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at re-
choice meat
this market,
.m nicely flavored stcaK
wrrtibut buy.njj that which ha
beea kept on Ice until it ha no
Who would live in a garden full
of nice fruit and vegetable and
buy canned joud to eat? ? ? ? ?
Wc slaughter good t.eevr. drcn
them nicely and cic our c isto
mer omclliiii choice. Won't
you Rive u a trial ???????
Jeff D.
On account of bad health, I nlTr
(or a.il my (.trni nud pasture land
two ftihl ono-luilf mile west of town,
nbnt flvo hundred acres, under good
new IKe-wiro fenco. Three Ihiii.-h
ti pUc, lar.pi barn, elht Iiok alied.
Forty acre fenced ho proof. Have
well and windmill, and a crck rum
through th place that never ip's
dry. TIimi huti.lri-d acre pasture,
two liuinlr.il acres i.f wliicli u welt
Set With llerilllld KfHuii. hec III" for
price ami t-rin. Will ! I nl it lmr
line hoii'lrt'il in ad if hoi.' uinl a
hundred hfud of cuttlo for sale with
the place, or tlm place for oil'1 with,
out tin? hoj and cattle. '.'Vl-19
Chas. Knoblauch.
wl b JJ ....Harlot
N-t door aaat Cltr Nation il Rank.
Vur pt"i : la wlleltJ.
"Oak UP tlli' .vt II i I Nk1
J, W. dlatts
est re
:.1,.H nivnili1 of -v.ra i H
Hi it 1 1' l.i.i I l i -..
k of
r : su.r..
Altoilt li fte.ia located oil" mile
'mill court hoii4rt,25 acre In cultlva
il'i'i it, rl lit! mi" In p;iiiiro. !'i i
lth rtwlre. Pi ice II&O.ik).
b'iit ii till i'im-'ju irtvr '
i. ut .'lri" hoii ill lU'l'i'itit j'jtrt
'twu. !t..1I ..c w cottage, li rant
n-ise an I well on premises. Trior
f 7.'t.
tin ro:ni lion aiul two lots ol
ground located four block firm
Wain ,utret. Ilrtck cistern on pre--nie.
Ono half of a Murk near Allen
aca l-iny. Price 0Oi mi.
About t'l t'li'i of In iiil on aonth
SI lo of town, good now 4 -room house
with wtdl, cistern and uit-lionnf.
I'ru-o eiw.
4 room !io'io, with I'.tntry, hall
mi 1 1 wo ifHlli-rlo. Tul) i-Uti-rn. hor
oil we. I, htal! and uardiMi. Inn-at.
, i 4 tilix'k from t'oiirilioii!'. 1 1 it
for J "0 per moi,t1i. Irti WV' i.
I'Iib Jon It ltM honi" jdaiM-; oih
itiart r hlork of urouml and i room
t wo-ntory fr.in dwelling I'JVI.
Him lulf Idork of uround adjoin
Ug the 1 I! lMari't Mare l'rli'
II. U. DOKSli , Trop.
Firat-claxa Hotud Cold Q I T I 0
Mm w r and Vapor UI1IU0
r ranr It la
-i tie. Th wbola
and comfortnM
-ane ilea in the greatrtt
tenraa and the leant pnl
.aranee or rurry. Tartloa. luon
al roua a urea la bonte.' tc, N a
aara prelude to a happy and rutild re
leaae. If you hara nothing to d.s lure
aay ao at once and at the aanie time be-
ln to open your bag and Uixen. In
l nine eaaea out of ten thla will bare the
t effort of making the officer chalk a(J
I your boxea without a word. A llftlo
Joke, too, about the abaurdlty of Im
porting anything into ao perfect a coun
try aa Franca or aome auch mild Jeat
will often go far to put you on the bent
Of terma with tha dotiauler. Itut above
all thing be polite. Itenictuber that lu
France you cannot lay it on too thick."
II rtaatl J4ata.
