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it 4 I
rl is is oje of the strongest aa
U0 is tho oldest law firms n tlrsi
kSiS stati Jiaviiig been
n oftht
> wh n
h vfl tw
one ii
yeiu BrowiiHlIu retail dry
jr mi grocery 1 jfcoios
erg so iimr m 5inber of the
constantly ill Xtfew Voik
aro thus eiinl > lel to avail
ujvvs of the nt advantages
by the market
iksale and ret it V dealer P >
liquors and cigar itupoited
mestic U J ciJlMfr
I ed with ti
IVSf 4s
i tlienu iT
Hjru iugi m
rjre wholesale MriiliUM opened for bu i
luiisvillif and r 3th day of Juno 1SD1
1 fJjviJillajita of 50000 The
tfoucMiVufflgk miiofiiii tin board of
directoriindjthoolie i > 3 are n ted
in tiua cijtieiirciufofoi their con or
natiounana bi ini su f et and abi
Hty i G ii ierojijMuijuh for iiiauv
Sir isi
yeaw has 6riJ J nt6ded a bnik
aud tjjic n eeiljMtiiUy supplied fn
the Jfirbt JsSSLal Uank of
is jpr > priitoiv ofMiht Ooniinental
mid White BJujphKjit JSylooin
wlibre yuU a n 3aet ilia thllicu t
li uoya and cijr rsl to be found in
the city TJie Uujtinontal Saloon
has rcenily bedtri overhauled aud
itfiinpjetely repovated Jt is a cool
cozy resort wjjeru jtott can while
awayaiewuujtnenlts of leisure in
a iocinj jja io of cVrUor a jzamu of
pool or billiards bti his eleirant
new tables Poliluand attention
luixoli jets to wait flou you alwavs
ulihuiTfi51Vr VJl3 will bo lad
brand an J in t ymrcan
iues trouthim < M cheap as
ace ijt the Puitei
Seat to visit hie est1
J S it 3L II C
will be ueeti by
jit in the llinvi n
eaio goods
ary Msiiiei having
Lale grocery ote i
k Mexico < fEt roB
Wholesale htisine4 iii the
Pll feiwe o tiiet wotl Js can
Ufijy be suen bv tih large
fepjit of goods hipp d y
p ui to all paitsof ihistjiuntry
jaiJJKKpA Mty >
wiins vl
tattg It
ley do a
nvtis in
tirni of A < jn J o l aire
Ciuou hav s ojjiethin o s y
1 u aboutllie 5irtinojro
tea chocolate coffqiiimd
s They have flits profaCt
st assortment of < aiii > d
tobu found ifclauy store
fwest tons fcruaud
ished inVlfcW lion J 13
j Betiioj meuibcr has charge
Tbu8J essv for thefihii in this
l yUand sarrojiniing country
i Staytpniiind Jvleberg being
id at C orptia fchristi Texas
dnV BllyJpjlHj a a card r
Lj7 infmi thj
riiuVb eair
to see y io
tic kl LeouVjrithepfiWifty
W till your persenpj
e you their indivjdj
ijti A huge fcodj
jahes del
ISS S i S 3
io fool you off these hot sultry
cnoDiiiciij jiAitrs
This is another staunch law firm
in Brownsville They are strict
bminess in the fullest sami of the
word and thtii industry and integ
rity in attending to all business
intrusted to them is proverbial
They keep in their office a com
plete and reliable abstract or Ca
iticrjiif count s record
BUowxsyrLrE atjo > al ban
> The First National Bank of
Tho law iirmofvl Monroe ec
terne of IJio UramhHOitv will be
glad to handle uiiyrhinitnc t in that
fcetion for you Theyare sti tight
men and know Hieir bUeineSA
a g Tjitnikoxb
of Victoria ToxHStlav y r and
landageist places acart with us
nr S i1BSft
JjirAlhiiriutma is a risitiQ Ioung
lawyer 4o the stntt > utijdUfa perfect
V reliable doHllitxttnsivcdy
lenl Hitate and allllbhsiuess
place with hini will Jiavojpitouipt
attention kf4 Srn
+ jngx L IllTEGXiVTWA
lTrs 3SfeBS JK3 5
and asplialtutn His store is one
block from the Eio Grande rail
road depot
ir 31 bcott
the furniture man h a a etnvl in
this issue A visit to his store will
convince yon that lie carries as
nice a line of furniture as can be
found in the larger citieB or the
Vf ate and his prices are aa low
Those rattan roeJcuPj and setters
are models of beauty He h s a
larjio n tisorttpentof picture frames
ana un > nlditf refrigorators jral
lery chitihs iirdeus lienuhe mat
trtHH and springs it will ptty yi u
to see liis furniture aud get his
We call attention to the cardof
John I Kleiber Esq Ir Kleibur
