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ValbabU liialion
Brownsville Cameron County and
hh Lower Rio Grande
Cameron County in tho extreme
southern county of Texas It i
separated from Mexico by the llio
Grande on Iho south aud has ubout
100 miles of qnlf coast as its enRtern
boundary It was organized iu 1848
nnd contains 3308 square miles
Farming and otock raieing are the
principal industries of tho people
the location ciimato and soil beins
admirably adapted for both The
greater 1 ortion of the soil is a neb
laoro and produces an exceedingly
uevy yield of both cotton and coin
the chief faim products Two and
Bometima3 three crops of corn aver
ting from Gfy to seventy bushels
per acre are raised yearly while
cotton will easily yield from ono to
two bales per acre Grasses grow
all the year and stock find pustur
a o without being fed or sheltered
during the winter But tho Foil and
climate of tho Lower Eio Grande
Valley are by natire best adapted
for tho production of vegetables end
fruits Vegetables of all kinds grow
all tho year around and northern
people are astonished to find toraa
toes leituce spinach English pcaec
etc served fresh from tho gartcns
in midwinter This is undoubtedly
the paradise of truck gardeners and
is oh
so soon as rail transportation
tained Cameron county vegetables
by the car load will be thipped to
northet markets during winter and
early epring and will obtain tho
highest prices es there will Lo no
competition This is due to our ex
ceedingly mild climate Frequently
the entire winter passes without a
single frost and there is rsrely ever
any cold weatlior before Christmas
Fruit cu ture has net been attempted
in this county on a large scale but
there is one largo banana plantation
on which this delicious fruit yields
most nbnndnntly and in tho greatest
perfection Grapes aro also raised
extensively growing in almost every
yard They ijpeu from two to four
weeks earlier than in any other sec
tion Many planters hero make
all of their own table wines Oranges
and lemons also grow in profusion
and tbis section could easily be made
So rival Florida in tho production of
oranges Sugar cane is also one of
the most important products of this
valley Tee Rid Grande plantation
of Mr Geo BrJlay and the Rubb
StaHj plantation produce great quau
tities of cane which is all roanufuc
< ired on the Eio Grando plantation
his cane makes sugar whish is pro
nounced by esperts to be even npe
rior to the best Lonisiana product
Havana tobeceo has also proven a
enccess here Col J G Tucker hav
ing made some most successful ex
perimouts with it his samples were
classed by New Yok buyers as equal
to tho best Havaua
The county is watered by tho Rio
Grande with il8 ample flow along
the southern bonndaiy and numer
ous small streams called arroyos
and resaens
The population of Cameron county
according to tho census of 1S90 is
13424 Brownsvile the county
seat has a population of about 7000
Point IsaLel the seaport of the
county has about 400 inhabitants
and Santa Maria a growins little
river settlement has about 250
Improved lands sell for from So lo
25 per aero unimproved for from 2
to G per acre Tho average taxa
ble aJuo of land is 1 There are
S2 240 acres of Bchool land in the
county Tho county has n total school
population of 3271 and gives em
ploym9nt to teachers The aver
age length of the school term is five
nionths The total tuition icvenue
received frrm tho State is 13 000
There arc a number of public schools
in the county affording ample du
calional advantages
Home88ekers are gradnally begin
ning to find thoir way to this land
where farruets can work in the open
air 3G5 duys in tho y ar but it is
comparatively undeveloped as yet
With ihe building of the railroal to
Coipns Christi howbver a great in
flux of settlors may be expected aod
ihey will be heartily welcomed
This valley is capable of supporting
millions of people The Herald will
bo pleased to furnish auv further in
formation regarding the lower Jlio
