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Iaur4 a'
tbe Fw0OS M seeoed class !
Per Week, 16o - - Per Mouth, 40c
Texas epent 125,000 in main
tainiog the quarantine, wbicb ia
not a drop in the bucket to what
the damage would have been if a
few caiea had gotten into the stale,
Col. J. A. Rum of Palestine ia
taid to bo behind a movement to
organize a new independent ex
press company to operate in lexas,
and which will be chartered within
a month.
President Richard A. McCurdy
of the Mutual Life Insurance com
pany hai hit the retrenchment nail
tquare on the head by cutting hie
own aalary of $150,000 a year half
in two. A few more licks will get
it down to what he is able to earn.
Farmers, merchant and bankers
at Paleetine have joined in the or
ganization at Faleetine of a local
branch of the Southern Cotton
Growers' Association on the ground
that all should inrite for the wel
fare of each other. Local associa
tions are to be formed in every
school district in Anderson county.
The movement will likely become
general throughout the state.
Read the ads. They are as much
the news of the day as the reading
matter of the paper, and you will
save yourself money by reading
the bargains ollered. A case that
will illustrate the point came to
the writer's attention a few days
ago. two ladies met while out
shopping, and both had bought
identical a r t i c 1 e s. One bought
at a etore that had advcrti.-eJ that
article, and bought at the price aJ
vertited. Tliu other bought at a
store that was not advertising. By
comparison they were found to be
the same, but the lady who ha
not read the advertisements in the
Herald had paid $1.50 more for
ber's than did her neighbor. That
$1.50 would have paid for the Her
ald 15 weeks. Palestine Herald.
is ouch ol civil service examina
tion for mechanical draftsman for
the Panama canal work i ported
on the bulletin board of the depart
nient of mechanical engineering
This notice gives time and place of
examination, requirement and re-
numeration for the work.
J. w.
nra.e In Tllfm building, opposite Court
iiiium, t oon .-no. 4i. ti in one thKOuif
-t or Abecracl Hook of Bitsos Covatr Laud
62 acres In city limit. (Jood small
residence and othr Improvements.
Good well. Price. SlftO uu.
A Rood C aere farm 7tnlles north
of Bryan. Price l6.iu,r.
7M-acre farm about 7'-' miles north
ti..... . .it) .
' jjii; K witcK Handy loam; a
little timber. Price I0 00 per acre.
400 acre on Hrazoa river 8 mllea
from Bryan: 120 acres bottott land.
uaiance pot oaa ; over 2w acra in
cultivation, aud h houses. Price
iswi per acre.
acres of land oratd on mall
route 15 miles mirth of Bryau.
About iU acres In cultivation. Near
ly all under fence. 10 acre hoir
ture. tlood 4 room residence and 2
room tenant house. (i.m, water.
Thla Is a flrnt class place. Price
111). 0 per acre.
212 acres 8 miles from Bryan; 1Q
acres in cultivation ; lUacre'hojt pas
ture uamni-e in pnai ure ; u-rootn res
idence; 2 truant hous.is; barn cct
S&mw. Price 4)10.00 i.er acre.
274 acres about 12 miles north-east
of Jlryan: about 73 acres under fence
and cleared; balance timber. Price
5 xj per acre.
Five room residence with about
two acres of land, located near school
holme. Price Sl.WU.uo.
Ten room resldenco and 40 acres
of land In city limits. Tenant lu.use,
bam, etc. Price, f lOoo.oo. Terms
J tie N. B. CoU block In Hall's
addition. Price f75.(W.
One quarter of a block In eastern
part of town, price 21
212 acres of land on east side of
town, known as the Caldwell pasture.
Will sell In tracts to suit purchasers
and on easy terms.
3 lots In f;ood neighborhood, with
fine shade trees. Price J00. Terms
8 lots near Allen Academy. Price
52 acres of land, with good small
residence, bored woll, and all nec
cessary Improvements, located In
side of city limits. Price 11600.00
terms reasonable. This Is a bargain.
Blr Cro4 Had tht Pleasure of Seclog
sad Eismiolaf It Tester,
day Moroiof.
