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ipiooDtEiqdl g Ri3
Complete Abstaeta of Cameron
County Kept In The Office
> U
Attorneys at LaWi
Offieo over Firs National Baufc
r Brownsville Texas
in of tUa
Will praciieo any
swart of the State when specially
aw ployed
t u J
and General Land Agent
O iok Corner Levee and Elev
enth Street
X oOFo
CAPITAL 5 < 3 < 5
GiitritAPH Br WhKbllt
vj J President YicePrck
J D Aoteeson Cashier
g Iw BRQOKSK j c
a H2T T
Agent ior The Ja L Haven Co fi
Patent Safety
pany Cincinnati Ohio
OFFICE Corner toff Jefferson
and 18th Street
Parlies vs Patriosm
San Antonio Express
The Kansas imbroglio which
came near resulting in civil war
may well make pessimists doubt
the capacity ot the people for self
fid to legally
body were guided as they should
be by the wish that the honesty
elected members should bo given
their rights an indisputed organic
tion would have been effected long
ago But lis partisans on both sides
nre determined that their respec
tire parties shall control the house
rigardless of right or wrong the
snarl has gone from bad to worse
until it now stands as a travursy on
the idea of popular self govern
Went The idea that parly organ
zation is necessary for Kuveriiment
is urged as a justification for this
sort or thins but is all wrong
Parties arLvncecssary when thereis
adivisiou as to the policy of the
Jt Texas Home for Old fcaies
Austin Statesman
Grandma Ham is in our city
She is trying to have oue of the
beat bills passed that was ever pre
sented to the legislature of Texas
It is a petition requesting them to
appropriate money to build a home
for the indigent old ladies widows
and maiden ladies who are homo
1cb3 It is disgraceful that Texas
haaJnever had a home of this kind
ere this Grandma Ham has the
sanction of the best people in
this state in her efforts for this
good work people who are anxious
to have Buch a home in their good
The ground for the home has al
ready been promised by Major
Breckenridge which is a great help
Ireland Mrs Gov
Mrs Governor
ernorRoss Mrs Governor Lub
bock Mrs Governor Hogg Bishop
Johnson of San Antonio Bishop
Garret of Dallas Bishop Gregg of
Austin and a great many others
have signified their hearty co opera
JW v
Pleads Wor Throne + nd JFIag
London Feb 18 Princess Kau
lani seads the following address to
American people
Four years ago at the request
fitted for the position which by the
constitution of Hawaii I was to in
herit Far all these years I have
patiently striven to lit myself for
my return to my native country I
told that Thurston is in
asking you to take
When the men elect Washington
represent the govern
ment are unable to organize the
legislative body without a resort to
arms and when one side calls in
the inilita and other appeals to a
corporation to supply them with
physical force the iuference is ir
rasible that there is somewhe + e
nn incapacity for self government
It is worth observing however
that the failure is not with the peo
pie but with me partisan spirit
toiiieh places party advantage over
public welfare No assemblage ot
citizens inspired with a common
the public welfare
purp su to act for
fare ever gets into such a snarl as
the KiiipH imbroglio No one
with knowlegde of the case has ny
doubt tlmt if the members of that
Mitchell Knocked Out
New York Feb 20 Mitchell
iheEnglish puglist visited the sa
loon of Jim Wakeley one of Sul
iivans backers early this morning
and tried to use the method on the
barkeepers there which he had so
successfully employed on old man
Savage in London Mitchell and
his friends drank freely during the
evening and at about 2 oclock the
the effect of the liquor began
tell He rebuked the barkeepers
for their slowness and called one of
them a stiff
The Americans resented the in
suit and told Mitchell to keep quiet
He replied with profanity and the
barkeepers made for him with
ties They struck him over the
head and drew blood from his
nose but his friends interfered and
got him out of the saloon They
placed Gentleman Charley in a
cab and carried him back to his
hotel knocked out in one round in
the first of his present visit to this
Cabinet Reported Conplete
Chicago 111 Feb 20 A dis
patch from Washington says Mr
Cleveland has completed his cabinet
away my flag aud throne No one
tells me this officially Have I
done anything wrong that this
wrong should be done me and my
people I am coming to Washing
ton to plead for my throne > myna
great Ainerjcau people bear me
Signed Kaulaki
JL Female Sea Captain
Mrs Annie E Wilson the trim
black eyed little woman who has
recently resigned her position as
assistant matron in the immigra
of the port of New
tion bureau
York is remembered for a brave
exploit which made her taraous
She was sailing
some year ago
with her husbaud captain of the
ship Sharon from Liverpool to St
Thomas and when off the banks
of Newfoundland the shiprau into
a hurricane which disabled her
and caused such consternation
among the crew that they could
do nothing to save the vessel Cap
tain Wilson was very ill with con
sumption and the first and second
mates had been disabled by
heavy sea which cast the ship on
her beam ends Mrs Wilson who
always sailed with her husband and
was skilled in the art of navigation
