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Juan Manes Gives the News a
Translation of a Letter
Juan Manes president of the
Cuban club has handed the
News the following which he
says is au accurate translation
of a Jctrcr he received yester
Jesus del Monte Sept 26
Mr Juan Manes Galveston
Dear Friend We are in a
great panic In Calabazarfive
miles from here there has been
a great fight between the Span
iards and the Cubans com
manded by the officers Castil
lo and Deigado The Span
iards had 4 6 killed and 106
wounded The Cubans sur
prised die Spaniards who were
getting some cattle to take to
Calabazar and were not ex
pecting to meet the patriots
In Aguacate the Spaniards
had a skirmish with the Cubans
in which six Spaniards were
killed Everybody feels dis
couraged as they are sure that
the money and lives that are
spent to keep the Spanish flag
in Cuba is for naught as soon
the Cuban flag is going to float
on all the buildings
In Puerto Padre the rebels
had a fight with the Spanish
gunboat Ligera wounding die
head officer and doinsr damage
to the gunboat
On the 14th of Sepetember
die insurgents got into the city
of San Miguel of Nuevitas
taking possession of the city
and taking out a great quanti
ty of provisions and rifles
Very soon Ernesto Jose Varo
na who was made prisoner by
Weylers troops is to be shot
Among the Spaniards the feel
ing is terrible about the foreign
nations refusing to lend Spain
any more money
Lieutenant Rodriguez in
charge of the forces that in
Calabazar were surprised by
the patriots has died from the
result of the wounds received
by the machetes
In Pinar del Rio General
Antonio Maceo is in fine pos
ition Availing for Genera Wey
ley to come to attack him
Weder ha sent to die trocha
Mariel Majaa 6000 more sol
diers to take the place of the
ones that ha died of yellow
All the Americans who are
able are ic sug the island as
they fear the Spaniards may
abuse thorn on account of the
Lauruda and Three Friends
expeditions thajt landed on the
Sta instant
A Letter Addressed to Him
by National Committee
man Hale
Roanoke Ya Oct 6 The
Roanake Times will tomorrow
print an open letter from G
W B Hale populist national
committeeman for Virginia
addressed to Tom Watson
asking the latter to withdraw
from the presidential ticket
The letter says in part
Hon Thomas E Watson
From a sense oi patriotic duty
I write to yoi to cease your
opposition to fusion where the
same is generally believed to
be of advantage to the imme
diate success of financial re
form to which you have so far
so greatly contributed There
is no earthly chance of your
election If your cause wins
in tiiis race Bryan and Sewall
are elected While I greatly
prefer a southern man to vote
for and a man who like your
self has been in the fore front
of the battle hitherto fought
for reform yet I can not hesi
tate to support Mr Sewall
not only because of his avail
ability but also because I be
lieve that if elected tind the
opportunity presents itself he
will consciously carry out the
full text of the platform upon
which he wTas selected I am
not one who thinks that be
cause Mr Sewall is at present
a banker he is obdurate on the
question of national banks I
do not blame the law that
legislates national banks for if
you say the man who votes for
Sewall had a well and as con
sistently vote for Hobart the
former himself in favor of free
coinage at the ratio of 16 to 1
the other one savors of mon
ometallism Quite a differ
ence my 16 to one friend
The former is willing ripht
nowy to establish free and un
limited coinage the latter is
willing to postpone action un
til the merchants of England
say so The former is the
tangible the latter is positive
ly not so
In conclusion my dear sir
allow me to emphasize that
your stay on the ticket jeopar
dizes the success of our cause
and that a withdrawal on your
part would be heralded with
patriotic delight by many of
our party friends and largely
by those who esteem you as a
great and grand man Yours
truly G W B HALE
Populist Committeeman
Kentucky Club
Genuine only when bottled in this
Lut up in Quirts Pints and Ono
lmlf Pints
Ask your dealer for these brands lhe
lliisnt them write us
For Sale by
TJie Goodrich Real Estate
liwesl Texas Immigration Bureau
32SSB WSSBbSB Secretary
fownsville Gamer on Co Texas
Cameron County is the extreme
southern county of Texas It is
separated from Mexico by the Rio
Grande on the south and has about
100 miles of gulf coast as its east
ern boundary It was organized in
1848 and contains 3308 square
miles Farming and stock raising
are the principal industries of the
people the location climate and soil
being admirably adapted for both
The greater p ortion of the soil is a
rich loam and produces an exceed
ingly heavy yield of both cotton
and corn the chief farm products
Two and sometimes three crops of
corn uveraging from fiftv to seven
ty bushels per acre are raised year
ly while cotton will easily yield
from one to two bales per acres
Grasses grow all the year and stock
fiud pasturae without being fed or
sheltered during the winter But
the soil and climate of the Lswer
Rio Grande VaLey are by nature
best adapted for the production of
vegetables and fruits Vegetables
af till kinds grow all the year
oround and northern people are as
tonished to find tomatoes lettuce
spinach English peas etc served
fresh from the gardens in midwin
ter This is undoubtedly the par
adise of truck gardeners and so
soon as rail transportation is ob
tained Cameron county vegetables
by the car load will be shipped to
noriliprn markets during winter ami
early spring and will obtain the
highest prices as there will be no
competition This is due to our
exceedingly mild climate Fre
quently the entire winter passes
without a single frost and there is
rarely ever any cold sveather before
Christmas Fruit culture has not
been attempted in this county on 11
large scale but there is one large