That tnaecta think la the tiellef of a
French neurologist who baa been mak
ing careful obatrratlona of anta and
beea. He thtnke that, between tb
idraa of the naturallat who regard tn
aecta aa mere automaton and those of
tint man who treat them aa humanly
Intelligent, there la a happy medium of
common nenw, and thN he ha tried to
attain. Ilia obiNrvatloii4 teach him
that, although inoiit of the act of in
awta cau lie explained by limtlnrt
there nmlu what he call "hiiihII
plnattc Judgmcnta" by which they
avoid dtfflrtiltlrH and Htecr Ihelr way
beyond daiip-r. The dlivi tive faculty
of beea eepeciatly and tlu-lr woiulerful
memory for plav can Imntly lx ei
pnineil on the theory of autoiiiHtUm.
l'Uln the Mater.
A curlou niethml f prodncim; pbt
Ilium I n-H)rtiil to tw iirnctli-cd by the
Inhabitant along tha Tura river, In
Tonmk. Kltierla. They call It "plowing
the water." A raft la constructed, ami
fastened to It la an Inclined gutter of
board, which at It lower end I pro
vided with an Iron plow. While flout
ing down the river they ernM or plow
Ita bottom. The aaud acrnped out fall
Into the gutter and paxaea Into a tub
filled with pine Ixiugh. upon which
plutliiuin U deported. The aaud ot tlx'
Tura river and lta trllmtarlea I ao rb h
la platinum that even thN primitive
pmdiu'tlon U printable to the peasant.
"Tat rietarra al Oaer."
r A well known liiiilwnpe iulnter w.i
buay "daflilin; In" the color of a nn
ct. The tint were hurriedly conveyed
fMn tuV)e to pub-tte and from palette to
canvait, for the artist wa anxloiM to
cateli the effect.
A riMtli'. at.inilin by nhnerved the
openitlon rr a little w lillainl thm re
luarkid: "Ah. ym be a p:iintl:iir two
pb'tlir.' Ht M.i- Tl.:i'4 clever." He
J.aii.! a lu-.ti . ti nn I tin ;i hl-irre l out,
"I lit." th.it .l.-trre U T. the i.n yi'ta
r"t Jour tU,:i..1i thro i.-!i!'- I.oi.t.,n M
(Vlotrlr4 (alria.
I'.iyil'in. ii.. i 'rjf.i hlatorii-al
lilitef i .. v r 'it. overcuiue by deht.
: .; !.' m'mI Ingrjtinid. laid
i'.iv n (in- I.rrish uU wM.-b h' wi at
u.i'k h I , i... i -rn.it effort. "A!frl
.4fi. I (! '1 ;! .y Jury." wrote with a
ile.i.tr li.i'il "Mretrli me ho lonC'T
1 1". i iii r i uli nrhl." and th.-n with
:i f I l. i' ..it ;iii end t h! utihiipy
i'i i-.-n. .
I lr.l rrlaa Traaklr.
Vi l er u jm unit iiarry hara
(j'lur vh . , Mre yon, HorteiiM? What
I ti' iittT-' I iid be fliiil fault with
the i in.klii':
oiiiii; Wife K ilililnifi .No. in no. m
Tin. My r-i ouKiiijt aiiita htm well
eiiiiii-h, l i:t he .i) I'm I'm all
wrong on ;he milij.-t of bnt!aiu.
fhl.'iuo TriiiiMie.
1h of (he
rlie I o r n.. r lln the
ilitf iiroiunl in ii !a 1 1 : i
ihte khoiv, liMik
ioh! Where'a
ill tin- r.Hlli n,-ikcY
'Hie ni . r I urn ,v Mlnrnn d, my
frli-n-l lt' iihlv our llvlllir akeleloii
I aii.1.
ring from the ague, ymi
Ar due to Induration. Ilh.ety-ntna of avary
ona hundred ;o! who hav heart troubi
can remnnber when It as alnr.pl lnd'rsa
t on. It ii a iJleiiiiflo U: that all caae ol
heiil dliitio, r.ol oicai.ic, are not only
tf:elle to. but an in direct remit of Indl
CSMion. All loot t.i:.-:, h tj tl.a atomach
which Ulls o( re-(. t .i i.rst on fermantaand
.:Vi lii MOJ'u h, t Hill ,-, It up lltt th
I. Th l:iter!ei-i wuh ilia action ol
the heirt. and in th tou: a ot lima thai
ii':.'i'a but vl'.al o:L4ii become dlaeajed.