The new motor car, designed for
trial service between Houston and
Galveston, reached Bryan shortly
after 8 o'clock yesterday morning,
with the officials of the II. & T. C.
heretofore mentioned on board, al
having epent the night in Hearne
A number were waiting at the II.
fe T. C. passenger depot when the
car arrived, and a large crowd
soon gathered and were allowed
plenty of time to go through and
examine to their entire satisfac
tion. The officials and those in
charge of the car were very cour
teous about answering all Inquir
es. The description published in
the Eagle yesterday morning coh
ered the car very well, except some
nteresting details. Everything is
"ship shape" about it, bo much so
that it has been aptly compared
to an armored cruiser minus the
bristling guas.
The 100-horse power gasoline
engine is in the "bow," a baggage
room a little forward or "amid
ships," and seats for the passengers
occupy the remainder of the space,
which is considerably more than
half. The car is an all steel struc
ture, well ventilated and beauti-
ulljr lighted with acetylene gas in
twenty-five opalescent panel lights.
The water utted to-cool the engine
circulates through many coils of
pipe and serves to heat , the car
comfortably. The coach weighs
50,000 pounds and cot $12,000.00.
t is handsomely and eerviceally
nit-hed in the interior, and with
wo people to each teat will carry
forty-tix paeeengir. Three peo-
e could very well occupy each
seat and leavwitanding room for a
considerable additional number.
The machinist in charge of the
engine informed the Eagle reporter
that the car can tuake CO miles per
hour, and that fifty miles is not
unusual where the cars are in regu
lar use. About 35 miles an hour
was the tchedule for the trip over
the Central from Denison to Houston.
In speaking of the eay riding
qualities of the tar Col. M. L.
Robbins, general passenger and
ticket agent of the H. & T. C,
said it reminded him of a sleigh,
there being no sideways vibration
and very little up and down mo
tion. Col. Robbins raid the car
would carry its own load and pull
two trailers with a seating capac
ity of fifty people each.
Contrary to the expectation of
those familiar with other gasoline
engines, the car is operated with
little noiae and all the fumes of the
gasoline are carried off through ex
hausts beneath the rear end and do
not reach the passengers or opera
The car looks to be entirely hobo
proof, as there are no outside pro
jections to climb, sit or bang upon
nothing but the rather hazardous
looking and irregular shaped roof.
There was much speculation
among the onlookers regarding the
availibility of such a car for scr
vice between Bryan and College,
and the opinion was quite general
that it would be a fine thing pro
vided it was operated on a regluar
schedule and not laid out to wait
for every passing train.
Col. Robbins said the car was
brought to Texas as an experiment
and he could not tell what the out
come would be.
in the Lone Star State. On the
other hand, what has the railway
ticket scalper done for lhli city
What have they done for Bexar
county or for the state of Texas?
Do they build up and develop the
country and cause two blades o;
grass to grow where only one grew
before? Do they erect buildings
that are taxable and pay revenue
to the support of the public Insti
tutions? Nay, nay, Pauline t The
ticket scalper's office is usually a
"bole in the wall," or a corner in a
business room with some one else
Instead of helping to build up the
city, the country or its interests,
be is continually trying to Injure
legitimate and honorable institu
tions, for such the railroad enter-
prises of Texas are. It is just as
dishonorable to beat a railroad
corporation as it is an individual,
A wrong is a wrong, no matter
who Buffers by the injury, and 1
cannot help comparing the San
Antonio of today with the San An
tonio of. twenty-two years ago,
when I first came to this "neck of
the woods," and I often wonder
what the Alamo City would have
amounted to without the railrctds,
with their ribbons of steel extend
ing in all directions, and "still
there's more to follow." This is a
good time for all good men to get
together and- put the eternal ki
bosh on the ticket scalper and his
nefarious business. .His ways
ike the ways of the heathen Chi
nee are very peculiar.
I may be a little ancient in my
ideas, but I've still got a sneaking
idea that honenty is the beet pol-
cy, and therefore I am opposed to
atrotiizing the ticket scalper in
any Tray. Let him alone and he'll
quit bueinefs without a state law,
which, thank heaven, the next
islature will enact in spite of
the gigantic efiorts of the El Pa.-o
mwnbrokers, who ought to be in
more honorable business. Then,
there's that other nuisfauce, the
personal damage suit man, always
obbing up and bringing suit
gainst a railroad or some other
corporation. He a tarred with the
same stick the scalper is, and he
ought to be "quelched" along with
the fellow who brings fake damage
age suits. What an unholy
trinity! Away with them and thair
deeds. Yours respectfully,
Monte Caiio
In San Antonio Daily Light,
ov. 9, 1905,
A VeeretaM (alsralllar.
