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1 -aaaaj.
.oil home killed mcati lcat re
frigerated stuff II holler.
There's plenty of choice meat
right here to supply this market,
with good nicely flavored steak
without buy.nf; that which hat
been kept on ice until it ha no
Who would live in a garden full
of nice fruit and vegetable! and
buy canned goodi to eat? ? ? ? ?
We slaughter good Iccvcs, dress
them nicely and serve our custo
men something choice. Won't
you give us a trial? ??????
Jell D.
J. W. Batts
rUMla'.ofll"elhoolrsetof Abain-t Boi of
til t' Jt Count Lin t Title.
About lu-'i acn located !t mil
frm court house, 25 acres in cultiva
tion ami balance tu iit tire. IV need
with 6 wlr.n. rricc siaO.tO.
About it e an I oii-iu.rf r seres
near achoJ.Iiou In aoutlent part
jftiwri. Su.att...M cottage, feniint
ouae anJ m fit ou jiriMiileea. I'-l-e
7 JO.
HIk roim hoti an-l tw. lot of
tou-vI IocaNi.I four blooks frti!
.vlsiti Street. Hnrk cUferu on jt
niii.a. i'l-lceflSoO.
Ono Imlf of a Mock near AIlin
academy, l'rici
About II acres of Uv'f'V 'iT
Side of town, ifoo,t near 4-rM'rnoue
with well. eWf'Tf auil out-lioii.
J'rlce f 1000.
4-room. Jrmiae, with gantry, ball
and tsr.i-allerU-s. TubcUtem. bor
ed Vll, Kta'.ilo Hud cardeii. I-oeat-(1
i bbcka frmn t'ourbu. It"tita
for ,.l.iO per tnontli. l'rico $(5V).0.
The Jo U It-'d homo I'l l'1; ne.
quarter Mock of k'ntuiiil and room
two-atory frame dwidllnir 12"k
OtiHbalf tibck of uroiind aljom
Inir the D l"Maret place Trice
On account of bad health, I oiler
for nab-my farm an I patur land
two and otic-half mile west or town,
about live biiii'lr-Hl acp s. under irood
new live-wire fence. Tlirce hoiiaca
on place, lnru'e liar ilit bo'lieU.
Korfv Keren leiic I bv ppMif. Have
wcll'mid wliidnill. and a erei k runs
through tbc place tbat never Koea
lry. Tbr-e bun lr d acre pa-lure,
two bumlreil ncri H of wbicli In well
net with r.erniu I l ra-.i. S. e me for
prices ai d ternn Will Hell at a bar-
Olio l.iltldMd I e;.l of bo and a
buii'lrcil head of cattle for nab- it!i
the place, or tb-' place f'-r "ale w itli-
ut the li'v'i and cattle. 'J'i-VJ
Chas. Knoblauch.
cj-" NKW VHRU-
OMct and Strongest.
Write policies on airde-1
sirnble plans.
0:b-c with Or. J. L. Fountain
,Y, - ..-ill tlr I I. Fount. tin
111'. VAN, TEXAS.
I'hont J30. Notary PuMic.
aOfV up lUI'i r Burl N'irnl.
imiqration In
n Hour.
yt. :. WUXam Cajlar
and John Falconer of Do
.i!larit itcgat) (o the congre.
. r i '1.t rf Commerce of the Km-
!'r v. t. cn lhlr way to Host on tt
fur home were detained ter
hi'.n tjr on Immigration Inspector at
'ev f.ori. Vt . lcnue they fulled ID
fn; .i. r U; rMlr. medical rrrtin
r:il'. The ix-cnrrence, when reported
hrv cm-il in in tt lomnirnt.
Ship Ashore.
San K.ar.rlern. Sept. M. Merchant!
exihaiiiie reMirt thut an unknown ship
I ashore nn (kcun Heath, all mllea
ninth of !!,! i'IiIT House.
For Wife Murder.
Htl-tnl. Trim.. Srpt. JS Olifton Uran
bam wan linigl nt Wise for the mur
der of hi wife.
Street fair at Kaufman. Tex- was
Much cotton Is hclng unloaded al
Kaufman. Tea:., has organized a
commercial club.
Governor Lanham hai eo far pardon
ed twenty-two convlctsf.
