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> varee a il
ftf Itftb
organisation td gat
rvote to tile polls on
iber 3 is the ask on
h the energies of Demo
ralic committee national
State and local may be most
profitably concentrated daring
tho next sixweeks
In Maine the great increase
in the Republican plurality
over tlmt of 1894 wa8 not due
to any falling off in the Demo
cratic vote On tho contrary
the Maine Democrats polled
some 500 more than they did in
the September election of 1864
The big Republican vote was
largely the result of perfect
organization backed by unlim
ited money
Every vole was looked after
Thero were many old infirm or
fnvalil men Republicans by
instinct and tradition who had
not been to the poHs for years
and who would not have taken
the trouble to turn otffc if left
to their own devices Every
man of them was invoiced and
in every district somebody was
told off tor look after them on
election day Carriages were
sent around to gather up the
fatflfy fiaft ffd fcfind and they
Were voted Dudleys blocks
offivejrama was ifi a xrirt
Again witb closer atteution to
detail than ever before
I Arkansas HairntfV dollar
diark was distinctly apparent
in the increased payment of
Republican polltaxes and an
increased Republican vote In
Hpit e of thisthe Democrats in
creased their plurality of two
years ago by nearly 7000 If
there had been Co poFl tax to
pay as a qnalification for vot
ing Democratic majority big
as it was would have been
vasjly greater The Democrats
8d little or ho money whir
which to pay thistax for their
indifferent or impecunious vot
pra while the Republicans evi
denily bad all the money they
Seeded if not all they asked
Prom these elections it is
Evident that on November 3
e RHpiTbTicaris wifl nave liY
the field the most perfect or
gam Zatibrrever seen in America
rbf gpttfug legitimate as well
fis illegitimate votes info the
tSfttf Tt hr the1 ofily formid
bte play that the Democrats
are forced1 to meet
The literature the R ptrbli
Cans are distributing will make
ood kindling this
arguments will make no
votes It is their plans for
getting their men tothe polls
Vhich must 15b met by an
eijaially efficient organisation
among fiit > Democrats who
fiiUBt ulsu look to it thai bull
dozing and coercion of voters
are ktpthi check
in the country districts in
dividual Democrats arid local
rtrgaiMvrations may safely lie
Vft t V fhff of things A
Arl o i ri iT the uff kpIjv
c clubs and cpmmit
1 ilo their best work
low in perfecting arrange
its to get out the full vote
election day ahd to see that
e RepublihrthB dd hot get out
any more than their full legiti
mate votei
Literature will make few
converts on either sidd from
now on An active speaking
Campaign will serve to keep
the boys in the good spirits
that come from the lotich of
elbows But the voters have
about made tip their minds
and the Democrats have the
people on theirside Let them
husband their scanty moneyed
resources for thework of prac
tical organization to poll the
poll the full vote that belongs
to them
Butchers on Doth Sides Commit
Atrocious Barbarities
New York Sept 22 A spe
cial to The Herald from Hava
na Cuba says
Late repons give official de
tails of serious engagement in
Havana province Sunday on
the large estate neur Cala
barzar A Bmall government
column composed of Havana
volunteers members of the reg
ular engineer corps and cavalry
men of the late is alleged to
have been attacked by five
hundred insurgents command
ed by the leaders Castillo and
Delgado who repeatedly at
tempted to surround and over
whelm the royal forces The
Spanish remnitied on the de
fensive holding their ground
and repelling successive rebel
machette charges until finally
reinforcementn of volunteers
When this nrrived by a bril
liant Spanish countercharge
the rebels were ultimately rout
ed and driven from the field
The enemys loss is estimated
at 100 killed and wounded In
the retreat they abandoned
their dead The government
losses were twenty nine volun
teers killed and three wounded
and two cavalry men wounded
It is reported that both Casti
Ho and Delgndo were wounded
in the engagement the former
seriously the latter slightly
An important decree issued
by the captain general today
places Havana drug stores tin
der military supervision and
prohibits medicines being sold
to retailers in the interior towns
unless authorized by eppcial
permits ttotn Spanish coui
Well authenticated reports
of barbarous acts by the Span
ibh troops continue to reach
here Recently the Havana pa
pers ptfhlisbecf air account of
winteraiy alleged battle near Chuco
de Acre in Which after an
hours despefate fighting the
the Spaniards drove the rebels
off killing nineteen and faking
mnny prisoners The pnpPib
suggested that fl iH government
yhould reward Col AgnHera
the Spatiiah cJouiiuaiider for
his bravery
