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Bryan morning eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1898-1909, June 27, 1907, Image 3

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Tcaatcss, Corn, Srccst Peppers, Cucumbers
The Cett of
is our
passlnqcr;traln schedules.
No. 3 North bound 1:38 p. m.
No. S North bound 12:46 a. m.
No. 2 South bound 3:40 p. m.
No. 6 South bound . 2:48 a. m
No. 102 Sort hj bound 10:20 b. m
No. 101 South bound -5 05 p. m.
Phil Trant It tithing in Navasota.
Mi Nfiiie lit if i it vititing
in Nava-
C. L. Eden ol Harvey was in the city
A'hst. Merka wst here from Smetana
Court Norton of Calvert was in the city
Jno. W. Hamilton went to Houston
eater day.
J. 1). Jones wat a vititor from Harvey
e" E. P. Miller wat here from Refugio
E. B. Smith hat (one on a butineta trip
to Navatota.
f Mr. Guy Bittle and children art visit
ing at Manor.
WANTED Ten pounds clean tag
Eagle Office. 63
G. W. Dunlap was a visitor from Milli-
can yetterday.
f. J. P. Royder of Wellborn was in
city yetterday.
J. 5. Francit of Cottonwood tu in
city yesterday.
Will Coffield of Rockdale wat in
city yetterday.
'Mr. and Mrt. S. R. Buchanan art vltit-
ing in Navatota.
Prof. I. L. Cobb of Alexander wat in
the city yetterdiy.
Dr. J. W. Cavitt, office at E. J. Jen
hint' Dtcg Store.
The Bryan lit Company it paying 6
centt for oat sacks. 172
' Mr. and Mrt. A. L. Evant went to
Navasota yesierJay,
Mr. and Mrt. Jno. McCorquodale are
visiting in Navatota.
Mrt. Edna Miiikert arrived yetterday on
a visit from Hrarn.
Mits l.oula Coulter it vititing Mitt
Ruby Cole in Naaota.
. M. and A. W. Royder were here
from Wellborn yetterday.
J. Allen Myert returned yetterday from
a butinett trip to lloutton.
J Heinz's sour spiced Pickles in bottles. ()
( ) Hyman's sour and sweet mixed Pickles in bulk.
V M tr . t ,
Hyman's Mangoes in keg,
Hyman's Lily Hot in bottles.
Hyman's English Chow Chow in bottles.
Heinz's pure Cider Vinegar in quart bottles.
Heinz's Apple Butter in crocks, 50c each.
Heinz's Mustard Dressing, a delightful relish for
salads, fresh meats, fish, etc
Dunkley's Genuine Celery Salade, prepared from
tender crisp celery combined with a su
perior and pequant salade dressing.
. - .
of the abott good comply
and art guaranteed
vTJO h
S w w
and in Comb
Jut Sievener and Henry Kurten were
hert from Kurten yetterday.
' Mrt. J. A. Henry and children left yct
tcpiliy to vitit at Wellborn.
F.Mitses Allie and Pet Mongomery left
yetterday to visit at Marlin. '
' Frank Buchanan and Mitt Guttle Buch
anan art vititing in Navatota.
FOR SALE Small one-horte wagon,
cheap. Apply to W. T. Ford. 159 tf
Mitse Lillie and Annie Barrow of Aut
tin art vititing Mrt. Berryman.
A. L. Blair of Dallat wat here yetter
day calling on the dry goods trade. .
Mitt l.ury Christian left yetterday to
vitit in Navatota and Madisouville.
Miss Ethel Fotter hat returned to Waco
after a vitit to Mitt Helen DeMaiet.
I Tom Ooodten and Ales Ewing
In from the Bratot bottom yetterday.
Mr. and Mrt. A mot Peten arrived from
Hondo yetterday on avitit to relit i vet.
' Mitt lotit Harriton of Bediaa it the
guett of Mr. and Mr. G. D. Tucker.
Augutt Primal, Philip End let and Gut
Hint were here from Kurten yetterday.
'Mr. and Mrt. Ivan Boyett of bonis art
guettt of Mr. and Mr. T. P. Boyett.
Mrt. G. M. Coalt of lloutton it the
guett of her titter, Mrt. Mabel Cattlet
Mrt. John Gregg and Mitt Eula Gregg
were tititon from Pitt Bridgt yttterday
D. S. Hart and family will leave Sun
day night to tpend tht tummtr in Color
I hart a wagon and good doviblt team
for all kindt of hauling. Phone 325. Jot
Koth ' W-tf
Mrt. Malcolm Came returned yetter
day after a vitit to relative at Moody an
Lum Holden and Jot Thomat of the
Harm tchool community were in tht city
Mrt. Tyler Hatwell and her guettt
Misses Wynne and Smither, art tuning
in Navatota.
Mrt. W. W. Meachum returned lo An
derton vetlerdav after a vitit to Mrt
Ralph Howell.
Mrt. S. M. Derden and daughter, Mrt
Jack Jotey of Beaumont, left yetterday to
titit in Cortirana.
W. 1.. McDonald, formerly of Dallat
but now of New York, wat hert yetterday
vititing relative.
