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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, September 13, 1902, Image 3

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Is a natural food Junk and has an fxcclknt fragrance. It
is purely a cercil proJu't nukr you feel vigorous anj
rrcerves your hraLh. Try it.
A Cereal fotJ for Drain and Nerve ccnt;rs. It nukes
Muscle a 11 J rebuilds the gray subMarue in the nerve cells.
W. htr a fin Una of
Saratoga Flakes, ABC SoJas and liutier Gems, anJ
a nice assortment of Fancy Cakes.
APRICOTS, Evaporated Apples, and Large, White
Fat Mackrel. Call or phone us.
'Thonc 114.
. i
I. A O. N. HCIIKDl ...
No. 104 Northbound rii-
jrer Ieavea t:4' p. in.
(Slak float connarUou Mb Bala line
I. A O. N fuln( ul aud imL
No. Soulhbouud 1'aa'!!-
(Tr Arrives 7:10 p.m.
No. lo2 Passenger to Kan An
tonioleaves 7 :-!0 a. in.
XCo. IttJ Paaaeiijjer froiu Suit
Antonio Arrives 4:00 p. in.
Northbound No. 1 U):vfla.m.
Northbound No. .. I -7 , .
Northbound No. C z:i:ta. m.
H-dthbound No. 1 2;tOp. tn.
H-inthbuund No. 4 1:10 p K.
Houth bound No. 6 ... :4i. m.
Not. 3 and 4 are fast trains, stopping
only atprlnclpal stations.
M Sttirlln, a faithful old nejrro,
ilitd r. rcnily on Mr. 1). M. Dinghy's
I I thre inil'M eat of Hryan.
Mom- w.i lM.rn In Virginia in 1J-3S.
and ub 'ietiily taken by hi own
er, John T. !:, to Cut county.
Texas. IIh hik Hold to Mr. I). M.
I)nhy't fwi lit r in H 11, and Riven
ly the lattir to Mr. Insby. He
came with the family to Hraxoa
county after the war, In 117, and re-'
i?ir inril on Mr. IW'upv'e ' until
ilia ili-uui. was a good, honest,
industrious negro and rained a larw
family. Hl kind are a erodlt to
their race. I
Local flcbus
See our neckwenr ad In thia Usue.
Hunter A Chatham. 217
MIm Zula Dennis left yesterday
fur Helton.
Complete line swell neckwear Just continue to fit glasses thia week at
opened. Hunter A Chatham. 2U I reduced rat ea. Now ia the time to
Feathers About W pound fr j lve your eyes examined and prop,
le. Hryan Grocery Co. 217 Tly fitted with lenses. Offlw at
luoii & Jenkins urutf More
Marriage licenses: Pleas Hradley
to Francis llrown, IVter Conner to
Mollle Daniels, James Jones to
Maliiida Ithodcs, John Fluellen to
Arah Kemp, F. M. Holder to Nettie
A. (Jriaaette, U. O. Hen son to Klinor js
lUiney, Mnrcellu Day to Delia'
Ftepto. Will Murphy to Willie Mar
tin, W. It. Jones to Irene Hanks, A I
ttn Harris to Dovie Day.
Dr. Injr, the eye specialist, will
Hats For
Fall, 1902.
The Three Stund.ird Makes:
f J.Ol.
3 oo.
1 5 oo.
Fashion lias decreed that
black hat will he the correct
thing thii season; we are,
therefore, showing a larger
line of Black Hats than uual,
but we aUo hive some very
stylish shape in Tan, Steil
Grajf, Pearls and Urowr s.
We are shovting the New
Fall St)les in
WalK Ox)cr
See our Window Display for
the Latest Fall Stylet.
TarKs C3L
Mtn't OutfitUrt.
1 1
r.Batf..La Leahies' lata All.gad H
arlmiaaiioa A(alat ala.
New Orleans, Sept. 12. Members ol
' ttie Texss railroad commission. L. J.
Storey and Allison Mayneld Freight
I Manager 11. A. June of the Galveston
I Hsrrlsburg and San Antonio railroad;
i S"Te,Ery J?'hnn rf the Galrentuti
CLa::ilrr cf Cc.r'rrcc and Cora
mlli t. r Iclcr of the llouit'n
Freight Itinru rea hi d here Tueada).
and et cited by fnlxht representa
tlvea of ti e Southern I'aciffc and Tex
aa I'aiir.r mail are InveittRatlnx lo
rsl rondlilous In (i.e matter of baulinj
1 Tlx purpoHe la to ascertain If fill
ehtun I Lelnf dliirrlmlnated axalnat
in any way from either the Southern
or the Texaa and Pacific road.
tfcUr I aa4 la Km llll H
T iralaa Folk' I-'f
St. Loul. SrpL 12. Alfred Keyes
was arrested Thursday nlxht by De
tertive Harrington on complaint of
Dr.. Sihuachardt, who charges Keyes
( with threite'nlnf to kill Circuit Attor
ney Folk who Is proiecutlng the alleg
ed bribe-taking members of the city
Keyes. when taken before Chief Des
j Bond, admitted saying to Dr. Schu
. archardt that Cnarlet Kratx, one of
the mining combine men, waa bla
: friend, but denied that he made any
allusion to Circuit Attorney Folk.
