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V H GoodkichI
< p06CEE3fil MARIS
Attorneys at Law
Ci M RauhAel Wm Kelly
President VicePrcs
J D Andek8on Cashier
GMl Raohael Wm Kelly
Jlobert DaUell M B Kingsburr
Emile ISleiber J D xVnderson
Collections on all points promptly
made and remitted Bills of exchange
drawn direct on all 51 ineipal rities
r i
c niiiii
Complete Abstacta of Caineron
County Kept In The Office
Office over First Rational Bank
Brownsville Texas
Will practice in any of tlu
unirt of the Stat when specially
Cmca Corner Levee and Elev
enth Street
and General Land Agent
He did it quickly mid deftly
It was long past dark when supper
had been eaten That the outlaws medi
tated some evil was clear to Taylor from
their demeanor He had been repeatedly
snubbed and insulted during the day
but now that tlujy had arranged their
plan to kill him they greeted him with a
hearty good will
They mean murder ho Baid to him
self as ho looked from one to another
and it occurred to him that they must
have planned to kill him whilo lie slept
Ho however returned joke for joke and i
laugh for laugh and to have seen the
fivo sitting about the eanipfiro one i as mnch as the men
would have thought them the truest
I dont calkerlato we shall even see
an Injun on this trip said the outlaw
leader as he finally knocked tho sishea
from his pipe but in course wo cant
be sure of it We must tharfore post a
sentry as usual Saj Taylor I hope
ye ar feolin good natured
Oh yes
Didnt know but I riled e back thar
At tho old camp I wasnt feelin well
when 3e jumped on me about the gold
We sheer and sheer alike in course
Yon get a fifth
But as you havo the team and as
yon are four to one iu case we are at
tacked I shall be satisfied with less
than that replied Taylor
Well you jest sot your own fbrcers
and t will be all right continued Bob
Now then lets get to sleep
Taylor went to the wagon after his
blankets He had planned just what to
do and he did it quickly and deftly
Had the men been watching hiiii he
would not have been detected Ho re
moved the cork from the jug emptied
the poison frym his bottle therein gave
the jug a few shakes and returned to
the fire humming a jolly air and evi
dently in good spirits Tho outlaw se
lected to stand the first watch took his
station under the cottonwoods a hun
dred feet away the blazing brands were
scattered and in fifteen minutes the
four men wrapped in their blankets ap
peared to bo buried in slumber Three
of them perhaps were but Taylor was
naver so wide awake in his life His life
never before depended on it He noticed
that the three outlaws lay down close
together leaving him alone and several
feet away and he figured it out
They have arranged to kill me and
it will be when the sentry is changed
When he comes ia to wako the other
man up he is to do tho deed I must be
wide awak j and prepared for him
And now came night and solitude on
the plain Men who havo not experi
enced it can have but a faint under
standing of its weirdness its awful
solemnity the fear that creeps into the
heart of the wakeful listener and un
nerves him
Cheewee Cheeweel Cheewee
It is only the voice of the tree toad
but it makes every nerve tingle and tho
breath come shorter The notes broke
in on a silence as profound as tho grave
they cease and the silence which returns
is appalling
Step Step Step
It is only the footfalls of a timid rab
bit yards way but they reach tho
strained ears with terrible distinctness
andTmake the perspiration start from
every pure
Rustle Rustle Rustlel
The listener almost cries out as ho
starts up It is a harmless snake mak
ing his way through the dry grass but
the sound might have signaled an In
dian creeping intcrcamp to do bloody
work >
Hewichl Hewich Hewich
It is only the note of aqueer wee bird be caIed a ood second
which flits at night over those vast soli
tndes but it has mado hundreds of
brave men shiver with alarm
An hour has gone by in the camp on
the Big Cheyenne The Bentinel does
not close his eyes but feeling quite se
cure from danger ho leans against a
tree1 and gives himself up to his thoughts
Taylor has a thousand wild thoughts
a score of plans a longing to have time
hurry up and bring the worst
A wolf comes skulking over the earth
to sniff and smell and growl and won
der but the sentinel neither secB nor
The wee night bird ceases its notes
and alight3 on a branch over the sen
tinels head and looks down upon him
with curious eyes
A rattlesnake which has been in hid
ing under a brush heap on the bank of
the stream now comes forth and races
swiftly past tho rear end of the wa goir
to another hiding placo
The awful solitude affects the horsoa
They have laid
themselves down to sleep but they are
uneasy and wakeful Their ears work
back and forth Their eyes aro strained
to pierce the gloom and nothing keops
them 4own but the fear of breaking in
on the solitude if they should get up
They softly scent tho air One would
say they had a feeling that some awful
tragedy was at hand
Two hours passed away
Time must be most up whispered
the outlaw sentinel as ho finally straight
ened up and looked about him
The trial must be close at hand
whispered Taylor as he noted the action
of the sentinel
Ten minutes later the outlaw walked
softly back to the sleepers When he
readied the bodies of his friends he laid
his rifle on the ground drew his knife
and had mado two steps toward Taylor
when the latter suddenly sat tip
yawned looked about him in a sleepy
way and then discovered tho sentinel
and said
Oh its jou eh I dreamed that ono
of tho horses was walking over me Ev
erything quiet
Yes stammered the would bo mur
derer who expected to strike his victim
as ha slept
Well I think Ill turn out and havo
a smoke said Taylor and suiting the
action to the words he flung off his blan
ket arose and began to fill his pipe
In retreating from him the outlaw
kicked against Bob who sprang up in
