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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, September 03, 1902, Image 4

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C M. CAMP, Propiietor.
AnJ ready to scrc all kinds of SHORT Orders.
Ami take orders for
First-Class cqkcs oi ail Hinds.
Near I. .V. G. N. Depot, Bryan.
TIipj Meet in Srate fonventioa in
the Citj of .Sanlti.kr.
joiixson in control;
Tut Major of Cleveland Sbaptnr th
Slate for Nomination for Governor
Nrxt Year and Hi Nomina
tiua fur I'rfiJrnt.
J. A. Travis ot the Whit Mitchell old place,
will sell you enough wall paper, including
lioriler, for 50 m-r 100m ami up; or will
hang wall paper bought of him from I cent
to ten cent per roll. All work guaranteed.
Sandusky, Sept 2.-rrellmlnary con
ference o( the liemocratle :ate con
vention were held here today with
the drift of sentiment strongly In fa-1
vr of the candidate and platform pro
josid ljr Major Tom L. Junon uf
Cleveland, wlj will bo presiding officer
of th convention and who ia regarded
as a candidate for governor next yeur
and advoatcd by mime for president'
the follow lag yr;ir. j
It I gem rally conceded that Mayor'
Johnson in d.mtiy Interested In tli
v-.tcotue of the Ohio Democratic staij
couvriitlou la K03, auJ of ih national
Iii mr ratio convention In 1! I. and til
frk tiis ore 1:1 living the pn-s- "t coaveii- j
t!on na occasion of brlns'.njf him iut
special proiniv nee. As a rnerub r if
congress and mayor of Cleveland, an 1
ait a radical advocate of changes la tho,
taxation ryfvvn. he has secured a larg
follow Ins, which I tow organizing to
make llm a presidential candidat.
The first general movement was In '
frcuriug LU ileUlun ly the state ca-
r .se;,7 r , ) i r.' U'i
! 1. ,i V
' ' ii " ' 1 r"'
Free Delivery
and Cash...
arc two heads under which
the Gtv Market does business.
We sel! tils best refrigerated
meats in Bran and deliver
them at youi door forCASIt
ONLY at a ly hour from day
'tht to 7 p. m., except from
.2 to 1 p. n : oiwrs li'lcd
promfi'v. Ttlephonc No. ICO
NO AMliCkS. li(-piietor
: Henry & Brogdon
Th Nui Grain Firm solicits yorr patronage.
They have on hand nice Ear and bnened Corn, I Bright
New Oats, Pure Corn Chops, Bran Cotton Seed Meal
and Hulls, Alfalfa and Prairie Jhy, intact everything
in the feed line. Fop Prie; Tttphon 63
Henry & Brogdon.!
Ready Forf
inspection. I
Arrival of fubrica within
the past few tlay bar
practically completed
our Mock of zf
lete. embracins all ft
the new designs ami coloriuga. These will be
vrv noDiiIar during the coming tjeason.
S JOHN WITTMAN, Tai'or- :0
: WW
i kit
Wt teak boot and the to ord'f Jr
utif Mttrftotioa. W.4lodo all kind, of
rrp!r work it rMLoflbl pr1f..Btop it
Clnfr taJ. ZnniU Wor. JM
The Bryan Ooerry Uo. for good
Tom L jonvsox.
tral eommlttf-e to jircxll- over th
Hate convention, with a view to fur
thering his Interest. In the two u!)!e
Qiint fampaJKti. Mayor Jobn?m In
not a candidate for any'.hlng, hut he U
rrrtalnly the hro of thin ooloii.
ltannera at his headquarter are con
jpli iiously dioplayrd, and hi. room, are
vlclted by all.
Friend of other l.-adi'rs, notahly
tho of John K. McLean, claim Mayor
Johnnon will be held reKin.-tllilf thU
year for defeat If the party fall., a
well a be Riven grent credit for am;
cet In event of hi new departure wln
ClnK. Amonir thoo here watchinn the
eourne of event I John U Zimmer
man of Sprlnnneld. who will be a can
didate for the Democratic nomination
next year for irovcrnor. and who Is
friendly to McLean. Zimmerman men
ay they opened headquarters thin
week because It wa evident t li ;i t John
luii came here more a a candidate f ir
the future than aa a prc.ud.ni? officer
at thi tin. j.
Following the mentlnc of delegate
by eonare.-mlonal district in the after
noon to nelect member of the commit
tee, etc., the com rait teen will all nii't
at night. o a to be able to report to
the convention at 9: 3' o'clock tomor
row morning, when It I believed the
pnt;rara prevloimly prepan-d by the
Johnsou men will go throuch without
oppo.ltion and that the ne.-wmn of the
couvention will be very brlt-f.
