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The daily herald. (Brownsville, Tex.) 1892-1897, October 19, 1892, Image 1

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C H Hasib
Complete Abstacts of Cameron
Conntv Kept In ThVOffice f
Office over Fitst National Bank
Brownsville Texas
WiU practice in any E th
counts f tli State when spi eially
m ployed
Offick Cm ner Levee and Elev
en h Street
JS 1
and General Land Agent
3 R Mokeoe A G Steiisk
Attorney at LaW
v V
oOF < o
CAPITAL 50000 >
G M Raphael5 ijV riKKLti
President VicePrep
J D Andeuson Cashier
G M Raphael Wm Kelly
Robert DaUell M BKingsbnur
J A 1
J D Anderson
Emile Kleibcr
ai > Xfc >
Collection on all points promptly
made and emittedrBills of exchange SatilH Nloj
V inorning oiiTtlie
drawn direct on all principal cities n
throughout tlie world 1 t c comes on an important roirtion
Beliefs lbout Tin
The Tribune Eays that The
World refuses to believe that
American titipjatp is can be or
ever will be manufactured Not
The World has shown from the
official statistics quoted with
triumph by President Harrison
that after two yeilis0f fostering by
a doubled tax which has already
cost the American people 25000
000 the production of tin aud
Uerue plate is only two er c nt of
the consumption
What The World believes is
that congress has no moral right
to tax 65000000 people 15000
000 a year simplyl to add a dozen
or a score of little tin gods on
tuVthe Mother millionaires
created by a trustfostering tariff
We 1olieve further and have
proved by cold unpartisan aiith
inotiiythat the peoj le of this coun
fy cmild pay he bf > aid in idle
ness of the j2000 woikmen rcquir
ed to pioduco our entire supply of
tinphte and forty wouldbe man
nfactureis r 0000 a year iipieui1
io realize tlieir nmbiMoii to live
like nabobs and still save 100U0
000 annually in the operation
So believing The World is jus
tilled in declaring the doubled tax
on tin plate to be a fraudIbi lai
mid h Kbing business it iljeould uo
all that is claimed lor it
The Battle ot the Portraits
> RondoutN Y Oct 11 When
tlie caip Miteis at wolk on the new
Methodist thjucli in Madaline
Dutchess comity censed work S tur
day night GeneralWattH DfeptiysVr
Treoident Ilarrisoii which heotdered
one of the men to nail on the topuf
the chinch steeple General
Depnyser is paying for the build
iu of the church so his order wis
Early Sunday morning an enthu
eiastie young man climed the 6tee
pie and pasted a picture of Cleve
land over that of Harrison A
great crowdthad gathered in the
meantime and thcjoiing democrat
wasMustily eli eered C0 ne of Gener
al DepuyserW employes ilext at
neralAfightSensued vVhileit was
in progress the man with Harri
sont picturebioke away andsuc
ceeded iii eli nbiift oiQ t rtach and
covering4hepicture of tbe demo
cratic candidate No sooner had
he reached the ground than another
sunn eucceeclt d ingettrngJabove the
crowd and uutid ashoweHof stones
climbed slowly upwaid Soon
Clevelands picture was again in
place > t J 1 I I
Generali Depnyser wiaav ivery
angryand deuiaiidcdtiiatthepiet
Tife ofCleveland 66torn downbut
the democrats were determmediarid
lints i8nienou8pli
jvJio7Jttrived here this
sleumsliip Majes
He is accompanied by Mgr OCon
nell his secretary and interpreter
The generalgood of the1 Catholic
church will be considered by the
representatives of the Vatican
They will investigate the condition
of the church in this country its
membership and recent growth
The Farirbault school system will
also be studied A visit will be
first made to Baltimore and later
the prelates will go to Chicago and
attend the dedication of the Colutn
bian Fair Archbishop SatilH will
represent the Holy See at the
Columbian Exposition
Bahingr Poicder Legislation
The use of alum aud ammonia in
paking powdeis has been carried to
such an enormous extent by un
scrupulous manufacturer anxious
either to swell their proiits or to
cater to the demand for cheap goods
reyai dless of the stomach of the
consumer that bills have been in
troduced during the past year in
the legislatures of tuauv States
among which are New ork Min
nesota Illinois Georgia Florida
etc nqmriui biich interior aitides
to be distinctly labeled Boards of
health ami fond commission in many
citifd and States have been occupied
willi the same problem aud in
many iubtances have published licto
of powdeiscontaining alum or am
uioiiia o that the public may avoid
Following is the lint of the prin
cipal hramia of baking powder that
have been examined and lonnd to
contain either alum or ammonia
Calumet Climax Royal Chicago
Yeast Forest City Zipps Economy
Taylors Unrivaled Rocket Glove
Silver Starr Eddy Eddy
Grants lion Bon Hotel Kenton
and many other brands
ml FooVs MPeut
Suspension Biidge N Y Oct
12 Clifford Calveiy of lorouto
Ont peiformtd jjje liazaidous teat
of walking acrots the Niagara
Gorge on a wire cable today at a
point midway betweenthe Suspen
sion and Cautalevcr bridges The
cable which was 910 feet long was
guyed with ropes and ballasted
with bagp of sand and with asagin
tlie ceuter ot 25 feet After making
his trip across he returned to the
center and performed several feats
among which was hanging by his
toes Calvery performed the trip
in five and onehalf minutes
MianaOn Death
From the New York sub
The fear ot death natural to hu
manity is natures provision for the
preservation of life but thatnatur
al fear has been incalculably in
ceased by giisly tales of grewsome
horror fonud at every age and all
It would seem sheer imagination
as wl ero Milton tells that Death
grinnd horrible Jt ghastly smile
and all Halltrembled at the hide
