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IntarW at U rwUo- M eeeoa4 oUm stall
Par Week. 16o
Per Montli, 40o
Dimmitt, Texas, April 4.
Bryan Bag!:
Still it rains on the plains. I
thick I will hive to move to Ari
zona; getting too wet here. I shall
wait awhile, though, for it may
get dry enough here for aie before
the year U out, and save me the
trouble of moving.
Now for what you Brazos folks
will call a 'big windy," about the
plains again. But you can call it
what you please, I shall only stale
facts. Our county is comparatively
new, yet she is making rapid
strides toward becoming the great
est agricultural ortion of Texas.
ThU county is lined up with noth
ing but an energetic class of white
people from nearly all parts of the
United States who have the utmost
confidence in its future. We are
building good churches and
schools. Y have eleven school
buildings in the county. The terms
of schools last from four to nine
months, accord i rig to the numWr
of pupils and the amount of special
school tax each district ha.-.
Our farmers are preparing to
plant all kinds of crops that are
adapted to this country, such as
wheat, corn, maize, millet, sor
ghum, Kaflir corn, oats, peas, pea
nuts, California wheat, broom corn,
etc.; sdso cotton spelts, flax,
and many other crops that we don't
claim to be successfully grown here
yet. I expect t plant 10 or 12
acres in cotton again this year, as
I have a good underground season
to commence with. I have about
eight acres of Macaroni wheat
planted March 3 let. I am also
planting some oats and millet.
One of my neighbors, W. V.
Boyd, has 25 acres of wheat planted
last fall, that he gra.ed all winter
and it is fine now. He i planting
-10 acres in oitt this fpring. In
all there had been five carload of
seed oats sold in Hereford up to
March 20, all to be planted in
Deaf Smith and Castro counties.
Lands are lginning to sell iisin
here, and if our crop dor well
this year, we expect a larjje Mood
of immigration in the fill. While
traveling over this county I found
one man, J. L. Crum, who is a sue
cessful farmer and etock-raicer
here. He plants from GOO to .150
acres of land in different crops
erery year. He saya he sold (1200
worth of feed in 1D03 and wintered
COO cattle, besides hie horses and
bogs. He it planting 40 acres in
pumpkins and kershawa this year
to fatten hogs and cattle on.
j Say, who is " I. T." of Okla-
iiuiua. 1 iuuit lie umm me plains
fever, or he would never become
interested in the Dimmitt letters.
Come on, V. I. T., you needn't be
lieve the yarns about people starv
ing to death out here. I have eight
in family and none of us have
starved yet.
Well, the Brazos County colony
is getting along all o. k. Every
once in a while one ot our number
goes back to Brazos, but another
one comes in his place. I he last
arrival was Hiram L., the big eight
ound boy of is. I. Lee and wife,
Urn March 31, 11105.
I was glad to see some iuterext-
ing communication in the Eagle
last week from different parts of
Brazos county. Would like to see
something from Green's I'rairie
my old home.
The Hereford Brand, a neat, all
home print, eight-page paper, has
eight corresjtondenta. I think I
am the first regular correspondent
it bad. One of the old Eagle boys,
Jack Garvin, is now setting type
for the Brand. W. 8. I).
The A. dc M. College baseball
team and the teams that are 'com
peting with it are playing some
very tine games this season, as evi
denced by the scores. They are
up to and in some cases ahead of
the games usually played by the
Texas league teams.
The schedule has now been com
plete!, and is announce! by Prof.
E. J. Kyle, the manager of the A.
it M. team, as follows:
March 31,April 1 St. Edward",
at College.
April 48. W. l, at College.
April 11 Trinity, at College.
April 14-15 IT. of T., at Col
lege. April 1S-U Austin College, at
April 20 Trinity, at Waxa-hachie.
April 21-22 Baylor, at Waco
April 2S-2'. Austin College, at
May : 8. W. I? , at George
town. May 4 8t. Edwards, at Austin.
May 5 1 of T. at Austin.
