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The daily herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1892-1897, July 04, 1892, Image 2

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gErpApy > I RALI
FlltS Jjfc < Ulv THE 2EVS
ESSE 9 fgi2JL5 Editor a d Prop
iKncerc it the tfoctoftlcpttrownV
Ly yexas as second cjass mattcr
QNJ > Alr uly ISiiS
Tljevjnjj in fche scrip turn
tloit boasJjpg sjjould bo dbne
hn who Is discarding liia nr
itjiesthan fjy lijm wljois put
ton we pjake no extrayagaut
Is in this thpiritiul number
> Aiir Herald Suffice it
C 1
sjial eurnestlv endeavor
tjp paner worth 0f i lie
pf Ifyojvnsjril p and to
reast of her progresl fefcl
d that if we hue pnve
s wortljy we shall receive a
fiipport and pntrnnagj1 from
1 people of the towu
y warm greetings
of encouragement wej have
eady receive we jiejievo that
the pitkejs here feel that a good
paper deserves patronage an 1 that
its prosperity their individual wel
fare and the gpncral good W thu
fpwij are ail intepvoypn A k pa
per well cpndijctpd and wlmis of
ftpal importance well pjtroiized
js a great advertisement for1 any
joea jty Politicaly the paper will
he democratic to the core hufcjpb ilu
sanle time tolerantof the conyic
ffong and opinions of poIitieal pp
phnftlts rf > atiig all with courtesy
and respect Having for our natal
day one so auspicious the birthday
pf the nation we hope it pijjy prove
n omen pf supepss and that as our
Jpypjy little city grows and pro per
fhe paper may expand and IIeuald
put prosperity is the wnrld
Hoping future rebtions between
the paper and its patrons may he
pleasant and mutually profitable
and with usual itjings to the
Very respectfully
Jesse Wheeler
m nnc
TiE Giilvestnn Neys porrespnnd
fnt ppeakingof the Texas delega
tingto the National democratic
ponventon says They command
pd the highest respect from every
man jn the convention and when
they shook flip disiH n < of tliis
L he
Je best when represented by sue h
plen as EiGqvs Tiirockiqortcn
pnd Ireland Seth Ijapard of
pallai jKH McLeary of San An
tonio aid lO THolt of IIoHstoiJ
Pur representatives were preem
pently gfintjenion in the truet
feense and men who rank high i i
learning sound sengp au abiljty
LAijgp display advertisementjs
give character and standing to
fin G q iqto anv community a
an entire stranger and pipk up thb
paper publjslied thpre Qok foriti
largest adyertis s and you can n
THriahjy tlepepjl oi it tiafc PP haY
found thp most reliable firm m tha
Tq poy iNew York saloon
teeper upo ranch more worriecj
pyer Dr Rtjnsford8 vpropo3ttioi
jeajo fakejqqtjjiceust
l jr iliiiXC
Jn jCarkhurst
l ii yjco and
place Chicago from their feet tl
pnrapjanded the greatest respect
he enjocracy qf al other p
of the Union A glance at
pprs < jpel of ih delecration fti l
JlJiilifies the cqmmendation Texjai
tjpmocracyput Ijold iti own witl
ajt if tr Jii
ifiWgtTi <
Th nt Grover Clevpland q3 prei
denial s the hearts desire of the
masses of democrats can no longer
he denied If is nomftiahioi over
the optoiif jojj of Tammany was a
victory which wjll jnako fi fends
frthu democratic party Tam
manys opposition is wall under
wood as directed again n the man
too pure and incpVruptiMe to he
debauched by its practices too
hMiesb and firin in his con virions
iii be led at w II machine politi
cians Grivtfr Ceve ind is belov
ed by the people and hey will ral
ly to his support yc even those
who may differ from him on some
pojilfcj pqiut heanse they know
luni to be amen of nii < jup bi > niible
integrity who will perform what
he promises and whose conscience
will permit him fcu piomise nnh3
mg thyt lj Jcannot conscientious
ly fulfil lie has tlju confid ncfa
