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Palmer and Bkck ner were
flul3r no > tified of their nomina
tion at Louisville on the 12th
and the Indianapolis nominees
are now fully launched in the
political rmielstrom The fate
awaiting them is the same that
befalls snuill craft in the fam
ous whirlpool on the coast bf
Norway They will be engulfed
so deep that even the wreckage
frill never reach the surface It
heeda no seer to prediet their
It is a melancholy thing to
gey man like Buckner leave
bis part after Icing service in
Its ranks and after having worn
its honors It isnt so bad with
Palmer He has had previous
experience in severing party
ties He evidently believes par
ty allegiance is like a mans
coat to be put on and pulled
off at pleasiire
The Indianapolis ticket has
absolutely evoked no enthus
iasm whatever in any part of
the country It is incapable of
doing so Sbth its purposes
and its personnel are like a wet
blanket thrown over the people
There is no possible chance of
its success It is doubtful if it
gets a single elector
President Cleveland and Sec
fetary Carlisle pent telegrams
which practicallj commit them
fo the support of Palmer and
Buckner This they certainly
bad a right to do but there are
many Cleveland democrats sup
porting Bryan whocannoi help
regretting this action on the
art of the President and Sec
retary of he Trdasnry
The Houston Post comments
thus 4It was a pitiable sped
dele that General Claiborne and
Charles I Evans made of them
selves at Forth Worth when
they denounced their old party
and lifelong associates and
slobbered over Cuney and Fer
guson and Grant They must
have been fearfully disappoint
ed in their aspirations else
No rrfau lias more pefsistent
iysuugifc favors from the dem
dVracy than has John Claiborne
Since he served in the state
Senate he hap somehow miss
ed office though he has repeat
y Bonyht it He may be
aptly termed a sorehead So
are most of those who forsake
flie democratic party fti this
eniejigefley t hs either that Or
there are axes togrind
Tire dismemberment of Trtr
tiey 8eenS almodt i foregone
conclusion 1 he next question
ia who is to get whi when the
Carving process takes place
Tliere may be a big squabble
dver the division of the spoils
jRuiiia will watft I lie HonV
siiafe She has long desired a
porlion if not nllTf the Turkish
lerifoiy Tier claims will be
disputed y the qiher powers
aftA bad feeling nijiy reMilt In
MtTlrng the Turkish question
tft n r Surope ni nVuions may
M aissttls thfcWtsehef
Iff any country on aVlk fcan
appropriately celebrate its in
dependence dny that country
is Mexico If liberty ever was
a boon to any people it was to
the Mexicans They have the
hearty congratulations of the
pedple on this side of the river
who know what privileges free
dom from tyranny carries with
it Yiva Mexico
TnE courtship between the
republicans and populists of
Texas has reached a very
tender phase in its progress
and the marriage may take
place but Tom Waton has
forbidden the banns
At Glastonbury England in
1892 the discovery was made
of lake dwellings near a small
poo which poo in the long
past must have been a fairly
lage expanse of water Todaj
it is hardly more than a wet
meadow Certain mounds were
opened by local archaeologists
and far beheath were found the
dwellings of the original lake
dwellers The immense anti
quity of the site raayjbeatonce
understood when U is Staled
that the upper formation of to
day is peat At first a hearth
stone was found and utder
that another hearthstone In
some cases there not less than
five hearthstones and theni at
last under them were the ver
tibal piles which had been
driven into the mud of tlib lake
bottom Who can judge of the
time which paflec between the
placing of each hearthstone
In the surrounding debris oys
ter shells were found and the
bones of horses oxen sheep
dogsj cats swine and beavers
The hearthstones were ident
ified as having Coriie from a
quarry some three miles dis
lant There was an abundance
of broken pottciy A qtteer
memento of a long past is a
human skull width was found
impaled on a stake The man
who ouc owned the head had
met with a violent deathas the
cleft in the bone showed Ac
cording to approved measure
ments the skull is of a good
type It ia possitive these lake
divellers knew the outside
world for there was discoveied
a bronze bowl and beads of
glass and amber
The arms of these people
were piobably slings as niany
egg shaped pieces of baited
clay have been fotfnd A sin
gle iron spearhead has so far
come to iight There are stfi
gits of bone and the remains of
qnorns frtone A canoe has also
been dug up It is 10 feet long
of two foot beam aiil a foot in
depth Speculation tin to the
time when these lake dwellings
were built may be indulged In
but tTot with accurate results
As to the age of the Swiss Lake
dwellers aichaeologists differ
Sorffe fnsi6t vfront the bronze
found thefe that ill period was
800B C other scientiin aitth
oritte pin it back to 1400 B
C Certainly the Glastonbury
cotistr uVli iris are as oidaS Che
Swiss 6ned New York Times