May Texa- P. and I., at
May 12-1.! Baylor, at College.
lrart1 Kraa. SMaa
' Aalaal.
leather It prepsred from the bides of
nearly all aquatic animal, principally
tht sl. whale. Knole. alligator and
walrn. Hm u th'
moat as old a man himself, aud tby
bare ever la-en niit eagerly aougM
after for the ma ay u" to which they
could be put after being prepared as
leather. At the time of the Ruealau
wvitpatiou of AJiS they made great
ne of walrus bides. Furs were usual
ly wrapped up in thee aklns, am, when
they rearhod Klarbta. China, tht great
mart of tbeae day, the akla waa aewvd
over cheats wf tea. Oil arrival at Mw
row the eoiiiidrat ortlons were re
moved, ret up and atampod Into ko
peck and a variety of auiall bang.
Thin furmed the chief currency of Alu
ka for a time, 'llie lliualana also luaile
barues of walrus leather, while (he
native of Alaika uae Uie eWlrV a a
covering for tbelr boat.
A iii"erer kind of leather, however,
cmiie from the bodlea of tJhtn.
eitn-uiely tine tiiallty of Kreon leather
made lu Turkey I manufactured from
the hklu of an njrly tih called the augt'l
flli. The sword grip of the lieriiiuii
army are made from ahark leather,
wlili-li i beautiful lu putteru, being
marked with dark diamond shaped fig
ure. This skin come from a North
ea hurk called the diamond shark,
leather manufacturers bare tried to
produce a KtilMtitute from iiulmiil
hide, but In vm In. t'nlike animal leuth
er, Ub leather It absolutely tmMrvlnii
to water and never get eoggy from
dauipiien. Therefor It I Ideal for
sword crip, as, no matter how iimrli
the hand may perpire, the grip re
mains bard and dry.
leather la mad from Uie akin of the
Pacltle coast aud great lake aturgeoti.
whlrh I exceedingly tough ami la ucd
In making U'-e for Joining leather
belting. In Canada the klu of a ape
iln of Hlluroiil ue In making
hock" at the title of human life as It
aweepa l.r. il the timer half of the
pavement' In-iteath the awning, behind
the tree, along the mile of U.ulevard.
It In their thousand la spring, sum
mer aud autiimu the customers of the
l'arla cafe.-London New.
Taa HaMba'S) Wr.
Ilamburg'a flrt bourse, eatabllsbed
lu J.VlSeo, waa a ahelterleaa, paved
meeting place. 11. feet long aud -feet
wide. auportetl toward the water
frout by mean of bulwark and hav
ing It three other aldee aurruunded by
a low atone wall. In 1577 the botirae
wit enlarged by adding a cloth hall,
anpplied with a roof. The present
boure also differ In many repct
considerably from American aud other
foreign exchange. No iuemlerahlp ex
ht here, but atteudance and admit
In me to all privilege of the floor free
of charge are permitted to every re
stectall' male tersou.
Ilrrhr' Wrk Blaar.
lu ImmI'v. Kuglaiid. there I a curl
ou relic of the great plague of WA.
It NtaniU lu the arboretum garden
ami l cnniiiKUily called "the market
htoue." To it wild Infect Ion the coun
try folk front the Hiirromitllng village
would leave their order for anything
they might want with the watchman,
who tiled to go Into the town, make
the tKH-tKiHrr purcha and deposit
them on the atep of "the market
II la tar Krearaataa'a Oalrfour Umimr
Pari ml tar liar.
I'nr mi hour or two of the tlay die
cafe I the l'ariiiauit otiltliMtr Inntie.
There, he get all the morning aud afl
eruoou paper. There If he liken he
may write hi Iitilue4 letter ami pri
vale corrtMiiitlence. Many u "client"
write all or moot of hi correpmtl
euce at hi little marble topped table.
The giircoii bring him the black JmuI
folio Htocketl w ith letter paer anil en
velope ami cun anil Ink. Notre client
may use up a much paer ami en
velope u be pica-ten. Thcite are pro
vided by tin Muff of wuiter at their
on churKe, not by M. le I'utroii. the
laiiillonl - u curiou cuiom. Notre
client i welctiuie to Kit there ull day
long over hi iiewi:tper and corre
a)tliileuce and hi glim of lorileiiiu
or hi "lait chaud" (perliup with a nip
of ruin In It when the weather I cohli.
The counter I reserved for waiter
ami for M. le rutron' wife or tlaiigh
ler or lady clerk, who nil' behind It re-
teivillK older.