Mr. O.KuM of turtle. O. .(.: IKadMnmart
:.ru a nd wtt ii a l-1 .a .a I Ki4 Kaarl tm,tA
..Oi ii. I Li- Ki.Ij j-..4 C'.n lot aboia Ivm
r mi.l tnj ii .'! ma.
Kodol Ll.je'.ti What You Cat
and relieve t!. ticm. h ol a. I nervou
train and In hsart of a'l pleasure,
vauaatair. i op sna i. i.,rf j( i;m.,
aa. ajh.h km I r lit,
Yatttr bf K. 0. UaWlTT CO., CHI0AQO
S .l I !.y Dr. N. M. Mc Dol ll.M,!)
One of V'O acre, ii mile North of
llryitn on Dllhihlmw Tap road.hpli ii
ditl liiiprovi ineiil; ono of W' urn
live mil. from town on aaiin road,
Joiiilm; tlm laat named, well liu
proved. One 7 mile from town on
the Madiaouville road, 30) acrea,
well Improve,!. Will tell either or
all, or will trade fur Itryau property,
See wSJ
raaalllav aaalallaaa ! PaaVa.
Ito aud Burn are reapectlrely the
author of more familiar piiraae than
anybody alae but Hhakeapeare lu nuxl
rra time. Here ara a few of l'oieV:
"Khoot folly aa ahe Ale," "Hoiie arlnK
eternal In the human breaat," "Man
never I but alwaye to l bleaaeil."
"Whatever la, la right," "The proiar
liuly of mankind I man," "Grow
with hi growth and atrengthena with
hi atrengtb." "Order la heaven' flrat
law," "Worth makea the man and want
of It the fellow," "Honor and ahame
from no condition rlae; act well your
part-there all the honor Ilea;" "An
honeat man'a the not. lent work of
Ood." "Thou wert my guide, phllov
pher and friend;" "Kvery woman I at
heart a rake," "Woman at beat a con
tradiction till." "Jut a the twig I
bent the tree'a Inclined," "Who ahall
decide when doctora dlaagreeT" "A III
tie learning la a dangeroua thing." "To
err la human, to forgive divine," 'Tteau-
ty draw u with a alngla hair," "Fool
ruih In where angel fear to tread."
Damn with faint pralne." "The many
headed nionaler."
Baraa llawth'a Hal.
Th atory of the luck of the Howth
la well knowv, and down to very recent
time no member of that family would
permit a rat to be put to death. Itwa
aid that about the yenr 17.V) the twen-ty-alxth
Karon Howth wna giving a
banquet to hi friend when a rat ruh
ed Into the hall, followed by aever.il
dog, and, Jumping on tl.a table, at up
before Ixird How th a If appealing for
protection. He aaved In life, and from
that moment It never iiulticd him. At
laat he aet out on a foreign tour, accom
panied by hla brother, w ho perau iibsl
him to leave the rat liehlnd.
Hitting In a hotel at Marseille, the
door auddenly (lew cmmi, aud the rat,
dripping wet. came crawling lu aud
went Rtruight to the (Ire to dry Itself.
l.ord llowth'a brother, enraged at the
Intrusion. aelzl the poker and dnitlieil
out the rat' brain. "You have mur
dered nie:" eiiine.l lird Howth and
lUHtantly fell down and expired. Lon
don Tit Itltt.
Taaa la a MaU.
