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Why not try JEFF D. FRANKLIN'S
market for good
Same old stand next to Huchar.an & Buchanan's w arehouse,
on the street west of Main.
(ialveston News: Mr. Stewarts
hill to create a free and inleen
dent (le.iirtii)ent of agriculture,
' j which met s.ju ill and teuipestu
Kn'ered at the poetofflee aa second ous sea in the IIooe lat week,
Class mall matter. received injuria the extent of
: which are yet undetermined, may
ay chin s ki.lv A caknes. I make another elHtrt to resume il
1 vo)'e tl-i week. The opposition
, ha com, principally from mem
Tt Week, ?c. - - Per Month, 40e.j hers who are enlicitoiM in the wel-
; fare of the Agricultural and Me-
thanical College. The hill intro-l
duced in the Sen tie last week ' hy
Mr. llartiirfon, which simply pro.
videi for the rehabilitation of the
agricultural end of the present de
partment of agriculture, insurance,
statitic anl history, i under
stood to be an enemy to the Stew,
art measure, and proba!y will
encnge it if It reaches- the Ho .sc
in time.
From the nature of the attacks
mad.) on the Stewart hill, we he
lieve there were plenty of ohjec
tions to it aside from t!ioe made
on the score of the A. and M. Col
hpe. The Stewart hill i full of
SuJMo. TuJwc. Tft. Fr. Sa"
JS H J7J8J9 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 2E
Our Slaughter Sale is
over ami the results were
very satisfactory, for
which we thank our
many patrons am! friends
but having decided to
Houe out our entire line
ot Ladles and Child'
ren's Shoes and all of
our Men's Shoes up to
and including the $l.-r0
grade, we shall continue
to se 1 all of thee grades
at c t, also all Winter
II llirmrml an III I ml lunula Pwlafllc
I ami HiM.krr T W MiitB.
Washington. Feb. 24. A large
ero'j waa attracted to the senate
MnAday, roost of them vliltlng Daugh
ter's of tbs American Revolution.
I.) lug ot Seawall ornrrloa V II I
lijr Tnoiuaitilh
Galveston. Feb. The corneratons
It t fl.f.oO.000 ra wall waa laid
Monday with Imposing ceremony.
Lieutenant Governor Neal presenting
huyan.tkxas, in: n i. nod
He ought to have a million.
The bright sunshine i calling Th (5-lve"ton News says: Thorn
ont the bird and been, and invit-," J 'rab a t-nil clerk, lias
ng everybody to "get busy." j brought mil in the district court
i jagainot the Houston and Texas
Hon. Scott Field, our congress- C'ntr1 for lfVX damages for
man-elect, has gone to Washington ' l,erf,onal '"juries claimed to have
t-J be present during the remainder I l,,,en ,u,,tf,lne,, l,y lm on - 1.
r."W. uie eiition avers that
plaintiff was injured at Funis "in
his head, face, neck, thouMers,
arms, chest, back, sides, abdomen,
leg.i, feet, ill hi" nrain, lieart, lung,
of the present term of congress.
The great Texas packeries at
Fort Worth will be formally oren
ed for business March (!th, w ith a
"big celebration. It will be a big 1 lwels, kidneys, liver, bladder and
day for all Texas.
and nuote nil goods ad
vertised at COT below:
All Ladled Shoe
AM Children Shoe
All men 91. l. .'. an. I
11.50 lioeM. VTCOST
All men r"I"rln-1 hi
shoe AT COST
All winter utulerar
All Sweater A Over-
sblrf AT COST
All Mackintoshes
It you need anything
mentioned ahove y o u
can save money by pa
tronizing us.
Mn'i FumUhi.
tf-shlnfctrtrVi farewell address was Governor Lanham mads the address.
end by Mr. Pnbola of Idaho. The ora- s,.Ven hundred marlues and Jacklei
nlhua public building bill waa paaaed from tne battleahlpa were landed and
and the postorTtce appropriation bill t0Ok part the street parade under
waa considered without flnat action. I command of Captain I'rrry of the Iowa.
