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W or. Perfectly Quipped
C. G. PARSONS, Proprietor,' 00 BK.YAN, TEXAS.
Enlarged. Renttad and
AU flavors. Whole! aBd:RetalCnclod'.af
GinCer Ale, Cherry and Celery Phosphate, Peppo-Ph.te 'Root
r 4- i ff.MAv1 Waters
lieer, Iron-urew, enzcr miu ..mine.
Crowa Cork Sytsm. Hutchlnwo.-aad Cork-StopparGood. le plots u4MrU.
-Ctmort ciesnllne.. and uniform mailt 'of good, prompt and eorrwt mt1(.
to an. and all."
Respectfully solicit the trade of Bryan and .urroundinjj territory.
Fresh Lot Landreth's J
sir VET
has been n cll fed. The
conrcrsi'in nf plain
vital aii'l brcail vilt
j'esh ami ftrm .w di
vine is a jrt-d ii nrk.
Buy ; '", i"-fe mcrfs
fur your til fie oves.
can iil it of Jeff
D. I ranhlin. Mr let
next l '-r lln hinan's
Bujjy ltd re 'I'jiye.
W 1
fqulppad wUbJ
tWM'""'' ""
Water ltrlu Thr(h iha Itraak a
apra4ln Ur Ida trt.
New Orleans. March 27 With waUT
rrarinu through tho break and npread
lnR over a wj area of country, tt
cr.da of the crevasse n. ar I.ucy are re
ported to be alowly rrumrdln
Lumber wa f arce at the m ine when
t!ie levee g.ive way, but i apeelal tra u
over the Texn and I'.i.ifl' K')t away
. f..r ,i.ii..,i uh a l.ire in.-letf
, nt of mat.-r: li an I planted buirP' I
' .
I, tii'In from a!! .I.re. imm. I .ie rt-
,i . ni.iir:"! in th- b-r. I of t!.e riv r
tnd that a 1 U t t:.- 'I.!'- il '
work of repur. Several aq'iare in i:--
f trrr uy have !
i,. t!! r.ve j
M .1 ihtl.
p irllie
wafr. th
uti I
! :!
i U-'l
Iir" plant iti ir. ; at
CS. irl-i and J- r,jn
to i'it!'-- r tin It
r.atiy of trie plint.i'.oii In the
, , i j ti.a '" '"e h r;v
The F.n.'le is autlnrl.nl to an
as n eamli late for lty Secretary of
llrvnuat t!. iiisiiiinr city i-leetlmi
in April.
Tin Ka.'le I auttiorlzeil to an-
! tloUIH-e
aa a cnmliilnfe for re-election to the
ottlee of City Secretary at tlic t nsti
in' city el ctlo., In April.
The. KiiL'lrt is nuttiorizeil to mw
as a cftiiilbinte for City Miirshal of
Hrvan nt tlin enHiiln city election in
Tim Eajjlo 'J Kiitoorlzeil to an-
asft cnmlitlate for p-eeetloii to the
olllce of City Marsliftl t tint ensuing
city election in April.
The Khu'Io I autliorized to an-
as n cttiiliilate for City Marshal of
liryim at the eimnlnir City election
In April.
Tlic F.ak'le is anthorlred to an-
IlodF.Il T. 110YI.K
a a candidate for alderman of the
,.li.. f Itrvati miliipet to the Will of
tho voters at the ctisuliitf April elec
tlon. i Tim Eagle wislies to announce
as a candidate for Alderman of Hie
'city of Itryan at the i-iiHuinir city
.election In April.
Nofcby, Nobbier, Nobbiest.
Our line of aprlng- and auminer
rlothlnc Drop in ami try on a suit.
W will nut our tltno atrninKt t-otir.
00-VI-Vt vveuojiros.
and offer .kl.led services anil
In moat complete Un.of Cof
Sna, Caskets. Hartal Itrlxt,
Kir., la ta found In llryao.
CalUanaarermi mni.ily at all
tours, day ur ni.ut. ( hone J
Ufervmea and t'ndrtae.- w
'JTi '
probably only be affected by the h a
water. The flood will find it way to
,V;B.f '.hrotuh U.. Salvador. lUyo, ,
1'iralar a Lit e I.akt and Diner i
1 iraiaria. i.nmr - ,
ruraius. niiRji -
three parishes. anJ there U a Cool4
rratle area devoted to truck farmlnK.
0eter bed are likely to iuffer. but
there l absolutely no .langer of life.