Ia New Zealand and Australia Uiey
bare an aulinal vegetable oddity
which cannot be equaled by any otber
senate or Inanimate object tipon the
tyrti'a surface. It la the queerest of
tli. ninny antipodean wonder and
paradoses and for the waut of a
better name baa been railed the
"bulrush caterpillar" or "vegetable
worm. The native Tasuiaulan nam
for the oddity is aweto-botete.
Tbe abovegrouud portion of this vege
table worm Is a fuugns of the order
sphaerla, wblrh grows to a height of
six or eight Inches. When pulled up
by the root this fungus Is found to con
sist of a Urgw caterpillar, showing
bead, segments and breathing boles
every detail of the grab being perfect
ly preserved. On examination the In
terior of tbe caterpillar Is found to b
coinoed of a "punky" looking sub
stance, really the root of the fungus.
which baa cremated every fiber of
what was once. .a living,, breathing
creature's anatomy. In all tbe In
stance which Ruckland records, tbe
ipbaerla had madf.lt attack, la the
fold of akin between tbe second and
third segments of tbe caterpillar and
bad replaced all the animal substance
of tbe creature's body with a bard
brown vegetable growth resembling
tbe fungoid growths on blackberry
od otber Vine.
Veils la tk-arraaa.
During tbe teuta century no womao
was allowed to appear at church with
out a vetL It bad to be a real veil, too,
covering and concealing tbe features
In order that tbe prayers and medita
tions of tbe men might not be disturb
ed by tbe contemplation Of feminine
loveliness. There was a tradition that
tbe origin of tbe custom was In an or
0r from a great Freucb aalnt Wben
a young man be met a little girl with
featnree so noble and beautiful that
although be was many years her senior,
be Immediately fell lu lore with her
because she resembled a young Inly
U whom be bad been ensraavd years
t'ffore, but who died In bl arm. Tho
nmn mxl the child -separated, ami be
became a prlet. Many years later be
saw her In the coiiKroirutlou Junt as be
was entering the iu!ttlt to preach, and
the 1. 1 el it dhturlied him to such an ex
tent that hi mtuioii was a failure.
and he ordered all the women tlieue
forth to wear veils.
To The Light.
Circumstances occurred yester
day which caused my mind to re
vert back a fow years to a day
when $50,000 was stolen in the
city. The money was sent here to
pay the wages for one month for
the employes of the G. H. fc S. A.
Railway Company of San Antonio,
Now, the mouthly payroll is
doubtless much larger for the same
road; I presume all the roads in
this city pay out for help and other
egitimate expenses at least $100,-
000 per month- The railway in
terests here aided very materially
in making the Alamo City what it
s today the largest and beet city
San Antonio International Fair Assocla
lion Nov. 18th to Nov. 29th, K)5.
Saturday, Nov. 13. Governor's
Day. Press Day. Children's
Sunday, Nov. 19. Band Con
certs. Auto and Bicycle Races.
Monday, Nov. 20. A. O. U. W.
Day. Englishire, Goats, Stan
dard Bred Trotters, Thorough
breds. Beef Range Cattle,-Judged.
Tuesday, Nov. 21. U. C. V.
Day. Mexico Day. I. k G. T.
Day. Truck and Irrigation Day.
Poland China Swine, Berkshire
Swine, Shorthorns, Hackney,
Saddle Horses, Shetland, Judged.
Wednesday, Nov. 22. Short
Horn Sales Day. Southern Pa
cific Day. "'Katy Day." Old
Fiddlers contest and Old Folks
Ball. I. O. C. Swine, Tercheron,
Normans, Holetiens, Clydesdale,
Thursday, Nov. 23. San Antonio
Day. "Sap Day." Home Indus
try Day. Duroc Jersey, Swine,
Polled Angus, Jerseys, Roadsters,
Horses of all work, Cleveland
Bays, Herefords, Judged.
Friday, Nov. 24. Gulf Shore
Day. O. A. R. and W. R. C. Day.
Sheep, Devon, Brown Swiss, Red
Polled, Mules, Polled Durham,
Saturday, Nov. 25. Drummers'
Day. Traveling Men's Day. Legis
lative Day. Jacks and Jennets,
Farm Horses, Carriage and Buggy
Horses, Morgan Horses Judged
Sunday, Nov. 2G. Band Con
certs. Auto and Bicycle races.
