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Fr.2G Gcholarohipo
Including Board
In any ochoolo in Toxog
h olarships will be given to one boy anJ
one girl, living in Brazos or any adjoining
county, getting the largest number of votes.
One vote will be given for each scholarship
with every 5-cent purchase, cash or creJit.
Also on settlement of all olJ accounts.
Contest begins today, May 1st, and closes
August 15th.
Enter your name today and call for tickets.
E. J. FOUNTAIN, Groceries.
M. H. JAMES, druefs
V." "t
Entered t the Pottofficein Bryan, Texu
i second-clais matter.
It is given out that the legisla
ture is to adjourn the latter part of
the week, and the belief is adhered
to by many that the governor will
ring them up again.
The Jamestown exposition man
agement had better make things
look different to the newspaper
correspondents, or the show is
doomed. Some of the reports be
ing sent out from there are decid
edly raw.
Roosevelt is said to be pluming
his soii'in-law, Ixngworth, for
Forakcr's seat in the senate. He
may get it but when he does there
will be some of his choicest plumes
in the talons of the prasent incum
bent. The Kagle has received the
twenty-second annual catalogue of
the Dallas state fair, which will lie
"bigger and better thau ever."
The catalogue contains a number
of fine views of the new buildings
and of the grounds.
in part: .
."Xot later than the August term
ot your vommiasioucrs Court you
will select a County Superintendent
ot bcuools in compliance with re
cent legislation. The result of
your deliberations on this subject.
as shown by the choice that you
make, will exert an influence upon
the education of the children of
your couuty for all future time.
If you select the proper man for
tins position your county will in
the near future take a high rank
amoug the counties of Texas m
'I'HE new Negligees and Pongees are now ready, and a finer
. aline we've never seen. Every one of tnem has a
"Worth More" appearance. Thev come from the best
of shirt makers. The fabrics are unusually handsome, the
shirt-making throughout is of the very highest character
known to the trade, and some of the fabrics are unusudly
fine and exclusive. The best $1,00 Shirts in the city
can be found in our stock- U'e have an exceptionally strong
line of fabrics and patterns at J 1.00, ;ind are showing the
most elegant line ever seen in Bryan at
$1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50. $3.00 & $3.50
It would be difficult to find another such line of chricc
shirts as we are now offering the Spring trade in any city.
Come Early Ste for lours ef.
To mark their resting place is the last tribute of respect we
can show them. Let Hilger figure with you. He has the BEST
materials, and guarantees first-clas.- work.
I reset that cracked curbing thu makes the Cemetery look
so bad. I also repair and clean monuments.
C. L. HILGER, Proprietor.
Note I do not clean marble with acid that eats off the sur
face, but with a preparation made for and sold exclusively to
marble dealers. This preparation will not injure the stone, but
cleans it thoroughly. See me. .'
birtjr-iwo Conversions and Reclimi.
tlooi at the Moraine, Service at
the Methodist Church Ycster
day. Meeting Closed.
Gloriom results marked the ser-
ice yesterday morning at me
Methodist church in the great re-
ival conducted by Kev. I.ovic
icrce Law. The scene was not
unlike that presented at the great
Stuart meeting held here some
years aj;o The inquiry, "How
oeiore tue great congregation ou
the text, "There was no room for
him in the end." The spirituali
ty of the service was very marked
and the leave taking of the Uvan
geiist irom the people among
whom he has worked so faithfully
and successfully was an affecting
Rev. and Mrs. Law and Prof.
Wheeler have brought a great
blessing and religious awakening
to the people of Uryan, and will
le gratefully remembered. Kev.
Law is a strong gospel preacher,
splendidly adapted to evangical
work. While denouncing sin tin-
ULaaa.aaa.ea: Cool
Tht Mol rM(titful Smm
to vl lit
5.1 to M itt't rhrnhll (Gvrnmant f ITV 11 C M nVIn
Utcofi) It Iht av.iag. lefltpTalurt at. " IflCAICU
Announces Three Popular Excursions at
One-Half Rates. Stop-Over Privileges
Slllnc Arrll 2J"th to May llh.
Julia Mtti t July IMh.
" Juna JiMhto July l-'lh.
Raturn limit July Jin
' " Aue. Jlaf
" Sen. nth
A inntt allrarllt anJ lnrrntlv oullnt. aaihraxlnc many Bolnla of fr.at hlttnrlr Int.r.tt
ani acank- tcnj.ur. Nooibrrlik.lt. tf 'Stt I. ft (j. N.Aftntt ur Wrlta
D. J. PRICK, G. P. & T. A.
GKO..D. HUNTIJR, A. C. P. & T. A..