of fiind anl foe jiliko n hjui we
shall have aj pilot with a clear head
filpj n steady hand to guide us th
ai I means let us jiaye
Grover Grovor four more yesrs of
In he gois on thev po
Ihen wel le in cjover
A Tcw r always prospers best
when the people all are willing to
help eaph otlev Whennierohant
are willing to live and let live
when every business man shows
faith jn the tojyn in which he lives
by sticking to and helping all in
his power any legjniujfi enter
prise in the town and following
the invariable rule of getting every
thing he needs at home even
though he can do beltcp elsewhere
There is the greatest strength in
tho union of strength and action
There is no such thjifg as success
without harmoni f feeling and
where this exist the most there
is the greatest projperi y Help
one another aijd we are hounl to
come out < top in the ong run
IIere is un immense amount of
good advice from an exchange in n
small spqcp Drink nothing with
out seeing it sign nothing without
reding it and mako sure meansno
more than l says fiont go to law
unless yen are forced to and have
nothing to lose In any business do
not wade where you cannob see
bottom Cut no dependence in the
label on a dog and count money
hpfore you receive it See the sack
before you buy what is in it for he
whobuys in the 4 rk asks to be
It is reported that Dr J W 0
Love oMexico contemplates bring
ing suit in the nume of the Love
family to recover 6000000 acres
of land in Nprth Texas Tljp prop
erty includes tho cities of Fort
Worth and Daljoj apd is valued at
one bjUipn of dollars A veritabje
Love feast that would be
All Europeans of note visiting
this country are tackled by nowspa
per correspondents for their im
pressions of 4 mericA fpid1 Amcpi
paqs Pity there wasnt one on
hand to record Cplumbiis impres
sions TJipy would inalfe nice rpad
lng this worlds fair year
To JTA e a good newspaper these
flays it uiyst hlvP liberal advertif
ers It is broad fact that aj
qaupnt bp made withavit
nevspaper lb costs J
mate a good town
iflpiicy to make a good
itrsSgSryp A C > r JlSS r t j j CJSraHJtC S = Sytt2F Sm3Si
No ACT pf greate injustice could
be perpetrated by t9 nijjnagerri of
the worlds fair than tli proposed
exhibition of pHetur s of 200000
criminals to be furnished by the
National Prison association Many
people themselves upright have
friends or Relatives f itjjpr lining or
dead whose pictured fuie would
greet thenj most unpleasently jn this
a senjbage le picture wre
tuken for the purpose of detecting
crime or criminals not to be dis
played to the world tfv we prouJ
of our criminals that we wish to
parade their likenesses before our
foreign cousins U it right to
wound the feelings of father
njotjiers brothers or sisters by con
fronting thpm witlj such reminder
of th ejr family shanje There are
ma y who haying been entangled
in the vortex of crime hare after
wards reformed and are now living
the lives of jmijcstusefnl citizens
Imagine the feejjngs of such an
one greeted by his own fate in such
a place hjs former vice published
to tlje world fo tho new frjppd
and a < sociates he has made What
encouragement lies a man to re
form when the blighting effect of
former crime is to be thrown over
his wnlire jjfe The world s fair i
ro be held for the purpose of exhibi
ting oprindustrinl progress our na
tural wonders and the grand reults
of invention and art ijqt to show
our hideous grinning skeletons
of crime andshanje Let these re
main safely hidden in their ylpspfcs
The dreadful drijutl of the past
few years has reduced the region
embraced in several counties of
SpptllVfest Tpxas to almostSaharan
barrenness Stockmen have been
forcedto transport Hkv cattle to