Grande valley that readers abroad
may desire
Brownsville tho county seat of
Cameron county is situated iu the
southern pptt of tliB county on the
Eio Grande about thirty miles abrve
its mouth aLd directly opposite the
Mexican city of Matamoros It ha
u lar e trade with FratU towns alonp
the mer for over 300 roilea the ex
tent o steamboat navigation It h
commercial relatione with the suit
port9 by tho port cf Bmz s de San
tiago with which it is connected bj
tns Eto Grande railroad It also hup
communication with the inteiiorby
ith the
nlngo to Alien connecting
ITe isalesic n aod the Aransas Pass
TraUways Another fnqieni mode of
awnspojtation to aa from Browns
1 g isjuawjg yqgs
g > w > iy yirirM < jiafSnjxCMga
ville is via tlie Mntamoros and M011
lerey railroad to llio Grande Ci y
uud thence by singe to Pena Station
Brownsville is laid off sqnarely with
ftreetB cf good width aud is bnilfc ur
with solid brick bnildiugs nnd has a
fine city market whtre all vegeta
bles meals fresh fish gomo etc are
ou sac al rcmarbably low prices
The city firo department is well
equipfed and most effsctivc There
aro thiee churches Catholic Eoiaco
pal nnd Presbyterian Tho educa
tional advantages of Brownsville are
unsurpassed by any town and une
qualled by few of its pize The pub
he Echoo building valued at 30000
is one of the handsomest nnd best
tqn pped 5n the State aud stands as
a tnoanrneut to the progress of the
city It employs fourteen teachers
and about six hundred pupils are in
daily attendance There are three
Calbolic schools St Josephs Col
lego for bojs the conventEchool for
girls and St Alosyius school for
boys both of tho hitler being taught
by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word
convent Another schcol for ghls is
tho Presbyterian mission school
fimong other public buildings may
be mentioned tho court house a
large nrd costly building which is n
credit to the county and tho custom
house which is one of < s hand
sornest federal buildings iu the south
The posttffice in this building i3 very
handsimely equipped There are
ulso many handsome private resi
The population Dumbsra about
7000 about threefourths Mexcan
It is one of the prettiest little towns
in tho Stale and en account of its
mild and equable climate 13 destined
to become a popular resort espe
cially in the winter seasou
Brownsville and lafanwos
This Line Carries the United
States Mail on Schedule
Time of 40 Hours
Stages Leave Alice and Browns
ville Daily at G a m and
Arrive at Destination
Uezt Evpniiijj
H A bwTCi Manager E E Shoot Stpt
ADGLPH nSilEIUgt BroMSfilleJa
An Opportunity
To buy a cheap far min Cameron
County ot
rtAA Acres more or lesr for
UJU S1000 TJ S Currency
his land is situated five miles back
from tho town of San Slaria
lias Mesquire Ebony Ilackbeiry
ufitl Ash timber Tfc is alluvial soil
aud easy of cultivation
lonx W IIott
Brownsville Texas
Consignments Soliciteo
Brownsville Texas
Caveats andTnideMarVs obtaie < 1 and all lat
r t i i for v
cnt bs3JieM ennd jcicd r occnatc Fees
IOjp Orrtcc is OpnosiTC U S pateht Orncc <
J an J we can seniro patent m lcs umc thsu tkuse J
a remote from H a hinton 4
fend model dravrn c or ploto vrith descrip J
Tt e advi f patenttble or not lice of J
J charge Our iea hot ilie till patent is secured i
A Falphlet How to Obtain Patents ith
f cost of same in the USand Toreisncoimuies J
sectfrcs AJdreas
P Opp pATErrr Orncc Washington D C
asiiy ilade8
We Vint many men women boys and girls to
JTork fores a ferrlioura daily right in and around
tlieirown Iiomc3 Tla bnsmc 3 is casj pleasant
strictly honorable and pay3 better than any other
offered agents You have a clear field and no
competition Experience and special ability un
necessary Kb capital required Wo equip joa
with everything that yea need treat jou well
ani help you to earn ten limes ordinary trages
Women do as well as men and boys and girls
raaie good pay Any one anywhere can do tho
work All succeed who folloir our plain and sim
