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jl 2 tttEDO ROUTE
' :o P.pulnr Excursions at '
Stop-Over Privileges
m UmN Jly JIM
" St. ISth
itfcN. -SmI-N. Atio Writ
p. . '. .".ICE. G. P. & T. A.
ITER. A. G. i. & T. A.
.. and dEnrnv..
Constitute ra I Convene Meets Agsh
en Jjly 13.
DuraaL L T.. Juno 28. Presldar.l
Murray of !h conatitutlonal con.en
tlon baa Issued a proclamation recoc.
venlng at Guthrie the constitutional
convention July 10 to make any ebss
ea necessary.
A committee 00 election orc,'w''
to conalat of IL L. WHIIaau. W.. A.
Ledbetter. 8. W. Hayea. M- K,nft
Henry 8. Johnaton. D. S. Tj. Ceor
A. 1 leash w, John B. lUirlson snd
John J. Carney, la hereby designated
tor the purpose of submitting sugges
tlont thereto, aad aald committee I
requeatd to e the city of Guthrie
on the ata US of July. iflW. for aald
purpose. "
1 cituhema Supreme Court Takes This
Action on Tuesday Afternoon. (
Guthrie. June 16. The Oklahoma
supreme court dissolved the Injunction
laaued by District! Judge Pancoaat re-
atralnlng the conatitutlonal convention
from submitting to vote of the peo
ple the constitution drawn for the pro
posed new state of Oklahoma. The
convention doubtless will now be call
ed together Immediately and a new
date for the election aet.
Prominent White Man, fatally Shot,
Wae First Suspected.
Thomasvlllc, Ga., June "26. Nolll
Lilly, aged twenty-five, s prominent
man of Metralf. died as the result of
wounda received at a negro rabln near
that town. Lilly waa accused of com
plicity In a aeries of attempts on the
life of Mrs. Alice Futch and her two
sons, and his death waa first thought
to be another chapter In thla mystery.
but a coroner's Investigation disproves
thla. and seems to fixe the guilt upon
8am Jackson, a negro, who made his
Evidence shows that Lilly and the
negro exchanged shots- through the
cloeed doors of the negro's home.
Time Appearance ef White Man Pre
vents Diabolical Crime.
South Mo A tester, June 26. A negro
weighing about 200 pounds stopped
with a six-shooter the thirteen-year-
old daughter of Frits Slttel. a capital
ist. and ranchman, twelve miles weat
of here. The girl had been to the post-
office on a pony, and waa returning
home. The negro pull-d her from the
animal and waa dragging her to the
brush when a white man came In sliht.
and the miscreant fled. The girl waa
handled roughly and aeverely Injured.
A posse started In pursuit
Texas Msn Hesd ef Secretary-Treasur
ers' Association.
Milwaukee, June 26. Nashville waa
selected as the place of the next meet
Ing of the Secretary-Treasurers' asso-
cltlon of the United Commercial Trav
elers of America at Its closing meeting.
and officers were chosen as follows:
President. J. M. Berry, Dallas. Tex.;
secertary, J. II. Daning. Milwaukee.
Noted Hotel Lady Paaata Away.
Lexington, Ky June 26. Miss An
nie McLaughlin, aged sixty five, died
from apoplexy here. 8he was wdl
known all over the United States ss
manager of big hotels In Michigan, at
Naples. Fla., Crab Orchard, Ky.. and
other places. She was a close friend
of Miss Rose Cleveland, suiter of ex
President Cleveland.
Grew Out of Law Suit
Canton. M3a., June 26. W. I. Mc
Allister, a -former member of the leg
islature, waa fatally shot by Dr. 8. 8.
Walker. The difficulty grew out of a
Plant destroyed by Fire.
Utlcs. N. Y, June 26. The pltnt of
the Utlca Drop Forge and Tool com
pany waa destroyed by fire. The loss
Is 1200.000.
DOUinnrBina rnruu bio ituisui
?rs! iisinfectir.2 r-Tses and for;
np with coal.
' Shawnee formally announces that
ahe la a candidate for Oklahoma's state
capital. .
The store of the Everett Bros, com
pany at Mlneola. Tex., was robbed ot
a number of watchea and rings.
