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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, April 25, 1906, Image 3

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From driver anJ
' in poing to the
i Discount
Will he alloweJ for books bought if
pai J for Mu-n Jc-liverr JBettcr weightt
' ' , can be given on early morn inn round's
anJ the public is urged to secure ice
n this trip. Prompt attention given
all orders
L STEPHAN, Manager
-A. ,. A A-
At the iuttUnr of no me of the
Urjan business men The Kagle has
opened ita coluuihs to subscriptions'
for the Han Francisco Uelief Fund
and will be glad to receive fame to
be deposited in bank and forward
ed to the proper authorities in the
stricken city. Subscription?; will
be received by telephone or other
wise. Phone No. oi.
l.iiT to vrr..
E. J. Jenkiuo 10 (K)
City National Bank 10 00
Wagner t Brandon 10 00
First National Bank 10 00
(J. S. Parker 10 00
Bryan Kagle
5 00
J. E. Butler
Kmruel A" Maloney
Webb Bros 5 00
W.E. Saunderi 5 00
Parka Jc Waldrop. ....... .
Dansby Jt Dans' by
Tyler Has well
llobt. Armstrong
Tostoflice Drug Store
Carson, Sewall & Co
M. Parker
J. W. English
II. C. K obi n son
Wilson it Edge 77.
Knox Bros
A. M. Stewart
I). M. I Why
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
3 00
2 50
1 .7)
1 00
L. B. Mendola 1 00
W. T. Ford 1 00
A.MiKrnzie I (
W. C. Wilcox....: I 00
J. K. Carltou 1 00
Frit yummerUtte 1 00
$r,i (hi
REMOVED la, Ten Dr
The Complexion
Bcautifler i
drd by tknuMntit
of (ritcf ul UJm. hJ
furntJ Id nnun
I1 ftfta JlK-olir.
tiuM J rntor k
kauty uf youtk. Tk
wont ciw ia twenty thy. JOc. nj $1.00
I , all luJintf drug Mjm, or y mtil
t ky MTV si roarr CO . Fir. Tm
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ofike. . . .
for Cash
- A. ,, A-
By Nora
Copyrt, by K. A. B'iMjJ
Ludlow nat on the river bank, irltli
Uio dog's lu-U'l on kmv. lie was
very tlrol aint vi-ry miK'h exnujicratiM.
llo had It-f t the survey camp iiuuuill
ateljr on rifrlvlns (Irrti licu's letter,
tellluj of ht-r nrrlvnl nt the ! hi Uio
ranch aul hail tl;'u'!it t cover the
tiuQilrcil miles U-twiH' enmp n:il
ranch aaslly, Imt linilau riverlm.l r!'u
InexjilIenM.v iiit.l Kywak refme.1 t'
swim ttie fnl, now, wltlila flve
mill of tlie ruiiili. It !'!, -J n If he
wouM iuUm s.-elni: Cretclit-n after a!L
for hho (11 1 Uot eXMN't him And her Visit
hut n ttTce ilnjV affair.
Therefore I.inllotv nat U hlinl a huc.
rook. Which lielters hint S iliiewli.it
from the raw wind nnd wM! geitlnif
h J'roiitlialteriiaiely patTtHl the hesid
of the pataluiC dog and shook hi lint nt
the (llMtant fieurw of a tiorsa culmljr
grating on litifTalo irram.
eilanir ltr repeated Ludlow. "Hang
It! i tiioncht lirwak had pot over her
fool!hue about fording. Va I
asle or cr.ity that I let her Jerk tho
bridle from my hand when I leil her
down to ilrlukT"
The dtf ixikel up uiputlietiiall;-.
The ninety five 4iill.n of mi l ic after
Kywak had Nvn nothing to hl Ions
iMMirhoiinil lee. but thl wild henlini;
of a aiUBle clever I tul la ti pony for three
hour had Imcu a little htreuuoiiK. He
hid i ..e n a t-i rr ui ninnicr, iui
u In ti lit win not allowed tocatcli flunk
or throat In powerful Jawa how waa
he to hold a hirsv; Ilistunnk fC J a
liorTllolllii!, tl .t a collie, t J
I.udlow i;!o rcl nt the i lif j
heap of rot Us tliat (ruardetl I t
bai.U of the river.
Mlt l ( .'Id elrmi," he
mi I.J, "j ,' le
: mjr lCk t .
river : be frown. J'nt
have It twlee 111 deep an nuai: ll,
Illsinarek. old l"'.v, I iiothinif f.ir It
but for you and iji to leave Kywak' jb
her cuHwliiff sod Hv.lm Hit- rlvr.
And I'll l n line niI.t t ) (Jretrln ti nr;
cr two yeur! tfh, well, who Lno
whether hu?'H care or imt-;- v
I.udlow n-ii! and iMV'ail to tr.itnp ,
the river. 'It It a ba l idea to iniivt;
n way from the ford," he thought, "bnt
I'll t'o np w"y '"ci w If the ri vi r
Itirt narrov.-er. It'rt tiN deep r;ovv 1 .
ftrlko tpilcktaml."
lie j, irked hli wy carefully over t:.f
rot kx. Iihlbu river wai lwi:y coM
ami ulwnya mvlft,;but daul;ly no today,
after the -orly winter rain. Thy day
wa bleak, wltU a half proinlnv of no
la the air. The plain ou. the far nt!e
of the river were as dim nnd hopeIe
aa thw iky. A he paused at a Mlnt
where Utere seemed promise of a lielr
Inn bunk ou either Hide I.udlow ahlver
etl aul half turned back toward the
Implxti Kywak.