I. & O. X. R. R. raleotinc, Texas.
" ' 'wiaiii i mi in
great a salvation?" formed the ; hesitatingly in hieh or low nlaces.
k1 County Superintendents for basis of a powerful appeal to the, he indulges in no personalities, and
c&rV uJS? Xhes un"awl frm Kvs,n8eHst LT" H'rt.eni. aJ
ger terms, more school libraries the mvgt wai attended by a ing in hw rk. He appears to
educational matters. If you select
the wrong man your rank will b:
low for years to come. Those shall we escape if we neglect so
counties in exas that have had
good County
and Utter schools in every partial- gracious outpouring of the Holy i have
ai mail uic vum LUUUIO. SP-ru. Ill 3 WOrU UUIIV'IWO MU : irOUl v . i ... jfV
m: omre win oe an important dents ot mc-.Alien Academy, near-, v.. bitti. tli pastor, announces
i -
one in Urazos county, and the sal- Jy all of them having readied j regular p:.t.r meeting service to.
ary will be thirteen or fourteen young manhood, calmly and in a j night, and a-ks that all. attend,
hundred dollars a year. The ap- manly way made confession of ' Following the 1 1 o'clock service
pointment will be made at the faith in Christ. Twenty-four of Sunday all those who have
he word "fail"
August term of the commissioners
That Section of Hopkins County
Swept by Terrible Cyclone
Sulphur Springs. Tex.. May
, mo rirasani urove neiRnoornood
- cyclone did much damage. A nnnv
Mme. Emma I;amesjias reached btr of hoimotte were blown down.
W Vnrt after ntfenrlimr it,. I Mr. Martln'o bouae wat blown hnlf
....... mile and he wae fatally Injured and
lort worm musical festival. In hla child killed; also a grand child of
speaking of the engagement she' ' 8,evenB- brother house wai.
i r.it , blown down, and Mr. Robertson's
aiu; me iexa jeopie are house was Wown down.
glorious and it was a rare treat to; .
. Near Pilot Point.
wwiwui. Pilot Tolnt. Tex . May 7. Two dl
thusiastic and annreciative that it tlnce cyclones visited this virir.itv
mv lirt Pvt in tinT .-.,! Sereral buildlnas were demolUhed. but
J " " " J
more songs than I reilly intended
before the concert began." Get
ting a double program with ap- i y rivt v,rB 0ld Mortally Shoots
; ao casualties are reported.
plause is a great stunt with the
Texas people, and when both sides
are pleased as in this cae, no one
else should kick. Eames, however
was fortunate; she was singing to
the warblers themselves.
them were converted at the service
and eight reclaimed. A majority
of them also at once gave their
names for membership in the 1
church of their choice.
The reu!t of the meeting have
7. In been 46 additions to the Methodic
church, 41 on profession and 5 by
letter. Others have given their
names for other churches as fol
lows: I'aptist church 7; Episco
pal church : Presbyterian church
j; Christian church 1. Grand to
tal, 63.
The additions to the Methodist
church are as follows:
On Profession F e r d i n a 11 1
Karbe. Rivers Allen, Nat Allen
Wilbur Loouey. W. T. Branch
Phillip Scherer, Marcus L. Griffin
Stanley H. Rouse, Herbert R
been received into the church will
be received into full connection.
a Younger Brother.
Palestine. Tex., May 7. Jlmn:l? Preston, Her'x-rt Scale, R. L. Son
State Superinterdeat R. B.
Cousins has addressrd a letter to
the couuty judges at:d commission
ers in the various counties coming
under the provisions of the new law
j Nalsmlth, aited five years, son of Mr
and Mrs. John Nalnnillh, shot ami
mortally wounded his little brother.
John C, ager three years. The shoot
Inn was done accidentally while ilav
ing ana a smau twenty-two gun vit
the weapon. The little fellow was
shot In the hend and lingered a few
lours. His death was pathetic.
Interred at Palestine.
field, R. L. Heed. Tom Raysor
Misses Lurline M. Weaver, Aline
B. Weaver, Lillie G. Griffin, Irene
Killough," Frankie May Reed,
Sadie Gocns, Bessie Irene Goens,
Mary Fisher Fuchak, Sybi
Groves, Mary Knowles; C. D
Parker, Glenn Holland; Robt
Palestine. Tex . May 7 Remains of Gordon. T. A. Scherer. Clifford
the late Mrs. George M. Diller
were Inter- -
U. McDowell. Joe Tignor. bam
died at Danbury
red here
Chocolate Bon-Bons.