Mr. Tillman spoke for nearly two T(ro tanda were also furnlahed by the
houra, principally In reply to Mr. ' lqadron. The oltlcera of the aquadron
8MKner on the ludlauola poetofflce participated la the parade. The sea
case. He aald that If the ollcy of wt la w,.i n,er way. Work waa
the administration in regard. to the hrun lant Oitober. It la to be three
equality of the negro waa carried on Billea long and arventeen feet high.
and Hooker Waablngton ahoul 1 be an- t a built of ronrrete on a piling foun-
pointed to the cabinet he would vote Nation. This wall ri vMa the gulf aid
for hla confirmation. I ,n' lIand. The money for Ita erec-
Ktr tim ,. v.ii. .... , ... tlon waa ralio( by aale of county
Mr. Tillman, while atandlng In the . . ... . ..,k.,ik.
aisle and en.leavorlng to get recognl- f() fl,r by t;aVeHton people by popular
tlon to upeak regarding the Indlanola. ai'bKrrlptlon. It U expected th wall
M ti., poHtofflrp Inquired what waa up !" l"" completed lnlde of a yenr. The
If the potoffl,e appropriation bill Tm -'h.hmre hw remltte,! to tl.t
. . . ' , city of Calveston Mate taxe for a pe-
eut over. Injecting aome humor In- ,)f ,.,Klu,.,.n yenT wth whlrn
to the priHeedillga the preKldent pnv- money the g n,e of the city will l
tern replied that he "underauiod tho 'alned tn Ihe belitht of the ne wall on
aenator from Houth Carolina wan com
ing up on hi tret." at w birb t tie . u
ate wan eonviilneil.
Mr. Tillman tln-n aald ho propoie
ed to aurprlse h a fiii-ml and axtoiilsh
hi enemie if be ha any by being
u.il'l and ieintietate In liat'li(i wi.ulj
The Kagle U authorized to an
m a eaiulhlate for (Mty Secretary of '
Mryan at the inauliijf city elertlon
In April.
The KttH'le la autt.orl.od to an.
a a caiuliilate for City Secretary of
liryan at the enauhiK city election in
The Fugle la authorlxcd to an.
as n caiuliilate f.r reflection to the
olllc of City Secretary at the enau.
Iiijr city electlou In April.
ttu Riilf file nii't tdope ion to tli
bay. The mm wnll and raining of th
elly Kra.ln will protect (ialventon
rualnwt ttiiinm eyeti a severe a th
of September I'.tooo The trade of the
port of Calrrntuo baa doubled luc
1:mmv lorni.
An oynier ront waa Klven for Hit
If we had Known at the beginning rwi and ji.klea Monday after
The I'n'le U aulliorUed to
a a candidate f..r City Marxlial of
nrjan in i.huiiik' flty (lection In
;lo it authorized to an.
of the civil war." aaid be, "what wo
I . k)
C '" -- -
n.on. At nlctif an oyter roait was
given to the officii of the aquadron
and was f.dlowe.j by a concert and
danrff at ri.ir?''ti Vereln.
Ttirr U'amrn ami Thr hll.ra I'rrlih
Nrnr l..tlii.
A I It
The Ktt
a a can ll ft f.ir re-eh ef ton to the
ottli-e ol t ny .MarhalMt tho cnoulii.
city el.'ctl.ni in Ajrll.
The KjiI js aulln.rlze.l
a a candidate for City MnrHhal of
Mryan at the en.uiiitf City . le. tion
In Apiil.
to an.
The Knjjle u nutliorlnl
HOOI'lt T. iioyi.i:
a a caiiilidttn f.r al.l. riiian of thi
city ot Mryan, tuihj. rt to the will of
The i:le wixhe f.i announce
a a candi.Ute fi.r Al.l. riiian of Hi
city of liryan at the eiiuiu eiiv
el.eth.i. .A, ril. '
t-itT VAjn.-vk.it
i.o.lail. Tit . tvb 2 The ho..a of I voter at the elikliln April fief
l , 1M tl r... . .. I .1..... Il'ill
. .in. ii nutj i ii i it
ehll'lren. who tin- froen to d'-sili on
the 11th. were found Mc ndiy at ?
o'clock on V. A Pi tlim" nlire on fh
rlvi-r. elubt mill' above bete The'
dead were:
l.ialii l K"''rl'. i' '. nL-'d I'l j
Antonio H.Mtl in', iif I 29 j
C.-eillla It.Hfnru.', !
