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7 - ''II ' ' ' -
r- .. 1
Table Linens
All Notions
r I
Every Item Reduced
: 33h Off On
Ladies' Wraps
Furs and
0 Every Description.
jr Nothing
& Co.
Howell & Wevtg
Phones - - 23 and 150
Couple Not Deterred by Mis.
haps From Marrying.
'Marigold Flour is the Secret oi Perfect Baking."
Recovering Sufficiently to Start For
the Church, Carriage Overturn and
Both Thrown Into a Ditch, Finally
Footing It to the House of Cod.
Kenosha. Wis., Jan. 22. Battling
bravely agalnBt an adverse fate, which
seemed determined to prevent wlss
Isabel Sparts and himself from being
united In wedlock, Phillip Neu finally
The couple was to have been mar
rled aweek , ago, but while making
gements for the marriage feast
was Injured by a runaway horse.
When he regained consciousness after
five hour, he found two of his rms
were broken.
When he recovered sufficiently to
start to the church for the wedding
h Hrnv over to the home of Miss
Knarta As Miss Snarts got Into the
carriage she said: ' Do you think the
wedding will be a go this time or are
you going t have another runaway
Neu, still suffering from rracturea
ribs, assured her he was determined
to be married if he had to walk to
the church or be carried on a stretcher.
Half an hour later the horse shied
and upset the carriage, throwing the
couple Into a ditch. Fortunately
nuhr nt them was seriously Injured.
leaving the runaway animal to de
mollsh the buRgy they walked to the
church and were made man and wife.
Votes of Three States Have Not Been
Received Through the Mail.
Washington. Jan. 22. I'nder the law
regulating the casting of the electoral
vote for president and vice president
there are about a dozen men of more
or less distinction from as many states
who are just now taking chances ot
having fines of $l,ono eacn lniposea
timin thttm
ti, n the messencers who have
been selected to bring to Washington j
the votes cast at he laRt election. The
law requires each state shall forward
two copies of Its vote one by mes
senger and the other by mail.
The vote of all states except At-
- Mi-iKHlniii and North Caro-
Una have been, received by mall, nut
those of Arkansas and ortn a. roima
have not been deposited ny "-
speotlve messengers. The fact trat
ballots have not lieen nenvert-u vv
erly will not prevent the counting of
the vote. . .
Mississippi Is the only state wiius
vote has not arrived either by mail or
Juror Alleged Intoxicated Day
He I Accepted.
Nashville, Jan. 22. The first sur
prise In the Cooper murder trial was
sprung Friday when Attorney General
McCarn filed an affidavit challenging
Juror J. S. Leigh. The document
claim" Leigh. was dnink the day he
was chosen and the day before and
therefore challenged hli right to a
seat on the Jury. The defense asked
time to examined the affidavit and
Judge Hart granted the request.
It developed that Judge Allison of
the chancery court, who was killed by
Juror Wbltworth'a brother a few years
I.. ffttfW 1
Alexander Says It Will Again Be
Brought Up In Senate.
Austin, Jan. 22. The submission
resolution was pending business in the
senate Friday morning. Senator Alex
ander was on the floor to make a
speech in Its favor when be said he
would take up the question at a later
Tbf senate went Into executive ses
sion and'confl'rmed all the appointees
nf nnvernor Campbell.
In the senate the Dallas countv
court bill passed to engrossment by
vote of 22 to 9. A motion to sua-
npnd fhn rules and nlace the bill on
third reading and final passage failed
by a vote of Zl to jo, it taking roup
fifth In atianpnri the rules.
In his speech In Interest of the bill
Sen tor Senter aid that there are
1,400 cases now on the docket of the
two courts at Dallas and It can never
catch un: that Dallas county paid
mnr mnnev to the state and received
back less than any other county in the
Among the bills Introduced In the
senate Friday were:
Hv Hndstieth et !.: Providing
actual traveling exnenses for district
Judges when engaged in the discharge
of their duties.
By Cofer: Prohibiting baseball and
races, moving pictures and theaters
to operate on Sunday.
Pv Meac-.hum: Hemming an engin
eer and conductor to have bad three
vpara' pinerienee as brakeman.
By Meachum: creating a Doara or
nurse examiners.
Rv Hume: Authorliznc the gov
ernor to purchase President Mlrabeau
Lamar s state papers ana appropnai
In lit) 000 therefor.
Hv Perkins: To nrohlbit persons
from using profane language over tel
ephones and imposing a line.
Numerous-netitions were oresented
in the senate Friday from various por-
tinna of the state, ureinr a sunmis-
ainn amendment. Anions them was
one from members of the the Ballot-
less Legion, urging Senator Mayfield
to use his Influence to DlocK ail leg
islation until a submission amend
ment Is carried. The senate passed
finally the bill by Faulua creating a
nu rnuft law for I .u vara county:
also passed finally the Marshall char
ter bill.
"CQeei? up
and our friends stay with us because
they know we stay with them. We
" want your business, if Come and
tell us your wants.
The CiTvPIiiioRAi-DAPii
President. Cashier.