TIih outlook for the Metlalt1
ytlca colony ia ry pnunisiiig
Already alinnt 500 Jicres have
been plantedin coffee
OVVr SO nianitfaciories of al
lii < j
i i y yj >
yMv i y > + < > > y > 4 + >
Telegrams Read at the Palmer
and Buckner Rotification
Auditorium Louisville Ky
September 12 The following
telegrams fro m President Cleve
land and Secretary Carlisle
were readi
Buzzards Bay Mass Sept
12 Hou W D Bynum I re
gret that I cannot Jaccept your
invitation to attend the notific
ation meeting on Saturday
evening As a democrat de
voted to the principles nnd in
tegrity of my party I should
be delighted to be present on
an occasion so significant and
to mingle with those who are
determined that the voice of
true damocracy shall not be
Bnothered and insist that its
glorious standard shall be borhe
aloft as of old in faithful
Washington Sept 12 W
D Bynum Louisville Your
telegram inviting me tb attend
the meeting at Louisville tdday
has been forwarded to me at
this place and I greatly regret
my inability to accept
The conservative and pa
triotic declarations of the In
dianapolis convention on the
public questions involved in the
pending contest and the high
character of its nominees can
not fail to aroUse the real dem
ocratic sentiment of the coun
try and command the heart
support of all who sincerely
believe in the preservation of
the public honor the public
peace an stability and value
of the currency used by our
people I am proud to take
my stand with the old fashion
ed democrats who have refused
to abandon their honest con
victions in order to form tlnnat
ural alliances with political rind
a > cial organizations whose pur
poses are dangerous to tle
cuuutry and Wholly inconsis
tent with the fundamental prin
ciples of our party and I pledge
to you and your associates all
the support and assistance I can
properly givo during the cam
paigu Signed JG Carlisle
From Modern Mexico
A mercantile agency will
soon bo established in Mexico
Ntfevo Leons new capital
building has already cost over
The Palmore College of Chi
hifahu a employs four Englfh
A short time ago the princi
pal dredge begau work at the
port of Coatzacualcos
Corn from Kansas City is be
ing unloaded at Tampico It is
Shipped by way of Mobile
The Bunk of BViiiiY proposes
to establish a branch in Mex
ico fat loaning atid discount
A bottio factory would pay
in Mexico Nearly all the
breweries import their bottles
froiif Europe
Theiioiitere y Pressed Brirk
Company is sending a
Japan is a land Without tl i
domestic animals It is this
lack which Btrikes the stranger
bo forcibly in looking upt3h
Japanese landscapes There
are no cows the Japanese
neither drink milk nor eat
meat There are but few horses
and thefle are imported mainly
for the use of foreigners The
wagorts in the city streets are
pulled and pushed by coolies
nnd the pleasure carriages aie
drawn by men There are but
few dogs and these are rieither
used as watchdogs beasts of
burden or in hunting except
by foreigners There are no
sheep in Japan the wool is nc t
ufred in clothing silk and cot
ton being the staples There are
no pigs pork is an unknown
article of diet and lard is not
used in cooking Tliere are no
goats dr mules or donkeyH
Wild animals there are how
ever in particular bears of
enormous size Oile of these
Mr Finck saw stuffed in a
museum and h j desctibes it
as being as big as an ox
War of course id acquainting
the Japanese with the use of
animals The army have cav
alry horses and fathers to drag
the field guns The Empress
also in obviotis imitation of
European rojMiries is an expert
horsewoman aicd saddlehorses
are kept for 4t use Scieuce
Siftings London Eng
Anxiously watclf declining health o
their daughters j So many are cat off
by consumption in early years tliut
tliere is real caTise for anxiety In
the early stage e when not beyond
the reach of incslicinc Hoods Sarsa
parilla will restore the quality and
quantity of the tilood and thus give
good health Itcild the following letter
It Is but just to write about my
daughter Cora iu ed 19 Sho was com
pletely run down declining bnd that tired
feeling and trie ads said she would not
live over tbrco iAonths She had a bad
and nothing sceirM to do her any good
I happened to rend about Hoods Sarsflpa
rillit and bad her give it a trial From the
very first dose sho began to get better
After taking a few bottles she wns com
pletely cured and her health has been the
I will say tbAt my mother has no
stated my case ip as strong words as I
would have done Hoods Sarsaparllla
has truly cured nip nnd I am nownell
Cora Peck Amsterdam N Y
Be sure to got ETooda becauso
Is tlio One True UloocF Purllior All druggists t
Ircpire < I only bj O I flood 4 Co Lowell Jiass
arciflircU egpjtaMere
r if
flood S lUIfi litliicnndbcncnciaLssc
or Sale
Parlcor Itow ono of tho best pro
psrtiea in llrowiisvillc centrally
ocutfrt on tho corner of VaMiinjrton
and 12th streets for 5000 U S
AKo U00 acres of lan rl at 100b
U S currency Jons T Hoyt
Tin Mexican Gulf Agricul
tural Company of Kansas City
has 75000 coffee trees on its
lands on ihe isihmus Some < f