ous name But such real know
ledge as we have on the subject
shows that man makesa death
tha t nature never made and that
the fear of dying is deaths most
awful feature if not indeed its only
p fw t w
Texas Home Corner
The Home Corner agrees vrith
nearly eveay one else in believing
that the sweetest and most attrac
tive creature in all the world is a
pretty young girl The coldest
man or woman living looks with
deiight on her roseleaf fkin the
shining meshes of her hair her
lovely and harmonious outlines
People never see her without think
ing what a fortunate world this is
to claim her as part of its heritage
The Home Corner knows many
such girls who are apparently
just blooming out into beautiful
and gracious womanhood
But did yon ever hear the old
story about the girl from whose
mouth tbads and venomous ser
pents fell whenever she openedher
lips When these sweet rosy lips
on which yon love to look open
only to utter expressions filled with
slang why then you must ijeed
think of the old story When a
lovely girls whose every thought
should be pure and whose language
should correspond with her
thought for out of the fullness
of the heart the mouth speaketh
alludes to one person ashis royal
nibs to another as a jiew coon in
town exclaims Jewhiilikths
and Murder on every slight
provocation says Xou bet your
sweet life and 41 should remark
with a hundred other things or like
kind the effect is shocking and
disgiibtiug in the extreme On the
wholf perhaps the toada and ser
pents were better Pure young
womanhood has no business with
the language which is pardonable
only in toughs and Jioodlnms Of
what avail is it to keep the life
pure and soil the language with
the vulgarisms that belong to the
Bowery If anything could make
the thoughts common and vulgar
and so debase the whole life it
would be familiarizing ones self
with slacg The country needs an
AntiSlang Societv and The Home
Corner hopes that euch a society
will be organized at once and that
the girls willjoin it first of all
because 6uch language is least to
be endured in them
A wag was requested by an old
lady to read the newspaper for her
He took it up and read us follows
Labt night yesterday morning
about one oclock in the afternoon
before breakfast a hungry boy
about forty years old songht a big
cnst rd for a lunch and threw a
brick wall nine feet tliick and jump
ed over it broke Ins right ankle off
above his left knee and fell into a
dry pond and was drowned About
forty years after that on the same
daj an old cat Jiad nine turkey
gobblers a high wjnd blew Yankee
Doodle on a frying pan and killed1
a sow aud two head pigs at Boston
where a deaf and dumb man was
talking to his Aunt Peter where
upon the old lady taking a long
breath exelaiiue d uDu tell Cal
There isnt one man fu a dozen
who wiil take the word of a preach
er in a horse trade Rams Horn
M < 4
so 93
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Tivo JUiHules JFor Refreshment
It is difficult for the belated cliib
1 i
man to realize that the towerirg
female who stands at the head of
the stairs is the timid little girl who
once faiuteJ in his arms at the sight
of a mouse TidBits
When a man js not doing well
he imagine that he could do better
if he could move aud pay more rent
Atchison Globe
v It doetit make out aease Against
Unale Sam of wanting politeness
that in tin war of the Revolution
he didnt say to EnglandJ Excusu
the liberty I take Philadelphia
Time is money remarked
Blobbs as he deposited his watch in
a1 jackpot Philadelphia Record
Jl Carnegie Banquet
The Tribunes Pittsburg eorres >
poudent says The lawjers of
the Carnegie Steel Company Limit
ed had a reception for their wit
nesacs jut before the treason cases
were given to the Grand Jury
which just having become general
ly known is causing uo end of talk
and criticism among workmen in
this city and at Homestead Cap
E A Bock who is assisting Snow
and Reed thegenural conusul for the
concern Sunday afternoon rented
a room in the high priced Audersou
Hotel aud stocked it with wines
and liquors aud the choicest edibles
Theu his assistants r invited all of
the witnesses in previous cases to
go to the spread Particular attun
tion was paid to the newspaper re
porters who went through the in
surrection at Homestead But few
were gotten into the room after
they knew the object of the ban
quet but the feabt was well attend
The prosecution wanted certain
testimony for presentment in the
treason bearing on the Advisory
Committee before the States sol
diers took possession of the town It
is said every man in the room was
couched in his testimony under the
satisfying feeling of a full stomach
and plenty of wine There were
also it is averred a stenographer
hired by the Captain at the feast
who caught the utterances of per
sons not previously subpoenaed
who wiH now be taken Into court
at the trials of the strikers
Call for Judicial Convention
By the authority vested in me
as democratic chairman ot this the
28th judicial district of the state of
Texas I do hereby call upon tho
democrats of this the said diotrict
by and through the duly accredited
delegates from each of the comities
in sad districtto assemble at the
court house in Rio Grande City at
12 o clock m on Thursday tlio
20th day of October A D 1892
for the purpose of selecting and
nominating democratic camHclatcs
for judge and district attorney re
8oectively of and for said ditrict
and for suih other busfness as may
properly come before said conven
tion James B Wells
Democratic Chairman of the 2Stli
Judicial District

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