Assessments of Hot Spring. Ark.
; have been rained over ir.no.ooo.
A woman and haby were found In a
hut near Austin. Tex-, dying of hunger.
V. J. lire, five yeara old. died at Chi
cago of loikjjw, resulting from vacci
nation. In a dynamite explosion at McDonald.
Pa., one nun wj killed and another
Senate committee on Indian affair
will visit the Indian Territory about
Oct. M.
C. V. Hunmiel of Pari", Tex., has a
lao-yeur-old leinon tree with nineteen
! lemon nn It.
Mls Minnie Hauer a ntru( k by a
trolley rar at Chicago and her boJ
hornbly mangled.
The aeven-ye.ir-old daughter of Joha
Lange. nenr I-i ('.rang. Ti x , waa kick
ed to death by a home.
Mayor of Mattoon, III., ha been In
dicted on twenty-nine count, charelnt
him with nialfe:mane In office.
The New Turk police-man who aa
aulted and arlouly Injured a Texai
Kugle during the convention ut Ootharr
ha been discharged1.
Kt l'ai (h)il( I in removed parti
cle of nkln from limb of Mr. Mari
Lewi and grafted them uoon her
acatp. Her scalp waa torn off by ma
chinery. DeWITT'S
)VVVcIl Known Cure for Piles.
Cursj obotmatj sorts. .r.J;viei kar.da. e
ls na.s'K:ti j'-eait-. V. r.ts turr.i'andaiaidJ
pain!eM. W cou'.l r.Jl i r.rr&va the quality
II pa:i double t.ia pnc. Taa bsst salve
tha: expM;ac3 cn pa'lurs or that r.oney
can buy.
Cures Piles Permanently
DeVltt's la th original and only pura and
jenulne W;trh H:l Salve mad. Look (oe
tha name DeWlTT on every boa. All othsu
arc counterfeit. niniiDir
S.d.lby Dr. X. M. McDOl UALD
(From Mineral WtlU, Toiaa)
A beautilul complexion is obtained
l?y the ue of this water Nervous
nesii is ut once iclieved. A well
stomach makis a well man. A
specific cure f it the appetite, for all
alcoholic beverages. Sound, sweet
sleep is obtained from the use of
thi sater. This watvr curei female
d'seases, nervous troubles, kidney
:tnI liver nifeitions, bi.iotisncss and
lost of appetite. On sale nt
Dr. K. 11. U:irtion, At.
I M i '? .") l.i Ti . lllile Xorth of
ltrvan on !i!la-hav Tup roail. spleii
ilid iii'proem nl; ot f -?. acres
live mile frmn town n mime road
lolninir tl.e lift named, sveil ini
proved. One 7 utiles frmii town on
f e Ma.lNniivUb' road. "."Vi acres,
w. ll Improvi 1. Will c!l either or
nil. or w ill trade f,r llrvan property.
See wo:
I Neil door e City N'ttlontl nam.
UIU1I ISA illl
Your patroniO1 Mllolteil,
FIrat-clasa Hotland.Cold Q I T M 0
Sho sr r and Vapor D 11 I II U
Ilor One Iliindrr-dth Anniversary It
Iritis Knnt'iiiU'irHl.
iBi-y are I.I tin as Thrlr axerstuit
Hid, aed lhi.ilads Oe rat I
Macula I'erk te Look al
the Red Mra.
ChUagn, Kepi. TS. The releUretlnn if
Chl ago'a centennial annttreraary tM-gan
8aturday and lontlnue ala days. The
exercNf tire to end with a civic maw
meeting el the Audltuilion. at whl I
the mnyors of eevrnU of the large)
cities In the tountry are tu be heard.
The piograimne prepared by the execu-
tte committee contains epeclal feature;
for each day and a great number of
vlaltora are antlitpaUd- The Indian
ahow at Lincoln park, where all tribe
of Indians live aa their anreatora lived.
la the center of great Interest, the inoi
roicr riaawoat ino tcaita aimi.
prominent feature being the pren,
among the re(ife-rlliv- of the nil
tribe of I't.arlee Pokngnn. a descend
ant of nilef Puk.iffon. wbo once rulef
over I'hltMiKO Nine tlslorli: tublrtt
have teen put lu r'cv Mie ceremonlrt
being lieid In tbe public library building
Mayor llanlsoii delivering Ihe ad.lieo
or vidcnm on tiehalf or I be cltr. Tbi
treel preei-nt a ual.i appenrar.ee. pub
He tiiillilliiK and bulne. houea tx-llij
labornti lt ilei orated
Turkish Soldier Continue to Perpe
trte Awfol Atro,itiea.