1 Keyea said rr. Sihuachardt spoke dl
1 parsglnxly of Krati and he defended
thlm. Chief Desmond wa conrlnred
! that Keyes meant do barm and permit-
ted Dim to go.
Aaalary ml IlrKlalef'a IValk.
Washington, Sept. 12. The annlrer
tary of the death of President McK:n-
( ley next Sunday will be appropriately
; oberved ty a apeclal aervlc at the
j Metropolitan M. K. church, where he
(worshiped while In Wsshlngton. At
ether churches also addresse rora
, memoratlre cf the life and aerrlces of
' the lamented president will be mad
by the pss'ors. The district cominls
; soners hsre asked the people and the
churcln to observe the day wtb ap
propriate services.
On a procUmaton of Oovernor Odell
tervces will be held throughout N'ew
York state on Sundsy.
jpesh Things To Eat.
New Catch Hackerel
Dozfer cakes and crackcr5
Canned Hola5se5
many other nice things
Give us your ac
count for Septem
ber and see what
nice goods and
quick service we
can give you.
Jno.JVI. hauaveneeGo.
-gv ' -acH mg
PCj fvQ PCI f J
Sba Waal4 KMwIMf
Ixindon. Sept. T2. Margery Klnr
don. a stylishly dressed woman,
charged In police court at Cardiff.
Walea. with dlorderly conduct, created
a great deal of excitement In court by
claiming that she bad purposely
caused herself to be locked up In or
der to draw attention to her claim
against the late duke of Clarence,
brother of the prince of Walea. and
asserting that she bad lost her hus
band and children In order to save the
duke's name and that now she bad
come all the way from India to get her
rfghta. I
You can obtain INSURANCE on your Gin House and
Machinery, Cotton and Cotton Stcd by applying to
The McConnico
General Insurance Agency
Bryan, Texas.
Fire, Tornado, Life and Accident Tolicica issued in
reliable and staunch companies.
sale. Itryan
Miss Illanche Petty of AMn i the
guest of her sister, Mrs, C. M. Dhn.
K. ('. Harder ACo, eeedOat. Ity
and liar ley. ?ii
Fresh flh dally at the Kilt a res
taurant. I'houe 21
Mack Kohinaouof Hempstead rla
Ited Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Iloblnauit
yesterday. I
We servo Kanoa City refrigerated 1 1 curtie.
meat only at the hlite 'restaurant.
Phone 207. 21:.
Fresh home made cakes erery Sat
urday at Howell Hros. All orders
promptly flll.-d. 2 Id
For flrst-clas seed Oat. Rye and
Harley call on K. C. Harder A Co.,
Kandy Kitchen old stand. 211
(Seorice Harrington and A. J. Hoi-
llday of MUlioan were iu thu citv
Buy a Central Texas Fair tie and
advertise the fair.
216 Hunter A Chatham.
About ISO pounds of feathers for
sale by the Hryan Grocery Co. See
them quick. -17
Gen. Gordon Ibnine and Ward
Teinplenian were here from Navaso
ta yeaterday.
Ist JUtween T. II. Hatte'a resi
dence nd Mrs. T. C. Nunn'a. dia
mond rlnir. Liberal reward for re
turn to this olllce. 21.'
zn.it f
Mrs. James Trent of Clarendon,
Texaa. and Mrs. Klizabth Martin of
Fort Worth, are here to attend the
Hurney-Trent wedding, and are
Client of Mr. aud Mrs. W. I'. Con
Dr. 1...MH. oculist. Ofllre at Wil
son A Jeuklus uruir store. Treats
and cures any disease of the eye that
Give t tin
call. Xllltf
Advertiae your town when yon go
abroad buy a Hryan tie.
i'10 Hunter A Chatham.
Mr. J. Allen Myers, who attended
the Ilepubllcan State convention at
Waco, was re-elected chairman of
the Twelfth senatorial district.
Mr.J. H. Clarke, keeper of the
Green F.yed Mounter, nays My Wifo's
Mother will bo with them. Look
for hi r.
