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That Will Please
Watch Our Windows this Week for Suggestions
I will make it to your interest to look and if you
fail to let us show you
You Are Going to Lliss Something
The Jeweler
The Jeweler
V 1
Bryan Ixmc Knifihn of l'ythia
Invites the I'ublic to Join in
I IoHday Offering to the
i Destitute.
Following an annual custom cs
" tablis.licd by the Brazos lynle, No.
64. Knight of Pythias, that laxly
requests the ICagle to ojHrii its col
umn to contribution to a fund
to I devoted by the lodge to the
relief of the destitute in Bryan du
ring the holidays. This beautiful
custom will apical to all those able
to contribute to the worthy cause.
V. S. Wilson. Jr., J. T. Maloncy
and J. V. Williams, Jr. comjiosc
the ctmmittcc apxiiiited ly the or
der to raise the fund and attend to
its distribution. They will appre
ciate all contributions rejorted to
the Ragle, and alo ask that any
one knowing of a person or family
iri need rcjtort the names to them.
Money contributed may lie left
with the I-iglc or handed to Mr.
AVilson. The lodge ojens the list
with a generous donation.
K. of 1. Lodge $.15.00
Iiryan Kagle $1.00
HVire enjoying a season of clear
weather after ao much rain.
Mir Horton of Reliance waa bur
led Sunday In Tryon cemetery. Iter.
Tat im of HP) an officiating.
Mr. W. F. 0lotn gae tbe young
people a party Saturday night which
was very much enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zimmerman Rave
a party last Wednesday night which
waa complimentary to Misses Ilattle
and Mantle Kelley who have Just re
turned from' a visit to Jonea county.
We regret that Mr. Mat Shcppard.
has Just sold his place In this com
munity and will leave for West Tex
as. '
Dr. and Mrs. W. F. (Mom will leave
next Thurday for Alabama, where
they aill visit during the holidays.
School closed last Friday. The
teachers have gone to the Institute
and the pupils go to the frolics.
Mr. Meads of Benchely Is moving
to Kurten this week. Cor...
When She Gees te the Theater.
"1 Juxt d'Hj't want any seats at all
unless they're g(Kid ones. The last
time 1 was here 1 sat behind a pot,
and 1 ald right then that I'd never
come Into the place a pi In If I think
those over there might do Huh:
t'm-m ui! Mighty fuuuy how all the
good seats are taken before the bos of
fice open a.
"No, I don't want those. There's a
post In the way. and, liesldcs, the Wot
sbcmaine family always sit there and
fhatu-r through the whole play. Ye
there Is a HMt tott, I gucsa I've been
In this theater before. I wouldn't mind
those, but they're Htt by the bass
drum, snd you can't bear yourself talk.
"What: Two dollars apiece for that
kind of show? And not next to the
aisle, either. Ixrt of people say you
rau see Jut as good and hear better
lu the balcony, auybow. Well, you
eau give me those two down there.
They're not as good as I'm used to
having, but I guess No, I don't be
lieve I'll take thcni, either.
"Can't you lay aside those two, and
those two, and those two for me, aud
when I decide I'll send my husband
around after them? Huh? Well. J
think you're very unaccommodating.
What? Of course I waut to buy seats.
Just you give me those two, young
man, without any comment of any kind,
luipertluent!" Indianapolis News.
We have a large assortment of Fire
works at the Five and Ten Cent Store
and are making Santa Clans price. I
America Alone Has Humming Birds.
Though the art museums of Europe
may have some treasures of which
America cannot boast, our continent
haa the distinction of a monopoly of
the world's supply of humming birds,
the gems of all the feathered creation.
Of these there are said to be some 40
species the Four Hundred we may
well call them nearly all of which
are peculiar to the tropical region
Only eighteen cross the borders of tin
United etates from Mexico snd ocrtu
only In our southwestern states. The
popular Mea Is that the hummer lire
only on houey gathered from flowers
Thla Is a mistake. The bird does m
care some honey, but Its food con nix u
mainly of the small Insects which fre
quent the flowers. Some of these In
sects are Injurious to the blossom, ami
the Uny bird fulfills a useful function
In destroying them. That the hummer
la insectivorous Is also shown by Its
habit of catching Uny Insects on the
wing, which Is occasionally observed.
II. K. Job In Outing Msgaslne.
An As te Grind.