pastures in the territory or else
where thus takingiawayjfroju the
starving people their only eraploj
ntent and the people then ej ves
are forced to apply for aid to their
niniP fortpnate feljpwereatures
I his in a region which was once a
land of plenty with a soil as fer
tile as can be found anywhere
And tie fertile soil still remains
but bare of products A little water
is the one thing needful to produce
plenty in the midst of this want
ani desolation Tim iR jshouId
hp suppied In thpse days of pro
gress why do we sit idle when by
artificial means this desert could he
reclaimed Artesian wells should
he sunk and irrigation rpsorted to
Tf the land barons who own thous
ands of acres of this now baiej
soil would only use some of their
abundant n lPnU3 to water fhif
desert tljey would perform a d ed
of mercy
Victoria Advocate Does ad
vertising pay Of course j
Do you suppoee th
merchants whose na
Advocates colnni
week would pay
vertising if thoj
it as bread caj
No Allkii
The stai
as dj
S 5gSl < lliJJ iiW L MlVUaiiWlV M < il
i Ime seem fp ha gsuemi setis
factfj3 oyer ijie result rf the CjijL
c 4 Oop ch
Rag conyputwnand hy fnr he
nf rotI e
maiprity o prpminehfc tomrata l
tl nlf t Wie ° flesfc t ek len
Qpyats could jiaye xhossij The op
position U Gjpviiland in New fryjc
is pertain jy a yen grays thing ytf
we pimnab hplipy j that TWraa y
leaders woifhj carpy their opposition
so far as to knife the regular nom
inee of thu party especially as
Stevenson s nomination for the sec
nfH place is mi acknowledged con
cession to Tajn many It isa for
tunate thing too for the pa ty
tjiat they could make this
sion and yet choose a irjai with
clean a record and as gnat popn ffi
larity as Stevepspn With ijp op
position of labor unions to Jklr
nppratifljfin our faW and WiU yr
ParadokipHl but tiiie When a
carpenterjgoesoii a etiike hu does
nt uee Jiis liiiiiiiiior TheMler
of a nioiuin ngwsjwper is wulj np
in Iheiiysteries f tlu fenigh u of
labor fcfuipe otiojayn that lipnor
strengtliena the yofce TlntJ w a1
iiiistHkij it only majfea tjio breath
strong When ybn sue n voin
meekly obey her hqaliand yoq caiijfq iy
be sure of onp uf two thin
is Ujither afraid of him or is vror
in hiin tor a new bormut A sicjf
uijLiu never makes fun < f i ij ML
The independent msttfifl ol B
fdej endent oircuiiista ce U5
inhn who couldnt Jill thV Mfc
better than the man pH > t jlrt
yet to be born in thfs Brvmtmifr
He Doctors Ipivo nu ilJRrtjg
sny against baseball pr fn pjat
injfr WiA en d no Enounce
their best
Pallas TeVnU7fcThu
cent grain tanS T by
involves fnrtj re
jl of rates of J1
ei6tQOJ tha
ib x
cp oyer
the chance of carryiug Ijljnois courts otMJj
which has hitherto hppfhhopelpksjylemployea i
republican we may eutertaiu
onable hope of success in Novei VT7 H
Jeff MpLjiifojfo 0f
Chrjsti Caller j candatefQ ffiLOm9iornpr We 11
legislature froin his district We Tri I B
believe people could not b
m w
if DlApKk8PNC
n r nnir
ORNBT AT Jjif tjf
Crenersil JimlAij
J nj
Attorneys at La
Robert JaUell M B
SuiilpKl iber f 1 >
loUeclionv rh all poif
ni e ami e aitted lull
drawn direct on all pi i
throughout the world
Corpus j
thf > f
more worthily represented and hope K0WkgyILL3
they may el ct him Npwspjjppr
P pre dftil poipip to the front
in politics it is
jjnd well as no
class of metb have better
tunities of studying thp
gjeat pol
itical qnestims and nwfa pf blip
day Hurei to yon ifr Q f nf
win and wSsen you get to Aq < tin
show peopl what a bright intel
ligent jourrialiBt can do
TauiH stronger th n fiction
Gov Hogjjf says lie never swore but
once in liiii hf Hud Jp hfls Jeen ft
pnutpr I

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