MoTinslir Macedonia. Sept. rG . !'no
ha f il ii on ll' blKher nioiinl.tii
r u i''" iind eef.ie iioint eltlier ..
Uieir til lin : place.x r rtun. r yie.il
liinNliiin. Tinkl li triHijui ini.tinue le
l.mi:litii' r-futf"" bo return to ttieli
former bono it tbe Invitation of In.
goviriillient. hb h pniiil-"l I hem pro
V'i'J'l- Neir the xilhit of Soialali
In the fieistiborlinod of Heana, tn'p
found fifteen relumed refugee uoik
ln in a field They boon 1 (heir baml .
droe them into dita hea und tn.ie'.iiied
fourteen of tbe peasatitJ. One of then
survived hi wound. Kefngee n inner
subseiiently dlecovered the bodleM and
rarrld the eurvlvor before the lieutenant
g;oertior of lEesna, bo refue. to he:u
hlM etory. One hntnlrrd and twrnt
ISulgarlarus. including four prleta. whe
tiae been exlbil by Turkuh author!
ties, left Mouastir.
Yet Uncertain.
Washington, re-pt. : The withdraw-
al of American watehlps from Helrul
eema unlikely for the present In view
of a cablegram received at the state
department from Mlnlnter Ialwhtnn
at Constantinople mating that although
advices from llelr it Indicate the situ
ation Is quiet put now, nothing like
permanent order has been enubllahed
Mr. Ulnhman says the it .te of affairi
there may yet t' regarded aa um-er-taln.
Beirut Quiet.
Wnshlnfftnn. Si pt : Itear Admiral
Cotton, rommnndlng the Korotxer
squedrnn. cables the navy deputtnn-nt,
under date of Pslrut. Sept. .:, that le.
rut was iiilet ti nd that Ihe im of Ihe
Ameikan vice runsul le Mill pending
Prefident Buchanan Prtticled Over
Structural Workers' Convention.
Kan? nty. P pt. ?I -fresld.-nl
r.iiibuiian of tbe International Ilrtdge
and Slructural Iron Workers' union
ag.i'n aosumed ihe b ilr Saturday
morning and called the convention to
rdr. II" had luxurd a call Krldav
nlfht far a nieetlng Saturday- Hefoie
entering the l onvetillon. etlll being held
beblnd cloeed doois, Mr. ldnhanan re
fined to dl uei imv jiba" i f tbe nttu
atlorv Prldiv nt the hoti-l be ile
flared that tbe einn presided ovr by
I'aike' rrvd b!ili bad unr.ite. tele.
gate Ilropbv, hold n n proxy fium
ticiunton, was ini enntliuilonul
Died From Injuries,
I.eulnvlile, Sipt :I.fi.iirs Miriball
died from he effin t of Injurlr sua
tanned several tt-cka ago In an an.iu.t
alleced to have tieen committed ty II
l". Illte, who, according to Ma.rnh.iir
story, wua a counterfeiter. Marshall
rlaJiP'd to be a detective und nul lit
tempting to arreM Illte tt va thoim'lit
Miryhttll was In the employ of Ihe re
fret service, but he claimed . te nn'y
an amatrur detective. Ills home Is a:
Itego, Ind.
Ordered te Comply.
Cripple t'reek, Tolo.. Sept. : -After
a telephone conversation beteeu (lov
ernor Peatuxly and Adjutant flenerat
Pherman Hell, an order directing Hi tt: -adler
General John CI se to complv
with the Older of Judge Zeeda releasing
the strikers. held prlsuaers was Issued
- -ue "
Terrible rtn.t
Chicagcr soerd of Trade.
Chbsgo. Sept. :. foiifuseil. tt la be.
lleved, by the thought that he was be
ing carried past hi station. William J.