If you oke about the (Miner of a
gantcu you will aoou underatand, any
the (.union, how the atorlea of toad
Imprtaoiicd In a aolld rock arlae. You
hardly ever Und a toad lu It eh.men
retrat without wondering how It man-
agil to get In ami how It propo- to
get out ngain, and our anvtora en
lirincd thli batrachlan habit in the
phrnHi "toad In a hole" a the name of
dlh In which a piece of meat !
baked lnihle a batter, with no vWble
Ilii'aiiH of i iitrnli.- or exit. Thla pectll.
lar faculty .f the totid for bury ins him
aelf without leavir..' a tra.-e U-hln.l li
due to hta Ui'-k of burrowing h i. k-
wil, ;i a rrsb ibx a. hi atMior hind
lejrn ahovel!t4 t!ie e:irh f rw anl until
he la covered.
Haw Truabl Irfia.
Two young mothra uwt for the flrat
tnie on the atreet after their youni
hopeful li.l l beTin f. get their t.-i'tl..
and atM'.'hf s ny there waa a volume f
baby talk.
"DM your lltt one rnt !ii t-th far
apart?" akd the woman In white.
"I ihotiM aay not," Indignantly an
werl tli woman In bine. "They
raniw In very evenly ami close together
Tu mn baik for yourv-lf If you don't
believe me."
It took a great riM more talk to
auare matter, and then they sep
arate.!, after saying gotxlhy only om-e
pe-e. - IMrolt Free I'reas.
T I hraala f raaaa.
One of the ways to get Into swell so
ciety la to butt lu thnnigli the turf or
the tan bark the ra.-e track or the
horse show. A i-ertaln well known man
ha slnn.ly spent rs,ai on the tnn
bark w Itbout ienrtratlng the outer cu
ticle of the hallt tnolide, and when hn
ha fnt another $.Vi,ii 1. will still
lie butting. There are two craze w hlch
cannot 1 cured -i lie crn.e for auMiety
and the ra.e for political oltlre. -New
Tork Press.
Ma I'lar far I haa fharllr.
"Sir," iM'tan the beggar, iii'proii.iilna:
a proiiieiiader on liongtoug siiare, 'i
am In distress" -
"Here's a nickel f.r you." said the
proinriiiiilcr. profT.-rinK the coin.
"Pnnloii me." repli.il ti,.. U-mir
s. hi nf ully. "hut I cannot invent any
thing h as than n dime on ii fashionable
Stn-et like this." lilllmlctphlll Press
Ilrallh sail Wrallli.
i he Atiii'i ji nn dllsiiii-ss man of the
pn-sent day speiiils his health to gain
wi-nlth n ml then liniiieiliati'ly start out
to sh-ii. his wenlih In regaining hi
heslth. Hilt f. In Tally he Minis the first
feat chili's piny In ci.nipnilsnii with the
eronil I '.n III huh Ann rlcan
I ha Inallsa nf It.
r-Vhiit is mi In. Hun's
Pupil A a.piuw.
Teacher 'orrect.
Imlliin's dndy called'
Pupil A Kipiaw k.
tlan Itegister.
Now what Is
r I'lintim 'til la-
"I've got ii new Imi.v at my house,"
said the burlier proudly, na ,,. began
operation on the fa-u iM-fore him.
"Thai's my fourth."
"All little shaveis, eh?" said the lath
ered customer.- Ilaltiluore American.
Thvaa llualua Parlala.
hlraiiger I would like to have a tooth
Iientlst A man who would like to
have a tooth pulled must be a lunatic,
tines you'd better go to the nearest
asylum.-Iloston Transcript.
The wont feeling In the world la the
homesick nea that come over one oc
(lonally when be la at home. Atchl
aoa (lleba.
nc i in w
What Haaaeaa Kaaw
Rana Wkltl kamaaaa la.
The anatomy of th nervona ayitem.
and roneuently Ita phyatology, waa
reganlel In th at aa very alinpla.
Cayal allowed that the apecltlc brata
eell I an lndeHndent unit provided
with multiple proceae, by meana of
which it la capable of acting not
through one nerr alone, but aeveraL
Thla Independent brain unit or eell U
eallrd a neurorf. A aiinnle lllnatratlon
of how the neuron work I furnlahed
by our not lnfreuent bunt for a nam
or an Idea w hich we know we Maea.
We feci that the name I there, but w
cannot recall It. We get varioua name
near It, beginning even with the aam
letter or the ame vowel sound, yet
only after minute or even hour doe
It nctiiully occur to u.