is arising young ntiorney if this
plaee aud everyone speaks in the
hijjhest teims of his ability Inthe
lejjal ualaxy of Brownsville bin
iijjkt is by no menus one of the
lesser ones aud it is constantly
growing brighter
utiiz 8 an inch or bo of our space
to put himself before the public
as an attorney Air fason is well
known us a lawyer nud will c re
fill ly and coiiHcientioiiAly attend
to any legal bniii SiJ entrusted to
him Try him Yoif will find
him at his ofliee corner Levee and
X streets
Ifc is busintssi for the mere hunt
to display h u wares iu the mostat
traefivo manner
A man seeking a mean of live
lihood loos what he can not al
ways what he likes
Although the weather is very
dry we find plculy of vegfl tables in
in the market and no lack of beau
tiful fragrant Unworn
One feature the stranger notes
in regard to Hrownaville is her
clean streets another the beautiful
shade trees which everywhere adorn
the streets Few towns of her site
present so beautiful an appearance
We wish to offer to any of our
readers whojniiy have ideas they
wish to cmuinnincate a free use of
our cojumnsvg Any communica
tions which will serve in any way
to promote the general welfare or
lifcen ns on matters either
political or otherwise
dly received
and pressing need of
3 a system of water
il onr people once
of abundant wa
he pleasure of
of natures
bbery of
SioiokiTali or ndncza
The rcsiirraiion of President
AukiiHza Palacio marks the begin
njng of the end of the civil war
in V iiouela Elected to office
earlv in 1 10 he was not eligible
under the constitution iov reelec
tion after the expiration of his
term in March of this year but
be employed his resources of luw
cunning and political intrigue to
preveit the choice of a successor
Xu tliis way he retained eoutiol ol
the executive office m defiance Of
law and with the support of the
garr > on of Caracas lie has betsn
compelled by a popular uprising
aud a military revolt in nearly alt
the important provinces to relin
quish the ftruguln aud to abandon
office A brief interval of mili
tary dictatorship will ensue since
public order can not be restored
in the national capital in any otliei
way but bisfore many weeks a
presidential election will be held
and the normal conditions of jon
titutional government restored
Audneza has been que of the
most corrupt aud mercenary presi
dents ever intrusted with power
in Spanish America A poor man
when ho eitered upon the ofiiee
he amassed a great ortuue in the
course of two years ami made it
almost wholly at the expengo of
the country His successor will
find the treasury umpty the civil
service recruited with spendthrifts
bribe takers and adventurers and
all the industrial interests of the
eoiiutrysuffering trout sp oiliation
and exhaustion jjalmueeda was
an usurper who involved a pros
perous country in civil war from
hia unwillingness to tolerate legis
lativo control but ho had man
amiable traits of character and wa
not a rapacious and dishonect
executive General Deodoro in
Brazil was another ar itrary presi
dent who defied the national legis
lature and established a brief die
tatorship but he too had many
rtideumiug qualities aud acted an
iler serious provocation Andueza
was a lower and moreduliHSed type
of usurper lie had no capacity
for public affairs and was simply
a corrupt intriguer who Whs in
office to make a fortune and re
mained there for the pickings and
stealings as long as ho could rnis
ter a rcgiinont to support him
Audneza is the third president
in Spanish America who has been
defeated within a year in a cam
fpaign of usurpation against consti
tutional law and popular right
Public opinion is beginning to
have fomehing like a moral fprco
in that quarter of the world It
is not enough that theie is a gar
rison in the national capital ready