Taylor, a member of the Chicago board
of trade, and a trading resident of Ken
llworih. stepped from a Chicago and
Wllmette Friday night and met death
under the wheel. Just how the acci
dent occurred la not iJar. evea to a
number of acquaintances of Mr. Tay
lor who were on tbe train. A the
lie in was pulling out of Wllmette be
pimped from his seat and, running tc
the platform of the cooch, swung from
the train. The train proceeded without
any one realising that he had met In
jury and his body was .'cund on th
track a few minutes afterward.
Mia. Taylor aa a member of th
grain and need Ann of Wright A Tay
lor. He seas thirty-itlx years old and
had bven connected with the board or
trade for seven yeora.
Beaten and Shot With His Own Club
and Pistol by Negroes.
Chicago. Sept. Ii ratrolman Pennll
Fltxgerld was knocked down aad beat
en with hla own club and then shot
Itlrs with his own revolver by two
negroes whom ha stopped. The Utter,
John Johnann and l.oule rilsen, were
arrested as his asxallaivts. IMIsea I
e.ild to have confessed and Implicated
Johnson. h( bef.ie his arrert. went U
a place at Tnenty-.seveuth and Statt
streets and foiiKht with a negro named
Monty. Shots aere exchanged and th
levotvrr dropped etas Identified aa thai
taken from the policeman. Johnson
was shot tluoiigh the Jaw by Mooty.
This Is as Far as British -French Nego
tiations Csn Co.
Pari, Sept. 18. The French forelgr
otrice declares that any negotiation
with 5reat llrltaln on the subject o!
Morocco do not go beyond the queattor
of a general good understanding. Of
ficial flatly deny that France la enter
taining schemes for a protectorate ovei
or conquf t-of Morocco and espreei
aurprlse at the pnrliitenee of the pret
repot t. attributing such plana t
France, and axserting that lireat Hrlt
bin's consent lias br n purchased b)
roni-e.sxions In I'gypt. The utmost thai
will happen In ra.w of certain eventual
ities e.111 be that France will exi-nlsi
her right of uftsbtttiis; the sultan In po
licing the frontier di:rlrts.
Supreme Court Justice Wylie of Lou
isiana Dies of Pneumonia.
New York. Se(t, William r.lllc.
pi Wylle i f New i ii I, at s luttice of tin
siipreu.e court of I jHilnaJia. ax-il .
enty-to years. .!n l of pnriiinonla oi
tbe Mran.rr St lanns hImiiiI tuldniKhl
Friday niclil. .ludKe Wylie Mas II
when he lx.uiil.ol the uteamer. whlcf
urrlved here from Soiithmr.piim. Th
St, Louis Mtopped one nf her .iijilnei
early Tuesday and after several houri
stalled the eiiuine aicnln, c:pg a.', tha
Usual speed. I IK- of I bo passengers lit
tempted to send a htory ashore by wire
le ti b icraiib v. Having tbe enginci
broke down and a panic bail oc urrn
aiiioi.g th- p.isM.-nj.-'jrs. The n.eui;
was held up by the ship's censors. t)f.
fleers denied there was a panic. The)
aald the Journals were overheated
which caused the delay.
Receipts From th Northwest the Pas!
Week Are Large.
Seattle. Sept. '.'6 tlold reieipts frotr
the northwest the past week amounted
to $L?."ii (X. This great tn-ajure ship
ment came frvmi Nome and llritlsh Yu
kon nn the steamers Ohio. Senator ant
Dolphin, which also brought pas
sengrrs. I'm ST KnU rtaon had In hi!
charge on the voyage fmm north
wejit a great gold nugget taken frorr
Anvil Creek bramh S pt. s. the exaci
value of which Is IXV..!!
St. Louia to Cuthii.
Cuthrle, tikla., S-it It has leer
ofTlcially annoiinci'd that the Frisco
avsteiu for the prefenl will operate Inlc
(Juthile over th Hew Choctaw line
running fioin Chandbr to iluthrle. Thli
will give the Frisco a line from St
Iajuls to liiithrie, and cxteimlve fai I'd
ties will he built her-.
Worse Saturday Morning.
Iluffalo. Sept. :'. Mrs. JefT.Tsnn Ha
vis was considered worse Saturda)
ninrnlng. lu r condition being nmebbi-et
critical. The do tors said, however, tin
crisis had not been r.si hel und nhoub.
she cet icllef he inlght recover. Sev
eral relatives and friends have arrived
For Fort Sam Houston.