The "liul ill lie," "ihi i liciils" or pats
lug i Usloiiicr are coinCm l.ilily Heatetl
at their lient. KcriliilloU-ly cleiill little
table. IMltxitle the chair and little
table . nre urrauuitl In row, three,
four, thi', kIv deep. Then "no client"
kit at their chic liliiliTliealh the bro.nl
awning when the hiii ! ablaze. Win
ter drive "noire client"' indoor,
though out he ill come uii.iiil oil (he
Nllghtett 1 i iii ( ;i 1 i hi friiiii Uie teatlier.
for your I'arisiau Ime freli air, love ,
to i;are over hi I ' tr 1 1 r t . r . I . -1 1 1 s m- hi
l.aatil llraana.
The good woinaii wa ilixtrlbutlug a
few tract l-hiiid the bar.
"And what are you lu for. my un
fortunate f i IciiiP" ahe Mktl of No.
1.1 n.
'"i'aue I cau t git out," sullenly an-
awered the prUouer.
And the R'mmI womau paed on.
a i:traJr4 Saaarl.
"He docxu't dlnpluy mui-li originality
la hi pt'm."
'ioeu't he? He wrote a minuet with
twenty-three line the other day. If
that Ixu't originality, what do you call
It?" Chicago Keccrd Herald.
Active nature ure rarely melancholy.
Activity nnd aadne are Incompati
ble Bovee.
laaalo IVrtrrifi.
The uelghlMr were tll4'Uiug the
ccullrltlf of an eccentric old real
dent. "I do think." remarked Mr
Illggin. "that old Mr. Tlghtun I the
coutrartet man on the face of the
"Yhnt' be lining now':" a iked Mr.
"I'oilig? You reuiemlier be ued to
ay that when be hail accumulated
I.'iO.ikio he wii golug to tilt saving
money-the old "kliiflint !-nnd aettle
ilown to the enlovuieiit tif ItV
"Well, he uctually dune It:-
l.laaa mm4 Saallalil.
Coiiiuioii clear i:l'i left cpoii In
certain deaert legion of the cartli noon
( halites yreal ly In ap'icnt Mine ami ac
iiilrct coliir, Mounliiiie i-e purple
mid aoiiietiiiic uuietliy-t Tin change
ha been iiitribiittil by ome nliercr
to alkaline miIIk, Imt other uiaimnin
that iiili cliHiige iici iir where there i
no alkali and lh.il It niut be due to
the great activity of llie aclinic ra of
the Mill where llie utuio-pliere I very
'Til-Vi'i IT'
:nr:mW:-nwmanmT-armf i"-'
Eml Library Contest
A Splendid Library Free.'
Tho merchants and others named below will give any literary
or social club, school or college, or literary dub in any college; or
lodge or other organization in Bryan or Brazos County, a beautiful
library of attractive and valuable books, absolutely without cost.
' See the collection on display at Burt Norwood's show window.
The plan is simple; for every 10 cent purchase of goods you
are entitled to one vote, and the institution whose members and
friends poll the highest popular vote by June 24th next, 12 noon,
will get the entire collection.
Voting tickets are free with all purchases. The rules govern
ing the contest are:
First The person making purchase must fill out ticket at time
of purchase and hand to clerk for private mark or o. k. Clerks are
not allowed to make out tickets.
Second Employers and clerks are not allowed to vote or in
fluence votes in their own establishment, and transfer of votes from
one club to another will not be allowed. Cash sales or prompt pay
ment of accounts only entitle you to vote.
The merchants and this paper will remain strictly neutral
throughout this race. Sec the offer on subscription in another
column. You can vote only at the following places:
B. F. WILKY dr CO., Confectionery. niahings.
K. J. FOUNTAIN & CO., Groceries. GORZYCKI, Photo Studio, Frames and
J. T. HAN WAY, Saddlery & Harness. Enlarging.
J. C. C HANKY A tiON, Meat Market. C. C. 8IIELBUBNE, Livery and Feed.
DANS BY & DANS BY, Qrocsri. JAMES Si NUNN, Furniture, Carpsul
M. H. JAMES, Druggist. THE EAGLE, Job Printing.'
Contest No. 2
In order to diaseminat tas iatxna
tion among the greatest number aaasairo
ing the Library Contssi and I .
courage the acquisition of good bka,
ws will give any teacher, a tut eat or
other person interested in good literatim,
a beautiful sat of Rid path's History of
the World, bound in half moroeoo and
gorgeously illustrated sella for $38.00,
and a complete set of the World's GrsaW
est Orators and Essays sella for 125.00,
bound in silk buokrain, library style,
illustrations on imported Japanese
paper. Both sets comprise I'd volumes)
and are a library within themislves.