Just Received
Emmel & Maloney,
Manufacturers X-Ray Relief Remedies
Beard, Colin Neal, Tom Cleveland.
Sam Moon, Plummcr Frankiln,
Guy Giledr, C. W. Nugent, R. R.
Walker, Tom Calhoun, Henry
By Letter J. P. Kennedy, Mrs.
J. A. Groves, Mrs. S. li. Sumner,
Miss Alma Lou Sumner, Miss
Laura E. Brogdon.
The meeting closed last night
and F.vangclist Law and wife left
for Grand Saline, Texas, where he
will hold a big union meeting un
der a tent. In connection with
I the larg'i additious to the churches
above set forth, there will be still
other additions later, there having
been about 100 conversions and
reclamations during the meeting.
The closing fcrvice last night
was of marked interest and result
ed in eight more conversions and
additions to the chorcbes, these
being included in the totals alwe
1 given, evangelist Law preached
Two Men Killed and Engineer
Fatally Injured.
Wfceellnx, May ?. A Chicago west
. . . .
uciuiu express irain on me uaitinioi
and Ohio road roUIJcJ with a tat
frelnht eajtbound at Roaby's Ko
eight miles east of here. J. L. fair
er, of Burton. W. Vs.. express mc.
enjer. and C. G. Warner, bassae
master, of Hellalre. O.. were killed
outright. The engineer of the puss n
rr train. C. . Riley, of Wheeling
was fatally Injured. The accident ti
alleged to hare been caused by a ml'
understanding; of orders. The ir,i
trains were going at the rate of thlrtr
miles per hour when they rrasiied
The bagpnge and express rsrs were
demolished. The freight engine
aemollshed the passenger engln
rassengers In coaches and Pullniar
escaped with a severe shaking up.
Insane Man Shoots and Kills Six Mem
bert of a Family.
ran rrancisco. iay 7 m I m (1
Insanity Walter Charles Davis het
and killed six members of a fam!lv
Ills victims were Orson R. Rush, asel
67. wife and young son; W. R Rnrd.
carpenter, with relatives at 8t. liul
bo 'i ienver; m. k. Keinton, a sur
veyor. recently from New York, nn
Mrs. Lllllnn n. Carothers. an elderlv
woman, who boarded la the house
The Family Safety Oil
TheEest On Earth
.4 1 .
Mother of the President Diss III Out
a Few Hours.
City of Mexico. May 7. Mrs. Aucus
tine CastrHo de Romeo Rubin. t-
mother of Mrs Dins, wife of the prf!
d nt of this republic, died Mon.:
afer an II'pcm of but a few h'"r
President T!rj and Mrs. Dlax nnd r
morons re'aiives were at the beii-'
when the end ccme. I-ath was c! "
to pueitmonln.
Mother rrt Co;le of Little Ores Pc
ItV N a Conflsjration.
ltareton. Pa.. May 7 A molt.cr
and two l'.itle children were burr.e.l
to death in a fire which destrovcl n
block of houses occupied by tbrc
families at neaver Brook, a mini-"
village near here. The dead wor::.-
Is Mrs. Joseph Dltravrl. wife of a
Elgin Butter Sales.
Elfin. III.. May 7. Putter output
for iMt ( :!; was 37.fVC rrvindi.
For Sale by the Following
Reliable Dealers
C. E. Bullock U Co ,
Will S. Higgs,
Ed Hall,
Howell Bros.
B. Kaczer & Co.,
D. Mike Jr.,
J. H. Mawhinney,
Sanders Bros.,
Jno. M. Sebesta.
A "Crackerjack" Bargain
' for somebody t
New 5 room home, iuit hnUheJ, good
. 11
new cribt. new fences, new wen, new
cittern, new garden, newly painted. Four
acre of newly fertiliied land, situated on
south tide of town. cloe In. I'lenty room
(or truck farm, plenty room for orchard,
plenty room 10 grow chit kern, plenty
room to grow healthy children. I'leniy
good freih air. This place Is worth
S2.SU0.OO, but to tell quick an. olfering at
Remember It it "right up in town."
Monroe Edge
Dr. W. H. Lawrence
Crowa and Bridge work
Office nrtairs eer Burt Norwi
a spec
Laxativo Fruit Syrup
PUasant to take
The new laxative. Does
not gripe or nauseate.
Cures stomach and liver
troubles and chronic con
stipation by restoring the
natural action of the stom-
ach, liver and bowels.
ofu ubstttutM. Met SOo
SoM bv M. H. JAIES.
Dr. J. F. Eovoo
I'liyslctan anil Burgeon
Of ce .p-stairs in Smith Building.
Office and ReviJrtit Phone 153.

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