San Frimclsi o. S, pt. "S. The fire I
S'liiadion of the Fliet cavalry, wblih
arrived fiom Manila by the laet trans
port, left l'ive!lo en route to Its new
elation at Fort Sam Houston, Tex
where It will Join th" tb.rd siiadron
whb h came over in May. The second
s-Uiidiori. which Is now on lis way from
Manila, will proceed to the vine pol
upon Its ai i H .il.
Battlcahio Mains Passes Down.
Pblladelnhl.i. Sent. ". The batlleehlr
Maine piused down th- Oclawvre rivet
from the league Island navyyard on
her voyage to Culehr.i, In the Went In
die. I'pon her arrival the Culebra bat
tleships' guns will thoroughly teetct
and If they are natlsfactory the Malm
will start on a long c rulse.
Killed His Wif.
allddlesborn. Ky., Sept. :. At Imlav
not far from the i-ounty sent of Harlaa
county. Martin Ureen shot and klllec
his wife sfter a quarrel and fled, bul
was arrested. The killing was of euih
a nature aa to arouse tha country peo
ple around Inlay, and thy may lynch
C. G. PARSONS, Proprietor, 00 IlKYAN, TEXAS.
ZBalarged, ReflUedtaacI Equipped with;
AU flsTors, ITbolesale andletall Jaeladlot
Ginger Aie, Cherry ami Celery Phosphate, Peppo-Phate.Root
Beer, Iron-Drew, Seltzer anu Mineral Waters.
Crow Cork Srstsm, llBtchlaeooaad Cork-8toppere4:0ooda la plnu and:qqrts.
"Utmost olaaaHaeas aad aalfora qoallty of good, prompt aaa oorreet aertlo
to so sod all"
Respectfully lolicit the trade of Bryan and aurrounding territory.
same oilice and will trive his
Life, Accident and Sick Benefit Insurance for lth
men and women, in J raternal and istraiuht Life Insurance com
panies of which I represent the best. I Call special attention to
"Friend-in-Need Society" 1
T?. ... . I . - : - II I . I I -1 I , , m
; ivriy man aim woman in jjikhi ncaiui is l-l;;ilie for mrmrership J
under fifty-live years old. Many trnw are injoin the benefits "
a uf life inMirnncc that would not if nut for my efforts.
S 3
r.aiai siaiMataiaiaiMaaUiaiailsaiallsaiaBO nlaaia)aiaiaiMaaia)'aataiataOal4i:' o
can he preserved by riht living. (Jie nature the as.
sistancc of the practiced pharmacist when it is nrcJed
and you will fitivl it economical as well as physically
and iren'ally betulicial. S ou will be unable to lied
a l etter place to buy n;.Nn HniMG
and secure accurate WaT UliJ
prescription work than our store. W e k'erp every
thing in the Iit tail Dnirj Lklno
i! r I 17
el,'.' e-i iiv
1 l-J
i i- v 1 1 r ' ;
. . ' . . io.i
' . - .!...
Haswell's Book Store
Headquarters For All
Kxch.mi;c agency for State Adopted Books. Prices on Repu
table Goods as cheap as the cheapest.
B . -SkSJ ST" n
Eupion is sold by the .'ollowing dealers:
in Grocery Co: Edira Itrca-
a Tim Bryan Grocery Co ; Eo
Cole Bros; Th cm. W. Hijrtfa; Geo. W. HlKKs; Clarke
ri-uiuaiu, v-ujouuoiu; jno. M.lwrenea k
Co; W, K. HaunJers; Danaby A
Dansby; Howell Urothers.
J. n. Mawhlnney,
found at the
entire time to Ihe Insurance businraa
-Y., Alnr l.rtul ltt Cat nief j
Mane ahoiho'iitht that nrily home made
CouahnuU. Cskee. truokle. VSsTria er.
pl " '', se rhanirnj their mlsds
unor to anything prwlncetl oy iLe
amsieur cook.
Hrs. Otto lioehme.
i miaaiaikiMMMaiaiaiaialaiataiaMMao
'JM'Jt l a.er J ajgg iraw u., n f
Tho Best on Earth. :&
Hroa; Handnri Hrog. Cot

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