Member of the Lafourche levee board
Wfnt early to the mine to aaatt o th
effort to hold the end aud if polble
to cle the crevasse.
Aa the Luev break Is on the oppo-
. - .'..If I v n Ifi1 in ' w
alte side of the river from New Or
leans, the rffert will be greatly to the
advantage of the city and of tha kve
In the 1'onthartrain distrht.
(rea Moantala ftrrtrlaU llaa INtna Muih
:narglle Work.
Memplii. March 27 Tho river con
tinue to fall here slowly and flood
water are fast flow in it out of tha low
land In Arkansas. Ilallroad altuaMon
I greatly Improved by energetic work
of the Iron Mountain official In oi-n
Inghe line through tho hlsh water
went of the river Aaalstant General
Paengcr Agent Wilson announced
that all train over thi line are arriv
ing and departing on arhedule time
The Choctaw. Frisco and Cotton Ib'tt
railroad are ulii tho Iron Mountain
track for traffic until their own line
are opened up The resumption of
ir.e'in n itm Iron Mountain Insures
the attendance of a large numberyof.
horaes now nartiripntlng at Little
! Koek meeting at Montgomery park on
Mondav next, wln-n ie ki ting meeimg
of the Memphis J..c!-v club will U lu
Tba lr-h t a ! M"-. arl
I fir IV I'tf f.e"
L.nlou Mn -i :7 --Mi- text of the
In.a land pun hue lull which was In
trtiduced in the house of common by
Irish Secretary Wyndham on Wednes
day last has l-en given out It orrn
ple thirty nine pages of parliamentary
paper, and brUle with technicaKtle
The full wording reveal many Im
portant features which were not men
tioned In Mr. Wyndhatn'a speech when
the bill was Introduced. All arrears of
rent due at time of punhaae of land
arn recoverable by l.md commission
The land corjimliwcrs. however, are
given power In special cases to remit
nnrt or all of nrreirs. Comni!s"loners
" " '
1 to pun na.- e stale.
whith are n'it niainly iu'rlrii.
pastoral. Thus Ki'.!amy Is eten.pt
under this c!aue. In cn-es of untcn
ante l otat.s p-iri-h.i 'd by commit--sior.ers
they are , tnpoere. t ) execute
Beee irv works of Imprnvement,
Whb !i treti.' :ilfi-ly eti'ar-s the f.ope
of the ronimi --lotrr ti ll'-ire. T!i
,f t;,.. eommi-'Jon's exp.-nd tare The
mih-tetiaiiH t be t. nan's of anv hnl I
inn , upi" I bv tlie;n, sli.ili will va-t-ly
ber.Mit hundn-ds.
Hill I'.elatltr In I iln.lom A mradail anil
1'a.u-il l.y I lie Srlialr.
Austin. March 27. fter be '.nit thor
oughly pun. turt I wiih a:m n l:ii' nts
the Tirnll etection bill pil.-.-c.l the
l II Ite. 22 to
.iue devoted much time t" till
validating land grants to uttiln rail
loads. It wis I tig!-- I. linn ' II
groped JohriMin gr;is b.il.
S-nate paa.-i 1 San .la. into battle
field bill.
Ilrrak rr I. rerm II le,
mphis. March 27 -A perlal to
the S' tn.lt ir from Cru-m :'.!. Ml-,
pays the buee uroke tiine nilles s..iith
en.l wa'cr Is po'iring t!irt"igh a ere-
rss.. inn feet wld" with a roar that
itartb d the iiili.i'.utanU of l',r i UVille.
Ftitlre I slilnrl He.lgin.
Ktifla. Man ti 27. --The entire cabinet
f signed, owing to the In iliil.tv to find
any one who would accept the port
folio of war unless tho la.iim t auid
to army appropriation.
Fuipreaa Hat a llrnken Arm.
Berlin. March 27 The empress was
thrown from a horse while riding nt
Crucnwold, and her light arm troktii.
l oul.Un I'nal maalara,
Washlngtun. March 27 The pre
dent has appointed J It. Iinmeiigeaiix
poHiniahter at Lnfa)etti. La.
Kslrlisiikt Oeail.
March 27 N. K. Fair
manuf.ii tun r, U dead.
banks, the
ralally slml a Negri.
Terrell. Tex . March 27.-11. A.
ponald, near Colquitt, Kaufman coun
ty, fatally stint a negro whom ho al
leged was wbmlng him. McDonald as
aimed In arresting sutue daya ago a
brother of the wounded man, and this
caused the trouble.
