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i lie City National Sank
Capital - - -Surplus
and Profits
Deposits - - -
$ 50,000
All business entrusted to this Bank receives
the careful personal attention of its officers
Is the key note of a bank's usefulness in a community.
We will be glad to consult with you.
EDWARD HALL, President '
G.S.PARKER, Vice President
E. H. ASTIN, Vice President
A. W. WILKERS0N, Cashier
When the preacrlptlou ia
brought to ua, every Ingredl
ent. every quantity and every
detail of compounding la
ItlOHT-preclaely tight.
Ia Dot tlila unfailing pre
acrlption precision thte cer
tain correctness wrth rontM
licre to get?
can be. your only answer.
Then bring your prescriptions,
and bear in mlu in in J wa us
In our prescription work
Olfrerantlal Not Settled.
New York. May 14. The Journal of
CorrtnjM." saya that after a session
which occupied virtually entire day
and waa attended by aomo of the high
rut trung Una officials In tha country
It wai again announced a failure to
aettle the Erie-Orand Trunk differen
tial fight resulted. The trouble orlgf
nated with awarding of a differential
ky tha joint passenger .committee to
tba Michigan Central.
Dimmitt, Texa?, May H. A the
correspondence came up eo short
in The Kagle last week, I will try
to drop in a few linen. The health
of this community is excellent, aa
it s!waya is; not only here, but the
entire county.
Our farmers are planting their
crops now. Rome early patched of
stuff coming up. Gardens are be
ginning to grow. s We will hare
vegetable until froct when they
do come in. We had quite a cold
snap here last Saturday and Sun.
day, and it is tolerably cool today.
I came in yesterday from Bailey
and La lib counties, where I have
been taking an inventory of the
people' property on the large
ranches. It would li fight for
come of the people that were raid
ed in your country to make that
trip with me and nee how the boys
handlo cattle in this country. I
stayed with the "Yellow House"
outfit la.-t Saturday night and Sun
day. In addition to the large ranch
there, they have another in New
Mexico and one leased in Crosby
and Garza counties. They have
35,000 cattle. The Mexico boys
were at the Yellow House, about
twenty-five men in all. It would
interest anyone to tee them round
up their saddle horses and rope
them and then ride them. They
have a chuck wagon with them to
haul their provisions and lds,
It's Time to Take
When your tongue is coated, when
you have heartburn, belching, acid
rising in throat, when pimples begin
to peep out, when ' your stomach
gnaws and burns That's the time
to check coming constipation, indi
gestion and dyspepsia. Take
Pleasant Tonic Laxative, 25c per Bottle.
Progressive Drujyjists
Mfirs. X-liay Relief Hemciics.
and that wagon ia their Jiome
the first of March until UU
fall, as they are rounding up herd
and driving them to the railroad to
ship to the market. I must not
forget to mention a windmill tower
they have just put up at thii ranch.
Am confident it is the tallest tower
in Texas. It is 103 leet high and
built of wood from bottom to top.
They only bar three boyi on the
ranch that will grease tbia mill. A
Cre passed through tbis ranch in
March. It broke out in Mexico,
west of the ranch, and burned a
strip of land twenty milei wide,
from one side of the pasture to the
other. In fact, it went clear off
the plains east. Fire is one thing
to be dreaded in tbis country.
Land is still advancing in Cas
tro county. Judge C. F. Kerr of
Dimmitt told bis borne of ICO acres
adjoining the town section" for the
handsome price of 125 per acre.
W. E. Halsell, who own Spring
Lake ranch, was offered $5.00 per
acre for bis entire ranch containing
200,000 acres, aiid part of that in
the sand bills. When I came here
I bought my land at a little more
than one dollar per acre, and raid
if it ever got to $5 per acre I would
sell out, but when it reached 15 I
bought 323 acres more, and if I
had any show to pay for it I would
buy more.
I have ten acres of cotton plant
ed this year. W have put out
over one thousand trees and plant
ed one-half pound locust seed;
plenty of watermelons, pumpkins,
kershaws, pie melon, canteloupe
and a number of diflerent kinds of
pes anTl bean. So if any of our
Drazos count' friends come out to
see us thin year, we can give them
peas and melons to eat.