J. 8. Curtis fell from the third stu
rr of a building being constructed a'
Texarkana and was badly hurt
8. B. Beddlnger of Terrell Tex., had
been el-tHt superintends of the
Masoalc Widows and Orphana home
at Fort Worth."
rsnl H d I In a teeplerhss horse race at New
York Paulaker, In trying to Jump a
f?nre, tnrnd a aomersault The snl-
t 1 trt'xe his neck
" f-e f-tructlon at Roff. I.
1 hotel, a two-etory
. P. Cc!e of llonUnx.
jorrAirj uistle. .
Intc'-'- J Document Relative
H dm Fleecy Staple.
A;nta. June 26. rrebldent Harvle
Jordan of the Southern Cotton asso
ciation, who has returned from a tour
of Europe In the Interests of the cot
ton growers of the south, gave out the
text of a letter to the president of the
New York Cotton Exchange, which
waa published in New York Tuesday
In this letter he saya:
"I was Informed by prominent cot
ton factors and brokers of Liverpool
that a shipment of 9,000 bales American
cotton In one lot would soon leave Llv
erpol for New York to be tendered on
July contracts, sold through the New
York Cotton Exchsnge; further, that
the bulk of thla shipment of 9 000 bale!
aent back to America waa cotton which i
had been tendered on the Liverpool)
exchange and refused by the arbltra
tlon committee) on account of Its be
ing too low a grade to meet the mini
mum requirement of the Liverpool con
tract I was shown the samples of s
portion of the grades of this special
lot of 9,000 hales, and was Informed
that such cotton wss regarded as th
refuse of the Louisville market At
I understand It. the rules of the Liver
pool and New York Cotton Exchanges.
aa to the tender of grades on contract
are practically the aame, and that noth
ing below 'good ordinary white' la ten
datable In either market If the re
Jsctlons of the Liverpool Cotton Ex
change are a legal tender under the
rules and regulations of your exchange
then the New York Cotton Exchange
must be the lowest In the world, or
elae not fairly and honestly admlnts
tared. . . .
"There appeared to be no secret or
attempt at concealment In Liverpool
as to this special shipment of low
grade cotton, and they seemed to tak
It as a matter of fact that New York
waa the beat place to get rid of aurh
refuse cotton at a profit.
"It cannot be denied, and thla matter
I wlah to urge upon you. that the no
torloue accumulations of the world's
refuse cotton In New Tork. where It U
recognised and received as legal ten
der against contracts, means the exist
ence and perpetuity of a depressing in
fluence upon the price of spot cotton
In the south, which no tme American
cltljen Should stsnd for. '
"The-criticisms of the New York
Cotton Exchange, Its methods and tran
aaction of the cotton Interests abroad
not only Injure the tisefulnvea of your
exchange tor the aafe conduct of bust
nvss. but they also Injure the entire
spot cotton Interest of America."
In concluding, Mr. Jordan appeali
to the president of the New York Cot
ton Exchange to check the delivery
of cotton refuse scraped up In foreign
marketa and enforce the rules of th
New York exchange for the safeguard
Ing of American Interests.
Infuriated at Winacett'a Declalen. Audi
ence Mskss Demonstration.
Fort Worth. June 26. Just at ths
close of the ball game between Fort
Worth and San Antonio Tuesady after
noon. In which Fort Worth wa defeat
ed by a score of 4 to 5, the crowd ol
spectators rushed on to the field aad
made an effort to get at Umpire Win
scott, who msde a decision that gar
the game to San Antonio. He was sur
rounded In a moment and several
threats made, when Policeman Mana
rushed Into the crowd and ordered
them to disperse. Several blows war
struck and some one struck the offl
cer a severe blow. Mr. Mann was tht
only policeman at the park at thetl me,
and bad much difficulty In preventing
aerloua trouble.
Dallas Pitcher Winner In a Thirteen
Inning Contest .
Pitcher Garrett of the Dallas baae
ball club proved victor over the Houa
ton team at Dallas Tuesday In a gams
lasting thl.:n Innings. His aldi
scored fou.a runs, while the opposltlos
scored but three.
Temple. 10; Austin, S.
' 8sn Antonio. 4; Fort Worth. S.
Waco, 4; Galveston. S.
Southern League. .
Nashville. ; Atlanta, 0.
Montgomery. 4; Blringham, 2; Blr
tningham, Montgomery, 0.
Shreveport. 6; Naw Orleans, 4.
Memphis. S; Little Rock. 1.
Americsn League.
