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r iTt rrSrr iiii tar
U S currency was seeing at 130
Farmers aro complaining oCtlio
tlry weather
Thcriver is about stationary atall
upriver points
The flooring is being put down in
the Armstrong buirdihg
An open air ball will take place
at tho Point next Sunday
Thirty three boarders aro at pres
ent confined at U6tel Forto
The Concordia society will hold
an election Of officers on Aug 6
t > r Prices Cream Balcirg Povfdfct
Worlds Fair inchest AwarJ
Somo repairs are being made on
the residence lof L V B Cowen
The Alice mail passed the Sana at
830 this morning No passenger
Horse Shoo Climax and Drum
nionds chewing tobacco at Jagous
Miss Mary Douglas will sene ice
cream at her residence every Tuesday
and Friday evening at 5 oclock
nshe steamship Morgan is advertis
pd to sail from Morgan City for Bra
203 on next Monday August 3
The U S Govt Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
L sacsrlQcAo sll others
Tarreda has just received 2000
pounds of ouions1 which he is sollinir
at ± h ceuts per pound in large quan
tities or o cent per pound in lots less
thn twenty pounds
the back with a brick by somo un
known hoodlum this afternoon in
Iho upper part of town Some of
Brownvillos poputarion aro entire
1 too handy at brick throwing
They should be interviewed by the
VT F Dennett agent for Wana
maker Brown Oak Hnll Phila
delphia has received a full line
of spring and summer samples
for clothing made to order or
ready made also gont s furnishing
goods of all kinds He can be found
Washington street in the building on
opposite Mrs Saudors ready for bus
iness every day from 10 to 11 a m
and from 2 to 3 p m Go and lake a
look at hissamples
W SMiller lert for Santa Maria
last evening
Jas 1i Wells and wife arrived on
thi9 morinng train
M B Kingsbury came up from
tho Point this morning
Col W X Linlon camo up from
the Point on this morning train
Ed Beynon left on tho Alice stage
this morning for Corpus Christi
Mrs Bentfro and son Robert ar
jr vetl Irom the Point on this morn
ing train
Miss Maude Bhodo after visiting
t10 Point several days returned this
Fred Williams a discharged sol
diers left on tho Alico stage line
this mornng
R II Wallis aftetsojoUrningsoine
days at the seashore camo up on this
morning train
Mrs V Fernandez and sou after
spending somo time at tho Point
came up on this mornings train
Should keep themselves healthy and
especially cafe should be given to
this matter at this time Health de
pends upon pure rich blcoQ for
when the blocd is impure ami Im
poverished dieascs of various kinds
realmost certain to result Tho onea
true blood purifier is Hoods Sarsa
parilla By its power to pdrify and
Vitalize tho blood it has proved it
eelf to bu die safeguard of health
fttid the record of remarkable euros
effected proves that it has wonderful
ower over dLoase It actually and
ermuneutly cures when all other
Reparations fail I
Under th o provisions uf goneral
ordersJKo 80 series 1890 head
quarters of the army adjutant gen
erals office a furlough for three
months to terminate on the date des
ignated aftor their respective names
will be granted by tho commanding
officcfr Fort Brown Texas to tho
following named enlisted men of
root G vlh Caw tind upon expira
tion of furlough they will bo dis
charged from tho sorvico of tho Un
ited States lnvato Frederick A
Anderson November 3 1S9C Pri
vate Carl Maycjr November 7189l
Trumptcr Sidney Sonseuoy Novem
ber 8 1SUG Private Chalmer M
Short November S 1S96
Under tho provisions of general
orders No 80 series 1S915 head
quarters o the army adjutant gen
erals office the commanding officer
KortJBrown Texas will grant Cor
pora Robert Mitchell tro6p 5th
Caw a furlough for three months to
tprminato Novomber 9 1S9G and on
that date ho it ill bo given his dis
charge from tho service of the Un
itociVStattt provided ho make time
ly application therefor
lust now everybody is beginning
to talco a Spring Mediciuo And it
is a good Hung thing to < lo provided
you take Simmons Liver Regulator
tho best Spring Medicine Its a
sluggish livor that clogs tho system
and makes bad blood A dofr > a day
of Simmons Liver Regulator will
mako a new man out of you and a
new woman too Look for Hie Red
Z on the package it is Sitrimons
Liver Regulator you want
San Antonio Express
Austin Texas July 2G hie body