The facts In regard to fife
battle atCordintr to Cuban
sources follows On Spt 15ten
rebels went out to attack a
guerilla band but m et tfoiips
wil bidden in the high grass The
rebels fired a voilny i iliintj
Mill lllnVflj lW
f H Mil ilmaiSlM lniM rtTumTm f
mM m i mSm ltm
soldiers The troops fired back
hitting nobody
Lieut Col Aguelera who
commanded the troops when
then toward a Colony named
Pablo Diaz There he found a
family of twenty five persons
worden men and children He
asked if they had seen any reb
els in the neighborhood On
receiving a negative answer he
orderedj as alleged by the Cu
bans a general slaughter in
cluding children and women to
be killed Of that colony nine
teen where butchered and six
made their escape The men of
the guerrilla force boasted of
what they had done when they
went back to Vega about two
miles from the colony
Col Aguelera on Sept 8
started with his troops and a
guerrilla band from Nueva Paz
toward the estate Cuervo Near
a place called Cuzzo he saw a
house ne went to it and found
only three children in it He
asked where the parents were
Tbey answered they had gone
after some fuel to prepare their
The colonel ordered the three
childreen 10 to 14 years old
to be locked up in the house
and after this was done he or
dered the guerrillas to Bet fire
to the house The guerillas
horrified disobeyed at first
but under the threats of Ague
lera they complied and the
house burned with the children
in it On their return to Nueva
Paz the guerrillas told the peo
ple what had been done
This information is from a
Spanish source
1 Little Mer
Always Popular
T lafe
A fiig Crowd Stands fifteen
Minutes In the Ratft to
Hear Him Speak
Chester Pa S ept 22 A
large crowd stood in the rain
he retliis ffior rarig ancf listened
to Bryan who spoke to them
for about fifteen minutes He
Ladies and G erftfem enY i
shall not keep you standing
long hi the rath Cries of
No matter g6l orr In the
short time that I could pbssL
bly speak to you I should not
be able to enter into a discus
sion of the politicalHssues to
any great extents I simply
desire to appear before you
and say if I am elected I shall
to the best of iny ability parry
out the policies sefr forthin the
Chicago platform Great
Or Prices Cr 2n Caking Po dv
iiT t
Th iron grasp of scrofula has no
mercy upon its victims This demon
of the blood is often not satisfied with
causing dreadful sores but racks the
body with tho pains of rheumatism
until Hoods Sarsaparilla cures
Nearly lour years ago I became af
flicted with scrofula arid rheumatlsim
Running sores broko out on my thighs
Pieces of bonectme out and an operation
was contemplated I had rheumatism in
my legs drawn up out of shape I lost ap
petite could not sleep I was a perfect
wreck I continued to grow worse and
Anally gave up the doctors treatment to
take aoot3 Sarsaparilla Soon appetite
came back tho sores commenced to heal
My limbs straightened out and I threw
away my crutches 1 urn now stout and
hearty and am farming whereas four
years ago I was a cripple I pladlv reo
ommend Hoods Sarsaparilla URBAN
Hammond Table Grove Illinois
Is the One True Blood Purifier All druggist SL
Prepared only by C I Hood Si Co Lowell Mass
ww j rtit crc rer to casv t0
flOOd S HlllS tike easy to operate 23c
New York Democrats may
put another candidate in the
fied in Thacher s place
Grand Master Workman
Sovereign opens Bryan and
Watson headquarters in Chi
Apitch el battle occurred at
the Coronado and Emmert sil
ver mines at Leadville Colo
Joseph N Wolfson New
Orleans lawyer was arrested
for aiding in fleecing the Un
ion National bank
Chairman Green of Texas is
telling it in Washington that
he really believes the Reptibli
cans have a fighting chance in
Italy intends to demand re
forms in Italy and sends her
fleet there expecting Great
Britain and the United States
to cooperate Turkey is rea
dy to protect the Dardanelles
and the Rusian fleet is in mo
JJy Visiting then
Chicago Dental Parlors
210 E Houston StfFnn AntoniOj Tex
AcknowlcgVd tho best dentists in the
St tte Pi iced much cheaper than others
he only chaitccd dental i sti ution in
Texas for the practice of modern den
tutty Painlesextratidh 6f teeth 0
cents PninleFs tilling co cents and up
wards llest tenth including extraction
from 5 to tf Tiidl irnds of references
Work guaranteed lor iuyears
Dr A Goodman Pre
Drj Rout Lee Hays
Secretary and Treasurer
Are introducing new and select styles
o work at their parlors Also new stylei
6i fancy card mounts
jgrCdrJmg jhfd enlargements irf cfaydn
d6he Insptidn of work invitedf
Photo partbrs next to U S reservation
iio Lran
From mVH after Oct ih 1S96
regular passenger train will
run as follows
Leaves Brownsville aily at 0 a m
roiht Isabel p nl
2Z J
BrownsVilleTexaF Sept 4th 1896
Tho Civil Service Commission at
Washington has ordered that an ex
amination bo held in this city on
