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mil rstaurant
C M. CAMP, Propiietor.
AnJ ready to serve alt kind of SHORT Order.
And take order fur
First-Class caKcs ol oil Kinds.
Near I. & G. N. Depot, IJryan.
Free Delivery
and Cash...
ate (wo heads unJer which
the Gt v Market docs business.
We rest refrigerated
meais in bran and deliver
them at you dior forCASh
ONLY at a ly hourf rnm day
ht to 7 p. m., except from
.2 to 1 p. r. oriK.'i li'led
prortifi'v. Ttlepl'one No. 100
NO A'. HiLKS, rpt ict-ij
Ready For
Arrival of fabric within
the past few 'day ha
practically completed
our itock of
OThe display is very complete, embracing all
. t 1
th3 new designs ana colorings, inese win De
very popular during the coming season.
TMTXT MTTfrmxr 4 XT This' TnUnr.
O Willi VVllliJlil.il,
Mrs. Laura S. Webb,
Vk-PraUcflt of Vociku'i Democratic Clubs of Northern Ohio.
qpiur.u AUb jus i
I I sickly women be-
I tween the age of
45 and (3, but there are
tery few invalids over 55
and 60 year of age. The
change of life coming to
a woman near her forty
fourth year, either makes
her an Invalid or civea
her a new lease on life. Those who
meet this change in ill health sel
dom live ten years afterward, while
a woman who lays aside the active
duties of womanhood in health sel
dom fails to live on in happiness,
yean after she has panned GO. This
Is truly a critical time.
Mrs. Laura S. Webb, of Toledo,
Ohio, recognize the change of life
as a dangerous period and h6 also
has faith in Wine of Cardui. She
"As I had always beta troubled mors
or las at tlx menstrual period, I dreaded
Jfrs. Lauea B. Wit.
the change of life which was
fast approaching. Vhils vis
iting with a friend I noticed
that aha wis taking your
Tiac of CatduL and the was
so enthusiastic about it that I
decided to try a bottle. I ex
perienced some relief tlx first
month, so 1 kept oa taking it
(or three months and now I
menstruate with no pala and
I shall take it off and on now
uotU I hare passed the climax. I do not
dread it now, as I am sure that your
Tine of Cardui will bt of great benefit
at this time."
Wine of Cardui is tho remedy to
re-lnforce a woman against the shock
that come with the change of life.
It re-establishes healthy functions
after years of suffering. In doing
this it baa saved thousands of suf
ferers ju.it in time. Do not wait
until suffering is upon you. Thor
ough preparations should be made
in advance. Begin tho Wine of
Cardui treatment today.
A million suffering women
have found relief in
Wineol Oardui.
Er-publican Leaders Ctore Peace
Amorjj the Partr in Texas.
George niirlett the (.tiberaaterlal Can.
diiiate and Eugene Molt la the
field fur Treasurer Green
Campaign femmiltee.
Fort Worth. Tex.. Sept 12. -The
state Republican convention adjourned
Thursdsy night after making only two
nominations for state- officers.
George P. Burkett of Palestine was
Dominated for governor, Eugene Nolle
for treasurer.
The convention which promised at
the beginning to be one of the most
turbulent in the history of the party
In this afte. closed in perfect harmony
amid Inspiring scenes.
The auditorium Thursday night was
packed to the doors. The leader arm
In arm on the platform and the dele
gates, white and black. In the hall,
stood upon their seats and cheered for
President Roosevelt and the Repub
lican party.
The last act of the convention was
to give E. II R. Green full authority
tosupervlie the campaigns In Texas
during the next two years.
The platform deplores the death of
President McKlnley; endorses without
qualification all of the acta of Presi
dent Roosevelt and says that he I "the
unanimous choice of the Republicans
for president In 1304."
Appropriations are asked from the
government to prevent destructive
overflows of Texa rivers; the present, towns and the agitation and local dls
into tne stare um iuh kuuuk. m or-I
phans home and Into public free'
schools, as It may deem expedient.
9. We favor the enactment of lexis
latlon prohibiting the use of child labor
In factories and like Industrial institu
tions. The Republican party, proud of Its
past record as the sincere and consist
ent friend of labor, hereby renews Its
declaration of faith in the principle
that every man who tolls should re
ceive an equitable proportion of the
wealth created by his labor. Tty rea
son nf the operation of a Just and bene-1
flcent protective tariff law employers I
have been enabled to accord to labor
wages liberally commensurate with the
service performed. The history of the
Republican party is a continuation of
chapter of legislation enacted In the
Interest of labor, and as prominent ex
amples of such legislation we refer to
the enactment of our strict Immigra
tion laws and their consUtent enforce
ment under the supervision of ae
credited representative of organised
labor, and the enactment of humane
legislation tending to the protection
and preservation of life among work
Ingmen engaged In following haiard
ous occupations. We especially arraign
the Democratic party of Texas for the
hypocritical attitude assumed toward
the cause of labor by reason of Its con
temptuous neglect to reconcile Its plat
form Pledges to It legislative perform
ances, and lis c oaardly evasion and re
rudlatlon of Its expressed promises
holding that said pledges were made
for tte express purpose of political ex
pedlency and with no thought toward
their ultimate fulfillment.