We are selling cheap oats and bran
In fact we will not l undersold on
auythlnir. K. C. Harder A Co. 21a
Tom Searcy aud Dr. Claud Searcy,
who la spending few daya in the
city, visited Hearne yesterday.
Mra. A. H. Hallard, Willie Harris
and little Misa Heruice Harris went
to Austin yesterday.
P. M. Dillard of Galveston waa in
the city yesterday shaking hands
w ith friends. ,
Edge, Tex., Sj.t. 8 Miss Kate
Lawle.-s of Kurten returned borne
Fridaj after spending several days
at the bedside of her ' brother Al
Sherrod who has been quite sick
but we hear is improved.
n R. Elliott and daughter, Mini
Eula spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. K. Smth.
Mrs. M. A. Cone and children
visited Maey Saturdaj night and
8. 8. Kossier went to Bryan Fri
Rev. Smith os Robertson county
filled the appointment of Rev.
Nicholson at Concord Saturday
and Sunday.
Misa Carrie Newnan returned
from Macy last week where e he J
has spent neveral week?.
Mr. and Mrs. Harare Thurman
are the happy parent of a fine girl.
Mrs. Fannie Carter spent a few
AUrax! Lrarhera Ara.alM.4.
Leesburg. W. Va.. Sept. 11 The jury
In the rase of Charles Lowenbsch,
charged w.th complicity In the lynch
ing of the negro Charles Craven on
July 31. returned a verdict of acquittal
as ft Si KiiaHea 9 ulna mlnurAS ferttst
-.. ... ...... y
ine courtroom, craven waa cnargeq 1 1
with the killing of a white man named j f
Wilson, and his lynching aroused con
siderable Indignation, a number of per- L
sons bsvlng been Iodic ed for complic
ity In the affair.
Potlota wrtUaa ea 8tor BulMiss od Htork: Da-eU'rifi aad Coaleou,
Uls Houm sua Macaio.ry.
Aaaatla ml t mm
New Tork. Sept. 12 The Centrsl
News Agency of New York sends out
the following
"Havana El Mundo says Palma Is
Indignant. He makes public a conflden
tlal document trora secretary Root and
others asking co-operation In the an'
nexa'.lon of Cuba. He reveala the plana
for a greater United Stales.
W roran)t la MUTUAL LIFR of N-w York, a eowpanv aa.arpaaaea
la mpaot ( aaMta and eowiu topollrr kMra. Kala a lav
or I wa thta aay of la lpa4mf ouoipaaiaa.
W. li.arrlof aortdont pollrle and aapanlalty oall att.aoa la ear
Tnpliru CoinbinaUoa Aortdani Policy vnuaa 6f oe it U
Urgt coca pan I la lh world at U) Mta rau a
premiom a. rSaiYad for double soauaauoa.
vsa y rm
SMaWaaaV J
Fall SI Si
Fort Worth. Tex.. Sept 12 Philip
Webb, about IS yeara of are. who was
a water-carrier at the Swift A Co.
packinghouses now under the course
of erection, fell from the sixth story
of one of the company's bulldts.es, a
distance of about 130 feet, and waa In
stantly killed.
Oav.raar Paraaaa m Ray.
Sherman. Tex . Sept 12. The par
don for Marcus Ellison, aged 17 years.
lays last week with the family 0f ! con"ct(1 ln Ju" lMtrfor-ihefLj?f
TravU Beard
Dr. Duke of East Texas and Mrs.
J. Beard of Wixon visited relatives
on the prairie last week.
Wild Gooee.
One of Hryau's dry goods houses
haa uo packed over SIV.0U worth of
goods the past three daya Coulter's.
calf, reached ths sheriffs office Thurs
day and he will be released from ths
county Jail. Governor Sayers makes
ths pardon a full and complete one.
Bflla Laavaa far rwlllaalaaa.
Washington. Sept. 11 Lieutenant
General Miles bss left for ths west ani
will sail from San Francisco on ths
transport Thomss to the Philippines,
where b wilt mske a tour of iMpec
Uoa of the army In ths Philippines.
G. PARSONS, Proprietor,. a a BkVAN, TEXAS.
CalsrgH, RoflUad sod gqulppaa vttk
All rUTorv, Wholeasb sad Retail, Including
Ginger Ale, Cherry and Celery Phosphate, Peppo-Phate, Root
Beer, Iron-Brew, Seltzer ana Mineral Waters.
Craws Cork Syatata, Hutcalnaoa, sad Cork-8toppr4oods la plot aad'qtana.
"ft mo claaallaaa sad sntform qoallty of roods, prompt sad eorraet ssrvloe
to oo sod sU."
Respectfully solicit the trade of Bryan and surrounding territory.
I .

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