These two aeta of books are given by
THE BRYAN EAGLE to the oountry
teacher, student, school or society getting
the most votes by June 24. One dollar
paid on subscription to The Esgle en
titles the person bringing it in to 100
votes, also to 100 votes in the contest
for the large library. Bryan societies
or people are excluded from this contest.
Remember, votes secured for this con.
test count also for the other contest, and
$1.00 paid The Eagle for Weekly aub
acription buys ten timea as many votes
as a dollar paid for merchandise.
.lrlr- 1
W I Ail I 1 9
Keen Klir-per Lawn Mowrrs, ball brarlng
Wlnte Cloud Lawn Mowers
Diamond Frige Ijiwd Mowers
Uartteo Ifuse :i, 4, f, 0 and 7 ply
Cole Hardware Company
one Freight Eievaior
in good cotidititm, miitable fur crocery, hardware rdry c""j buai-
n. Apply to
Dunn & Daly
Perfectly Pure and Fresh
Kat li and v rv rcrri tinn cotiijiouiidt d by n I
prpparfil from druj which ar- perfectly iuri and
fnali. We reliifnrce thl hlK'li i u a I i r y of jirfarrljition
luKrfJifiits) with skillful and carfful jr-rij'lin nm
niilrHlintf r.-anlt I lliiiahfd tiled irine, -t!U-ii tit kind.
All Wurk uaranf-f..
lVrf.i t ly linUliH,!. u. t to Hurhaii.
u Sail. I to i'un ... .
Rubber H,. tor COMFORT Wl,rk , ' --...rer
mm l
Early E3
For qulc relief from Billoustitii,
Sick Headache, Torpid Liver. Jaun
dice. Diziineu. a:id all troubles aris
ing from an Inactive or luf t'sh liver,
DeWllt'a Little Early Riser are m
equal'ied. They act promptly and never gripe.
They are so dainty that It is a. p:ejure
to take them. Ore to Uo act as a
mild ltxillve; two er four act as a
pleasant am effective cathartic. They
are purely vegetable and sbsoiutely
harmless. They tonic the liver.
rMi tot r tr
E. C. D.WlIt t Co., Chtcato
isers J- w. Batt
Sold by M. H. JAMES.
I'm still in it!
Tba Miltrvai Hiuiiimi. oij m.itr.,. mti '
Mka up, rlr.n ..d mt down rr,,a,. ,n4 , 7' I
l'la ana me jour unlora at (,,i,i , u- !
smiih ornr zac k Tai.I i v !
From Thoroughlircil
Plymouth Ilocks
Fifteen for $1.00
Leave orden at Thos. r.
HifTK' Store
i KliAL ILSTAlli Atlli.NT
I liFKICB IN T AI.I AKrKltO lit 11.1)1 rj
"I'lfWITK COVHT llorsK. X
H.f. la om, Ih.onlr aa of AhatrP Books ar
Hisso. Uunlr Una TltVaT f
Thi X. II. Cola i,!,,, ,.. ii. ,..
! addition. Prk'elTM.nj U '
OiiMiiartrnf a hlnfk in ---,
part of town, prlc l i; 'mT
., ,7"' ;,r ''" a R.wd'f.nr
in? r .Vr'0 ,0,','", ,"'ls city
llmita. Price fl.ViOU). '
1(12 aorea of land j f
uT.i . i',.WU.M the t''l"-H pasture
N HI !! In trai t. ,,t pnhaars
and on eaay trina. 1 ,rln"'r
3 Iota In trood iiHKhborhood. with
flnal,.,iMr,.H.. l'r,, Ter
7-"rooiii liuua,. 2 u on
id., of wn. lrlck cUl m
wHI. lTice.750. Trmaeaav.
Tim Miatror i.i Skaaa Ilk am.. ..At. a m
town pi,i ' ""mil part or
s ro, I "7" and a two-atory
an .,. T ,Ulh ro0"' hot
-'TTorka. All i,ec-
I nouaes. Trice $3,800,
Physician & Surgeon.
w.w -paoo. ko W.ZIm P

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