Anna lt'-lrl.".e in,. ,
luxe liii.lrlin z, a " il 7 iimiitln. j
ll-N n Vunii:c2. n. i-l It j.ar I
Tliev were on 11"' n-nli' .,f ff,'
river nnd were Ivlni: eli m. ln-td. r.
heir I to: I tlon h!i"W!:: : Ihal lh" "li:n
bail trie.) to prut- t the cMihvi i'hi-y
Were with fri.Ti'N on the hoi:I -i m ". of
the tlv.r on W. .!!,. -t. I iv 1 1 I were p it
ni ris in a al.lff bv Tbot.i.i Vasje.-.
hil"an I of "elen 'asite Ve.tn."s,)
eveniFiK. an utartfl to a cui.-i cn
I'le. atme two or I h r mile i!iHtant
It I Miippi . , they berime but and
fn..e to i ,ith tliat til j- lit.
Mrlitry, U krrlir ami MU Kmftrll H
The Klherta, tho great shipping
peath grown in tlie fruit belt ol
Kant Texas, i said to have been
nipped in the bud by tho late
freeze, and a very abort crop in ex
pected thin year. Teaches of other
varieti"n are thought not to have
been injured.
ti uM i.'.. ...... i
- pany have adopted u ulieme to
jteti'ijn their superannuated em
ploycef. Tlie Southern I'a ilic ban
soma time npn inaugurated a pen.
fiou scbeme of the t-ainc nature.
Caiiiegie i eoin! to orani4 u
company to spend niillioiH in
ai-tiog working ineu to build
hotneA.V, Anil i it goe."1, by jiroin
iiiei at lea.t. And thti eo-called
"houIIcm corporation".'' are liable
to develop eotue moral traitM yet,
if they keep on.
other internal organa of hi bmly;
in bia rpinal ctilutnn and the cord
thereof, and hi nerves anil ner
vou.i Hyt-tetn
Mr. S. T. Urobilin, w ho lm been
connecieil with Mr. C O. I.oti for
three year, an architect, has h v
ered his connection with Mr. I.oni?
ami started Imxini" fur liiniHelf w ith
nnolUi'e in the Keith Ittiili.lin. Mr.
Mroiloti is n k'railuate of the A.iV
M. college. llelttimollt '!tltertrie.
The I,aiie Ai.l Society of the
lt.i'iit church will give a ba..-inr on
March t:i!h ami llth.
Mr. A. W. Itoyd-r, of Welll.orii,
was nhoppiii in ttiwii yesterday.
Hoarder Wanted. Apply at the
W. II. Harmon resilience. iw
For Sale.
Six room house, three lot of
ground, out hoii-es, titiilerroiitul cis
tern, and all in lIl-t-cllIM conilitioti
1'rice. ai.&ai. A. W. ll.tllman.
Nl I in.
Mayor Harrlon na appointeil the
following gentlemen a a committee
to meet the vlxltlng lecturer today,
ami ahow them nit proper courtesies
during their stay In the city: W. K.
Sander, Or. J. L. Fountain. W. S.
Howell, John Lawrence, XV. It. John
ston, A. J. Kuchnnau, W. I. I'on.
nelly, Frank Clarke and John 11.
Mike. Dr. Harrison expect the pub
lication of thl to give sutllcient no- state with a Uii on h m tbaf the f"'l-
mnn rswi M cox.
Snow now. there would have bern no
war." , rl.lri of Iligi, llonur
He Inquired why the larre maforlfy New Orb-an. Feb II -Hex made
of law-aMd nt p.-ople of In.lianoln hi rfiim;.bnl entry Info New Orl-ans
rui.iiei ue unisn"i nero use tnete was
a small lawless and brutal element.
It was rontrary. be i-ald. "to the fun
damental tr!tn ft't of the Ansbv
flaton Jurl.-pni.leni "
K I lying to Mitnp rrmarl, maile br
Mr. SjHMiner In hi pe-h, Mr. Till
man ald:
"It I not In the dream of the wild
est ara that ronm over the southern
3 ST
A good variety to -elect
from. All shapes and
mzcs. They arc made
with thebribtlcs to tay.
See them.
and other popular odors
in pet fumes. We hac
Wiights, Hicgera a nd
Tinaud'a Toilet Waters,
and Smelling Salts.
Emmel'5 Prc5cription Pharmacy
lice to each Of tlie e;elltlelllel) lllttlieil,
at.il hope they will ;et together till
morning ami proceed with their du
ties. Intermittent Alarm Clock. Just
received, tl big lot of tlie new lllti T-
mittetit alarm clock. Price fl.00
amll.7'i. John M. Caldwell, ti'.t.
Mr. II. F. Payne, of Heiichl.y.
leit iur tn-r noniM yesterday after
several days stay in liryan.