took command of the ship and in
brooght the
twentyoue days
Sharon safely into the port of St
Thomas in the Bermudas New
York Ledger
Tribute loJllfaira
Alfalfa is a curious grass but a
payine one it is botteTthan a bank
account for it never falls or goes
into the hands of a receiver It is
weatherproof for the cold doesn t
injure it and the heat makes it
grow all the better A winter
flood will not drown it and a fire
will not kill it It loves wator and
it bores to reach it Asa borer it
is equal to an artesian well When
growing there is no stopping it
a twentyacre
tion and my flag tyM not aud when you last load of hay wi
grass is ready
other end of It For filling a milk
can an alfalfa fed cow is equal to
Cattle love it
a handy pump
hogs grow fat upon it fowls relish
it and a hungry hor e will want
nothing else Bees will leave all
other bloom for alfalfa If your
land will grow alfalfa you will
have the drop on dry weather
Once started on your land alfalfa
will stay by you like Canada
thistles or a first class mortgage
but only to make you wealthier
and happier Try it Velasco
JffcIUnlcys trashout
New York Journal
Great heavensi another wash
out yeilled Governor itfcKinley
while on his way from Washington
to this city last week
My goodness Wherd scream
ed all the passengers in the car as
they fell over oue another to look
ont of the windows
On the clothesline and the
governor lost at least fourteen votei
for the g o p
The JSest e Bead
San Antonio Star
State Press of the Galyesron
News sagely remarks that with
men as with Indians the best are
dead Years of experience as a
journalists has slight soured him on
newspaper obituaries and giveshim
ec learning towards skepticism con
cerning the information vouchsafed
by the general mn of tombstone
literature He is pretty nearly
correct In no other spot perhaps
hard lines be
so many
nailed as are penetrated in stone
throughout the modern graveyard
It always recalls to the mind of the
writer a tombstone in a hillside
cemetery overlooking an east Texas
village Thie particular stone con
eludes a condensed pedigree of the
deceased with the words Asleep
in Jesus It is a neat innocent
looking little slone and surmonts
the last resting place of a man with
whom during his lifetime the devil
would have considered it
himielf r uu v
v t s tbat can only mislead pos
by appointing John WRussell of life xecords men
Massachusetts secretary J
A Jenks of make
iNO 203
The First Use ot Gas
St Louis Republic
Great was the amazement of all
Europe when at about the close of
the last century William Murdoch
discovered that gas could be used
for illuminating purposes So
little was the invention undentood
by those who had not seen it in use
that even the great and wise men
ofthe British Parliament laugh
ed at the idea How can there be
light without a wick said one mem
berof that ahgii3t body
fntn a
nod Evea
fak m a knowing
handled at one end of the field the I the great Sir Humphrey Davy rfdi
A to cut again ar thfc cnled the idea of lighting towns
and eities with gas He one day
asked Murdoch Do you men
to use the dome of St Pauls for
meter Sir Walter Scott
your gas
also made merry of the idea aud of
the coming attempt to illuminate
Lopdon with smoke from a tar fac
tory When the House of Commons
with the
mons was finally lighted
new illuminant tUe architect and
custodian of the buildiug who im
agined that the gaa ran as i fire
through the pipes insisted that
they be removed Eeveral inches
from the wall to prevent the building
fircl Several dis
ing from taking
tiuguished members were also ob
served carefully touching the pipes
with their gloved fingers and then
smelling of them to see if they
could detect the odor of jtmrnt leath
The first shop in London lighted
by gas was one of which a Mr
Ackerman a German was the pro
prietor This shop was on the
Strand and the date was 1810
One of the ladies of rank who often
visited the Ackerman shop was so
delighted withthe brilliancy of a
gaaj ton one of the counters that
she requested the proprietor to let
her take it home for the evening
promisingto return it safe and
sound on the morrow
Although many lay elaim to the
honor of being the first to introduce
gas for practical purposes all the
glory there is in it should be accord
ed to Murdoch vho was no doubt
the original discoverer of the art
Colonel Fellows Opinion
Xew York Eecorder
During the debates in congress
on Saturday the genial Coldiiel Fei
lows remarked sotto voce So far
as Mr Clevelands cabinet is con
cerned no republican is safe
There are a great many democratic
statesmen who are entirely so and
need not bother themselves about
taking out an insurance policy
Henpeck what is it
Lets see
we call a man who marries two
wives a
unsafe to spend a single night i him that I call him an idiot
And yet thousands of people whoj v0gae
are otherwise the incarnation of J A eontemporary gives the start
veracity see no harm in penetuating information that persons
the financial records ot imaginary I fchould dress quietly when attend
ing the funeral of a dear friend
Philadelphia Eecord
Goodness me Johnny What
no missgiving m the creation Hev Ana tlie nuiuc U journai
a widow Picayune Fun
you crying about now

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