of Mr Phil Hesse whoso niddon
A poor beggar man was struck in JTfeath occurred at Antler I T a
few days ago will not bo brought to
Austin for interment at least for a
while This is owing to tho lvant
of an embalmcr tho nearest living
at Paris and being too far away to
reach tho body before decay had sot
SI Leahy agent for the Ktompei
Fire Extinguisher will recoivo a
largtTconsignment of theso excellent
machines on the best steamer Nou
is your time to placo orders and pro
tect ourproporly from tho Fire
100 REWARD 100
Tho readers of this paper will Jjo
pleased to leant that Ihere is at
least one dreaded diceao that science
has born able to cure in alj its stages
and that is Catarrh Halls Catarrh
Cure is the cuily positive cure known
to tho medical fraternity Catarrh
being a coiistitutsonal treatment
Halls Catarrh Curo is takun inter
nallv actingdinctly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces of tho syMom
thereby destroying the foundation of
the dlspTe and giving tho patient
tronglh by building up the caiistitn
tion and assisting nature in doing il >
work The proprietors havo to much
faith in its curative powers thai
they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it fails to curo Send
for lUt of testimonials Address
Sriold by Druggists 75 cent
Any live boy or girl can got a 40
bicycle by canvassing a few days for
Texas Sandwich l or particular
address Sandwich PnblgCo14512
S Ervay street Texas
Ollico of County Clerkot
Cameron County Texas
July loth A D 1S9G
Proposals for furnishing ai l supplying iredletnca
toconnty pl oacr2 aud paupers for anil In the
county of Cameron Texas
Sealed proposas fo furnishing
and suppljing inedicipGs to county
prisoners and paupers for and in
said county for the ear ending Aug
ust 31st 1S97 and to other per ons
in the inlerot of pnblio justice when
so decreed bj this court during said
period will bu leceived at m > office
on or before 9 oclock a 111 August
15th A l 1895 All bids should
bo addressed to tho linn conntv
commissioners court of Cniliurori
county Texas The qolirt reserves
the right to reject any and all blisd
Joskpji Whbb
County Clcik
The pleasant flavor gentle action >
and soothing effect of Symp of Figs
when in need of n laxative and if
the father or mother bo costive or
billious the most gratif ing results
follorr it use so that if it tho bot
do anv good famlv rmeds
People Flocking to Him Fr oni
Far alia JfeiYr Comihg
A Gainegvilia dispatch
Thursday says Tim divine
bealer is still heru and Vt pp r
forming bia tliir ulous elites
An idiotic child i3 said to have
been rnslojed to reason by bitn
3fsterday and other jures
KfliiaHy as miracnlous are attti
batedto him All day yester
daygreat crowds of menwomen
and children swarmed around
the tent and carriages lined
the street leading to his 4uar
teis for several blocks A
large contingent of Whitesboro
citizen cunie over yesterday
expressly to see tile divine look
ing and divinely gifted man
Ftom all pans of the rural dis
tricts the afflicted are coming
and have come and will con
linneto come Until tliib wonder
ful man is led to another iield
of labor He will likely remain
over Sunday here and if be
does excursion trains will be
run into the city that whoso
ever will may come and be re
stored to health
There is no question but that
the people are being thoroughly
aroused and are now ready to
believe anytMng of a miracn
lous nature that is told to them
concerning Ibis him Ho never
rests a minute during the day
or the night As long as he
will receive visitors the rich
the poor the learned and the
unlearned crowd aboiH him
asking for bis healing touch
would go to Dallas fiotn here
LADIES I make big wages al
home and want all to have the samo
opportunity the work i very
pleasant and will easily uay 18
weekly This is no deception I
want no money and will gladly send
foil particular to all pending stamp
Miss M AStebbins LawroncoJIich
Mits Willows Sootuixo Syrup
has been used for over lifty yoar by
millions of mothers for thoir children
while teething with perfect sucCoss
It soothes tho child softens the gums
allays all pain euros wind colic and
is tho best remedy for Diarrhooa
It will rolicvo tho poor little sufferer
immediately Sold by DnyirgtMs in
every part of the world 2oc h bot
tle lie sure and a k for Mrs WiiH
lows Soothing Symp and take no
other kind
Froeh LiKlo Jokor Hull Durham