W. S. I).
Senator Hereridge was making
an impa!-iond epeech. In the
midst of Lis niort tlowery periods,
the venerable Senator Ptttus, of
Alabama, aroe.
" Does the Senator from Indiana
yeild to the Senator from Alabama?
asked the presiding officer.
"Certainly," said Senator Bever
idge. " I am always glad to yeild
to the Senator from Alabama, who
never interrupts without shedding
knowledge oa the subject which is
under discussion, and who always
adorns every speech into which he
may come with his rare and grace
ful humor. What does the Sena
tor from Alabama desire to ask
"Nothing," said Senator IVttus
solemnly. "I move that we ad
journ." Saturday Kvening INiet.
Oklahoma City racking company
was damnd $15,000 worth by fire
Armour ruckle rompacy'a plant it
East St. Loula auiUlued f23.uoo fire
Nell Anderaon of Fort Worth will
erect a 175.1'vO cottonseed oil mill at
Past fifteen yeara personal Injury
claims paid by Texas railroads foot up
V. A. Akard of Dallaa waa elected
grand counselor of tlie United Com
merctal Travelers.
A pulnter named Doyer waa found
dead beside the Rock Island railway
track near Tyrone, Okla.
Near Den 1 son I'lnckney Russell waa
killed by the accidental discharge of
a gun his brother waa holding.
A. S. Stuchll. convicted at Ardmore
of bigamy, was gtvo four yeara tn
Fort Leavenworth Federal prison.
Fire Teiaa boys aecurad the bach
elor of actence degree at the Maasa-
cbuictta Institute of 1 ethnology
Tba haad of Dave Emmons, a negro,
was pulled off In tke Gulf Refining
company s plant at Port Arthur. Tax.
L. W. Locks, a long-time Texas
Midland conductor, has gone to Colon
to occupy like position on Panama rail
Thirty-one miles northwest of Quy
mon, Okla., tha murdered bed lea of
Ddward II. FraUke and mother war
Total trade In 1905 of United States
with South America waa 1:01.000.00')
I150.0v0.000 being with ArgtnUne and
Colonel F. M. Keith, ninety-one years
Id. who commanded an Ohio regi
ment during the civil war, died at
Enid, Okla.
Captain George Gardner of the
steamship Del Norte died at Galveston.
Ho bad been In coastwise aerrtce
twenty-two fears.
A little boy of I. R. Bradbury of Ab
ble, Tex., bad his left under Jaw torn
away by the accidental discharge of a
pistol of a brother.
W. L. Knotta. proprietor of the Sul
phur Springs. 1. T., Herald, died sud
denly at Kenner City. He was a pio
neer newspaper man.
Former Got era or Robert Taylor re
ceived over 9.000 majority over Ben.
ator earmark In the Tennessee Demo
cratic senatorial primaries.
Distinjtslilied Gfraan-American De
parti This Lift.
talt4 MaUe SeaaUr frem Mis
searl. Secretary of the laterlor
la tba Hayes Cablast.'aed
Lear rromlaeat.
New York, May It At an early
hour Monday morning Cart Scburt.
the noted publicist, breathed his last.
Death waa due to a complication of
diseases. Relatives and frlenda were
at the bedside when the end came.
Mr. Schurx waa seventy-six years
old. being born March t, 1829. Forced
to flee from the land of bla birth be
fore he had attained his majority, Carl
Echurx soon became and for more
than half century remained one of
the striking figures of public life In
the land of hla adoption.
norn In the village of Llbelar. near
Cologne, Cermany, Schurx became In
terested In the revolutionary move
ment In Germany wLlle attending the
University of Bonn, and when the up
rising came la 1149 he s erred in the
private ranka for the Insurgents. He
was with General Ttdeman when the
latter surrendered the fortresa of
Raatadt la July of that year and made
an almost miraculous escape through
a aower connecting with Rhine and
Ced to Switzerland.
