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,o Satisfy i8. W: JiPlease
Our Goods and Service Please.
Ring or call on us
Phones 111 and 179
Moving Pictures
Change of Program every night.
Matinees Friday and Saturday
H. & T. C. R
-riir nmwJi!
JUL ill!
V.B. Huason W. W.WiUou
Bryan and Franklin, 'iexaa.
V'lll practice in ounty, state and fed
eral courts, special attention to
business Is Brazos and Rob-
tnsn counties.
Bryan, Texa
147(5 acres -of land In the Moses
Hug-neo survey, near Edge. Price
and terms reasonable. ,.'
Half acre of land wltn improve
ments, one block east of, my borne.
80 acrss adjoining ' & M. Col
lege land on west sld, near Provi
dence church. Known- as the George
Platzer place.
190 acres) lncludin Double Sulphui
springs, on NavasotJf river. .
f e. HUDSON.
Your merchant Jandles fresh home
ground meal, askfor it tf
w. c.Jpo0ntain
Office upstairs oVer -mltb Drue Co
1JJ - - -!'
f I
It is a fact hich many peo
ple havt? demonstrated nfonth
ifter month that in most lines
sold in our store our qualities
are higher than any found else
where and our prices are con
siderably lower. These foun
dation facts alone make it
to deal here.
Prttaiption Druggiitu
Phone 66
The Quality Grocer
Injan iHonmtg fcaxjl?
Entered at the PostoS'1 In Bryan,
Texas, as second class matt.
Rates of Subscription.
One month J -40
Three months 100
One year.. 0
Advertising rates on application.
Subscribers will confer a favor, on
the management by telephoning the
office promptly when carriers fail to
deliver the paper, or when change of
residence occurs.
The message of Governor Campbell
is probably the longest ever submitted
to a Texas legislature, rivaling in this
respect the most profuse productions
of the president's prolific pen. It also
contains some passages that remind
us of the Kooseveltian style of denun
ciation, notably the Invective against
; all who have dared to criticise the text
jbook board. In general, the governor
(has displayed the same ill temper and
Impatience of opposition that are a
predominant characteristic of the oc
cupant of the White House, Imputing
corrupt motives to all who do not re
gard the Campbell policies as alto
gether sublime.
Ix't it not be understood that Thtr
Eagle condemns the message as a
whole. The greater part of It is good,
whole iome doctrine and the Imperfec
tions above noted are pointed out in
a friendly spirit because this moral and
political guide believes that most of
the reform measures enacted by the
Thirtteih legislature should stand. But
while feeling that the commercial sec
retaries and other reactionaries are
wrong in their contention that Texas
is unjuM to (lie railroads and other
corporations and to outside capital, It
is easy to understand that those who
disagree with us are as honest and
sincere as we claim to be. Any im
puiation of improper motives without
proof is not only uncharitable but Im
politic, and every friend of reform
should deprecate the, fact that our
chosen leader displays a zeal that is
not according to knowledge.
The big stick and the Ananias Club
have no place In Texas polities, while
the grindstone is a home product In
which Governor Campbell, as the in
ventor, has proprietary rights. If ju
diciously used it is worth more than
all the big sticks m creation. We sol
emnly protest against the governor of
the imperial slate of Texas discredit
ing the product of his own genius and
masquerading in the borrowed accou
ternients of the harlequin of the White
A bill to punish rape by the .ttidy
Johnson method has been introduced
in tin' legislature.
A hundred Georgia possums were
butchered to make a Taft holiday in
Atlanta. Nobody seems to care what
the possums thought about it.
Russians, Turks and Persians are
sacrificing their lives for a privilege
that fnany Texans don't consider
worth a dollar and six bits a year.
.Mrs. Caarles Perkins Gilman meta
phorically speaks of a man's wife as
his horse. The figure holds good as to
kickers and runaways as well as in
other respects.
Out of twenty-four samples collected
from the saloons of Washington, D. C.
and officially examined only ' three
were found to be genuine whisky.
Every reader of the Eagle can com
ment on this item according to his own
taste and fancy.
President elect Taft has expressed
so much partiality for the rat-tailed
marsupital that he Georgia newspa
pers are discussing the Billy Possum
as the successor of the Teddy Bear.