Vicc-Pres. Asst.-Cashier.
ago. was tather-ln-law to Attorney
General McCarn. Juror Whltworth
stands high in the community and is
regarded as one or tne nest men ei
At noon the first venire of 500 men
had been exhausted and a second 500
ordered summoned to apear Monday.
Then the court fwve the attorneys
for the defense until 9 o'clock Satur
day to answer affidavit against Juror
Ielgh and adjourned until that time.
Larae A..-.ount Involved.
i- Angles Cal.. Jan. 22. Homer
Taber. president tf the San Diego1
Bank and Trust company. Is reported
to have been arrested at San Diego
following the bringing ot mneieeen iu
dlotments against him by the grand
lUry Involving approximately (Ju.v....
Ill One Week.
T.. Reber. sec-
retary of the J. W. Sefton company of
Chicago, died arter an iuuea w u..
a week He came here to appear be.
fore the western classification com
Foster Nominated.
inn 52 The nresldent
sent to he senate the nomination of
t h United States dis
trict Judge for the Eastern district of
Shot and Killed a Woman She Found
In Her Husband's Company.
Wichita Falls. Tex.. Jan. 22 After
being out six hours the jury acquitted
Mrs. Walker Allen on the charge of
the murderNof Llllie Wheatley on the
ground of emotional insanity. The
trial of Mis. Allen, who is the wife
of a wealthy grain dealer, was perhaps
the-niost sensational hearing ever
heard here. The story of the case is
u fnllnwft
Several months ago Mrs. Allen came
upon her husband fitting in a buggy
ik iim wiipntlv woman and without
warning secured a revolver and hot
the woman, killing her instantly. 'The
plea at the bar was emotional Insanity
and in proof or tnis testimony s
iniriiiMi tn show that Mrs. Allen
lost control of herself when she saw
husband in company with the woman
she killed.
W. B. Townsend of Wilbarger County
New Secretary of State.
Austin. Jan. 22. The governor sent ,
to the senate his list of appoint
ments for confirmation. Only three
changes are made In the . governor's
official family. William B. Townsend
of Vernon U named as secretary of
state; Charles B. White, present chief
clerk of the state purchasing agent's
department, was appointed state pur
chasing agent, and the present pur
chasing agent. J. C. Haynes of Karnes
miint was annointed to the position
of financial agent of penitentiaries to
succeed O. W. Wright. All of the
other officers of the government were
Mr. Townsend for fifteen years was
county clerk of Wilbarger county and
Is an original Campbell man, naving
seconded the nomination of Governor
Campbell at the Dallas convention.
Granite wilt have a system of side
walks. Big Pasture Medical society has been
organized at Randlett.
Anadarko taxpayers voted for $160.-
900 Improvement bonds.
Near Nardln Elmer Sawyer accident
ally shot himself through both hands.
Five persons at Deep River have
been bitten the past few days by a
made dog.
r..rin. nnarrel at Savannah S.
Barnes, a miner, was fatally Bhot. An
arrest was made.
Walter Smith, plowing near Blxly,
uncovered a pot containing a num
ber of counterfeit silver half dollars.
noii.n minora In the McAlester dls
trict lost over 300 relatives by the re-
.nt parthouake in Italy and sicny.
President Roosevelt owns Clevelanfl
...... hnnAa tn ttlA V&lue Of $10,000
issued In 1892 to assist In securing the
cash bonus that secured at wormai-
the Oklahoma university.
Mrs. Ruth Bryan Leavitt Sues Her
Husband For Divorce.
Lincoln. Neb.. Jan. 22 Mrs Hutti
Bryan Leavitt. daughter of William J.
Bryan. Friday filed suit for divorce
from William H. Leavitt. The peti
tion was Immediately withdrawn. T.
S. Allen, brother-in-law of Mr. Bryan,
is attorney for plaintiff. Mr. Leavitt
ia now in Paris. France
Girls Discover Walking Barefooted In
Snow Not Good Health Aid.
Urbana, O.. Jan. 22. Three Urbana
airls who tried walking barefooted in
the snow as an aid to health have
solemnly resolved ' never again," while
on a sleigh ride a mile rrom town, ai
the suggestion of one, they removed
their shoes and stockings ana. leaving
them in the sleigh. Jumped into a
snowdrift. The chorus of squalls that
fniuH started the horse, which
dashed back to Urbana, taking the foot-
ar along.
Opposition to" Reduction Measure.
Austin. Jan. 22. Onoslton to the '
Reedy bill, to reduce the house mem
bershlp to ninety-three, developed Fri
rtuv nt thi session of the house com
mittee on state atiairs. Mr. .ici.in
nov anokp acalnst the measure. In
sisting smaller membership would be
dangerous as It would mane u easier
to enact dangerous laws. Mr. Vaughan
fovnrprt thp measure as a platform
demand. Final consideration was
postponed. i
Waters-Pierce Company's Report.
Austin, Jan. 22. The Waters-Pierce
Oil company has. through Federal Re
celver oDrchester filed its quarterly
report of gross receipts for the quarter
ending Dec. 31, 19i The report
ohnm-a aross recelnts for the quarter
to be $468,046 and tax on that amount
is $9,360. The company did not pay
the tax. however. Tne company bow
owes about $00,000 in taxes.