The familiar expression. "An ax to
grind." frequently attributed toltcnja
uitn Franklin, originated with Charles
Miner, who introduced the following
tale of woe In a short, pithy essay pub
lished In a country newspaer of Penn
sylvania during the year 1311: A little
boy Is asked by a man with an ax ami
an engaging smile if his father haa a
grindstone, and. the family being In
proud possession of that Implement of
welfare, the youngster leads tho way
Into tbe.liack yard.
"What a fine little fellow you are
exclaims the stranger, quite cssually.
ss though scarcely conscious of speak
ing loud. Of course the boy becomes
at once his most obedient servant aud.
by more well directed praise, brings
water to whet the wheel snd heroic
ally turns the fcT.adte mf.il his
smsll hands sting with blisters, ltut
the moment the ax Is ground Its owner
calls his little fetch snd carry slave
"rascal." crushes bis newborn manly
pride by bidding him hurry off to
school. Los Angeles Times.
France's Reads Best In the World.
Among the reaaons which make tin'
highways of France tho best In the
world is the requirement that all pre
limlnary roadmaklng 0eratione shall
be thoroughly performed. When em
bankments are made the earthwork Is
built up only a few Inches at a time
and the successive strata are leveled
and in the nelghliorhood of masonry
rammed. Every ditch Is carefully cut
at a proper angle, rammed and l(
necessary paved with atones. Dancer
us turns sre protected by stone para
pets. At each crossroad there are sh:n
posts, always In order, and theTouiinii
club of France has stabllshed Indi
cators to rem I ixl the tourist of danger
ous curves, rapid descents, etc. Every
railroad crossing Is protected by a
gate, w hlch has a watchman In charge
day and night Leslie's Weekly.
Hsr Own Money.
Ilnsband-Wbatl Another new dress?
Wife Well, don't be so cross. I bought
It with my own money. Husband
Tour own? Where did yon get It from?
Wife I sold your fur coat Bocian.
The upper crust of society depends
on the amount of dough underneath.
Philadelphia Record.
I'm developing quite a passion for
motoring.' said alls Hoamiey. "1
wonder If It's harmful."
- ."Quite , the centrary,". replied Miss
Cutting. "I should think tt would be
very becoming to you."
"Row do yen mean becoming?" ...
"Well, yen knew, dear, yea can wear
a mask while motertng."-St LeolalU-
We of the present look back a few
generations and wonder that our an
cestors could have been so gullible
as to believe that kings were the
Lord anointed. - ruling by dtvlna
right In the same way posterity will
look back at these times and wonder
why we are so easily fooled aa to con
tinue to submit to the exactions of
the tariff and several other things.
Rock Candy.
"Originally what Is now known as
rock candy," explained a confcctiouei
to a reporter, "was called in the trade
Glbraltai rock. Originally, also, it was
the purest kind of candy, for It was
crystalllncd sugar pure and simple.
Ordlniully It Is purer now than many
other candles. Hawthorne, in The
House of the Seven Cable,' describ
Ing a small store, says. 'For instance,
there was a glass pickle Jar Oiled with
fragments of Gibraltar rock not, In
deed, splinters of the veritable fortress.
Lot bits of delectable csndy.' Other
writers of even earlier date than that
speak of Gibraltar rock, it appears,
however, that the Gibraltar was finally
dropped, and It became known as rork
candy. I hare 'a price list Issued In
to the enndy trade In which Gl
bra I tar rock la the uame given, though
after that It Is quoted aa rock eaudy.
Throughout England It is known ss
Gibraltar almost exclusively outside of
the Inrce cities. In the latter, as here,
the Gibraltar la dropped, and It Is
called rock candy."
A Dismal Failure.
A young Jobbing Arm in New York
overbought for the full trade. The!
heaviest mistake bad leen In a line of
overcoat, which, it looked, they would
have to carry over a season. Efforts to
get cash for the stock were froltless
except at ruinous rates. At last the
Arm went to an old timer In the trade
for advice.
"Well," aald the man of experience,
"yon've got a pretty good list of esw
tomers. Just divide the coats up Into
lota of thirteen each. Send a batch
apiece to some of your sharpest cus
tomers, but make out the bills for
twelve. They'll be so tickled to get
one coat for nothing that they'll take
em all."
The scheme had been tried before
tbo men met again. Tbe old timer
waited for his praise.
"Well, dldnt they keep the coats r
be asked.