Texa Greatest Jtfan
Kansas Cily Times
Roger Q Mills ought to be and
probably will bo reelected to they
senate by the Texas legislature
The reason paramount is tmit
Texas has no other citizen who is
his equal in the large and disinter
ested discussion of National tques
tiuus f Congressman Culberson is
the best legislative lawyer in either
house but he has not as Mills has
that higher and equally necessary
quality of legislative imagiatiou
After those two there is no Tex
an who ia near enough to equality
with them in the possession of both
ability and National reputation to
Texas is an empire in territory
and population It should be rep
resected by great men and it has
great men
The rest of the Nation looks
upon the Texas contest with pecu
liar interest because the senate will
be the scene of battles for the next
four years and Mr Mills if he is
elected will be a powerful and de
voted champion of Mr Clevelands
policy In the opinion of the coun
try he is more especially a Cleve
land supporter than are most of the
demociatie senators and his elec
tion would be aetrenjthening of
the next presidents hand if he wereT
less qualified to lead in the fighfs
with republicans which are inevjta
Roger Q Mills is worth as ranch
to the democratic party of Texas as
it is to him He fs a great Ame
rican and a great democrat
JTuiionai Quarantine
Washington Dec GThe bill
introduced by Representative
Hay ties for the protection ot com
merce and for the establishment
ot a national quarantine establishes
within tho treasury department a
national bureau of health tocon
sists of u sanitary council composed
of an executive commission and
advisory council The councils
shall have authority to forbid the
entry of vessels from ports known
or suspected to be infected with
cholera yellow fever smallpox or
other dreaded quarantiuable dis
eases It is made unlawful for any
merchant ship from auy foreign
port to enter any pirt of the United
alarm with a curse and in a minute the j States except under such scheduler
two others were awake The ono who ad regulations as may be made
was to relievo the sentinel made ready
thu ot this act A
to go out but before hb left the outlaw provisions
leader said violation of these rules to be made
Te pomtoby Enenotexacdins
night One of you bring out that jug
of whisky
All knew that Taylor rras to be killed
All vesiels clearing for any port
in the United States will he requir
as ho slept All saw that he was alive i
and unharmed and that some blunder ed to obtain from the consul at the
had occurred But there was no oppor port of departure a bill of health
tunity for explanations One of tho r
men quickly brought the jug and a cup i the foi in prescribed by the bu
and beginning with tho leader each reati of health
poured down a stiff drink i
Taylor had his pipe alight and not ifanmmatsfi Wants a Store in
J l
New York Dec 4 A Brook
lyn real estate dealer who has been
trying forborne time to buy some
valuable property in Fulton street
says that he is acting for Postmas
ter General Wauamakor whom he
represented as arxious to open a
big atorein Brooklyn similar to the
one of the quartet addressed him nor
offered him any of the liquor
Now keep yer eyes open said Bo > >
to the sentinel and well turn inagin
and go to sleep
To bk Continued
The silkylittle King Charles
spaniel isan expensive luxury be
cause puppies a month old bring
50 and when half grown 100
Bi M Mi
NO 138
Buds Letter mr Credit
IHbuston Evening Age
J On the northbound train of tho
Houston and Texas Central tonight
Dudley D Bryan perpetnal grand
secretary of the Houston Bohemian
club will go North via Deniaon
and Omaha to New York City
where he will be office manager of
Mr J L Watson general agent
for the Linotype Mr Bryan ear
ries with him the following letter
Office of the Age QldestDaily
Paper in Ttxa Except one and
Without any Exception th Best
HoustonTexa December 2 1892
Alax E Sweet Editor Texas Sif
tings Greeting
This will be banded to yon by
Dudley DBryan alias Dud
Allow me to introduce him to
He it perpetual grand secretary
of the Houston Bohemian clnb
alias a choice spirit
Dudley has recently been unfor
tunate and yoK will be sorry for
hini4of course
He has been reduced from city
editor of the Houston Age aud
Galveston News bolh firstclass
dailies to office manager of the
Morgenthaler Linotype agency in
the village of New York
The latter position is more lacra
tive of course But what he make
in money ho loses in dignity
Dudley is young very young
and quite uottdcd o the ways of the
I consign him toyour care
Please watch him closely
Shield him from the wile of the
And do not ag yon once did the
editor of the Age in Austin invei
gle him into dens where they
charge 10 cents for a glass of beer
Dudley leaves here amply pro
vided with funds But like the
man traveling from Jerusalem to
Jericho he may fall among thieves
If he should need money he au
thorized to draw for any amount
upon Very truly your most obedi
TJieiGrcat Walker
Mr Chri 3 Miller mention of
whose arrival was made in Sundays
Caller leftbright und early yester
day morning for Brownsville Ho
goes by way of Alice and expects
to reach Brownsville Friday
Wliile in Corpus he waa entertain
ed by several of our leading citizens
and say he never spent a pleasant
er Sunday in hie life He also dis
posed of quite a number of his pho
togmphs and jotted down a largo
amount of data which he will use
in his book to bo published when
he complete his journey He ob
tained the names ufa number of
Southwest Texas celebrities and
mention of these will alrio be madu
iu bis book Mr Miller made a
moBt pleasant impression with all
who met him and Bays when it
comes to hospitality that he will
put Soii hwe6t Texas against aay
portion of the United States
ouo he owns in Philadelphia Corpns Chrfetf Ca ier
4 X
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