Iniorral of WUmaaln.
Milwaukee. Sept. 2. The lvmocrats
of Wisconsin will meet In thin olty to
morrow for the purpose f holding
the tate convention to place la nomi
nation a complete tick" to be voted
upon In November next. F.very Indi
cation point to the nomination for
governor of Pavld S. Kone, present
mayor of Milwaukee. Former Govern
or George V. Feek I aUo a candidate.
A Ikiri Ukalch f Jha M. Far
lay ml Srm Talk.
New York, Sept. !. No offlclal no
tice of the action of the propaganda
In Rome, recommending HUhop Far
ley'a appointment a archbishop of.
New York, ha been received at the
residence of fll.hop Farley. Father I
Clowry. the blshop'a aeeretary, aalJ
that tfie notification probably will not
come from Home for elRht or ten dayi
after favorable action by tho pope on
the recommendation.
John M. Farley, who I to be th(
iucce.Hor of Archbishop torrigan, i.
. l I 1 t - HI..:lllltn.
ixiy year oiu. lie ui'uoi' niaujun'i
Mnhop of the New York diocese and(
titular bishop of Zengura In W2. Mi
promotion then was at the requent of (
Archbishop Corrigan and hi selection
was due In part to his close acqualn j
tance with the Intricate affair of the
diocese. He la practically the heal
of the St. Vincent do I'aul society, tho
head of the Catholic school board and
a iii. pitx r of tho dloio'an N'ard of,
rx.tuilnu.lon. lli elevation to the most
Import k-" In thN i.niiitry will
re,-ar.!.' l ns a recognition of the II')
c tal Ann rt an r" : t . t
T'i.l. 'p r.iib-y's enrly edn itbn was
In C'oun'y An-ia.'h. Ireland, t.re h
Mt b.rn en An-".t C. 1 S I . but he
came to this city when be a a )onth
and was rniduated from St John's
college, Fordham, In l"ii Ilia pre
p.iratloii for tlie priesthood was at S.
Jos. ph's provincial seminary, at Troy.
N Y. lie was ordained In Home In
17i1 and on rcturn'n to this ritv wa
assigned to the rharire of St I'et'T's
patl.li nt New Mriton, Staten Island.
Two years later, be was chosen secre
tary to Ateblds'nop M.-t'loskey In
vs4 Tope Leo npiwdnted him private
chamberlain, thus conferring upon Mm
the tlt of mnnslirnnr. In he
was appointed a rnls-lonary director,
am) In the same year he li,ei.ine a dio
ct an adx Ii-cr.
u uuu u uuuuu
comra in every man
life when he needs the
J aid of iiH'ilicincs to as
sist nature in recover
ing failing health and
strength. Pure drugs are a
boon to mankind. We sell
the Freshest, Purest Drugs
and Medicines that science
has devi I ped or that money
can buy. Our prescription
work is prompt, accurate &
careful, we nevci substitute
we stand by our reputa
tion made in years of lui
ness in Bryan and invite
1 ' - '- - - " - II
Thi-y Will IU Any I'.tllttral I'nar
t !.. In lit Tr.n.ml.
Trillion. Sept. ;. The Itoer gem-ra!
are warne.1 that the Hrltlsh govern
ment will not con.-.cnt for one moment
to regard them as invested with any
public or political functions. Anything
they mar have to say to Mr. Cham
berlain will be listened to with cour
tesy, but all Idea of negotiations be
tween them and the overnmei.t will
be promptly and firmly repudiated.
The altered tone of the newspaper.
with regard to Hot ha. Dewet and De
larey Is caused by reports emanating
f-om continental source as to the at
tltu le which they Intend to adopt In
their Intercourse with Ihe colonial of
flee. These reports suggest that the
three generals should have been led
by the Influence of the Ilnissels group
Itito a misconstruction of the rial po
sition which they now hold toward the
country. The burghers are credited
with the Intention of asking for pay
ments of lii.iHio.ouo for farm rebuild
Ing and restocking. The government'
grant Is 5.no,tM0.
Nrgro Shnois f.ia rllrnia. Thr
III. ii. anil III Wll.
New York. Kept 2. Jerry lluuler.
the negro who shot a number of po
licemen and set fire to hla house In
Queens boroutfi Monday night. In an
effort to escape arrest. ha been cap
tured and locked up In the Astoria Jail.