Ir. J. I.. Foiintiiin, our represen
tative, spent yesterday in Jtryan
from hi labor in Austin.
Mr. S.J. Ford r'-turned on the i arly
morning train yesterday from a visit
to friends at Alviti.
.Mr. Oscar Keetoti, of Jewett, Is
visiting in the city, the guest of Mrs.
It. T. Hoyle.
Dr. Paul M. ltaysor was called to
Hearne yesterday on professional
II. C. Shaw, editor of the Heartio
Democrat, spent Sunday In liryan.
Mr. and Mr. C. M. Williamson
returned to San Antonio yesterday.
U.S. Matte, telegraph operator at
Navasota, visited Mryan yesterday.
Sam Isbell, of Paukey, (irlnns
county, was in Mryan yesterday.
eral icovernment Is not supreme, " but
he mid there were some connate pnip
osltions which have been iKtuired "
The Ka'lerle were crowded, muny
of the ocrupanfs belna: visit ng IlaiiKh
ters of the Ame-han Ib-vnliition. who
listened attentively in the reit'tlnic h
Mr. l)tilin rf i Inhn of Wa 'iin
ton's farewell address.
During the rendliiK of the iitl'lr".
Ttt i'd Snioiit. senator cbi't froin t'tah
entered the ehamtier and tistk a sst
beside Mr. KeretiH.
Admiral I ir w r r, Ml lintirr anil
I Ulna Itut Sinirful.
Wastiington. I-'eli. II. Tb l.'nlt' I
S;teii silpieme court decided III"
prize money rase brought by Admir
al Dewey In behalf of himself and tho
officers and men of his fleet on ac
count of the vessel sunk at Manila
and afterwards rerlaimel. in their fa
vor, but the case of Admiral S.imri
son, for whos name that of Admirn
Taylor was substituted In hi own b
half, hil l that of bis orlli ers nnd men
on account of the Maria Theresa, sunk
at th" battl'i f Satitlaico. were decid
ed adversely to the lalmuiits. The
Theresa was sunk after being res
cued, whereas the vessels reclaimed
at Manila are (till In use.
rnl.llr lliillilllif lllll I'miM.
WashinKton, Feb. 24 The omnibus
public liiiiMltii; bill was pu-scd by tho
senate, Increasing the amounts for va
rious bulMltiK to the following:
Jacksonville. Kla.. I.'L'H.uW: Chi. e,
I l4,7r.o.iMio; Intllanaisills $ . C'.oi o ;
' Nashville. Tenn., $731,919: Sherm,.n.
Texas, flt'i.oon; miinlrlpal build ng.
WashinKton, D. (:.. U.iHto. u. Tim
following new building Is authorized
to rost the nmotints given: Natchi
toches, l a , ;o.oou.
Mond.iv and the Krewe of Protein pr
snted their gnrristti pageant Mon
day night In the presenre of mu h tho
larc.-t ii.iiitlin e of pivipie ever rath
er. I In the atreeH of tlila iartilvl
A si In fro-n the homage paid th
king, the fe.iture of the afternoon
parade w.i th popular demonstration
In honor of Adtnlr-il Schley and (lib
eral Wh.eler. both of whom had been
en-it. . .1 :ke ,,i i',e realm for the or
cassion Thev r"le near the head of
the pro-eson tlirotigh snl. mie
of tlioiiiing men and rros-.le tnu
b -rli s if aptil.in ling women Ar the
r l'i"."ti of ih." parad. Admiral
P'hlev. ii-orii;.,i'i!i. ,y Mayor Cap-d-vll.i
in! ib-rie-a! Wheeler' wi ...
cnrte.l ! v the C.'irlnrntal
t.ie i : ' - I.-. .;:. i i .'.lines
I'l'ion n tie armor of the romm-mit. i
i,..r., i i...i.n ... . , , i
"M. ,.-. in - i ,i 1 1 i;-,e ? niey -e:i
lire dull ruv Attorney llmore pre
Setlte.l the A'lnil-al H"h n beautiful
loving cun beirlng an ngravlns tf
th" llnwiklvn The Admiral
tlirile il fr';( i'i,-, I mm led Jelllr nt (
thti Klft Proteii ni.lm thrntiffli
Street ronce-ited with people at thu'
ht :i I of :tn uri'tsually magnificent j
paueatit. The -u!i)ect chosen wa!