"Yes," returned the , jobber sadly,
"One each the one that wasn't billed."
New York Times.'
The Hsnging Judge.
When Lord Xorbnry, "the banging
Judge." as be wss called in Ireland,
was sentencing a man to death for
stesllng a wstrh, he said:
"My good fellow, yon made a grasp
at time and caught eternity.
Nothing seemed to please Lord Nor
bury more than the continual uproar In
court, created by hla puns.
"What la your occupation, "my honest
man?" he asked a witness.
"Flesse, your lordship, "I keep
racket court"
"So do I." said tbe Judge.
When Lord Norbury wss being
buried, the grsve was so deep that the
ropes by which tbe undertaker waa let
ting down the coffln didn't reach to tbe
bottom. The coffin was left hanging
midway while somelwdy went for new
"Aye," erlod one In the crowd, "give
him rope enough; don't stint him. He
was the boy that never grudged rope
to a poor Nnly."
Economy Is the science of buying a
two dollar bat for 13.73 when a good
one may lie bad for 11. It la a harm
less snd fascinating pursuit for those
who can afford It. but a poor man has
no business to fritter away hi time
and substance on such extravagance
Women are particularly addHed to H
aud often become so skillful that they
are able to get through January with
out encroaching on their April allow
ance. Men who hare such wives are
naturally very proud of them and are
willing to redouble their efforts. If nec
essary. In order to provide them with
the means to develop the habit Life.
Frost of Martian Life.
That life is In Mart Is founded on no
assumptiou. but on massed evidence
that Is conclusive, and the reader
should realize thnt opposition to the
Idea thnt we now hare proof of life
on Mars N not tased on reason, but on
emotion, however speciously elosked.
AH scientific objections have been met
and shown untenable as to tempera
ture. snow, etc., but human prejudice.
as with the Copernlcan system or the
origin of secles, time alone can dispel
Professor Lowell In Century.
Calling a Skeptic.
Wayback Keulor-Tbe time I went to
see Itanium's world famous white ele
Wayback Junior (Interrupting) He
never had a white elephant dad. ft
was a fake.
Wayback Senior (bristling un-A
fake wus It? Gol dnrn ye! I s'pose ar
ter ye go to college fer another year er
two yell lie tellin' me I never seen a
real live mermaid In a tank nv water!
-Brooklyn life. 1
Guessing at It.
"Let's see." said Itubley "what's the
rest of that old saying, don't yon know,
that begins. 'Man proposes and' "
"Why." replied Mugler. "It's 'Mar
proposes and the breach of rromlm
suit exposes.' isn't Itf-rnlladclphs.
Inside Information.
"Well, yon've won your bet that I
waa going to marry that widow."
"I knew I would."
"But how did yon know? I scarcely
knew her when I made the bet"
"She told me." Houston Post
Quite Easy.
De yon know how te torn a steak
Into a tramp? Nothing easier. Yon
ask tbe tramp In, sad, having dished
np tbe steak, yon set It on a plate be
fore him. That's alL
Was) iemaada justice must adminis
ter Jastlce. encaa Proverb.
on sale at this office
Warranty Deeds
Deed of Trust
General Power of Atty
Release' Deed of Trust
Bill of Sale
Vendor LienJNote
Release Vendor Lien Note
Crop Mortagage
Chatel Mortgage
Rent Notes
Promisary Notes
Etc., Etc.
Carries & Wallace
Publishers The Eagle
Coming of
In an automobile Christmas, 1907, will no more surprise
you than the novelties we have to offer this year. We
don't hark back to the days of the Revolution we're i
always up-to-the-minute as to styles, qualities and prices.
Our Stoch is Complete
of Choice Gift Pieces in "Elite" French China, dainty
Bouillon Cups and Saucers, Crystal and Gold Footed
Bonbons, High Grade Jointed and ,Kidj; Body Dolls, and
Toys of Every Kind
See us before you figure elsewhere.
.1 j. jwm
Cetvent Sidewalk and Foundation
Contractor and riasterer.
f TfylUt Fsrshsis. SattstarWM GearaaMse,
Dr. 17. II. Horrbon
OSes at Emms' it Maloeey't Drag Start
Calls t smelly setwertd dsy er algal
Office aoort 9 to 12 a. sa. sad 3 to f e.sa
O sua 'Bkeaa 111 Res. 'save 31

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