A tea will be given at tht home of
Mrt. Maitie Webb ' Friday afternoon
from 4 to 7;30 o'clock for the benefit of
the Methoditt church. 172
... .i - V. 1 f
wtta in rereni ii,ruwiM
to be tht bett.
( )
( )
( )
( )
J. D. Catlt and J. W. WiU,
knr mrta here vetttrday to at
thoot and barbecue. ,
fuller' earth plant ha been tttsWi.
.1 ., I .,... Rurleton countv. and U all
M ' -. - ' -
ready for opeiation.
Mrt. J. C. Boyttt and Sin. Louitt
Birkmeyer were vititor from tht College
community yetterday.
' Dr. I. F. Bett nd E. J. Jenkin left
yetterday to attend tht Methoditt quarter'
ly conference at Calvert.
Sir. and Mr. J. B. Priddy and on and
Mrt. . . Beard have returned from
vitit to Graham, Texat. .
Mr. J. L. Hentarfing, Mitt Johnnie
and Matter Abram Hentarling were hert
from Wellborn yetterday.
V. J. Dobrovolny, lot Koth and Jot
O pent en v haft returned from a tuccet-
ful fithing trip to the Little Braio.
Tht Waco and Bryan colored bate ball
teamt will play a gamt at Watt Sidt Park
in thit city thi afternoon at 4:30 o'clock
'Friendi in Bryan have learned 'with re
tret that Mr. I. C. Davit, formerly f
thit citv. it terioutlv ill at hi home in
For fine freth bred and cake of all kind
call at tht 'lexa Bakery. Cartful atten-
tention to tpecial order. Phont 89. Mrt
Otto Both nit. d tf
Major L. L. Mclnnit went to Navatota
yetterday afternoon to attend the meeting
of the board of director! which convene
thit morning
J. Webb Howell, manager of tht Bryan
Cotton Oil mill, it attending the meeting
of the Cotton Seed Cruthert' Attociation
ar Galvetton.
.Mrt. M. A. Jenkint left yetterdiy to
vitit her ton, Capt. Albert Jenkint, in
New York. She wat accompanied to
Galvetton by her ton, H. S. Jenkint.
The Eagle wat in error in announcing
the organ recital by Mrt. H. O. Boat-
might and Mrt. Rubt. S. Webb at the
Bantitt church latl night. It will take
place tonight at fl:30 o'clock. Read cor
rected annonnrement ebewhere.
W. W. Gainer, Bill Ettle, Ernett Elli
ott, W. S. Mial. R.'H. Grant. C. C
McRea, John Gregg and ton. Mote LiptJ
comb, R. S. Newtome, J. L. Aniert and
other were in from tht Braio bottom yea-
terday to attend the Bryan Gun Club
thoot and barbecue. t
Reprettntrng tht bett of companiet ia
all line of inturanct. I invite a liberal
thart of your butinett ia 1907. Careful
and prompt attention to all buiineu tntnnt
td. Office wp-atairt ia Smith Building
Phone 161. Ino. B. Hint 24tf
FOR SALE At a bargain, my reti
denct on wttt tidt of tht city, including
on entire block. One of tht inott com
fonable residence ia tht city. Privatt
water work. Apply at once to W, T.
Ford. 159 tf
A woman it entitled to tht best of every
thing especially ia a tewing machine that
tht ia expected to operate herself. We
tell the Singer under tht unqualified guar
antee that it i tht beat machine made.
T. A. Sattcrwhite. 104tf
Prudence and good butinett judgment
tuggM that you should at all timet keep
your life and property well insured. Con
sult no. B. Hioet for anything in tht in
turrace line. Office in Smith Building,
Phont 161. dtf
Tht old, new, never ending delight of
the home it the, modern tewing machine,
of which the Singer it recognised at tht
most perfect type. For economy, ease in
running and perfectioa of work, utt only
tht Singer. T. A. Sattcrwhite, Agent, tf
Notify me regarding your inturanct
needs. No better inducement can be of
fered by any agency in Ttas than I am
able to give you. If your property i not
fully covered why run the risk of lata. Set
nit or call me up by phone today. J. B.
Hinct. ' 139 if
Mr. J. L. Anders of Pitt Bridgt i tht
inventor of a device for pulling dead cot
ton ttalkt which hat met with the approval
of the many practical farmer who havt
seen it work. Mrt. Anders hat received
letters patent on the machine and it ready
to rlace it on tht market. It pulls the
HjUn, rout and all, leaving the land
cUan, regardless of whether they art
thick or thin, large or email.
Call at our store, please, for a free sam
ple of Dr. Shoop "Health Coffee." If
real coffee disturb your Stomach, your
Heart, or Kidneys, then try thit Clever
Coffee imitation. While Dr. Shoop hat
very closely matched Old Java and Mocha
Coffee in flavor and tatte, yet he ha not
even a tingle grain of real Coffee in it.
Dr. Shoop' Health Coffee Imitation It
made from pure toatttd grain or cereal.
ith Malt, Nuts, etc. You will surely
like Health Coffee. Sold by J. M. Law.
renct it Co. tf
An organ recital will btiven at 8:30
clock this evening by Mrs. II. O.