Keler lla.'L' ir i s novel, "Cleopatra"!
an I tlie tbr:i! 'ig story of the Fgys
flan ijneen wa illustrated In twi-nty;
ra'liaiitly bi autirul (loat The ib-co-1
ra'lo"! of il'ilis, bu lnes house, ho
tel and prlva'e rei lenre were on
an ettenslve s' ale. Following th
parade Prnteiis was host at a brliliaat
ball at the I'Tnt h opera house 1
Admiral S -iiley, (Seneral Wheeler,
Mis Alliie 'J.inevelt and Mlsj Hoot
were the most disMngulshe I guei
and thti big! est Imnor were ald Mis
ItoiMcvi It sat rspiMUl'v singled tint
for kii::litv favors Nearly every
SMI" in th-' Ftiliin was repreente I In
the attendance which wa lm luded
many guest fntrn abroad and the of
flcera i f the battleship Texas and ths
l'n in h r rui 'er Tage. The curtain rosi
at a ipiarter put fen. presenting th
1 1 1 . t -k ' i mni:iel In a striking tuMe.iu
The ma-ker occupied the Moor for
an hour, after which the ball bei a:n
Mineral Wells Water
Dr. K. II Il.inistin ha the
agency at Itr) an for the water
from the f4i11u.11 Sar vc j
Mineral Well. This won. Icr-"
ful water necil no rrconimrn
elation. The public U familiar
with it rrerit. Can he found
at all times at N. M. McDou
gal.l's Ding store. -
Oi t T T Sh' vini
N. II it.-ir r.t ( uT n,!,,,,,,! ,Unk
ot.rr. niir- l.s".H WitKKMIN
H'l.li II.MIIM
Vour 1 iin.Uii ! tolintHil,
II" T nj
ItrVirlMWOfaS & GEUE Prop;
i w -
1,11...... .
UAL ' , K ,u- V
OAL 50
!', Sforarre cia Co
' , , 1 ii ;ti lslty
rrtlDE OF
rifinty Ch"p K-trghiim 8el
Alt) u of kooJ riM rent
Bryan, Texas
Stllinnil lllll an Aineintiiiiinl,
Washington, Feb. 21 Ths agrlrul
tut til appropriation bill repirtel by
the senate comnilftee on ngrlniltur"
Monday Included the appropriation of
the house, MlO.OitO. of which $75.00
la for the bureau of forestry, l.'.OOOO
for Irrigation and tho rernalndor for
smaller amounts. The Quay (.titehnil
amendment renftilns n part of the bill.
A(alnl lullrrUi
Washington. Feb. 21. The
States supreme court derided m
ense of Champion (Chicago I that the
United State has the right to prohib
it sending lottery ticket from imo
state to another as a part of It now-
ts Thone X. C. Harder A (o. hr nam. -t ,0 regulate cotnnierre between tbs
dw-w states
Tatlnr 4.l n N.aril
Inillaiiapoll. l'ib. 2 1 V testimonial
word was presented to Uer Adtnlal
Henry C. Tavlor. w ho cotnmande th
i.it:ltthlp Indiana In the Sp.uil.,h-Am-eriian
war. by the people of Indlitia
On the platform at the rapltol were
th ht;ite oitlier. Ceiyertior liurhln anl
especially Invltt-d guest, a well a
AdttUssI fieo W. ilrown nf Indian
npolia. who presided, thtvernor Ilur
bin preentei tlie sword and Admiral
Taylor responded. James WblteomU
Itlby recited hi poem "(ill (;i.irv "
I The sword Is a beautiful piece of work.
manshlp and cost $ti(iii. The ocra
1'nltrd ion waa one of cre.it cnthtiKhutu.
ltiLlmut riMliimalrr.
Washington, Kit). 24 I'nstmaalers
apiHiinted: lmlsiana: llaouljl llien
venu, Saint Martlnvllle; Joseph T.
I.ablt, Abbeville; Henry C. Hay. Monroe
Try C. D. Francis Mafkot
N " t il.r to M. Gee- t.-i ,irSi for , klndl0
rasy to rcathO.N MAIN STKLIiT.
Dl. W. I . TAI.IAI l.UVO,
Physician and Surgeon
Oiikc at Wilson X Jenkins Dmy
Sl'Tc 21 -m
Dlt. W. II. OI.IVLR,
Physician and Surgeon
Oliii-o .it Wilson Jenkins Dru
lorc. 21., so
mm mm m
Firat-elasa Jfot and Col,) ft r it
Show er .'and Vapor D (i

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