We condemn the Indifference of the
Democratic party In this atate In trrat
Ing with the question of protection for
railway employes. We demand legls
latlon looking to the employment of
afety devices, as Is required by our
national laws, and for providing the
greatest possible protection to the life
and limb of employes.
We condemn the Democratic party
for the enactment of unjust legists
tlon. curtailing personal liberty of the
cltlxen In the form of sumptuary laws,
whereby the equsl protection in ths
law Is denied citizen of Incorporated
if-" ss5 : v
tariff law Is endorsed and protection
for the newspapera of the state against
libel Is demanded.
A local option plank was offered but
after discussion It was voted down.
The following Is the platform:
1. The Republicans of Texas. In
convention assembled, do hereby de
clare and reaffirm our faith In the prln
rlples and policies of our party as S'.-t
tension constantly fomented and en
mltles engendered, destructive of the
peace of the whole communities by
reason of the obnoxious character
We condemn as flagrantly Inefficient
and vlcion the Democratic administra
tion of our state penal Institutions,
asylums and other state Institutions a
disclosed by the recent report of the
state Investigating committee. We
point to the recent disclosures, touch
at this our first convention
I.. . V, .....4 k... I . . V. I . U . V. .1 iW.
forth In the Philadelphia platform of administration of our state treasury
I. We
unhappy death of our beloved and pa
trlotlc president. William McKlnley. i
Join In the expression of sorrow for
his loss and mourn for him who serv
ed his country aa cltlien and official
ao well and faithfully. Ills character
as a man and hi conduct a our thief
executive won for blm the love, admlr-'
atlon and respect of the whole Ameri
can people and the world at large. By
hla death the Republican party and the
country lost a most patriotic and use .
ful executive. i
3 We heartily endorse the acts and
policies of the present administration
of our national affairs under President
Roosevelt. We commend his efforts
In maintaining the integrity of Ameri
can territory and extending American
trade, and particularly do we Indorse
his policy with respect to Cuba as a
matter of simple Justice to her people
and Indescribable benefit to both coun-,
tries. Pointing with pride and ap
proval to the past and looking wltn
nop to tne future.
as Indisputable evidence of Democratic
Incompttenry to govern.
the unfortunate, untlmelr anl ' n . . '. ..
.iii f am. ymtij ui tut; aim u-
tion ror the advocacy anj enactment
of sumptuary and reatrtctlve laws, for
Its fancied and Ineffective declarations
sralnst capital and enterprise, for its
opposition to the American flag In our
newly acquired lands and those who
maintain It there. Reversing their
once cardinal principle of expansion,
they present a spectacle of vacillation
and uncertainty on every vital que,
tlon of the day. In the campaign of
1S96 they demanded higher prices for
the products of the farm and Held and
factory. In their present campaign
they demand lower price for every
product of labor. Tbey Invite every
Ism and encourage every new thing
that will bring them a vote, regardless
of their country's welfsre.
We condemn the present use by ths
tate of convict labor In competition
with our farmers and the worklngmen
In our faetorle. We favor the use of
convict labor outside of the walla of
the penitentiary only on puullc roads
and highways, and esneclallr urre
nd bavins the their emnlovtnent In Keiterinv a.
fullest confidence In his wisdom, rour-1 veloplng a system of highway through
age, patriotism and statesmanship, we, out the state.
most unqualifiedly declare here and I We are opposed to the formation and
now that Theodore Roosevelt Is the maintenance of secret political organ
unanimous choice of the Republicans ; liatlon Intended to control county
of Texss as our party candldste for government a contrary to the spirit
president of the fnited Statea in 1904. ' of American Institutions, and demand
4. We believe In the continuation of that laws be enacted that will prohibit
the past policy of the Republican party, I eomblnatlona for such purposes.
nwi.UI.. lit.-.! l . . . I 11. .... . .
fyiuiinauun lor I v"iiu-uiii jne use 01 me ranger
Hirers i me sine lor ine purpose of
providing liberal
Internal improvements, and the broad
and liberal spirit In which that policy
baa been applied, regardless of atate
lines or state party affiliations. We
congratulate the people of Texas upon
the generous recognition given to our
seaports and rivers by a Republican
administration and a Republican con
gress, which will result in the enlarge,
ment of our commercial relations with
the world.