Boatwright and Mr. Robt. S. Webb at
tht First Baptist church. There will be
no charge for admission, but a fret will
offering for the benefit of tht Ladies' Aid
Society nf the First Baptist church. 171
XECl1N,.CS, CLl'3 r.I2t.M
rresident M. R. Ilc'.'.ry r
the ICs'.c tn: -
f the
The cpf-
summer season,
entire stock of
XJt Lay oar Psnsis w
to offer styles and prices tlxt c.
these handkome hats now at s
Fedora sSutpzs, TCtizz-ix,
this sale- Come in now btfere ycx.
. All $5.00 Panama
All 6.C3 Panama
AIP 7.50 Panama c.
Ail 8.50 Panama C
AH 10.00 Panama C:
Rek, tttber Oar Semi-Annual CUxrir;: C Ji cf IZ.
Automobile Goes Off Cridje and
CoQecian KCled.
New Haven, June 26. A frlghtfrl
accident, caualng the death of one un
dergraduate and Injuring more or lest
aerioualy two other atudnets and a
guett, vcaet a gloom orer the com
mencement exerciaet at Yale onlver
aitr Wedneeday, the victim being U
Lett OllTtr. aoo of Mrt. J. a Oliver o
Pittsburg. Pa,, and a aenlor In tht
Sheffield scientific achool. metal.-r
of 8t Anthooy'a fraternity and ouc
of the prominently aortal upper clan
men. The injured are: W. Ctrother.
Johes of Red Bank. N. J.; J. G. Cr!-
coao of Baltimore, s aenlor In tht
bum department, and L. 11. Hudson, i
commencement gneat
Mr. Oliver died from a broken bark
Being cruaned under aa automobile
after It Jumped off a bridge at Center
Ttlle, about four mllet from the collegn
Tnt) othera are aufferlng from marl
fold bruise and Colstone had hla noar
broken. .
The party waa coning Into the It
Jnat about da-break and the machine
apparently akldded off or the end nf
the bridge, which apana a em.iM
atream. Aa the machine took It flic!:!
into the air It turned over and landrj
Juat at the edge of the water. )i
crushing weight coming on Oliver, who
waa driving, and he waa almoat In-
atantly killed. The others In the party
eought help from nearby house, and
Meaara. . Jonea. Hudson and Colstone
were carried Into New Haven for he
pltal treatment
Prominent Pittaburgtr.
Plttaburg. June JC D. Leet OMr-r.
who waa killed In an automobile acci
dent at New Haven, waa a son of the
late Jamet B. Oliver, who died nie
and a half yeart ago. and one of tr
prominent teel manufacturers rf
Pittsburg. He waa also a nephew
George T. Oliver, proprietor of th
Pittsburg Gazette-Timea and Chronl-Cle-Teletrraph.
He leavea a moMw-r
and two alutem Mra. William J. Ci!'
tenden or Shields, Pa and" Marqtiif
Alfred Dusmet dea Moure of Naple..
Italy. The young man waa twenty-urn
yea re cf age.
Nothing Given Out
Houston. June 26. General frelaV
agenta or Texat railway tinea were 1""
teriioa here Wedneaday at the R' "
bout. Tbe meeting waa exwut
tad nothing waa given out
May Vialt tan Antonio.
San Attnnlo, June 26. Secretar
Root may visit this city In Septrtui
When he wi! go to Uexloa.
Saved by a Rtporttr.
San rranclaco. June 26.' Overcome
with grief and hutulllatfun over the
action or the liar association that he
be Impeached for gross Intemperance
II fee did not immedlatelv rValen n
superior Judge. K. C. Hebbard tried
to take his life In his chambers at l
rael trmple. He waa saved f-nm dat? I
after he had p reused the barret of a I
revolver against his temple, by a re-'
porter, who took away the weapon. I
Forty Centt Per Pound.
New York. June JS. The f:
or cotton to arrive i ?.Vv Y
, aold at am tlon la f " ' '
Exchange Tu
PtUt last
foe c:.:;;
wtli. j t" t i
to the gallon, two coats,
rurj.D city
300 square fteOrtsa coa,
forward, coming and go..
- 5-. o'r
I Rear Fort's Saleaa ) -
AnssriMiB. Packtaf Hoate tmit tnm C.t
kwT4 SoM la kwk.
B- 5 Sort Oram Pnmptly Serv4 Da ant Mtctl
p'irjg and Sieno-rr-nic
Satisfaction Giurantted.
Office: Brszos Valley Marrh'r i
Granite Workk. '
I awe kM a jM M a 4 t-t -
Mbal lt tm t 4 i
STtrVM Sc t t,..
MlMtovr r ft 4. j
baeweMiaft -
U ti mam f w a - 3 e r - ' '
-t I sp 1 V i .
Wfen I. Shoao a v 4 1
wlselsd. t .
fctalnfr' a. 1 e ' '
tewawssil ' a x t
tr.t a Am ur tM - -4 s
A4 Um. vbw aolvwd. m .
tily ws trosa toe i a. 1
Kheiiissiii I Iuiiii. 1 - M
ml wo aftual eaw y -
ft r-N r

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