anl Tv6 Republics smoking tobacco
at Celefctin Jagou s
Cruel Recordj
More than twofifths of3 3
t all deaths in this countryj
5 are caused by consumpJ
don and pneumonia TI11S5
I diagram tells the story
J Pntomonla and ft
f Consumption iv li j u < jgi vi <
f Dlarrliraldl sc EiES3S16 S9 t
C BH Sfii illts e ffSKSUHESaj
Heart dirmc CKJSSIfl ft
C itlftlierla ES2ESi t
Ajtcplex tSZCT
K Cuaccr rrn K
I By the tinieiy use ofi
Dr Ackers English RemJ
e d y consumption and
C pneumonia are quickly
j and absolutely c u r e d j
CTakeitat the lirst sign
J of sore throat and lungs j
5 3Sizea23cS0c5I UDrojrit3
5 Acker llKDicixnCo 1M8ClnmbaifcStN Y3
Caxnerb Oo
Manufacturing Jewelers Silversmiths and
V e B eld Gold and Silver
knonu and Ffe h 1 rench and Spanish bpoken
aoulvslumid 1W C UrltlP Uttnt > r > pplTPnQTicvvEHj pi < f
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding cf tho
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
° r
Srreeed be received al my f 20 galhn3 Abo bout75
the knowledge that so many forms 01
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease but faimply toa coiibtipatedcoudi
lionof the system which the pleasant
family laxative Syrup of Figs prompt
ly removes That is why it is the only
lemetly with millionsof families and is
everywhere ebteemed so highly by all
who value good health Its beneficial
fact that ltis the fc
effects aie due to
which promotes internal for offlco of couut > Physician
ono remedy
cleanliness without debilitating tim
organs on which it acts It is thcreiorc
all important in order to get ita bene
ficial eft eets to note when you pur
chase that you have the genuine arti
cle which is manufactured by the Cali
fornia Ifig Syrup Co only and sold by
all reputable druggists
If in the enjoyment of good health
and the system is regular laxative or
lother renfelics are then not uecdeth If
culicted With nnv actinl disease Otie
may be commended to the most ilcillful
physicians but if in need of a laxative
one should have the best and with the
wellinformed everywhere Syrup of
Figsktands highest and if most largely
tisedand gives wostgcneralsatibfaction
President Diaz Orders the Mex
ican Band to Rt trtatnOvet
Houston Posr 27th
TIip fiineral 01 ili late Col
enA Robert Brew ster will take
phiGH this aflertioon al 430
oclock from Christ church
Coloiltl Brnwster was a Mason
of hi < rh rank and varioii3 Mas
onic bodies will attend the ftm
era I
The members of Rulhven
ivhil others aie constantly4to anV11 r No 2 Knights
pressing upon him to call at
their residences Schrader an
noiinced yeBtertlay that he
Templar have lie en called to
assemble at 330 this afternoon
and the Sir Knights of Right
Eminent Grand Command ry
Knights Templar of Texas will
convene at 4 oclock to lake
charge of tho funeral
Colonel C J Nordhansen
who is in charge of the Mexican
Military band now in this city
yesterday received a dispatch
from Colonel Antonio Mainero
a brother of the governor of
Tamaitlipas offering the ser
vice8 of the Mexican band dirT
ing Colonel Brewsters funeral
Tr seems that a few years ago
Colonel Brewster was with a
party of Knights Teniplar over
in Mexico and he met Pros
ident Diaz who became preatly
impressed with him Yestpr
da when he heard ofthed ath
of Colonel Brewster he issued
the order which led to the order
making the Mexican bandrflay
in this city in order to play at
at the funeral of Colonel Brews
The title Excellent Grace
was given to Henry VI Most
High and Mighty Prince to
Edward IV and 1Highness
to Henry VII The latter was
also applied to Henry VIII un
til toward the close of his reign
the more lofty expression
Majesty came into use be
ing the expression with which
Francis I addressed him at
their interview in 1520
Is caused by torjilil Iher which prevents diges
tion anil permits food to lermont and putritj In
ihe stomach Ihcu follow dlzzuess liaad icnt
insomlna and
g jv a K
If not relieved hihous fever guS R
er blood robontriR Hoods
Pllli stimulate the stomach
rouse fhe lver cure headache dlr ncs con
stlpai > u et
OracoofcounlyClorkon SUuaUons Maned fo r sal b ffl
Canieron county Q e H V sl
rent ads ostads > nct csdcednr
July 10th A D 18Jb J HncSi ifi CB > win k inserted under th5
PropOHl hnd arpUcaUonaforcfflcflcfctuntyrliyljiesd of classified adterttgetaents at one
Sealed proposah for medical and
surgical treatment of and medical at