What I auppoHcd to luippen I that
the particular cell of Intellection which
we are using throw out Ita proceaa
among the cell of memory for numea.
and though thla proceaa ! brought In
connection with cell containing aim
liar name. It I only after a more or
lea prolonged acanh that It hit on the
right one. It I a If tha telephone op
erator lu the central olllce felt around
blindly for the connection wanted, and
only after putting the plug Into varlou
boh- eventually atrui k the proper one.
Dr. JiMteph Walnh In Hooklovrr
Th Klaal l.aa Prarlta.
What become of the lend xtnclla la
aa Inaolvable a problem a what be
eomea of plna. No one ever really uc
tip lead )cnil; no one drink them, ao
to apeak, to the very dtvga, nnleaa It la
one of thoae admirable miiIo who
keep Journala and caah roi-oiinta and
who naiiiillr curry a aort of peuhohlcr
arrangement In wbicli they Insert a
half length mmu-H and go on and on
liking it and shurpening it until It l all
gone. Very few HSiple ever get penclU
worn down n far a it half length.
They lla;i.. ar Ik fore that atage la
reached. What becomes of them all?
Huudrcd of thoiiaand of them annu
ally are lent tu young children aud
never mvii ngain. but wbut do the chil
dren do with them? ! thev cat them
up? Fiwallily.
EveryNMly ha seen lead encH tha
upH'r end of which have lieeti chewed
Into a I. null, but children do not pos
se such iMtrlch Momurha aa would
enable them to conannie nil the x-n.il
that ill-:i.i ai
The (.Inontf Srnlrlea.
To and fro tun nil the si'iitritM In
fnint of Mtii kinghnm pal.u-, meeting
face to fa.-e for a moment slid then
separating without a wonl. a if their
I feud vri. too di"i-p for eevh. Till
Japectaile la watched with sympathetitf
lliten-n by Aineiican tlaitor. who oi'
caa.on.dly intervene. The a.-ntiica were
: glaring ut each other one inoriiliu a hen
; a atranwr at.itiding cloae .y reniarked.
; "I'ollie. U.ya. make H up:" Another
An.vrl.-an prr.po to heal tha breach
with it l.ttle friendly con versa tiou.
; "Say. iii-s your king live hi re?" be
opened genially. The two wntrle
stanil Impassively and then resumed
their truiop. I'p came a pollivmao.
. "'ii I tell you anything, air?" said lie.
"Tea." answered the American. "Tell
me ,y these young heart are silent
and win1 Anyhow, why can't they
whistle. "We never ieiik when we pas
by?'" I.ot!ilon rhmnlcle.
The l.aar aa liar aaa.
There la a wiisherw ouinti lii Prla
wlm 1 In great trouble Two year ago
he had a tight with her Im-hnnd. in
the course of which so much skin w
taken fmm her nose that some new
hud to be grafted on. Itecently she
made the horrifying illscowry that a
fine mat of hair wu growing In her
Hew nos,' mid then learned that the
doctors at ttie hospital who had treat
ed her had must skin from a human
scalp for grnfMiig purpose. The poor
washerwoman then went to the court
to ask for a divorce, urging cruelty a
cause. herausi t via her huslmnd
brutality which took the oiii:inal skin
off her in. m lilt It rc-iilled In the
grafting, the hair and the rl.ll. ule of
her llellili.irs.
I raw qallla Hat ikr Ural rraa,
A iilll Kti milker says Hut no p,.n
Will do us tine writing ii Hie crow
liilll. It reUite I he assistance f N
tnlcrosiiipi' to make n proper pen out of
such a until. Iml when made It I of
wonderful ihilrncy. The luicnetrople
wrltliig told of Iii dooks of literary cu
riosities was nil done with n crow ipiill
The steel ns of the present have very
fine point. I. ut siiini ii.iw finer point
can be given to ii 1 1 1 1 1 than has ever
Im-cii put mi a siis-l pen, ani for delica
cy iioih.ng can e.iial Ii
Young Wife (rather ti.-ri nil ilyi - Oh,
took. I must really speak lo you. Your
master is always complaining, iineilny
It la the simp, the second day It Is the
fish, the third day It Is the Joint In
fact. It's always something or other.