Saturday Octdber lOtli 1800 com
mencing at 0 oclock a hi for the
grades of clerk day inspector assist
ant weigher messenger and watch
man inspectress
Only ditizons of the Unitdd States
can bo examined Tho ago limita
tions fcr this examination are as fol
lows For clerk or messenger not
under 20 years and for all other po
sitions not under 21 years of age
No application will bo accepted
for this examination unless filed
with the undersigned in complete
form on the proper blank before the
hour of closing business on Septt
21 1890
Tho Civil Service Commission
takes this opportunity of stating that
the evaminationa are open to all ro
putablo citizens who may desire to
outer the service ithout regard to
All such
or rep
ublicans or neither are invited to
apply They shall bo examined
graded and certified with entire
impartiality and wholly without re
gard to thoir political views or to
any consideration save their eflicien
ny as shown by the grades thoy ob
tain in the examination
For application blanks full In
structions and information relative
to the duties and salaries of the dif
forent positions apply to
A A Browse
Socrotary Board of Examiners Cus
toms Service Brownsville Tex
their political affiliations
citizens whether democrats
For Countj Judge
For Sheriff
For Tax Collector
For County Treasurer
For District Clerk
For County Crerk
For Assessor of Taxes
For inspector of Hides Animals
For County Attorney
For County SurveyOi
For Supt 1ublic Schools
For Justice Peace Precinct No 2
For Constable Precinct No 2
For County Coin PreginctKo 2
ETory Jfnn Who Wont J Kaorr tho
Grand Trnths tlitf Plnln Fnct tbrf
Korr Discoveries Of Dledlcal Science
09 Applied to Slurried Life Who
Wonld Atono for 1nst Errors and
AToId Fntnro Pitfalls Shoulil Sccaro
Tan Wcndorful Xtttla Eooli Called
fConipl6to Minn odd ftnd How to Ah
tain U
Hero at fast Is lnformntlon from a JiJ 6
medical source that tuust work wonderswltlf
thH generation of men
The book folly describes a method bjwhlch
to attain full Tlcor nml manly power
A method by which to cntf all unnatnral
Aralnson UiOeysuo
To fitjfo nerrousneas iact of lselfcontrol do
To exchanijo li jruled and worn riatur fo
onocf briihtncts bio > aicyand power
To cure forever effects of sices soverirorl
worry Ac
3p rive full strenctb development nndtono
to every portlort cuJ orran of ihe body
As6 Co barrier Failure luiposaible Two
thousand references
Tun boclc is purely jncdicrl andScientific
ufclcas to cnrirityteeters Kivaluablo to iueh
Adcai > tfiripa man who had applied to tis
so inf tor wrote r
iTeil I tell you that frt day Is ono Ill
never fcrgct I Just brbbicd with joy I
witled to Itricc evervbertyand tell themjn7
ftidLcff had died ycfcrday nrdiry now self
was h Tn tod y Why dUnt > vu tc 1 ico
whn 1 3rst wroto that I would findit Jiia
way And nnatlicrthCiir
If yru f n cl a cart lond of pold at ny
feet it would Bt t hrinjf such Kladness Into my
ho n year riethert has dcm °
1 H > I
This institution of Learning
chartered by the Legislature1
of Texas in 18S5 vm De re
On the First Day of Septembel
for the reception of Boarders
artd DayScholars
Parents ana jGuardians are
earnestlyrecommended to send
their children or wards at th
very opening of the session
This institution is the only
one on the Rio Grande em
powered by the State to deliv
er Diplomas to such pupils as
shall havepassed a satisfactory
examination on the branches
expressed in the charter
For terms and further partic
ulars apply to
Rev Mother Superior
local diseass M
Wd IJ the null cJ coiis and fejlSjoJwSaiti
Sudden cfiTUitic cl lrtns f < 7 > < 3 V fitJ
Itcanbccnredbyape = 3 t G HwEVrsffilS
remedy which it turiKed dl
rccUyjntothencstrUa fe Igr
kiijqntcklyaDsoibsditglvM PL
relief at ones R
Elys Orssm Balm
I Is ackcowledcpd to ba th most thorough enro for
Nasal Coiarb Cold In Head ad Hay lever of aU
j remedied Itopenifflileltflrrcsib iuigalpaMagea
i sUsya pain and intmrmiLicJ henls the sorei pre
loctstho rucmlirano rron colda restores the cecse9
iftastoauderjelt PriMSOcatDmcgistaorbymaU
ELY BitOTHEl3 SSWi rcnSUeetiSow Toti
How to Attain It
A Vbnderfnl Sew
MedlcalIiGOlE WTitten
for Alen Only Ons
copy may be had frca
on application
cues g
Special rTotic
BeOpsiiiijj of Si
Pupils are expected to be
punctual in returning for the
reopening ex school Sept
general course of study
for the scholastic
session is as
Christian Docfrihe rer ding
spelling declamation writing
arithmetic algebra English
gr2Mit ivil political and
pfivvc1 geograph ancidr and
special ten
I tion being given to U 5 md
of Texas civil
hiory c j 2rn
jment iysiology pHyE and
lasronomy calisthenics tni
bookk eprng
Lhe following e trd v sets
vill also be taught Vy and
jiusfrumerital music ix i n < rJ
French and Latin
For particular an cc
mt mm j
> J

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