tendance on tho county prisoner
County Clerkra1lros F n8Qnaf Brownsville
I am determined to close out my
entirn stock of goods at auction THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE
prices If you need anything In myj
line come and pee me before going is appv jtkditfci marriage
tO Other Stores rtl 0U are sure to get Uvcrr Ulan Who VSoalJ Knoir tha
Grand Troths tho riain Tacts tho
Jev7 Blrcovcrlco of Icdlcal Sctcncu
2a Applied to Ularrled 111c Wlu
OonM Atona for Past Errors and
Avoid atnro Fitfatla Should Sccaro
tho VandcrTs X < Ito Coolc Caltctl
Coinplcto Zlanhooi and How to At
tain It
Hero rt lart ia lafonnatton from iv hljjk
medical source that must
thte Generation of nen
a bargain I am not looking for
profits bis profits that otiier tores
aro expecting I am closing out and
will givo tho benoiit of rEtiucnu
prices lp all customers for all goods
in mystort L Gowns
Agent and llanager
Juno 25180G
A salesman in thi county to sell
tho 1 radio ii line of btaplo goods
Handled by every store Send In
ferences a < good1 are sohl on tfmo
Address G T W Co Greensboro
Drawer B
HsfisD Mothers fma mrn
k In Hoodrf Saisaparilla which givea
them pure blood a good appetite and
new and needed 8Tr2 KG7tft
Parker Row ono of tho Best pro
perties in Brownsville centrally
ocited on tho corner of Washington
and 12th streets for 5000 Tj S
Also 600 acres ol laiul at 1000
U S currently Jftns W IIott
Are introducing new and Aelcct styles
of work at their parlors Also new styles
of fancy card mounts
J6JCopying and enlargements in crayon
done Inspection of work invited
Photo parlors next toU S reservation
dollar per week Mexican coin
For sale
Lotsl and 2 Rlock No fu corner
and paupers for the jear omlingj gj gto aml Kieveir streets
August 31 1897 embracing whicL j3 boated a twostory
mortam examination and all othcrtbric rcsjcnce containing live
medical and surgical service ofrooms > hundsnme ly furnUhed
whatsoever Kind whether to thesoltl vitbik 0i ittibdt furniture
county prisoners and paupert or toj with kUchon tworoom frame cot
other persons in tire interest ot pub taye anJ otIl0l 0uthou in yard and
lie justice where so decreed by lhi r1 nnjorirround ilslBrn witlr capa
on or before 9xclocka mAugut goo A 1 brick on the ground Good
15 A D 1891 rea on for selling Address or call
All bids should bo addressed to Qn F Lusona Brownsville Texas
the Hon couuty commisioners
court of Cameron countv Texas and
endorsed Propcal and application
rojoctany and all bid3
Joseph Webb
Stock and fixtures of tho Elephanfc
Saloon on Market Plaza doing a
The county reserves the right to thriving businte35 One of tho best
paying saloon stands ifi tho citv
Good reason for selling Call on or
wor < i wonderd vith
Tho bock fwlly Ccacribftl r method byrrhlch
to attain XnU igrrand manlypQ er
A inethoi by which U eau all unaatnral
raicscu iao ysei2
upoudQncy < c
Toeiehnrjjoa jivlcd aa3 wora niturd for
on ofhriKhtne 3tr3oran7n3d rower
To enre forever cJIcctJ of sccscao fervforii
vrarjj < SCi
T To pivefnllstjenctbnefcortaenfr and totfa
y > t try portion csiJ crpui ol tho body j
AsB no btrIcr r = nttro iicposziblo Two
hcTMntl ref LreiccR
Vhu bat J3 prtnljfeNKUcal ani Ecfcntlfc
ISsitoc rlositj otIcr3 iuva b o to men
jly ivhonejdlt
A dcsnslrinjr men who had cppUed 10 us
oiplter wrote
well I Icll yon Uitt flrtt day oUb III
e3r fojret I ju = t uo ikJc1 with joy J
tcd to liaz ererybTJkr < l tcil ttetamy
iul lirtt wrsto thit 1 would Cad It iia
Sw another tlu
if joi t a cart load of goM oltny
ill vonldn tbrlrs such clatlcwJlaloniy
ft yonna8lhxll < ac > rtono
re fo U > e ERIK MLi lCAti C03PA rj
o N Y aal rsli U the little b ck
j rkpcrHoa te company promises to scsil
lioik iu reatrt caviar wttiioct any
i l alirci fr ttall jttiweUinjo
jitlf knil Cicil jo ° orday itnclsn new Ecff
born liy W hy rfulnt you tell ro
October 6 7 8 9
L D HEATON President L N HOFER Secretary
Arc Mint
the J
ICiYGLEa and Dm
h Cjuipped
Factory in
jiig8SGf pgh fnil the World
Moro Vaverlev s pold in the last two years than any other ITijrli Gfad o whodl
Dealers Ueclare them Most Popular and Be t Selling Wheels Slado
XVV VfVT N W Y overy towa rtlero w0 a nG represented Write 1
I 111
Fire and Marine
V cnw Siid hy ill rte > tf
rsf z a rat vt > rrw A
FmoMoiifO iri to an Tampa
Key West cigare at Jof s

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