Maaniaeeal Cental.
Aden. Arabia. March 27. -sA enacnlfl
eenl comet wu observed at 7:30
o'clock Thursday evrnlnr. It paae4
nearly rltiht across the heaven.
Maaaara for IWaatH a Tlieea iMlllattlM
Ha Ilea lnlriMlura.1.
Austin, March 27The bill to re
lieve fair asss latious 'r'i' ,nB "P1-"
atlon of the ant! -poulroum law waJ
Introducd Thursday by Senator
Hicks. Davidson of C ilvr.-fn. Davison
I of Dewitt. Wl.iacy. llltl. P-k.-r. rUv-e,-e.
I'aulu. !.:;. i'inl. Fame. SUffoid
ml Fautdon. It ha been reported ra-
orably l.y n n ite judiciary Nt. 2 wtt.i
it minor. ty rip"i ' '-
field It provides i follow.
,11, .11 1 I'.Ti'llftiT It shall l
Inafnl f. m J r lll'ull T'i'i LftAffU
j tora- In thl at tt- w!mi aurh ra-
i rr m liu IimI iiii.Wt tlie nnin rvtsl):t
1 of an fair a.-.! I.it'ott rliartfi-il unO r
' INe liivkn of -t it- i'f T-x a. nnl
lit n mi- !i waivr 1 ma 1" mi tin 'lay
in, and within
t)n mho la ;nni:i!lv full
1'im) fret nf tin trac k or
grounds where,
ilh raie la run; provided, that thi
act ahall not be on..iriie,i to at any
h,,i,,( r
true the M.l:n of
In the mn.nw numticr of arnrnil-
ment tu the Terrell tli .tlnn bill were
ilojite.l. Hill wcut tj third reaJlnc.
but falle.1 to ret fou.-flftha vole lu
unix iiil rult au.l pan dually.
Hou! tDiiaume.l tu iirly all of Thur
day JliM-tiaslnic tax of lntaiiKllizl ai
act of corporation hill.
Ilouite aJop'eil free conference re
fort on house h.ll n p il.ii i up.it.-in
v on turn hunt, h.nikrrs. lawyrri
aud uVtitUt
Ona llra Klllr.t ami Threa I'aMan
rr anl r nlnr IiiJuiU
San Antonio. Mann 27. V nan-ml
- " - -
collision of two section of eahtboiind
passenger train No. 10 of the Southern
.. , i -. .... u Hi.M
rmlftr. iMi urreil at l.aioxte. a rtnall
atatlon alMiut twenty nillea west of
thta lty. The first mrtlon had stop
ped at the atatlon. and before it pull
ed out the Herond tuition tei'S( oped
the sleeper. Kl!l!tl a Mejlran passen
llll- till i 1" I . rw.iiii". .
ger and severely lnurlng three other
naaaeni-era. The engineer or tne ec
ond pt-i'tion, named yuinn. was badly
Section No. 2 wa destroyed by flro.
The dejhit burned also.
tVaa llarala aialka.
Clarksville. Trx.. Manh 27. Ml"
Jennie Stewart, a thirteen year-old
girl living near Anm-na. l mile esst
of here, was burned to death. She
and a companion were burning stalk
In a field when her clothing caught
fire and she was so badly burned be
fore assistance could be rendered that
she died In an hour or two.
Itatir Haras la !alb
Weatherford. Tex.. Manh 27 At
the home of Claude Kelly, near Spring
town, hi elghteen-mollths-old Sou
burned to death while the mothir wa
lafaal'a ! Inrlaaralail.
Tkrkville. Tex.. March 27.-The In
fant daughter of Frank Culpepper fell
lc a flro and both ll:ub were so badly
burned she died.
Itralh of Juil(e Nlaoarl.
Galveston. March 27. Hon. W. IL
Stewart, who 'for many years occu
pied the belli h of the Tenth district
civil court, died Thursday morning
Some tm da or two weeks since
Judge Stewart, white prm eedir.g '"
Isa- -tawa an t-'rli L -n with a fan',
itig tp-'!l and i n'.'.ap-i 1 In the co;j:.:y
coutt ho'.iM'.
I. I I atll Mini.
Mullen. T. x . Manh 27 Deputy
SherfT We'i h, wltii a pnv.e. while nr
n st;:,g Alien At -up. tin e-i ape con-
Vht five IlliVs W.-t of hen-, was stint
;n th- thigh Ai-'ip wa sin" in iu
rlgtit ilnriil'T Kill d:-d a few hoi:
la1' r.
l iiltir Ma.le lriillle.