to take orders from ambitious exe
cutives who dosire to tvwart the
public will and to override the de
cisions of legislators There have
been patriotic uprisings in Chile
Brazil and Venezuela against nsur
potion of power and each time the
peoples cause has triumphed All
theae are hopeful signs for the
future of Spanish America lew
York Tribune
Jl ChtuamatVs Funeral
About two week3 ago a young
Chinaman named Ah Ham em
ployed in a laundry on Market
street was taken iil with typhoid
atmosj fever and despite all that medical
ski con Id do for him died Tues
nt to
o day morning about daybreak
° Thatnigiithe was waked to
lprJ a Milesian expression in the
most approved jsme of the Flow
jry kingdom > TJieicorpse richly
ssed was laidbutxpn a tafile
t its headland feet joss sticks
Pburned ttlKirighr and
per slips wers e1 n itlre s
f J
f V I
same room was ill unlimited
rious colored cajudles and
v burned before it
Chioaiueu in the city wer t
and assisted j the cercinonit
The tiiuei ll took ph
oclock yesterday ateruooa
Undtfrtuker Aliormick
coffin all the dead n > au
gathered around to takej
the remains and tlien t
orchestra struck up a hi
orchtStra was compos
large tomtoms or coj
cyuibnl tambourino
and the uproar was
was iaitd in tlio
mouth and the coflin
ziuid macli burning of
aud was carjied to til
where a nroerseioil f aj
S3veti back headed by
ingtou Guard band wi
With a fuueraj Jiarch by IF
the proceisiou went east wan
Market street to Tivjiuozit
thence to the be t b f
As it passed along whancl
ing and bunding of thfGbiuesl
s could bo l cardj jrj lmv
the nusic of the band tMKwesf
if the Beach hotul tlioc pi mYri
tRkuii out aud linxiilkiih liijy i
catteredover it Bj tfes tlli St
reached the each tl e jqueerc o
cesion was reinforced ljy A r v4l
of men and boys black dyhiteJ
who trudged along wfij tilM
the cemetery three mvVa m tA
w rd was reached AhouVri
people were there already Chayj
gono out on the Xars to piu
the last ritet
When the grave was rcrichod 5L
the uiourneru bout fifty iiiuhm
ber with haads uncovered forjned
line through whfeli Hher tediBu
and iti piiilltearere pas idi w
casket was laid beside the rrVipc
and the cover being tat en fij
rtinaina were exposed to vievc
The body ws covered witlH
silken sheet wfch thehnt iOfirti
face The latter was renojrtfd auf
showed the body in a badly dci
oomposed state Great masses
flowers were dumped i iiio tij
casket filling it up a da lut
nickels Were tossed m on topair
it Thry money was to fielp tho
deceased along thd rdad Xti tli
celestial kingdoui in case he got
sidetracked or lost Ins thrntst
ticket J ckages of josHstick
were stuck in the ground at tho
foot f the grave and Iigntud and
great bunches of prayer slip3 were
burned and cast to the winds IFith
the accoinpaniment of a fdueral
dirge by the baud the casket was
lowered into the grave and cover
ed with earth closing the jstraagui fi
ceremony r
The Chinese believe thatnbner
of their race could rest in litcetiii
strange lands and in c PSt unc
after a time the bones are iakeifJ Al
alia forwarded tbjGhiHa in tl oiii t J 1
eighteen uiouths ivhen there is TllpS
herdly anythin pre left of Ah
Ham than bon thuy will be
taken out by bisfrienus and afre
being boiled in lye and scraped >
clean they will be paclctd in a
small box and forwArded to ids
old io uie for final burial
A uumber of the colored people
preseut at the burial were disap
pointed if not grieved becausa
tliero was notroast pig left on Jtlin
grave This practice vhich Inu j
jfallen into disiuo amongiihe Chi
nese was ftr the pnrposcot keepr
ing the dead mans stomach fSied
on his long journey to tiuirealwa
of light Galveston Hfowsl
There are papers printed in
Esgliah Spanish German aiuil
Bohemian in Texas andwaii x
change wond

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