Monday, Nov. '27. Railroad
Day. East Texas Day. Reuion
of persons born in the Republic of
Tuesday, Nov. 2S. Builders
Exchange. Baby Show.
Wednesday, Nov. 29. Y. M. C.
A. Day.
nirda lit tlmrk.
P.inl lNl.iy (ire it cU (11 mid cunning
lu the ilufc, tlie i. tl.hk niil In j;iiard-
uiS thcijisehct frrii Injury ilurlng the
trujri:!e rr Mtprei nicy. The secretary
lid ii the Isiveterite enemy and untir-
ng pursuer of H nuake. All sortn.
even the r.ioct veiwnioiw, ho hunts with
a ret that U at oi.c Iuterei.tlng and
amusing. The suaVe fees from It
foe, who follow, wntihlng every op
portunity for a blow When the reptile
turns the bird ii one of hi wings
as a hie:d and strike with his foot.
Tho snake buries Its fmiK lu the wing,
but leaves tho poison In the plumage.
and tbe bird escape unhurt. Itepeat-
ed blows front Urn powerful claw con
fuse and dlxablc the Minke, nnd nt hist
It falls, to be at once dispatched by
tbrUMts of the sharp beak Into Its heud.
The bird then tovies his victim Uito the
air and, catch In It as It falU. swal
lows It
Odd Idra at F.rllpsa.
The Nniipes. a trllx In South Ameri
ca, have au original explanation of tle
cause of ccllpHcs. It Is a quarrel, they
declare, between the nuu and the moon.
and to l!Nii.icle these combatants from
flKlilln their duel to the death they
shout their very loudest till returning
1 1 Kht 1 proof to them that the heaven
ly bodies, paying heed to their anger,
have thought Ix-tter of their Intention.
A WeaJerfal Aatonatoa.
In tbe year 1770 the most wonderful
automaton that has ever been con
structed was exhibited at Exeter ex
change, 1-oudon. This automatic won
der represented a country gentleman's
bouse, aud was of such Intricate and
elaborate construction that no one dis
puted the claim of the exhIMtor when
be declared that be bad worked twenty-
seven years In perfecting It It showed
the regulation English country bouse,
with parks, gardens, cascades, temples,
bridges, etc, besides over 100 appro
priately clad human figures lu the gar
dens, on the bridges, chopping wood
and at various building operations. In
the park were several deer moving
naturally about and four homes aud a
coach following the meandering road.
Resides the above the figures of boys
were seen fishing from the bridges,
while a boat load of ladles aud gentle
men regularly rowed across au en
largement lu the brook, much to the
consternation of the natural looking
fljmrca of gee nud ducks which were
paddling alHWt in the water. The
whole of these animate and luaulniate
figures were Inclosed In a space only
four and one-half feet square.
A WlMlas Test.
When the Iuke of Ormond, whose
family name was Itutler, was going to
take possession as lord lieutenant of
Ireland, he was driven by a storm on
to the Isle of Man, where a IScv. Mr.
Joseph, a poor curate, entertained blm
as hospitably as Ms menus permitted.
On his departure the duke promised to
provide for him as soon as he became
viceroy. The curate waited many
months lu vain and at last went over
to IHihllu to remind his grace of his
promise. Impairing of gaining access
to the duke, he obtained permission to
preach at the cathedral. The lord lieu
tenant and hl court were at the
church, but none of them rcincmlcrcd
their bmuble host till be pronounced
liU text, which. It must It? acknowl
edged, was well chosen, -Yet did not
the chief butler remember Joseph, but
forgot blm." The preacher was at onca
Invited to the castle aud a good living
provided for blm.
From Tbe Battalion
Sul Ross Literary Society, Nov.
18. 1905 :
Current Events Seward
Reading Prof. J, A. Lomax
Resolved. That the Students of
Ithe College should bave Only Two
years or unitary. ,
Affirmative: II. Hums, iier,
R. T. Potts. Neaatlve: K. Rose-
borough; Liverman, Chase
rasraatal's Uafc.
Tba characteristic good nature of
raganlnL tbe celebrated Italian violin
ist, Is welt IUusU ated by tbe following
anecdote: One Uny while In Vienna be
hired a cab to take blm from tbe ban
where be bad added one more to bis
long list of triumphs to bis lodgings,
Wben I'Bgsulnl awoke tbe next mora-
log be found tbe cabman waiting for
an Interview. lie, In fact, burst late
Paganlnl's private apartment
"What do you wantr
"xcellency, I come to solicit a a
vor of you a very great favor. I am
titbor of four children and bars the
onor to be your fellow countryman.