Chicago. 9; Cleveland. 4.
New York. I; Boston. 2.
St. Louis. 4: Detroit 2; St. Louis
4: Detroit. 2.
Philadelphia. J; Washington. 1; Phil
adelphla. 8: Washington. 2.
National League.
Cincinnati. 4; Pittsburg. 2; Clncln
nati. 6: Pittsburg. S.
Brooklyn. 11; Philadelphia. 5: Phil
adHphia, 6: Brooklyn, 2.
Boston, 6: New York. 0.
Last Body Found.
Washington, June 26. A telegram
from Rear Admiral Berry, command
ant of the Norfolk navy yard, report
the finding of the body of Sea mar
Frank B. Plumlee. who was one c'
the eleven who went to the bottom c:
Hampton Roads on the night of Jun
10. and the recovery of whose bod;
completes the list of thoae who lost
their Uvea.
Entertained at Richmond.
Richmond, June 26. Two auadre!
neuters of the Texas Baakers' asso
a passed through Pchmond froao
rn exposlttca and were n
- " t'l rJchmor.d
' The vielt
' "t and
M " '
Tho Fcmily Cofoty Oil
YheLBoot n Earth
" : For Sale by the Following
Reliable Dealers
C. E. Bullock & Co ,
' Will S. rfiggs,
Ed Hall,
B. Kaczer & Co.,
D. Mike Jr.,
J. H. Mawhinney,
Sanders Bros.,
Jno. M. Sebesta.
With the Newest Seasonable
Fabrics for
Mon'o Clothing
The old reliable John Wittman Tailor Shop can always be de
pended upon for quality, style, fit and promptness.
Merchant Taller
Better Than Ever!
That is the verdict of those who have been buy
ing our Mean and markat products for year pati.
Wt are sailing over the counter at our two nik.
that can be obtained from selected cattle. We save
everything seasonable and the largest Rtfriguator
j Ccol CcloTCmlo e
will so enlarge and strengthen one's
mental and physical powers as to
place the Individual above com
mercial, profeealonal, or House
hold trials; turning otherwise
Inevitable misfortunes Into
profit and pleasure.
Mia section entertains
.nnmvlm.l.lv 100.000
affords the only Com- OvNav VaoaUonlats e vety
plete Double Dally Solid tvrrtv summer, tor which
Train Service between Texas XS2l there's risoh
and the Reeky Mountain Regions
serves all meals at city prices In
Palatial Dining and Cafe Cars: main
tains practically positive connections with
other Texas Lines, and otherwise specially
provides for the pleasure and- comfort of thoee
traveling between the tewthweet ana Northwest.
Let me mall you Illustrated auggeatlona, VS?
rates and otber particulars.
Crown and Brides werk a specialty
Offce np-stairt oer Burt Norwood's store
Roal Eototo Arjont
KcConnico Property lor Salt
Residence and city lots at a bargain.
A citv residence with three acres of
laad, one of the most detirable homes ia
rttt C-n Ct tr.i rca
To Step Fi!3 Try This.
Piles get instant relief, when Dr. Shoee'i
Magic Ointment ia applied. It'a a Pile
Cure, remember, aad it is food for Both,
ing else whatever except piles.
General Ointments, for many uses, eaal
possibly cure piles. A pile ointment asusl
be specific. Every slra ef its msker meat
be directed specifically toward piles sloaa
Says Dr. Sboop, I aaake three valuahls
ointments, aad yet, one only Dr. Sboep'l
Mwrie Ointment will bring help to pus
eat levers". Even then, la eld chronic cases,
originating because of a torpid Liver, with
biliousness, I prescribe my Dr. Sfcoop'l
Restorative internally while trains Magfe
Ointment locally or externally. Kate ia
mind this fsct. please, that the large bleed
vesseta ef the liver originate ia tho walls
ef the rectum, where piles arise. Obstruct
these vessels ia the Hver and piles instant
If appear. Dr. Sheep's Restorative cor
recta stomach, aad liver s!ariahnesa, heaea
ks vahwiesl t aid ss Uae Ointment is)
the tre ef obstinate csea ef pOea.
Lies i with Dr. 'Sheep's aaass
ea &ZZZ k S4tl at It seats by
Lx..irJ it s
M work r '"."y done aad satisfaction rust
" " f - 1 ' v tis RH lot a:-. Um
tr.n. tut i Vi.,i

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