Boon after bis marriage Mr. Schurx
came to this country, flrpt locating at
I'hllndelphla. Three years later be
removed to Wisconsin, allied himself
with the Fremont forces and took
rart In the campaign the following
year. During the succeeding twenty
years he was one of the prominent f'.g
urea In the political history of thin
country. He went to Spain as United
States mln'-tcr In 1501. resigning to
return to se-re In the civil war, durlnc
which be earned the title of a major
general. In HC3 no was elected to the
United S'ati s senate from Mlslsslppl,
Icing the Mret (K-rman-born citizen
to become a merr.ber of the upper
louse of eor-rresa. In the meantime
be encaged" n newspape work both at
WusblnRton and In the west. Ills ca
reer In the senate wns a brilliant one.
Many Independent po!Hlril moves
since have felt the weight of bla In
fluence nnd ealned the beneJlt t'f bis
co-o; eratlon. He was one of the or
yanUera of the Liberal Republican
nrv In 1H72 and nresided over the
convention at Cincinnati which nom
lnted Horace Greeley for president.
He supported the national Repub
lican ticket In 187G. and the year fol
lowing became secretary oi tne i
t.rw in the cabinet of Hayes.
During hia tenure of office he ef
fected wlie reforms In the admlcl
tratlon of bis department These r
forma were particularly notable In
rm rf the department, which
..! ith Indian affairs.
At the close of his term of office he
,,. m K,.w York and devoted all
the remainder of his long life to ed
ifnriul and literary work.
As a rlanlst Mr. Schurx had few
ArJmire will have a sumer theater.
Pcnl.-ion spring carnival waa a suc
cess. San Angelo, Tex, Is to have street
On;.l.a, Tex.. Is to have a $7.r.n
K ll.H-1 hotUO.
J T Puncan was fatally Injured at
Muskccce by a tr;.ln.
Turkey has acreed to take all her
trc; out uf Kyi t.
Ivan i:ans, a buy. was killed by a
Ehreveport sn ft car.
James L. Smith, a pioneer merchant
cf MexU. Tex.. Is dead.
A Dallas fire department horse was
hit by a train and killed.
Louis IlumKardner. right yeara old.
died at Ualla of lo kjaw.
N. A. Ikimar, a leading citizen of
McKlnney, has passed away.
There passed through Brownsville,
Tex., from Mexla J 3" burros.
Lyceum Attractioe, Opera House, Wed
nesday, Msy 16.
Ou account of the illness of W. C.
Frost, who waa to have closed the
lyceum course on May 4, the bureau
has substituted for this attraction
the world-famed Impersonator, Her
bert A. Sprague. He conies under
a guarantee to please the most crit
ical. He will appear in "Rip Van
Winkle" or "Merchant of Venice,"
or will give aelectlons from both.
The ability to represent lu turn a
half doxen characters or more In a
play or story iu one evening without
the benefit of stage accessories or
change of Costume, to Impersonate
the grave and the pay, the dignified
and the flippant, the learned aud the
simple, the morbid and the humor
ous, ana to mage aucn characters
stand out aa though represented by
a distiuci individual, oorn ana
trained with the characters present
ed, requires talent of a very high or
der. All this Mr. Sprague has done
before hundreds of audleucea to the
delight of all who have heard Mm.
Don't forget the date. May lGth.
Tickets will be on aale at Haswell'a
Book Store Monday morning at 9
General admission will be CO cents.
A special rate will be maJe school
children. tf
PROMPTNESS in delivering orders is
-y a feature of our. Gro
cery business in which
we take especial pride. Phones 78 and
54 put the wheels in motion, if if
The Best
The Best
Wootan Wells
Soda Water.
Pleases the Palate. Helps Health
From Jrivt-r and save trouble
in g'lins to the office. . . .
m Discount for Cash
Will be allowcJ tvt books bought if
paiJ f.r wht n JdivtreJ. Better weights
can be piven on early morning rounds
anJ the public is ureJ to secure ice
on this trip. Prompt attention given
all orJi-rs
L STEPHAN, Manager
fishing gets monotonous,
but no (lsherman'a luck
can be baJ if he has a
bottle of
Old Ryo
In bla locker. If you are
about to take an outing
of any kind, you may
want a aupply of good
liquor along. At Ford's
you can get the best and
purest, aa our gooda are
famoua for their hlgb
quality and genuine

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