiiej aria .j
Seventeenth Annual Tour ot V. I. Swiin'a
lasiiville Students
In mighty ur.i.on with R G. Lowercy'a famou
coloreil concert hand.
30 -PEOPLE -30
UiRhet Salaried Colored Talent in the world
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c.
toir Entire gallery reserved for colored people.
orrirula the r,rie nan Erantea an in
creae In pay over It entire ystem
rrora .ew oric ti i hu aKO. au.1 a iu.1.'
air bajiifi. kni;n a standard nav. ana
Is to gj into effect March 1 For proaio
tiona the oldeet (jial.fied employe will
te beieuea.
; dead Ho. r were foun.l on th -niur.d.
I v. r 1"" ;..r. were kiil.-d an I v-oo
; "f '!. were I. ft iu our l.ainl..
1 Ciller HIl.lll Htt.'IUIts to bre.i. i.i. t
I re made and In two a. au.credeu.
I tn th last day Oi Ibs-rH. with rifles
and I'l.-M-H, were captared.
' A.' c. luiiil.pi l.ae Hot j,-t re-
p'"'!' I mil !ie ;.. rac.ru have b.-.-n
j ery wn lllt V,T , jM., s jVl,
been , r k.il.'d or ar prisoners In
our han.U; a:n ..mio hor.t.'s. is o .'i
In a I of cattle. I''"! watron.i. tloi. t l
! fti'-ep, r:t!.-H an,) mho roundit of
-ii . Ii"ii The prisoners In. lud
i;e:,,,al 1 vV.-t h o;i and his .re
tary. Commandants Meyer and Trnth-
er. .in,! . . ial tielil oirrier
It I. la IU
fln Uptodate Liine of
- hai.e.a.-.oi y reMo!s are n ry appro
priale I, lay on the ainn t rary of Ma
jaba 11:11. "
SM hy lirllT la K.a-
laek- lae Iiin.
II.Mlenvil!e. Ky.. March 1 Th
hirthpla.e of Al.rai.am I.inrolD. near
Hod-eriviKe. i advertis'i at hherl.T'n
sale for taxes. A few year ao the
pla. e prom;.'" ,! to b. a iro;wrty upon
which the, Kvernnienr would fpend
thounaii.U of tloiUrs. bur It was
bought by a company of eastern capi
tal, m w.th the inientum of making it
a public park. TNa K.'henie felt
Tbei- throuKh when the rabin In which I.ln
tlrMcieg Un Ailaalla.
Ne York. March I. Marconi, who
arrlve. on the Philadelphia, announced
that during the whole trip across the
Atlantic he was able to talk with the
atatlon at Pol he. Cornwall, without
any difficulty up to JjM miles, virtu
ally bridging the Atlantic.
Larga Koala Without Heir.
Eurlalre. Wis.. March 1. William H.
Watson. prei. tent of the Pioneer Fur
niture conipurtv, is il-nd. He left an es
tate wort!- a.)nt .". i im O. but no w ill
ai d no hw- !:!:.;. :it .a.jiiiry by w.ie
faili to reia! a s'ngle relatl.
i City Market.
Beef. pork. Mutton and all kind, of
market products In any quantity at
reaaonable prleet. I will buy only
the kft animal, and employ expert
meat cutters. A portion of your
patronage will . appreciau-d.
On hand at all limes. Our lint- ooiiMMinit 4 all kinds of furniture is
Complete. Come to e us. wc uill take pleasure in showing you
thrt-nvh. Our prices are tic,ln anJ i.uriAHJs ate lirst-clis. Our
Undertaking department also complete; funerals i;iven -rsonl attention
James & Castles
A III..W ai J . k h.irn.
Ja. kfloro. Tt-x.. Mar. li 1. A dark.
heavy l loud gather .1 unuthwest of
Ja. keb.iro Tbureday and (.eeni.-d to b
rolling tn the air. Just as It Kot over
the fair Kiouuda it appeared to cS'p.
1 arid blew down the Kfand stand and
j bourn ed to the oil mill, a quarter cf a
i mile away, and cam down attain, tak
i Ini? the r.H.f and tearing it to shreds
1 ti -ii it bounded about .".00 yards und
coin wiu l.,.:n was carried to Central
park. New York city. The place ha.s
i b en uiiea. e.i ff)r and has gradually
' gone down u:,:i its valu is not more
ti.an enough to meet taxes on It. j
N.w Vara M.nkT Ih.,.1.
New York. March 1 Frederick T.
Tappan. president of the Caliatin Na
tional bank of this city. Is dead after a
brief ilhit.s, at l.akewood, N. J.
To Cure Malaria In Four Day a.
Takt Qulnorla. All drugglaU ar au
thorized to refund the money la an
ase of ehllla. ferr or malaria It fVl
1 cur. Prlc lOe per cackait. 51.
Jam, the laadlcg drgglst, Drjan.
f hariea W h.ta Cioaeralail
In.lon. March 1. Charles I- Whit-,
the American arrested in New Zealand
for murdir. where j,.. was lodged In jail
several months aeo. has sailed on the
St. Paul on his way tack to Na-w Zea
land White's vliwl. ration and the rep
aration made t him by th Hntisb gov-
took off the too c f T N Mrown-s cln ,,.r"""'nt :lm" however, for
house and lifted a house off Its f mnda- "i" ''m,'r family who follow
tleil near by. Three hundrcl var.i.s r1 l,U ,r,a' w ;,h ","t Interest, his
'! 4. ur III! rijn-iiiT.
further It took awav the kbids and
fence of a wagon yard. It then neenud
to rise and burst In the air. No one
was hurt, an.) the damage to property
will not amount to more than llOoo or
HJilO. The re was a slight shower.