It Is predicted that the show windows
of toy shops will soon be full of Billy
Possums. "
The Palestine Herald speculates en
the probability of Joe Bailey and Cone
Johnsonn canvassing Texas in a Series
of Joint discussions of statewide pro
hibition. This we expect never to 3ee.
Joe Bailey will never face the people
of Texas in defense of his record on
this question. .
A reckless man who evidently was
courting trouble told the suffragettes
of Chicago that "the specter of hav
ing to qualify for the ballot box by
statements of their ages Is the reason
why so many, shrink back to the do
mestic hearth affrighted." Of course
there was a storm of indignant pro
tests. The merchant who takes h vantage
of every possible device and tpportu
nity to show his goods is the merchant
who prospers. Same way with a coun
ty needing Immigrants. That exposition
of the products of Brazos county which
the Farmers' I'nlon is getting up is
a splendid way to show the goods.
A Pennsylvania court sentenced a
gang of obstreperous boys to attend
church twenty-five Sundays. Boys
ought to go to Sunday school and
church and there cannot be too much
moral suasion to Induce them to do so.
but compulsory attendance will do both
them an. I the church more harm than
The Eagle has never failed to say
a good word for the Farmers' I'nlon
when It saw a fit opportunity and it
has not obtruded its advise upon the
farmers to an offensive extent, hence
it feels at liberty to suggest that if
the 1'nioii will take up the matter of
protecting the birds it will help some.
The farmer has no better friend than
the little birds and he who wantonly
kills them should be punished as the
law provides.
If you want information or desire
insurance, we're at your command.
No trouble to answer questions.
.Moore, Robinson & Adams. :ir
(By Joe .McGee)
If Christ should come to earth
As he did once before.
Would He, at this time, make His berth
Among the very poor?
Would He demand a princely sum
Before He'd preach at all.
Then sit and wait with nothing done
Till some rich church should call?
Would He commend the many ways
Nov.- used to catch the cash,
Or would! le drive them from the place
Again with cord and lash?
j Would He be found in banquet-hall
j Arrayed in gay attire,
;Or would He look in sad appall
i I'poit the whole affair?
!we are living in ;l different age.
Grant what you say is true.
Yet you will find on sacred page
These lines left there for you:
"Be ye of nie
, As I am of Christ."
Then we must try to emulate
The life of God's dear Son, v
If we expect to reach the state
Of Paul who said "Well done."
.ow uroiner, I m not hitting you
I'nless you should be hit.
You have no need to wear the shoe
I'nless the shoe should fit.
The following marriage licences have
lirer, issued by the county clerk:
Adolf H. Sy tak and Miss Mollie ).
Frank Konchak and Mrs. Kristina Sa
lanina. O. B. Haley and Miss Knby Mills.
Sam l.obello and Miss Klla Zanetti.
The marriage of Mr. Syptak and Miss
Nedbalek will occur at the residence of the
bride's brother, Deputy County Clerk
Ceorge Nedbalek, in this, city, Monday
afternoon. 'I hey will make their home at
Steep Hollow, where Mr. Syptak will en
gage in farming.
Mr. Haley is a railroad man and left for
Waco yesterday for his bride. They will
reside here.
Mr. l.obello is a son of Mr. L. I.obello,
well known commercial circles of this sec
tion, and has many friends. The bride
elect, Miss Ella Zanetti, is the daughter of
Mrs. A. L. Zanetti, and resides with her
mother on Bryan street, in the northern
part of the city.
I have a nice line of fresh ?iome
made Fruit cakes and nice fancy
cakes and caaly.
Mrs. Otto Eoehme. tf
There are 2397 receipts to be
issued before February 1, 1909.
Don't think we can issue all
on the last day; if you do you
will get left. So come right now
and get yours. "Yours truly,
Tax Collector.
The .Mutual Improvement club will
observe with an appropriate program
some time in January the Poe Centen
ary. A leading New York - paper refers
to Jan. 10th as marking the most sig
nificant literary centenary which Amer
lea has had the opportunity to cele
brate. -
To let the day pass without observ
ance would betray a lack of respect
for achievement in literature, an ab
sence of pride In our best linagnitive
writing, that would be altogether to
our shame.
Lord Tennyson said of Poe, "He is
the literary glory of America" and
Swinburne says "He is one of the
greatest literary geniuses that has
called this country home a poet
worthy to stand upon Olympian
heights and voice Homeric, litanies.'
