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The present presidential
campaign is bound to crystalize
around one id ar and that is the
money question It is io vain
to attempt to divert public at
tentionjo any side issue The
tariff question may serve Major
McKinley as a text for rhetor
ical display and a plea on
which the fat may be fried out
of manufacturers and monop
olists but as a campaign
slogan it is a failure and can
awake no enthusiasm It iB
nearly a dead issue The peo
pie are tired of its eternal dis
cussion and will have no more
of it This fact pnts McKinley
at a great disadvantage He is
probabty armed at all points
on the tariff question It would
be strange if he were not and
it is just to concede that he
knows xhat he talks about
wheu he attempts to elucidate
that subject but when it comes
to the real question at issue
Bryan is infinitely his superior
Urst because he has made a
specialty of the free coinage of
gold and Bilver and secondly
because he has the attention of
a majority of the American peo
pie when he opens up his favor
ite subject
Thus it happens that one
candidate is bound both by his
attainments and the record of
bis party to discuss a dead is
sue while the other Is up to
dae and has the Hvest subject
that is before the American
people at the presenAime
Tee republicans of the Elev
enth district are a good set of
people and number among
them men of sense and stand
5ng but they einply beat the
world for falling out among
themselves There cannot be a
question of policy or principle
raised among them that they
cto not go to pieces over They
might remember an ancient sen
timent which runs about this
way Tor behold how gotid
and pleasant it is for brethren
to dwell together in unity
The campaign mathematician
has resumed business Therp is
one thing about this peculiar
character who makes himself
known in every presidential
contest andthat is that he fie
ures things out to his own
satisfaction and is therefore
happy His readers are noi
always so cheerful as he ib
and the most of them take
the wise course of waiting till
the votes are counted before
they tell the result
Tom Reed in his speech
opening the campaign in
Maine said his party was in a
bad fix and something must be
done It is a fact Thomas
is not a fool
Since Bob Stayton quit the
question is who will be on the
slate for land commissionei
Has Baker made up with the
The safest place for a soldier
In battle is in the ranks This
fact has significance in politics
Rules that Have Been Tested
ani Found to Be of Service
From the Philadelphia Record
The number of people afflict
ed with this pecnliar and un
comfortable sensation after eat
ing is by no means small It
means simply that either be
cause the person is fatigued or
because the food is indigestible
or because Jhe nervous system
which controls the digestive
processes is out of order the
act of digestion is eitherVholly
arrested or is very impropprly
carried on People troubled in
this way can observe two or
three plan rules which will en
tirely prevent the difficulty and
will be of great benefit to their
general health
First eat nothing until there
is a positive appetite for food
It will be far better to skip
ones dinner entirely and far
less injurious to the general
health than to eat when weary
when excited when nervoua or
when the appetite is not pres
ent If great hunger comes on
in the middle of the afternoon
an apple or a piece of bread
and butter will have a relish
aud flavor undreamed of under
ordinary circumstances and
will prevent the faintness which
migjht arise before the regular
hour for a nourishing supper
Second eat something which
requires considerable chewing
especially at the beginning of
a meal This involves the use
of dry foods but it does not
mean the entire absence of
liquids from the meal The
reason why food that has to be
chewed is valuable is because
in the process of inarvtication a
large amount of saliva is secret
ed and this is an important
factor in digestion
If liquid is desired at meal
lime it is not likely to do great
harm if it is not too cold pro
vided it is npt swallowed at the
same time the dry food is put
in the mouth The man who
washes down each mouthful of
bread with a swallow of milk
tea or coffee has no saliva < mix
ed with his foodj whereas if he
thoroughly masticates his
mouthful of dry food swallows
ir and tlien takes his swallow
of milk he will interfere far
less with the proper processes
of digestion
Dr J H Kellogg has made
some interesting experiments
showing the amount of saliva
secreted by the glands of the
mouth while dry food is being
chewed A piece of paraffin
chewed for Jive minutes produc
ed twothirds of an ounce of
saliva 1 ounce of grauose a
dry food prepared fjom wheat
increased in weight to2ounces
1 ounce of bread chewed for
five niinutes caused the produc
tion of 1 ounce of saliva 1
ounce of raw apple produced
li ounces
Third eat digpstible food
only Digestible food is a vaii
able term and is determined
by the individual Articles
which are perfectly harmless
for one individual are very seri
ous hindrances to the physical
wellbeing of another Experi
ence is the chief guide and
when articles of food cause dis
tress and seem to hurt you the
part of wisdom is to let them
Vr Pi ices Cream Baking Powdei
Awudid OoU Medal Mia winter Fair Sir Friaciseo
OFFICER AND jway to protect the landing of
PRISONER DEAD an expedition General Weyler
thereupon detailed three cob
A California Sheriff Fights a umns of Spanish troops under
Highwayman to Death Colonel Perol who formed an