Th liriush go wi nmeut .id Whit
$.!o and tit k'ts for the wln.le route of
his return trip wer sent Litu through
lUv American embassy.
1It .laughter. and an Id
more cute snd bog. tha all
tli. other de.ler. her. togeth-
awihera Taclta W Ilka raw tu
Chi. ag), March 1 Notice of with
drawal fiooi membership la the South
western Passenger bur
Condos Bros
One I'luind
Fine Chocolates
and Confections
Pure, Iviieious, Wholesome Candies in
jreat variety fresh eery day at the Pryan
Kandy Kitchen. Fresh Iruits always on hand,
lirnnch Stores at Navasota and I'earne.
i'harle. W aorfall I apiaraU
Marlln. Tex. March t Charl.i
, ., ... . . . aesierii lass.'nger liureail has been
d with liaMiu- k .M.-1 I barles Hack- rtMin , h t.xpeaie , m,ln.
w'.n "l ?r:"t iA'"- VWm'r- "2 l ' " withdraw.
Wednesday, was caught on a creek of lh, M.,,)1rl KanB a ,
' fro'u,1";;t- Th?-B road a short time .go. Kallw. S
l.fJrn. ?m J" T'n 4lu, M" ,h' fj" h "r.u seem
to a .H In a field la M i drink , It,.a,,,, anJ an ar, aioluUou
water, when a deputy sheriff, who was i pr,.aictd.
.... nK our on- in -in iii searcn or nini
v r
liecaiie their way of doing husinesi it
to do it hy wholesale. TWO tig
markets 15 men employed all the
while catering to the want of fastidi
ous trade educated to cit good meats
and no other. We have the facilitie
and Intend to keep the trwd. ty always wiling th.
bart at tb. lowest price. It CM ba bounht fnr
We bny Wool, llids. felt tt bigbest m.rk-i price.
:iw lil rn. Woodall was brought to
Marliu uud is now in Jail.
C'ungreMinan W.a'n Injured
I PuII is. March I . oriir: -essman Pild-
Ta Ite.iray Itarallrls.
New Yoik. March 1. Steps lav
been tak. n hy the government to rid
the se.i of derelicts, those dangeron
menaces to navigation which are now
so rln.kly strewn along th Atlantic
eab ar.l. The cruiser Cincinnati has
ley 1; Woolen at 1 . -laie Kepres.-nt
atlve .1 w t; .11 w.ie injured in a run
1,1 , . .... r ...... .ii.- iMiiro ( luilliuuu 11. 1
8a .i hi. h o 1 11: . . '.el ween Carl. in I 1 .. ... ...
, . , .'ii 11 ii.iiii.-i 10 proceei to .Newport.
and .s.i. he i...s ,. rriday after- U t..r t0 t.lk. on , ,upp!y f
noon Mr. U u v ,; -the wer torn i....- .. . .. '
itiiios auii iiif-n u iruise along ine 1
1 ',",'.r l " ";V"r',y ,,r"1"- -"'M mid blow up every ,i. rc-lict that j
il U li . Mr f!'ll U .J . . ...... I. - I
ground wli'i hiich force as to render,
him unconscious for a time. 1
ITpn.ll W WTT r. NOW n
nmmllaner siatren I Jnroil.
Cr'tlln. Ca. Man h 1 In th wreck
here Friday Hon o. it Stevens, cor -mission
r of agrlcitltiir f Ceoiel.i
had Ins back badly wrenched; right
Chicago. Ill , Man h 1 -The national
banks In Chicago hold larger amounts
In ilcs.lt at the present than they
ever showed before in their published
rtuti meiita The 12 tirlnclnal national
Institutions in the city making reports
. - ,
knee l.r-ulse.i and suffering greatly i re ponse to a . all o'f the comptroller
from the shock and exposure. Clifton f ,h vurTvnry u,r K,atemenrs of their
Jon.-s ,.f the .southern railway wai .-oiol tlou at th- close of business Feb.
. 'y ,'ru:'',', !" ""'I1"'1"' J- H Ken. :i ahawed t.ital deposits of Uso i.H 000
, la 1 was wounded 011 lo ad aud chec k; all i,lt,,.asi. llf ,::! ., ,
! not serious. '
Kail war line !.. raaiad larraaaa
New York. March 1 As a result of
Minolta al llallaa.
. .-.jh 11 1. nit m remu ci
! Dallas. March I. Peter Telllson was a conference" between the Urothei hood
hut In the left shoulder Fridav nJa-at of Hallway Trainmen aid Order of
Hallwav Conductors al Itrlst ralirp t
Fancy price make the things tliev
eat retter. This is a very errone
ous and expensive notion. Fancy
price are often the result of high
rents clerk hire. etc. If your gro
cery hi'I is too large it will pay vou
to examine our stock of groceries
and the low prices we make on
them. They arc fieh, pure and
whJcsonu. They please our o hi
customers and if joti Mill let u send
a trial order we will please you.
D. mike Jr.
, . 1 . - 4" -
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