Too are wealthy, your fame Is un
equaled, and If you please you caa
make my fortune,"
"What do you meant"
"Well, anthortce ni to write (4 large
letters at tbe back of my vehicle these
two words: Tsgaalnl's Cab! ., , . . .
Tbe musician consented, aaya Olga
IU ester In aa lntereetlSg volume en
titled "Chats on Violins,'' and six
months afterward tbe cabman was en
joying a comfortable Income solely de
rived from Paganlnl's cab.
A Braa4 Hlal.
They were seated In tbe parlor con
versing on the uncertainty of life. he
The future Is a vast, unfatboinable
mystery to us. Isn't It?, Ho Yes; all
we know Is that we bave got to go
somo time. Voice From the Library
It would suit the convenience of this
household If you'd make It a little
sooner thau that.
NO. 4971.
nqmiui uif luiiuuiuii
At Brysa, ia the State ot Texas, at the
Close of Business, Nov. 9, 1103.
Loans a a dlMOnata SI
Overdrafts, scored sad aoascursd... 10,180 11
17. a Bonds to secure clrtulaUon (0,000 00
PieaJiuasoa U. S. Boads 1,000 00
Bonds, securiUsa, slo l.tlO 00
mraltorssadfliturss . 1,137 0O
Othat real estate owned. loaa to
Due from gaUonal Backs (not Re
serro AjtiuU) ., ...M... 140,(14 M
Pus born tM Banks sad Bankers. .. tTfiut tl
Das (run approved rtsmt areata ... Jiac r
Casus sad other esa lUau . 0S
Rotes of othsr National Banks i
Fractional rlr cumo7.ulciU,and
Cdet)aeaa see y09 40
urst mossy suisri is . yiK -
8 perls UJK M
Letsltcader note 1.000 00
; .ot
RcdempUun rand wltk C. S. Treasurer
(&jrent of circulation) I.VIOOO
Total eiiuai
Capital itoti paid la to.ooo 00
Barprairuad - 10,000 00
Cadivtdsd profits, less (ipsase and
taass paid SMU tl
PaUonal Bank note oaUUndlof
Da leetber Rational I
Individual deposits subject
crauundlof ..... M
mbject to check tMUl
.. mi
8tti or Tsui, Covair or Batios. iac
I. A, W. WUksnoa. easlUar of lae shore
named bank, do solemnly ewsar that tn abovs
statement Is true to the best of mj knowledge
snd belief. A. W. WtuiasoM,
Subscribed and sworn to before me Uils lin
it t or Nov.. I'JuS.
Notary Public, Braso County, Teiss.
Cosskct Altnl;
To lUu, I
O. s fttRcra J Director.
J. W. tOLI.-S )
Always Ready
With the newest seasonable
'abric for Men's Clothing.
Vhe old reliable John Witt
.nan tailor thip can always
be ilepemlci! upon for quality,
t)le and fit and promptnets.
Give u your orJcr.
Texas Farmers '
located Pi the Panhandle I'oiin-
eonstltute a vast proportion of
those who are out of debt, possess
an abundance of all that Is necessary to comfort and easy hours,
aud own
Those who are not so fortunate should profit by past experiences
aud recugtiixe that these conditions are possible lu
as nowhere else for the reason that no other section now otTera
and that the Agricultural and Stock-fanning possibilities of this
section are the ejual of, aud lu some respects better than three to
live times higher priced property located elsewhere.
In a word: Jfuny Mfinificml Opfortunitit are atlll open here to
those possessing but little money, but prompt Investigation aud
art adTlMbls, a persUtora tttve Inrvatlirited sod ar fast purrbaalng with a ksowl.
edge of quickly deteloplng opportunities to soil to otters at frost!? Isoreaaad price.
Sell cheap Hound Trip ticket! tuirt a week vith 8j
itnp-oier privilege!.
For Full Information, write to
Fort Worth, Texas
...GO VIA...
The soulhern poc
Round Trip Tickets on Sale Dec. 21, 22 & 23
For further lafonnitloo oontuH nearest
Railroad Tkket Aitnt, or write to
Oen. Pass. Agent. Asat. (Jen. Pass. Agt.

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