ambnsh in the nairow pass at
Nevada City Cal Aug l Callejonyajanear Gabriel Ha
The dead body of Sheriff David vana province through which
Douglass and the corpse of an Zayas would pass The main
unknown highwayman were to force of the insurgents was re
day fonnd lying a few feet ceived with two volleys of
apart in the woods two miles rifle shots and then charged
from town There were five with the bayonet after the
empty chambers in the pistol squadron of Allraanza had
of the Sheriff who had been charged The insurgents were
shot through the heart and in taken wholly by surprise and
the right eye and hand The General Zayas fell at the first
bullets of the Sheriff had gone volley witha ball through his
through the robbers heart ab
domen and hip The unknown left temple Fifty five insur
man had a rifle but it had not gents were killed the bodies
been used
It is supposed Douglass was
shot by an unseen and un
known confederate of the high
way man
A nnmberof bold highway
robberies recently reported in
this neighborhood have all
seemed to be the work of one
man who stopped coaches and
private conveyances J on the
roads near Nevada City The
Sheriff and his deputies had
been untiring in their efforts to
capture the highwayman
Finally Sheriff Douglass be
lieving tbat a large equad of
deputies served to put the high
wayman on his guard deter
mined to attempt the chase
singlehanded ne started out
yeserday accompanied only
by his dog The dog returned
at midnight and at daybreak
searching parties tracked the
Sheriff to the spot were officer
and prisoner lay dead side by
Havana Jnly 31 La Lucha
has a comment upon the report
from Washington that Pres
ident Clevelands proclamation
of warning to filibusters is de
signed to fulfill all necessary
formalities en the part of the
United States government as to
claims for indemnity which the
United Stntes intends to make
on Spain for losses suffered by
Americans during the wnr in
Cnba The paper observes
that such a course might not
be so bad for Spain as it ap
pears and might even be in
her favor beciuse the Madrid
government would come back
with refutable proofs of claims
on the Washington government
for all damages caused by the
negligence which has always
bpen displayed by the United
States government toward the
prevention of filibustering
The proved compliance of local
aud high national officials of
the United States with the
plans of the filibusters says
La Lucha and the fact that
they have lent their protection
to the arming and dispatching
of expeditions which they were
ordered to prevent constitutes
a serious crime as Piesident
Cleveland in his proclamation
points out This journal con
eludes that where Spain would
have to pay 10 indemnity she
could easily collect 10000
Additional details have been
received here of the manner in
which the insurgent leader
Bruno met his deah It seems
that Captain General Weyler
had received confidential in
formation that Sayay and other
insurgent leaders had effected
a juuctiou and were on their
left eye coming through the
of ten being found iu the neigh
boring fields Among them
were Captain Julio Plansas the
leadar Perpinan and a lawyer
named Navarette The body
of Zayas was found to be well
dreBsed in the uniform of a
Women are the real heroes of the
world Thousands on thousands of them
endure the dragging torture of the ills
Eeculiar to womankind in the silence of
ome They suffer on and on weeks
months years The story of weakness
and torture is written in the drawn
features in the sallow skin in the list
less eyes in the lines of care and worry
on the face
Inborn modesty seals their lips They
prefer pain to humiliation Custom has
made them believe the only hope of
relief lies in the exposure of examina
tion and local treatment
Take ten cases of female weakness
and in nine of them local treatment
is unnecessary There is no reason why
modest sensitive women should sub
mit to it McELREES
is a vegetable wine It exerts a wonder
fully healing strengthening and sooth
ing influence over the organs of woman
kind It invigorates nnu stimulates the
whole system It is almost infallible in
curing the peculiar weaknesses irre
gularities and painful derangements of
woman Year after year in the privacy
of home away from the eyes of every
body it effects cures
WINE OF CAKDCI fs sold for 8100 a
bottle Dealers In medicine sell It IlT
bottles usually csro tbo wont cases
Indianapolis Sentinel
Notwithsanding the unpar
donable ignorance of the igold
bug press of New York City in
the discussion of the financial
question light is breaking
throughout the Empire State
and we hazard the opinion that
the National democraTic ticket
for the first time at a presiden
tial election will sweep the
Hudsou in November with a
majority of not less than 50
000 anticipated in the metropol
is and will give Bryan and Se
wall 100 000 majority over the
McKinley plutocratictrust raon
ger combination
The New York gold bug pa
pers put forth any quantity
ofnegative arguments on
the financial issue that is
they damn and denounce the
silver 6ide but advance no
positive argument for gold
monoinetaiism Theydare not
do it Take the New York
World for instance It declar
ed last Saturday for the odious
gold monoiietalic plank as
adopted by the fragment of the
republican party at St Louis
as follows
While on the subject of the
first St Louis convention we do
not mind saying however that
the financial plank which it
adopted and which Mr Mc
ViwnnkJTvr > i nTr f nrrTiii
Kiuley had accepted is extre
mely clear and sensible It is
the one plank in that platform