'. We favor action by the national
and state government for the protec
tion of the immense river valleys of
the state from destructive overflows,
in accordance with established policies
of tbe party In relation to Internal Im
6. The development of the oil and
shipping Interests of east Texas require
the establishment of a port of entry
adjacent thereto, and we favor tbe es
tablishment of the same by congress.
7. We demand legislation on the
subject of libel and publications by the
press. We declare for freedom of
speech and publication and protection
for the newspapers In thli slate
J We recommend that feature of In
dustrial education known si manual
training, and recommend hat the leg
Mature make prortlnn to In'rndure It
J. 17. BATTS,
7m sfa( tgtnt.
Hsvs la offloe ths only set of sbrtrse
books ef Brsso eouty laae tttlae.
South llf of block near Allen
Awtmmj. Price $oW.
About or and one-quarter acre
jear actios:! ease In southeast part
of t jwd. Srr.all new cottage, ten n
house an J 11 on premise. Price
Six r o.n n bouse and two lota of
ground located four blocks from
Main b'trret. llrick cistern on pre
tnlses. Frice $1700.
One quarter block near Allen Aca
demy. Fast front. Price $25J.00.
Terms easy.
75 Net front ou Railroad ateet out
Otto Iioehme'a property. Will
aell part or all.
Lots near echool inu sit aiitf)
Also other city property
Hack Service
to Madisonvillc
I have taken charge of the
mail service from Bryan to Mad!
tonvillr, and have put on good,
comfortable hack.
Frofs Brjrwi to WsdlsoovlU. Ths pttronags
of U pubUo rsptrtrully eqaMte. Ler
calls or Bssg a wita ths on4nl-n or st
ths Postofflce.
S. W. Buchanan.
controlling or Influencing elections.
In emphasising the tolerant and lib
erating pollclea of our party, we In
vite the participation of every patriotic
cltlxen In our atate, and make espe
cially welcome thoae who, abandoning
tbelr former party alignments, have
contributed to our successes In the past
and by their counsels and support of
the growth and progress of our party
in me ruiure.
rah lUsmklimaa.
Ogden. Utah. Sep t 12. The Repub
lican state convention Thursday noml
nated Joseph Howell of Wellsvllle for
congress and Judge William McCarty
of Sevier county for supreme court
Justice and adopted a platform In
which mention of Cuban reciprocity
was omitted. On this point beet sugar
Interest of the state won after a
somewhat bitter and protracted debate
In the committee on resolution
Friends of Congressman Sutherland.
who was one of the RcpuhJIcan "insur
gents" on the reciprocity question In
the last session of congress, demanded
that specific endorsement of the presi
dent s tuuan policy ahouid have no
place In the platform, and they pre
Senator iiereriuge or Indiana was
scheduled to deliver a speech Thurs
day night, marking the formal opening
of the Republican campaign In Utah.
This program was changed to have
Senator lleverldgo speak at the close
of the morning sesnion. When the beet
sugar element heard of this they open
ly threatened to give him a hostile re
ception, believing It a plan to Influence
the convention In favor of Cuban reci
procity plank. Then with tbe platform
adopted the delegates more than made
up for their refusal to hear Keverldge
In the morning by greeting blm with
wild cberlng.
Iltrt.a Sriam Nomlaallas.
New Orleans. Pept 12 Return rom
primaries In the Sixth congressional
district are not yet complete but
fnnnrh I known to Insure the sucres
of S. H. RobexUon by a majority of
I about 2004
We arc giving careful personal attention to th'n department of
our business and have a well selected stock of coIIms, cakrtt and
undertakers' snpplics nt price to suit any purchaser. Ptompt
service at all hours, day or night, for funeral entrusted to our
direction a a a t IMIONE 41.
TiVBOHS BROS., aaa Brynn.
M i
0 S T T
0 I . ill
The Best on Earth.
000000000 0000000
Eupion is sold by the following dealers:
The Bryan Grocery Co; Edge Broa; Bandera Broa. A Co.
Cole Kroe; Thos. W. Hlggs; Cleo. W. Hlgtra; D. C
Zuber; Kernole Bros; J no. M. Lawrence A
Co; Saunders A Johnson; Dansby A
Uansby: Howell Brothers.
J. II. Mawhlnney,
Not Alone Bread but Cake and
Pastry has spread the fame of the
MnT who tMtif ht that nnly home mails
boufhnuU, Cake. Cooklaa, Waters, o.
wera SI to eat, bate chanced their mlnda
sine iMilng asira The? are funnd murk
superior u anything produced by ths
aautur 000k.
SEED. I have 100 pounds of choice, fresh 1 .
nip seed, assorted varieties now is time to . i.;t
always on hand....
PICNICS AND ARBCCUeS fsraJakad asy saosat of Bra4. ste. oa twety.
tosr aoar aotios. :: BJ rooa oa oor eortk of Has war's.
E. GRIESER, Proprietor.

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