1'iMik iwllh fi-elingi Well, mum. I'm
sorry for you. ( must M ipnlc haw fill
to live with n ui'litli-tiiau of that suit
l o ml. .ii Piiu.il.
(aHmaa'a llalarl.
Iras. II. le Old lielilleloall (putting
head nut i.f four wheeler that I crawl
ing uloiig at tin lln. 'oils, billable pair) I
.iy. cabby, we're not going to u funeral.
I'nbl.y ipr pllyi No, hii.I we ain't
goln' to no bliHiinin' lire either - Lon
don lit Hits.
Ultllo'a nedtlmr.
Willie-Pa. If N war ship Is railed
she" why Isn't It a woman of war?
Father-It's your bedtime. Willie.
Poton Post,
Au orator or author I never urcc
ful until he ha learned to make hi
word smaller than hi Idea.-Emer-on.
r rt Duor.to t , . .........
v,. v.. i nnouiw, rropnetor,
BaUrna, RadUa
AU PUvor. Wbolataj aad.JUuu Jaotadtaj
Ginger Aie, Cherry and Celery Phophate, Peppo-Phate.-Root
Deer, Iron-Urew, Seltier ana Mineral Water. "
Crowa Cork 8ria, Hutoktatoa.-aad Cort-8ioppar4 Oooda la plats aad'qaart.
"Ltnot elaallaM aad nlfona qaaUt of irxxta, praapl aad eorraot aarrlo
lo la ail.'
Rexpectfully solicit the trade of Bryan and lurrounding territory.
tM4Attrmaittr.tatttatHavao owtamimtiammmrmm
' . "' " 'MMMMMW found at the
same othce and will Rive hi entire time to the Insurance busincti
Lite, Accident and Sick Benefit Insurance for lxth
men and women, in fraternal and Straight Life Insurance com
panie of which I represent the Lest. I Call upecial attention lo
"Friend-in-Need Societv"
Every nun and woman in good health U eliiMe for memlicnhip
f muler fifty. rive yeara old. Many now are enjoym the lienrfiu
i nf life insurance, that would not if not for my efforts.
can le preserved hy iif;lit living. Gie n itu'r the as
sistance of the practiced pharmacist when it is needed
and ou will tiii.l it economical as well as physically
ami iren'ally lencficial.
a lettir place to buy
and scciiie accurate
preset iption woik than our store. We kerp tvery
thinj: in the Iitt. tli! U I II (J IillO
M. H. JAMES rXr"1
C 0tattititta.t.iiti..
Haswell's Book Store
Headquarters For All
Kxchanc agency for Slate Adopted Hooks. Prices on Repu
table Ci ood s as cheap as the cheapest.
Kupion is sold hy th 'ollowing dcalcrj;
Tlio nru Orocery fo; Kdice Hroa; Handera Hroa. A Co
Cole Hroa;Thoa. W. Hla; (leo. W. Illirga; Clarke
Fountain ; Cox A Odnin; J no. M. Lawrence
Co; V. K, Maunder; Danahy A
Danahy; Howell Ilrothera.
J. II. Mawhlnney,
Ji. . (rsT1 BBV..
WWWO 00000000
ia4 fcialppcsl hu ,
raOtatetaXaa ana 4ktktarr m
'ou will he unal lc to tird
pure drugs
on atititamsTitatKitatsntatKstaiBtiTiTititO
Sot Ahnt Pi fut toil f'utr 1 J
Man ho lhntii;ht that noty Soma mad a
bvuahnuta, ( -a. Cuoklaa, Wafrra, vie,
r It lo eat. hat a rhangrd lhir miada
in.ii Uallnf ours. Thr arv fousd aa k
auisror lo anrlhlng nxlu. rd tj lb
lmlir cook.
Hrs. Otto Boehme. 1
Tlio Best on Earth. 0
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