Galv. -ton. Mar.h 27 -Fifteen diva
an nlhiAed in whtih to file iipp'.n i
t i. ii for a n !n -iring In the C iln -t hi
co:i;:i.I -l 'U c i"e. I'"H' e h.us been
twoin 111 Hi deputies.
I ru.l I. els I a'lrl.lllli. K3 "
Fnrt Wor'h. Manh 27 W. U. Fm-t
ef Cnmaii'lH- ti :i s t u recommi tid 1
by Ci.iign -man C, sp.e as a naval
c ad' t at Ann.ipi.lli.
Mutiir i sr I asually.
Mu-l.i g.-e. I. T.. Mar.h 27. -White
riding on u motor mr near here the
latter i nine In contact wl'h a pU'
and was ilera.li il. P. 11 n.iova:i and
J. 1 1. Zook. I"ih "f St. Iuils. were on
the car. ..ink was hurled forty f '
down the i inliaiiKtiient. but was un
injured, linn. nan's Ilea I struck a tie.
Hi skull wns laid bare, hi lipped Hp
was toin i ff. and h" was bruised In
liaraeil W illi i niilriniit.
Guthrie, ol ia.. Manh 27. Chh f
Justice IlufTord Iss'od an a'ta' l.i"' nt
order fur Sc.'ia'or llnkam nf I'.iM"
county, chatglng him wltli cniitemt''
of (iurt In failing to appear as suV
petiaed before the laigan count v g'a-id
Jury, to give evbleiii-H In th" Inv-'! : t
tlon Of alleged bin id I-Kg In (li.l.ll.olli.l
M iinmii I I.ijj.I lilt .
South Mi Ah t. r. 1. T.. M
i: . a '.'1
Ai companli d by hi r li''" ' ei
Daniel I'.arl. wiTe of a b ad lig M. '
1st tnllil-ter f (' ma I.l. Is In J a
1 fault of tl" i ,,,, , l.ntgi
adultery, She went to OklaVnpri
to benefit the health of the in
Earl, who ilc lares her limn. e;.i
a beautif il Wiouati. tab fit I m i
and i loi uti.itd. t i f tdg'i i tint.
Man anil Wife A.tilitwtsrti.
Ardmoie, I. T., March 27 Frnre'
Hare and wife were asn-o,na'c I s
Ravla, each being shot In the bret'
Hare was a istlltical lender amou tin
Slaail lleai lie.l al Helena.
Helena. Ark.. March 27-The rive
reached a stand hero with a stage n'
1.1 and no further rise U expected
Ar burprUa4 la I la Able la IMatlaf
Hauaita af Va-Uua Mlada,
New York. March 27.Another In
tucstliig demonstration of the power
of the acoustlcon ha been given In
this city by Inventor Miller lleeee
Hutchinson. Mr. Hutchinson srlectel
a4 subject (or experiments Inmate
of th" New York Academy for In
trui tlon of the pe-if and liumli.
Some had b"i u stricken - oti deaf
lie, at too early nn v to remem
ber w liat the no ailing of Mcmd was,
nd one girl In particular almost went
Into spa.-m of delight when the ear
piece was adjusted and she heard the
utiuliis of iiiu.ilc. Mark Twain was la
th" Ltf;e umlienie, as wat also Mrs.
ii;,.rK,. (H-wey, wife or tue aimirai.
t There was one vkeptlc present. Me
!was ile.if. but had no faith In the In
- .. .,,. .i,h In il
i . ...
vmtl'iii. so nuked to be put lu the
ihair This was done, and hi face
flushed with surprise when ha was
able to dUtluguifb "mamma" from
"papa." Mr. Hutchinson said "bell
to him and he repeated it.
the T hraatanr-l Ireutla Oter the Color
-Jaratrnn Mmoril liaaa
New Orleau. Manh 27. Tba
tiiii utened trouble over the color quet
tlon having slniniered down tho Na
tional Council of Women of the United
State opened their executive session
here Thursday and the general officer,
held their public reception at night
No negroes were present on clth-r oc
casion. .Mrs. .tiaj rum oeweu,
president of the luternatlotial council,
'said there had never be. n any proba-
ft. ill. w ..f ihn f. 1 1. hi, I -m-. gt a rf.I.irnil
casion. Mrs. May Wright Sewell.
bllltv of the attendance of a colored
woman at the social function. Simi
lar reception had alwa been slven
at the north, but on no occasion bad
a negro woman attended There are
only two colored women In the world
entitled to be present at the business
I ft...... .IJ Vlra U.w1t On
a. ri-'ii ii , , j
wa Mra. Yites of Missouri; the other
was Mr. Williams of thi city. Mr.