ple directions Earnest work niH surely bring
you a great deal of money Kverything is now
and in great demand Write for our pamphlet
Circular and receive full information No harm
Jone if ycu conclude sot to go on with the
Box 4Sg
TLANf gflA8Mg
Has a large circulation extending
tHrougli the counties of
And in the State of Tninaiilipas along the river for 300 mile
We feel warranted in saying that
The Herald is one of the best
advertising mediums in
Southwest Texas
To those who seekthe trade
of the above counties
Southwest Texas
We suggest that in order to make
yourselves and your business
known and to secure the
patronage of this sec
tion you should
Merchants Mechanics Fanners and Stockmen are all equally interested
in this section and intending
ested in building up a newspaper
tending tomake The LTcrald fill this measure com
plctcly we ask a liberal support
Ia preeminently a Local Newspaper giving all the news iu the town jjj
and county where published ns well as the news from all the adjoining
counties It is therefore to your advantage and we a k yfn to
Mrs S Futegnat Propr
J L Putegnat SIanager
Drug Chemical Medicines Surgical instrnmentp Druggists Snn
dric Faints Oils Window Glp Imported and Domestic
Perfumery Toilet Articles Etc
Prescriptions carcfnlly componndcd by the manager in person at
any hour or the day or night of the htst and freshest materials and f
according to formulas Qualitative and qualativu analyis carefully I
Dry Goods Staple Goods Boots Shoes and Groceries <
511 Kinds Hats Caps Shirts and Drawers Fotions and Family Groceries
All European goods kept in our Mntnmorps lioiiso
Mail SF Orders Pioni tly Attcndol T
Brownsville Texas
ll IP 1
yo JJ0 JJL
Dry Goods9 Boots Shoes
Winchester Arms and
Aid munition j
> J
The Goodricii aad Maris
wi Tpxa lfPnii0raiifiri hM
iFtrJl I LAUJ ISitlSiigiuUUil UlSiUUU
IISI1 e3 WMEMzEv Secretary
Brownsville Cameron Co Texas
wk iiac ron SALE
A 0f the enoicesl iam1 9ul
Orfll s ri
J lp Ls Tircj mile s from the
Town o Arroyo this county solcl on Ten 10 YeaVs time to BONA
PIDA settlers We have also for sale
850000 aCreS yjl 1 f nil description from 5 to
w wjww vuwj v 10000 acres to suit purcharses in all
portions or the Eio Grande Valley
Illl IOTP All
Write for full particulars
If1 Up 14Blf 1PT
m HJtraliMj
OB d L SPW BBS Proprietor
Pure and Fresh Dings Chcmicaip Patent Medicines Toilet Article
Perfumery Soaps Ilair Brushes Tooth Brushes Combsj aiid
everything usually kept m firstclass drug store J
g2FPreJCP ons cirefully componnded
Corner 12th and Washington Street
Biownsvillc Texa
And all kinds Building Material
jjggrAgent for the celebrated Madison Indiana Beer for sale by
cask or car load Will pay highest price for country produce
STORE One lilock from Rio Grande railroad depot
What fs tho condition of yours Is your nair dry d
harsh brittle Does it split at the ends Has itaj
lifeless appearance Does it fail out when combed or 5
brushed Is it full of dandruff Docs your scalp itch J
Is it dry or in a heated condition If these are some of
your symptoms be warned in time or you will become bald JS
IWSkooknmRoot Hair Grower i
Ai3 W in r k wliat yon need It3 production is rot ac accident but tho result of ecIentiHo > C
W I research Knowledge of tlie diseasc30f tho b2rand scalp led to thedlscor bJ
if er5j err of how to treat them SKOokura contains neither xntnerals nor olM Jt or
XlMfy Y IsnotaDyeCutadeUo htfnJiycoollngand refreshing Tonlir By stlmnlatlni J
PiiV4 tho follicles stops falling hair curc3 dot inyr and antes kair on baUl Ba
3 Seen the scalD clean lenlthyazd free from irrltattne ernptlona by JC
tho nso cf Skookum i > kin Soap It destroys parasitic insects tcAicft feed on r
and destroy the hair > t
send direct to a and wc IQ forward JT
lira n iwKi > n t i U your drnsgistcaanot supply you
iLfWtH llprepaid on receipt of price Urower LCJ per bottle G forS5JB S > ca50c
57 South fifth Avenue AcwlorKiH Yl
cT iBWEaAiu 5

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