that we aprove
That plank declared for gold
monometallism until bimetall
ism can be reached by interna
tional agreement In the same
issue the World retreats as
It is a common carelessness
of speech to refer to the sound
money democrats as gold men
and to characterize republicans
as gold bugs
This isjin error that should
be avoided There no goldbng
party in this country in the
sense of a party favoring gold
monometallism All sound
money men unless it be a few
banKers or doctrinaires and
their echoes are for biraetall
ism the coinage and use of
both goia and silver at an
honest ratio as money of equal
value and necessity
The republican party clearly
favors gold monometallism as
expressed in the St Louis plat
form and although the World
has given in its adhesion to
gold tnonometallidm it does not
and can not make an argument
in defense of it that can not be
blown to pieces
The gold bugs may denounce
silver coinage and the National
democratic platform call the
Chicago convention a gathering
of cranks and anarchists and
prophesy all manner of evil if
Mr Bryan is elected but they
dare not defend gold monome
tallism as it exists in the Unit
ed States today under present
Under this campaign of
education the people are gra
dually getting their eyes open
to the idiotic position that re
publican financiering has final
ly landed the country and
which is being defended by
certain newspapers of both
parties As Senator Blackburn
said iu his Chicago speech
Christ drove better men from
the temple than many of those
who have been managing the
financial affairs of this Nation
for the past thirty years
Programme of the Visit of Mr
Bryan to New York
Lincoln Neb July 31 Mr
Bryan today announced his iti
nerary for the Eastern trip to
meet the notification commit
tee of the democratic National
convention in Madison Square
Garden New York August
Mr and Mrs Bryan will
leave Lincoln on the Burling
ton at 6 p m August 7 ar
riving in Chicago Saturday af
ternoon They will stop over
Sunday leaving Chicago on
the Pennsylvania road about
midnight Sunday night reach
ing Pittsburg Monday night
They will stay over night in
Pittsburg and leave for New
York Tuesday morning arriv
ing there about 630 Tuesday
evening The national com
mittee will meet in New York
at the time of the notification
and important campaign work
will be discussed
Mr and Mrs Bryan will
then go to Bath Maine and
spend a fewdays with Mr and
Mrs Sewall
The return trip will not be
arranged until after the a New
SU tx Ed OEJ
is a
and Is the resLii cl ccds a nd
sudden climatic changes
Itcanbecuredbyapenaint EffttrFEVtS
remedy which is appieo di SJ
rcctly into the noatrua IJc
k > nnlcfcly abscrUcl it givca
Elys Orosni Bate
b acknowledge J to to U mojt thorocch care for
Nasal Catarrh Cod in Head and Hay Ifevcr of U
remedies It opens ari u a j s tne msal pasiap
allsrs pain and nl amotion hoate thosres pro
tects tbo rDjir ra 1re a eoUfi uteres tte senjesi
fta tomaaTi2i rrfccx j iJrn 5i3t30rbTinaiIr
ELY BKOTi iat3 6 WttioaSUeoCNew iot4
People find just the help the so much
need in Hoods Sarsaparilhu It fur
nishes the desired strength by puri
fying Tita lizing and enriching the
blood and thus builds up the nerves
tones the stomach and regulates tea
whole Bystem Head this
I want to praise Hoods Sarsaparilla
My health run down and I had the grip
After that my heart end nervous Bystem
were badly affected so that I could not do
my own work Oar physician gave ma
some help but did not cure I decided
to try Hoods Sarsaparilla Soon I could
do all my own housework I have taken
Hoods Plus with Hoods Sarsaparilla
and they have demo me much good I
wiU not bo without them I have token 13
bottlesof Hoods SarsapariUaand through
the blessing of God it has cured me
I worked as hard as ever the past sum
mer and I am thankful to say I am
weU Hoods Pills when taken with
Hoods Sarsaparilla help very much
Mas M M Messesqee Freehold Penn
This and many other euros prove that
Is the One True Blood Furlfler All druggists 1
Prepai ed only by C I nood Co Lowell Mass
r rtff act easily promptly and
Mood S FlIlS effectively 25 cents
Yorlc meeting Mr Bryan is
not making any dates for
speeches at this time and will
not do so until after the Na
tional committee has been con
sulted He has received a
lame number of invitations to
speak in almost every State in
the Union Most of them have
come by mail or wire but
many have been extended by
men who have come in person
for the purpose To each he
has given the same answer
that he would make no ap
pointments until after the
meeting of the National com
mittee A dispatch received
this evening from Amos J
Cummings of New York says
The Tammany executive
committee has just unanimous
ly indorsed your nomination
My personal congratulation
For your Protection Catarrh Cares or
Tonics for Catarrh in liquid form to he taken
Internally usually contain either ilercury or
Iodide of Potassa or hoth which are injur
ious if too long taken Catarrh is a local not
a blood disease caused hy sudden change to
oold or damp weather It starts in tho nasal
passages affecting eyea cars and throat
Cold in the head causes excessive flow of
mucus and if repeatedly neglected the re
sults of catarrh will follow severe pain in
the head a roaring sound in tha ears bad
breath nnd oftentimes an offensive dis
charge Thoremedyshonldbeqaicktoallay
inflammationandhoalthemembrane Elys
Cream Balm is the acknowledged care for
these troubles and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drug Price 60 cents
i i
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