Yates could not come and sent her
talarslata Conitnarta raaamiatiera' Ulta
Longer Tlma la ramplalnl
Washluw!"". March 27 Tho Inter
atate commerce commission ha ex
tended until April 20 the time aet for
filing an answer to the petition of the
Cattle Kaisers" Association of Tfxaa
complaint, and the Chicago live tock
exchaoge Intervener to reopen It
case against the Kurt Wor'h and Den
ver City Kailroad company et al . In
volving the Chicago Terminal charges
The action follows a motion ma.ie uy
the railloads to vacate the order re
opening the ase for farther bearing.
Taylor I'uuail linlllT.
Lexington. Ky.. Manh 27. A sen
ation was caused here, tho Jury re
turned a verdict of three )ears In the
penitentiary Tor Dr. A. I'. Taylor, a
prominent physician au-1 the president
of the Industrial Mutual leposli rom
pany. one of the companies that went
to pu ces here a year ago The charge
was enibenlemetil my r.; ; i na'lng
the surplus fund to dividend when
no dlvldi ud ha I be. n .11 Hi .! There
an- thne i.inte tid.i liio iii ;n: .4 r i -1
Taylor. Fifty other sim.tar In li. t
ments are to be tried Uga.I.-t promi
nent t'-v
Ilia I ill.;.
I.fnt'in, M.fih
rrt-. - in i :i W. 1 1- t r V
Vfl.-i le.l.
27 Former Con-
Cm K ran of New
York w 11 M.t !"
alii" t,, lie prin-nt
d Irl-h Natl.in.itl'-ts
n ;u II It (or th"
ting il. I l-li land
In. I I'l lb" bouse
nt the i onvet:' ion
to be held l:i I ml
purpo-i- id i - i I
tin h:i-e I .il in"
Cif i mi. nn lis
mut tn't ! iv
F.rvpt until M
rluu.-ly aft-
I I - ,. ,i !. rs t ,1 S II"
tie warm 1 .'nate if
, a - t li I'm ' an- se
ii.i. it i
Tit: rniri r . r
Illinois i 'i i"
n:ng tia'n
the III l t'l'l
i .
. i.l
.i :'i
a I
a I'l 111
f otir ii-i.' I
fic ai i aiicem
ti tn. ption!
rmi I s t i n I.
Springs, Mi-
.. i li a ttaf
Ft i o vs.
11-.. of Hint
or II illy
f i inn
. t"
'-I Sri..letiiii4 I Mllittll."
pt Petersburg. Manh 27. The of
ficials of the iu.-lan foreign office
( hinai ti r.i tin- n port putill-li' d by a
new ng'-my lu the Cult" I State that
loon mi u wire killed recently In a
bnttlo on the Turku Persian frontier,
between tn i-1 i- trii.i of Kurd as a
"preposterous nt tin'h "
leHt of Meilran iN-piilr
Cily of Mexico. Manh 27.-Jnan.uln
Eseota. inettitier of the chamber of de
putl. s fir the first district of Jalisco,
died at Tnctibnya. a suburb of this
city. Mr. F.scota was connected with
tho court that sentenced Maxlmllllan
to death, nml had a long and honor
able political career.
lleinC eoiprreil.
Managua. Nicuragua. March 27.
Tl r.vohii li in which broke out at
lulgalpa lu the department of Contales.
Mrnrtigua arm tno river ran jimu m
In government hands. The govern
ment I conlldent that order will be
entirely restored within a few day.
New KpaiiLh MlaUlar of I'l nance.
Madrid, March 27 Senor P.odergoe?.
Ban I'i'dro. a conservative and lawyer,
has been appointed to succeed Finance
Minister Vlllaverdo, whose reslgna
Wedncsday wa due to tho demand of
the war, marine and other inlnlstera
for Increased expenditure.
Oatr Oaa riagaia rnlot.
City of Mexico, March 27. Blrnilcroa
la the only plague point In the Matat
Ian district that la causing any anxiety
now. Thcrn are eighteen patient In
the village, aoiue of whom may die.