While this la true, Poe's genius wus
t'istlnctly Southern, and w-e of tli
South should not be lacking in paying
due honor to the memory of the cen
tury of his birth. I sinceely hopeevery
school in Bryan will honor the mem
ory of our greatest American , and
Southern Poet, by celebrating his cen
tenary. W.M. M . SIM.
Pres. .Mutual Improvement Club.
The Swastika Club of the A. & .M.
College gave a tUuiee at College lat't
evening, a number of the Bryan
young htilies being guests of the eve
.Miss Emmie Fountain of College is;
visiting relatives in Alabama; she wi'l j
be absent a couple of months. '
.Mrs. 1). C. De.Maret, whose enter-!
tammcnls are always marked by beau
ty i ( detait ami are notably handsome
and artisiie in ; .hiigeim nt, was host-1
i;i on Viu i-si ty ;.fternoon to the mom-'
hers of the Entre Nous Club.
IVtir tables , ere employed In th ;
game of five hundred, which numbered
five. Promptly at three, all the guests
having assembled the playing began.
Mrs. De.Maret and her assistants
served a highly appetizing course of
refreshments, consisting of frozen egg
nog, fruit cake and stuffed dates.
The members of this popular club will
be entertained next Thursday by .Mrs.
J. W. Doremus.
The "Mardl Cercle ' and the Stub
born Cinderellas, were Jointly enter
tained on Friday afternoon at three
o'clock by Misses Malcolm and Mary
Mclnnis at the home of their parents,
Major and Mrs. I.. !.. Mclnnis. Invi
tations to these young ladies" parties
are always hailed with much delight j
aim ii-y migiii oe, ai tney are
always found to be charming hostesses
The large house was especially pretty
for the occasion, with choice palms
and potted plants. The guests were
enertalned with live hundred and forty
two and at the close of the last came
a tempting lunch of tamales, crackers.
pickles aifd coffee was enjoyed.
One of the delightful hospitalities of
the week was the dance given at the
Elks Club rooms on Thursday evening.
Entertainments given by the young
men of this club ere always enjoyed.
The dance although Informal was -In
detail and ensemble one of the niosi
deliihtrul given this season. The Ko
nccny orchestra furnished excellent
Fortunate indeed were those who
responded to Miss Fannie Fountain's
bidding and found themselves within
the portals of Mr. r.nd Mrs. E. J. Foun
tain's handsome home on Thursday nl
ternoon when she entertained in honor
of the Bachelor Girls Club. To say
that Miss Fannie utid Mrs. Fountain
were hostesses means much to those
privileged. Forty two was the game
fdr the afternoon and the score cards
were daintily embossed. Five tables of
girls on pleasure bent took part in the
contest. The bidding was high and
spirited, many eighty-four hands being
successfully played; Miss Arrie Cole
received the Club honors. A salad
course with hot chocolate and whip
cream was served.
On Friday evening at eight-thirty a
number of the young people enjoyed a
delightful entertainment at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Bethany. The
courtesies were in honor of the Ep
worth League of the Methodist church.
The guests were heartily welcomed an
these good people are proverbial for
that part of the pleasure. Conversa
tion whiled away most of the evening,
though some of the guests enjoyed sev
eral interesting games of forty-two.
The well-lighted rooms afforded com
fort and beauty to the surrounding
scene. A refreshment course con
sisting of sandwiches, pickles, salted
nuts, chocolates and whip cream was
served. The meeting, while not the
largest, was one of the most enthusi
astic in the history of the league.
Mrs. II. A. Burger, the efficient pres
cient of the Week End Club had the
Club members to meet with her on
Tuesday afternoon the purpose of
the meeting to reorganize for the
year and to elect new officers. Mrs.
The First Nationaktfank
We have secured temporary quarters in the store of if
E. J. fountain, and beg to auvise our friends and cus
tomers that our business will not suffer any interruption,
but that we are prepared, as heretofore, to handle any
and all business promptly and satisfactorily.
We Invite Our
The Jackson Loan & Trust
120 West Capitol Street Jackson, Mississippi.
see R. o. BOUNDS, at Miller Housed
I In Oiu
Big Grocery Sal$. X
Will S.
Oliver .Chilled Plows
Cotton Rope for
r now
nsore in the SOUTHWESTERN UFE USURANCE CO., Dallas, Ttx
Whv bertttsr II is Tr enmpatw, has ample C:ital and Surplui and ktrp Tfnai noSty '.'