"Wbat'a the uT he murmured.
"Orrtcheo half refused Die once. She
will probably wholly refus me thla
Ho stood lu sllcuce with one band ou
Illsinarrk'a head. Then hi straightened
himself with a J-fk.
So, old thap! he exclaimed. "We'll
see her again or drown lu tha attempt.
Now, then. I've no way ta get my
riotLea acro except to swim lu thc;i:
I'm not up to Uie wins Family Ilob
Itmon stunt of carrylna ttjem acr oa
my head. Ill leave n! overcoat wlt'j
Kywak. f'oine on, old faithful."
Hejvmoved his ho' and tied thei'i
ai'itiut his iitn'k by the l.icon anil walked
down the bunk Into the ruidilnn water,
then Mood still, with the water ewlri
liU aUiut hi knee. Tho current wis
luiieli swifter than he had Imagined It
would le. However, the r.'wr waa nar
row ut tlil NiItit, u took a reiMiltlfe
nti'! forwntd und plun.iil lu.alne hi:.,
depth. J-- ."T
After the Crxt shock' jh6 Cold u lio
io li.d. Itut the current: The down
ward swlr.!n t:iovei!ierit of the water
win nliuiiHt n jhitver'til ns quli knand.
The iMiiiitel rock l.tld'ov had chtxeu
for a lining mark m a 0"?."i r:li
tiphtrenm before he had svun as niai.y
(troke. rlMJiarck. w
whs twlmtulaij' be-'
v blowljig like au
side hitn. i-ilMn nn
Infant t: -a-hliu; mat blue. I'or a mo
uieut I.n.'.l.. iv thought of cntihln t!ie
dou's collar, but declued that they Uth
tnlk'ht k' down, tlH'tih Iliaiunrck ctiul l
havo pulleii hlni tier,. easily In quie;
bitter cold of the water U-u'su to
strike In, but I.udlow swam on with
quick, strorn; strokes. Cradually It
aeemod to hlni that he was fighting a
losing game. The swhumlutf mark wai
hidden In-hlnd a curve In tha river,
while Itlsmarck had pulled quickly
awny from him and was now only a
Short dlRtame from the klmre.
Finally, after what seemed hours of
swimming, he found hlnmelf a rol
from the shore, where r.imarck barkel
at him excitedly. But. to his chagrin,
thotith he ' r.roppetl hi feet several
times, he could not touch lHttoin ev.-.i
nt three fi-.-t from the bank. And tho
bank! I and ilo'vu tl,.. river, a far
a he could we. It loe hter and blank
a a tiny c.uivou. witli not a b!ah i.'
t;raH imr a crevire for hatid or fint
hold. How ltNi.ian fTl..id made the leap
he could not f..:!..l:i.
He turued on hi bu k, hoping that
the current would hold him naitin: f.w
wnll while he felt for a baud hold. Hut
hi fhik'em only Mlppcd over the nnuli
amlNtone. while the river curried h.tn
rapidly downstream, and liisuinrt k fol
lowed, bark! 10; and whining. The weight
of his clothe and the cold were by thl
time rendering him almost helpless
I.udlow turned on his face and nguia
let his feet drop. To his Joy, they fiMiud
a resting place, and he stood with hi
shoulder out of water. He rested,
panting and fighting off the numbing
cold, then again parsed hi hand up
aud down the face of the rock for a
grip. Tlie surface was hopelessly
smooth. The top of the bank was too
far ahovo the highest reach of hi
ha mis. even w ith' jumping, to grajt.
White French Lawn 44 inches wide, very sheer per yard
White Organdie 44 inches wide, per yard
Fine white Paris Muslin 68 inches wide, washable, per yard
Fine white Paris Muslin 72 inches wide, washable, per yard
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44-inch Sheer White French Lawn, excellent value at 12
White Embroidered wash belts 10, 25 and 35c
White Hand Bags 25. 50 and 75c
White Fans, hundreds to select from, 15c to 3.00
White Slippers, plain and embroidered, 98c to 2.50
White embroidered and plain linen
II tried cautiously to walk riong tn
bank, but found that hl footlmM was
a mere outcrop of rock not mora than
a foot In diameter,
lli dropped his bAllscd, bleeditij
hiinda In despair. I'.Urnarck pushed his
irreat Lead over tho edge and whined
plteously.' with an eager light lu hi
brown eye that seemed to say: "I'au't
you understand? Can't you?"
I.udlow K-ave a rreat spring and
caught tho dog's collar with hi right
hamL Instantly Itismarck braced his
inl-hty' shoulder and pulled back.