;fr sale
Scoceaanr t Monroe Edg,
Real Estate Agent.
Will sell the
I'ochlla twe atory
llOllae rlieiip.
Will sell Iota In north wefrn part
of city. In colored people, Itial.U lot
at ".(X). corner lots nt :ifl On.
acre on WItoii -r.'- k fcrmwn a
Pearson pdaee. It) acre 'n rultlva-
tlon. All creek bottom land exeer.t
5 acres. (iiHtd piece for party vcatit
Iii7 small farm. (Inlnir etieap.
lion acre, pood er. ek iMittmn land,
fl tenant Louses, sjifl acres In cultiva
tion, all rich land, everlasting wafer.
Will sell for HO p r nere. or trade
b or'Ji aen s anywhere west of the
H ran i river.
IMaerea In Uellanee settlement, a
well of mwd water. mM seven-room
honae. Larn and rrlt. Mi acret In
cnltlvatliiii and tinder fence. Xo
fence around rest of Und. Close to
ioimI church and school. Will sell
for ll'iO. on rtr term.
IA acrea of land; 40 acres In cnlM
vntlon. l miles wat of town ; (fond R.
room hmiae, cribs and hama. well
of food water, a poe.,1 fence around
place, i lolnir at 0.
fW acrea of north comer of Hob
Johnson place, all under fence; 3!
acres In cultivation. 3 room house.
one cril and amoke-ltouae. foe or-
cliard. Selling' for . Easy terms.
Other lands tiM numerous to men
tion. J. W. Batts
IUth In lhrntT of Km9rH Bookl Of
IIIIPeftVUn.T lellrfl I Hie.
About lor, acra located one mile
from court house. 25 acres In cultiva
tion and balance In pasture. Fenced
with fl wires. Price 115-0.0.
bouttre and one-quarter acres
near aclio-r house, in southeast part
)ft"wn. Sn.allvW fottaga, tenant
sionse and well on premlsea. Price
Hlx room liomee and two lota of
mil located four block from
Ma, . ft reet. Hrtck cistern on pre
nlae. Price tfw.
()ne quarter block near Allen Aca
demy. East front. Price) $25).oo.
Tenna easr.
One half of a Mock near Allen
academy. Price $.V.im.
Is-tta near eehool house at IliO
A twin t 11 acrea of land on south
Sid of town. b-imhI new 4-roorjvhouat
with wo II. cistern and out-lmuse.
I'rice 11000.
4-room house, with pantry, hall
and two iralleriea. Tub cistern. Inir
ed well, stable and garden. locat
ed 4 MiM-ks from Courthouse. Kent
for ;n0 per month. Price o."si0i.
( ne-piarter block and po ! 4-ronm
house, garden. trchard and neces
sary outhouses; located In g I
neiiihlMirhiMul in northern part or
(own. Prlc ."i23.tO.
For oulck re'.irf from PlMousneaa,
ljk Heaia.-h. Tjr;.i Live r. Jaun
dice. Ditiii.evs. d ail trouble aruv
Ir.cfroTi an Inactive or jiucjUh liver,
D'e.'llt' Lf.lo Lar, K.cr re un
equalled. They act rrarr.rt'y ani never ertpe.
Th.sy are o dainty it-.at it is a pltaiur
to take It em. O: 9 U to aot a
n-.l'.4 laxative; Uo cr four ct a
plea-xant rl elective i a'.har'.lc. Thry
are purely vej-tsbl9 ni absolutely
barmleu. Th-y U:Uc the liver.
t.finio esiv v
E. C. DsiWtit k Co.. CHicaejo
Sold Hv Dr. N. M. McPOFH ! j
MAKING! oM.inJ'.n'l nY
Muttreea Maker, f tiers his .errlce. to the p'''1"'
sad will gevota bi whule oai. in Bistrrss Biak
log anJ Ml airing (Ud mattra. oeihaul- l
and mail g-4 a. sew. ( WU tm a call. X""
rs found .1 tleo, XV. Sn.lth'a i.tT..-.. W
I am prepared to clip horse aril rlo liora rlentsl
. - . . . .. iw a m avlll
i.ra, i-aMratinii, eie. nnj ..i.e-. - -till,
i.n.rri t and oarful attai llun. Al lh faif
rcuna., Hrvan. .i M. L. tOO".
UluL) ....Pari
Next door east CUT Nallonit Hank.
tl'UJ HATH!.
Your pslmsags',! tollrltnl.
Earl v I

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