T.- is lr B. ketd will "xplaln the ditten-nt plant an rales, and can alio wrrtf Accident and Sic"
Henttil Insurance ith he tritcompanlevinJcive vrni J what you want, and you will know whal you are
tri'liiMC 1 vtr n.an and oonian under :), Inood hpbth, thould join
Many are new enjoying the heiiehU of Lite Iniuranre Ihal would not. if not for my tltorH
The 'Stubborn Cinderella" will
meet with MIhs Clara Mawhinney on
Saturday afternoon.
.Miss May Wilson has invited the
Hachelor Girls Club to meet with her
on Wednesday afternoon.
Complimentary to bit friend. Mr Rocer Q. As
tin, whose marrlave is am.tiinced for the 3'ifi In
stant, Mr. J. M. dordon gave a dinner at his home
in this tl'v last night, at which covers were laid for
fourteen, the ouiik men invited all leint; especial
friends of the honor guest, herns and lloWers were
eflecilvely employed In tlie dininn-room decora
tions, and place cards pictured wilh little red devils
were used as Indicators tor the guests. The menu
was as follows :
Oysier cocktail
Celery Crackers Olives
Brown bread Broiled Irout
Taho. sauce I'otato chips
Brain croquettes
Asparauus on toast Peas
Itrandy peaches I
Hot biscuit
Smothered breast of chicken Mushroom sauce
Rice Potato croquettes
Cranberry Ice
Chicken salad Tomato mayonalse
Cheese straw
Stuffed celery lee cream Angel food cake '
Cotlee ' Stuffed dates Sailed nuts
Cheese and crackers.
Champagne was served during the dinner.
Those enjoying the happy affair were: Messrs. I
R. O. Astin. J. t. Rhea, ot McKlnney. Texas;
W.B.Saunders, H.A.Saunders, U. S. Johnson,
G. M. Brandon, Jr., L. L. Stephens, R. L. Hearne, 1
Wilson Bradley. R. (i. Buchanan, S. E. DeMaret,
t. J. title. R. b. Cole, and J. M. dordon.
Walter WIpprecht was elected presi
dent and Mrs. C. M. Bethany secre
tary and treasurer. After the busi
ness was over Mrs. Burger passed
pretty score cards and entertained her
guests with several games of forty
two. The dominoes seemed to pos
sess a delightful fascination inspired
by the cordial hospitality of the oc
casion and every guest was enthused
with the spirit of pleasure. All were
in their happiest and gayest mood, re
sponding to the glad welcome extend
ed them by Mrs. Burger. A most
delicious course of refreshments was
Friends to Call
J. W. HOWELL, President
GUY M. BRYAN, Jr.", Vice President
H. O. BOATWRIGHT, Vice President
L. L. McINNISCashier
R.'W. HO WELL," Asst. Cashier
. i
a i
In Onu
ionics, cil. vjiuci now.
BROS, grocers
! U. D. C.
I In celebration of the UrrthtLu
lien. Lee and (Jen. .Jackson, L. S. Koss
Chapter will meet Tuesday, Jan. 19th
at :j p. in., at the residence of Mrs.
Ceo. W. Smith, Sr.
Lords Prayer, by Chapter.
Roll call Outlook of Tis Divis
ion v. d. c. i;hi;i.
Dixie Chapter.
Kemarks on Ceiisjfl.ee and Jack
son Mr. .1. ). Ci
Quartet te Vl.nV Night" Mesdaiuei
Howell, AdaniVfiaysor and Wilson.
Reading Analysis .of the causes of
the war Mrs. Dr. Harrison.
Vocal solo "Beloved, it Is Morn"
Miss Hettie Smith.
Heading The first Hebe! Yell Mrs.
J. W. Doremus.
Music Bonnie Blue Flag Chapter.
Reading Battle of Gettysburg Mrs.
!.. Taylor.
Vocal solo One Spring Morning
Mrs. Geo. Adams.
The hors in the battles of the
world Mr. W. A. Watkins.
Selection from KatherRyan's poems
.Mrs. A. J. Buchanan.
Vocal solo Spring Song Lynes
Mrs. Webb Howell.
Read This.
When you want trunks
from depots, phone 161.
I am fixed to
Notify me by poatofflce.
Bryan, Texas.
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