iheiii only 527 m6nihs old s Q
already in bearinfr
tS 3
u a
nd is the rcsuU
sudden cfrnsiii c
It cmd be cirtcd by a pleasant
ill e
changes g > 3H
remedv which iR > nlIed frS
Into I rSP >
inillii BisqricklyabsoDeditEhes
nut 111 11 rLncfttronre
coholiiT beverages have Wen bricks a month to the Unite 1 ElVS CrBSTT BfillH
closed in Guadalajara on States The iind l leady tlhtt e 0 hm
That tea DlsortsrS eimpionty called FemalsDIssaSeV srs tha
Foundation ol nearly all the Troubles Iron which they uH r
TCIittes Clilorosis Falling ot jthe TVoinfo Pninlal and IrrecBitt
ntctuien aro caused by derangements at tho organs ot menstruation Hcactache
Backache Dizziness ErnptlonnoflhoSWn and FaintlnsSpslls are also Byciptoaia
of the diseases
pame Being only symptoms their
temporary relief dges not euro the disease
by actingdirectlyuponthedelieateorgans affected
It can be taken in the privacy of home Thousands
Of ladies use it Druggists sell and commend It
One Dollar
buys a large bottle s Slf y
PiencB Crfr Lawrence County Mo V AX
I have been afflicted with Irregular and PainfulnS R
Menstruation add very sevoro Cramping Spells fol
lowingeach monthly period After the bestdoctori
a i
I could find had failed to benefit me I tried the Ja
Min5 1 i il1 11 IT < 5 mmetlc < tl en1lnP at once 6cd boforo I had used a
Mi ir >
fuU bottio I was better than I had been for twelve months 1ETTY WATSON
Mexicd City Sept 13
The mother of Finance Minis
ter Jose and Mcjulio Lirhan
tour died last night Her
death caused grest grief in
Mexico s best sdciety among
which she and her sons had
niany friends She will be
greatly missed among the poor
as she was noted for her many
charities Many people of all
classes from President Diaz
down visited the afflicted fam
ily during the day President
Diaz called this morning The
funeral will take place tomor
row morning
New York ex6hange ninety
seven and a quarter premium
Rains continue throughout
this section
The government declared
forfeiture of the concession to
Diaz de Rugama for a railroad
starting from the line of Mex
ican Southern railroad to Tux
tepec because of concession
aires nonc6mpliahce with the
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mariscal called the banquet
which he was to have given to
night to the diplomatic corps
off due to the death of Mrs
The bullfighters here are
causing many disorders Two
fought with knives yesterday
over a damsel both are wound
ed and in prison
The press asks the govefn
best ever since Mia Addib Peck jment have
to guards placed
12 Railroad Place Amsterdam N Y ° l
over the old relics as tourists
are stealing and mutilating
Minister of War General
Philip B Berriozabal will soon
present plans for a new system
of recruiting the army which is
very necessary and which will
elevate the standard ol the
soldiers now in the army
Visitator of Police Edward
Vdlasquez will soon visit the
police stations outside of the
city in the Federal District so
as to better know the needs of
the mounted police and reform
that body
Nothing positive has been
done yet to introduce the bicy
cles rn the anriy and it may ue
some time before anything will
be done
Business here is jjobd
Also OUK TKrjH
l > y VLJting the
Cliicaao Dental hh
210 K Houston St Pm Mitoi iSTex
A < kn < vluu d thehest tlen hts m the
stitPricis iviitli che prthm others 1
Ti e olih chirtercil ientil n litiiion n
v > for he 1 factine of nodern der
tWv Paiile h txnti n of teeth JjO
5jj vc tf Iuiiuefls filling 50 cenb > and
at iipwrds He r teetii itc tiding ex
WthorSBLhcuro if t ait ion from a to S Thousin s of
nnd Ha Fever offtll rifen ncea k gUHnjlitlMl fur 10
count af the heavy imposts iui ket ai Sn Anlonio and Setf Sffito2 > i Dragoom PcI
from cjMs torn the eenea IiK Koui lee llnv
testa tho membrane re
3 rt <
tJOSa > Ei brorilStaV GOV ynVSTCj i rr J ie < rretaryanl repvuier
ic aim TICKET
For County Judgfr
For Sheriff
For Tax Collector
Fbr County Treasurer
For District Clerk
For County Clerk
For Assessor of taies
For Inspector of Hides Si Animals
For County Attorney
For County Surveyor
ForSupt Public Schools
For Justice Feace Precinct 2fo 2
For Constable Precinct No 2
For County Coin Precinct 2fo2
Or Prices Cream BakingPowdep
Worlds FrlrKigbestAwar
Are introducing new end select tylee
of work at their parlors Also new styles
of fanry card mounts
JSPCopyirig and enlargements in crayon
done Inspection of work invited
Photo partors next toU S reservation
i i 1 m
WIw esq be ifftor
Pay but one profit bctWen malrcr ana
nse randthiitasmalljustono
Onr Big TpdPapa Catalogue and Buvn p
Guide proves that Its possible Weighs
SH poUDk > 12OC01Husttations describes
and tells tho onecrrfltpriiofovor40C0O
articles evejt hins you utfe We send It
for 15 cents thatll not for tho book bu6
to pay part ot the postage or expressaRO
and keep off Idlers You cant got It too
The Store oJ AM tno People
111116 Michigan Ave ChlcagOo
Z 3 1
2 a
a P 2
= c o
O 5 i d h S
ct erl
A yocderful New
Mjd sal BfHJt ivrittpn
for j Bn Only One
copx Jaj hadLfree
oil apj Ication

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