Inch by Inch theii.an was pulled from
the water Utitll I.e craJil tho top of
the bank. A he I t tin dog's collar jtj
lUi.imn k. frantic with evcltemeut.
caught the Khoulder of I.udlow' cont
lu hi t t!i nnd, with UtVn F.rown au l
wl,lini er!n,.'s a I.uiLlow scrambled and
pu-Ud, pulled him f.drly on to the
There Ludlow lay panting, too weak
to pat dog. who licked his hand
and f;.cc. wild 1) ir. '.
lMti that evcnliyho jirotip nruntid
the Ilreidar in the rTUug roofl of tlie
Ie hi Uio ranch heard a weak ra:-x
plutf at tlx door, followed by th lUleV.
deep bark of n dog. Aa Jack ojued
tli disr Ludlow staggered lu. whlta
faced, bat less, bla frozen garment
crackling a be moved.
Th sudden wamth and light dareil
him, aud he leaned weakly agalnat the
wall, tha great dog crouching beside
him. The group around the fireplace
waa speechless with amaaement at tlie
familiar figure of Ludlow la hi strange
Then fJretcUen. who had toue white
aa her dainty gown, uttered a little
pltylug cry and. giving do heed to spec
tator, ran acrosa the room.
"Frit LudlowT she cried. -Fritz,
what la It? What la the matter?" She
threw her arma protecting around bis
atilverlug body.
A smile of great aweetness and con
tent came to Ludlow's drawn face.
"Nothing ls'the matter now," he said,
and Plsmank pawed his knee, wltU p.
Jealous wbljj". 1 - 'x- -.-r'
:r- '
The Mrslvry of b llesvrsa.
I.ook thniugh a telescope at some
tiny star Invisible to lie uaked ey,
The lisjU frutn ha tar'crlinp..jett
Ita aurface before the titnJ Cf Wiiiiatu
t!i Coyijueror. If itiay U It U tot
i(ui!b loipos;b!e lhai the tiny star has
since those day actually left off shin
ing, but stld we co !t lu our sky bc-
j cau.o tho raya which started while it
yet shone are arriving Tffomeut ty tni
meut. telling A the story of what tU
nt.ir wpj Vf hundred of ycara oro,
fx-fore It parted with It brightness.
I'crhaps, again, we are examining
through a large telescope 8 faint jnd
faroff nebula a mas of whirling
Rases the light of which baa taken.
I savt 10,OJ year to get there. We e
I wLat the nebula waa like In prehistoric
age. It may since then hare lessened
In alxe and changed In shape. It may
now wear a very different asjwt, and
men looking from earth 10.) rar
hence will ti abfe'To'svvw lit tiiat
nebiilajws :k In our daya. All these
thlugs hehui to understand what the
Immetulty of the stellar system 1. .
and, yet troio, to im igln.j dltr.ly win:
lite tneasuretiicut nt-d extent of a'
cr'3t:.!i m'U't bv If 3'i.r s;.ch tar sv
tenia float side by side throughout t; .
vat domains of space. i.'hamlier
I Palbos la aair,
1 A sp'-aU'T at a M'-.l, .,li i-mfereiiif f
, t M t'.u-i story. i.i h. I.e s.i id. was r -'lated
to Mm by II irtifil: -Th.
j bi-h'ip. v.hi'e o:i a --:t!:ern imr, l::ct
; a darky .win) v.. t'.e fatl.cr of !it-.:i
chilt;rc:i. the e.-t of whom wa
J st-ur.i l..- out of ;-r an l on u-king
hi tn v.j:it tlv ; e-:i!er's tiatne v::s
reeeivel this rep y. 'Juda 'Scari it.
: sah. 'Vnii ! :i't :..-.ui to tell tue that
that I really his baptismal name, do
' you? nkiil the bishop. 'IndetHl. I il .
sah. Ain't dat a St-ript'ral nameT 'Ves;
but d y n know who Juda Isearlot
wasV ' "i o".re 1 tl.s-s. sah: but doan
(! S'-riptiire say it would have U-cu
letter for Jif'i.i "Sea riot if be had nev
er been l ini'sl';' 'Ves: but what hn
that t tl with this MHir little chap':
i.it'i Jet It. s;h: tlat's Ji-st It. It
wo'il 1 have l-ell lietter for ill poor
little ch lT if he hud never liecn iHirtitil.
and dM's why we calls him Juda
'Scariot ' "- 2 hit i.!el:-!ti:l Ileeord.
- 00000000000000000000000000
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A Wraa Tlsae roaalse.
History class. Subject, -George II
and tho IVlhara Ministry." Master i
Who said aud when. "Now I shall have
no more peace V Small Boy (after a
long Interval of thought) I'lease. sir.
Oeorge III. on hi dcatbbeiL-Punch.
Qall Jlsirel.
The Tramp You're one man In a
hundred. Taln't often I meet anybody
that" II talk to me two mlnutea without
askln why I don't jro to work at some
trade. The Remarkable Man-Oh. I
can tell by looking at you.-Puck.
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Office in Taliaferro building opposite
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stract Hooka of Hraios County
Land Titles.
A four room residence with
one quarter acre of ground,
located in southern part of
town.' Price $450.00. Terms
. jer

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