Births Exceed Deaths.
Paris, Jan. 22. For the first time
in several years the births exceed the
Ten White and Hundred and
Fifty Natives Perish.
Johannesburg.' Jan. 22. Ten white
man and 150 natives were drowned
In the Wltwatersrand gold mine, which
became flooded by the bursting or
Knight's dam. Heavy rains caused
the dam to give away..
Colonel Lyle Retires.
Washington, Jan. 22. Colonel David
A. Lyle of the ordnance department,
has been placed on the retired list of
the army on account of age after forty
years' service. For several years CoL
Lyle has been In command of the ar
senal at Augusta. Ga. One of Colonel
I.tfle'i contributions to the govern
ment was the' famous "Lyle life saving ('
gun." which has been used on ships
at life saving stations throughout the
world for many years. ,i
Spirited Away.
Hamntnn Ark Jan. 22. Fearing
Tiolence to the men under his charge
from a mob. Sheriff Blggers spirited
away Wilson and" Henry Pickett, ne
groes, Vho were on trial for the mur
der of Charles Abbott and thewound
ing of his brother, walked them to
Tinsman, fourteen miles, and there
boardi 1 a train for some unknown
Completely Wrecked.
Weatherford. Okla., Jan. 22. In case
of cold weather the Southwestern Ok
lahoma normal school must close.
John L. Mitch, secretary of the nor
.i kn.rH nf rpppnta received word
ill a i " -
that the engine house at the normal
had been wrecked by a severe wind
storm, putting the school neaung piam
Cheap Riding.
Tnele Zeke (back from the city) You
talk about cheap ridln'S I rode twenty
miles on a street k'yar, an' au it cosi
me was a nickel.
T'npi.. Jed-Oosh! That ain't nothln .
When I was thar last year I rode to
ttiA inn nf th tallest bulldln' In town.
an It didn't cost me a blamed cent!-
Chlcago Tribune.
out of business.
Forty Cases of Measles. 1
Crenshaw. "Pa.. Jan. 22. There are
fr)rty oases of measles here.
Fires Bullet Into Head.
Lullng. Tex., Jan. 22. Henry Reidle
fired a bullet into his head, dying al
most instantly. Three children sur
vive. He. was a widower.
Will Move to Marll;?.
Mr. B. L. Reed Is preparing to more
to Marlin with his family about the
first of FebruarV.. The removal of
ihia eveellent family will be a distinct
loss to Bryan, and deeply regretted by
tholr manv friends. Mr. Reed will
continue his farming operations in the
Brazos bottom and will be a frequent
visitor to Bryan.
Culberson's Resolution Adopted.
Washington. Jan. 22. The senate
adopted Senator Culberson's resolution
directing the attorney general to sup
ply the senate with copies or an cor
relating to the absorp-
i nf thw Pennsylvania Sugar Re
fining company by the American Su
gar Xtefinlng company, alter a muuuu
bv Mr. Kean to lay the resolution oa
the table had been voted nown.
Brazos Bottom Farm for Rent.
For Rent: 7-12 of 321 Acres of cul
tivated Brazos Bottom land. Burleson
county, near Welll-orn, known as the
T R. Batte plncc. Owner, Mrs. Fannie
Carroll. 115 East Myrtle St., San
Antnnio. Texas.. 45
C. Bullock & Co.
Watch this Space
For Grocery Bargains
Rock Island Railway Will Install In
Texas a Telephone System.
Fort Worth. Jan. 22. The Rock Is-
land railway officers here have made
an announcement which cans for a
sweeping change In the operation ot
the Texas lines, me roaa win inr
ifiv instill a svstem of tele
phones instead of telegraph to handle
trains and attena to tne roaua uuoi
ness. This change will throw many
.. i- i nut nf pm-
aispaicueia miu "l''--- .1
fiTTUrtiSSS."' mmmmm&Q o eecooo oscsa.'-
Expires In Carriage.
Chicago. Jan. 22. While driving
home to his farm In Kane county Te
ter Healy, a wealthy farmer, dropped
dead In the carriage. The horses were
kept from running away by his four-teen-vear-old
daughter, Margaret, who
caught up the reins and drove homo
with her dead parent.
Eloht Buildings and Elevator Burn.
-i,i wmo rirv. Jan. 22. Fire of in
cendiary origin destroyed eight frame
buildings in the business section at
Mayesville. Loss is
A grain elevator at Perry burned.
Loss. $15,000
Cincinnati Shaken.
-. ii ion 22. What la be-
Ueved to have been earthquake shocks
were felt at Cincinnati aua uu""
; early Friday
! Man and Wife Found Daed
Korfolk. Va.. Jan. 22.-Schuyler C
(0'HJUr VjUMU ,S cMUiVlS
Clear up the throat and lungs in a short time.
Best thing in the wotld to have about the house.
E. J. Jenkinsn
carskaddon and wife were found dead. O0Q3&$89ttO0Op

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