In the fight bet wen Hunter and those
who tried to arrest him, eleven police
men, three citlxens and Hunter wife
were wounded. Hunter's wife, who
helped her husband In his effort to es
cape, was taken to the hospital, where
It was said she was In a serious condi
tion. Jolm McKenna. a patrolman, was
aliot In the head and face, lloth his
eyes were destroyed and the wounds
In his hend are so serious that bis
recovery Is thought to be doubtful.
TUh citizens wounded were men who
had been called lllioti by the police to
aid In subduing Hunter.
Ilia la Fart I'ramalaralj IHsrbarfad
Kllllag On Suldlar.
Fort Wright. Fishers Island. N. Y.,
Sept. 2. During the engagement with
the fleet off here this morning the 12
Inch breech-loading rifle In the fort
irent off prematurely, Instantly killing
one private and seriously Injuring two
other. The man killed was literally
Mown 4o pHci, aal oua of his arm
hit another private In the chi-ft with
uoh force as to Inflict severe Injury.
After the midniaht engagement the
fleet anchored Iwck of Fort Terry,
pacing out to the eastward about i
o'clock In tho morning. The guns at
Fort Wright again fired upon them, the
accident by which the men were In
jured oiiurrlng at this time.
Faar M.a Ara Klllad, Thr Injarad aad
Knlh Fa.laea Itrtnoll.nrd
Kansas City. Si pt. 2 An eastbound
Hock Island rattle train and an engine
irid calxxise collided head on near
Birmingham, Mo., ten mile east of
Kansas City Monday night, killing four
traiuuun and Injuring three vthvrs
The dead are: .
James Speyer. engineer.
Thoa C.rimth. engineer.
Clarence Mahardt. fireman.
C. W. Palllnger. fireman.
The trains were running at full
peed when they met. Uoth engines
srrt demolished and the t-ntlre cattle
train of 0 car waa overturned. Near
ly 300 head ot live stock were k.llfd.
Faaahnola CollUrla Sal a Flra Aflat
a Fi.ht Wllb lluaida,
rtramwell. W. Va., Sept. 2 The
great mines of the 1'ix ahonta collier
ies are on fire. Kurly this morning
itrlker are supposeil to have applied
the torch to various portions of the
mine near the West entrance, which Is
on the Virginia side, and the mine Is
now burning furiously.
The guards and striker fired volley
after volley at each other, tint It Is not
known whether any one was killed.
The governor of Virginia has been
applied to to send troops to I'ocahou
ta at oiue.
Tampan? Claim 1hra lluaHr.il Ara al
War, bill KtrlS.r. Sa linrnl.
Tamaqua, Fa . Sept 2.-officials of
the Panther Creek Valley company
claim that alruost .".no men have report
ed for duty. This claim Is contradict
ed by strike balers, who say their
ranks are as solid as they were on the
first day of the strike.
The l.ehi,!i Coal and Navigation
hops, which lave been Idle for twe
months, have resumed work.
Major Gearhart. In charge 0f state
troops, says the situation has Improved
nrgl.t rallaa In N.w Vaik
New York. Sept. 2 Registration
for the new school y ir In Greater
New York begins tomorrow. The total
registration, new ami old. for the dva
borough la eipectvd to reach ioO.ooO.
0 - - - -
mm & mm m mm
"j PLTS 6. BtES
m 0 0 -e m m mm s am
Tho Best on Earth. 0
tupion is stjJd by the following dealers:
Tha Ilryau Grocery Co; F.Ag Itroa; Handera Broa. A Co
Cola Broa; TIhss. XV. (Jeo. XV. 111-; D. C
Zuber; Keniole Bros; Jno. M. iJiwn-nce A
Co; Hauuder A Johnaon; Dansby A
Datisby; Howell Brotlier.
J . II. Maw lilnney,
f r ' u
C" o r.s.ai.r
Nut Alone Bread but Cake and f
I diuy iia j icaj uic isiiic vi nit
Mtnr who Ihmifhl that nnlr hnma mad
Ikiunhnut. ( k, Cuslna, W lr. .!.
WfrN to ei, hare rhi."j thir mln.l.
Inr teatlnc our Th-r ar fiMiml mie k
nperlnr lu snjlhli g .rtxiurcd by lb
amat'ur ouuk.
SUA). I have t) pounds of choice, freih " .1
nip seed, assorted varietie now is time to 1.;:
always on hand....
PICNICS AND BARBECUES fsribd soy aont of Brasd, ste, e twaaty
foar kowrs aoUoa. u a :: Bsl rootless door aortkof Haawsy.
E. GRIESER, Propridtor

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