buuana plantation on which this
delicious fruit yields most abund
antly and in the greatest perfection
Grapes are also raised extensively
growing in almost every yard They
ripen from two to four weeks ear
lier than in any other section
Many planters here make all of
their own table wines Oranges
and lemons also grow in profusion
and this section could easily be
made to rival Florida in the pro
duction of oranges Suear cane is
ulso one of the most important pro
pucts of this valley The Rio
Grande plantation of Mr Geo Urn
lay and the Rabb Starck plantation
produce griat quantities of cane
which is all manufactured on the
Rio Grande plantation This cane
makes sugar which is produced by
experts to be even superior to the
bpst Louisiana product Havana
tohaeco has also proven a success
here Col J G Tucker having
made some most successful experi
ments with it his samples were
classed by New York buyers as
equal to the best Havana
The county is watered by the Rio
Grande with its ample How along
the southern boundary and num
erou small streams calcdarroya
and resacas
The population of Ciimeron coun
ty according to the census of 1S90
is 13421 Brownsville the county
seat has a population of about
7000 Point Isabel the seaport of
the county has about 400 inhabi
tants and Santa Maria a growing
little river settlement has ahout250
Improved lands sell for from 5
to 25 ppr acre unimproved for
from 82 to f5 per aere The aver
age taxable Value of land is 1
There are 82240 acres of school
land in the rouutv The county
has a total srhool population of
440 and gives employment to 80
teachers The average length of
the school term is live months TJie
total tuition revenue received from
the State is 13 000 There are a
number of public schools in the
county affording ample educational
Hoiueseekers are gradually be
ginning to find their way to this
land where farmers can work in the
open air 305 days in the year but
it is comparatively undeveloped as
yet Vth the building of the
tailroad to Ocrpvs Ohristi however
a great infill < of settlers may be
expected and they wdl bo heartily
welcomed This valley is capable
of supporting millions of people
The Hkrvlij will le pleased to fur
nish any itirtbr information le
gending the Lower Rio Grande
Villey that eaJersJ abroad may
1st 300 acres of land two miles
from city hall of Brownsvil e situ
ated on Resaca hi Guerra and a
horseshoe ailluent of such resacu
on maij road suitable for fruit or
chards 30 acres now in irrigation
with pecan walnut chestnuts
plum peach pear apricot cherry
Japanese persimmon fig grape and
ribbon cane Can bo subdivided
into 5 or 10 acre lots giving each
abundant water supply there being
a depth of 5 to 15 feet of water all
seasons of the year Price 810 to
825 per acre according to location
Will sell in a body at speciul rates
2d 32 pieces adjoining one of
200 and the other of 120 acres situ
ated on Resaca Uancho Viejo five
miles from city hull on mail road
Both pieces almost surrounded by
water of 10 to 15 feet in depth 40
acres under irrigation This land
is equal to if not superior to the
Mississippi bottom lands and can
be made a paying investment for a
fruit orchard or truck gardening
Can be subdivided into o to 10
acre lots Price 810 to 825 per
acre whole tract on special terms
3d 100 acre tract two miles
from the city of nrownsville ou
resaca with good water supply
Ebony Mesquite Ash Hack berry
and other timbers Alluvial soil
To one who desires to subdivide in
small tracts this is a paying in
vestment Sold in bulk only Price
5 > 10 per acre
4th 25000acres in one body
having a frontage of about six
miles on the Rio Grande Railroad
pn the south and the Arroyo Col
orado on the north Well Umber
ed along the streams and lakes ba
lance prairie Includes within its
limits the famous battle Gelds of
Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
Arable and pasture Price 83 per
5th A tract adjoining No 4
which togother with that tract will
include 100000 acies in one body
very desirablo Special terms to
0th 10000 acre tract about
three miles from the Arroyo Post
Office This land is well timbered
and watered soil alluvial adapted
to fruits cotton com cane etc
Special terms to any one buying
tract obligating to colonize
7 tb 1G00 nuro troct frontinc on
Lhe llio Grande about twenty miles
from Brownsville and 8 milea from
Santa Maria 300 ncoos under culti
vation on low lands od rivor front
All good arable land Price 3 per
8tb 725 acres trinnsnlar forrat
frontinc orf Rio Gninde 10 miles
nbovo Brownsville jjoml laud Well
watered Prion 3000
9th Nuuinroiirt irnolrt of pasture
lands from 1C00 to 5000 acres each
in differfenl parts of the comity
10th This is a very dtsirable
plnce for a nmnll fruit or truok farm
containini 10 tierfts with a new
brink dwelling of G rooms frame sta
ble mid oilier oiithnuses and large
uiiilcrgronid cistmn tbn o niilps from
Brownsville on licsucti do la Palma
on the conntv rond
tilA IUU CcoredC SoW AdUiToid SorSfc
j jl > er in iljmth UjrlalUne Vnsn COOKyV
MREMECY CO SOT iln on c Tcraplt
L5VMcn o 11 for proof of cares Cunlg
5 ao CO Worst raws etired In ir
EWo l vs iOOi anc hctli tree
lllinds Doors Sash Paints
Oils and Yarnish
The very highest Cash price3 paid
foi Hides Wool Cotton
Bones Hair Etc
02 I
The Best and Easiest J tinning
Machine in the World Took
the Medal forMiperioty at
the recent Columbian
World s Fair
For InfornaUra end tre < HinUl jos vri Jo
MUNN < f Ubiujway Sew Yors
OUnt burrau ur S nrn prunti In America
Every palont IAr < n mil liy u 13 brumli Uforo
the public hj a uotco git cu frco of charge In too
iArccst crruliton or anr srlontini p pr la tlio
world buciUIUIy Illustrate Ko lntcllteeuC
inan FliouM Iw without It Weekly ariKO a
year fUBsix months Adcrf lICSN k CO
lLHL iUKas 301 Broadway sev TorfcPttY
New Home
n IU J iTi flf 115a n r4 fl i 1 0 f AI ° dfrn convenience 3 ciusin a s
irWIIIU Mill t 1 Ai lty7nesS2 ° perdy < s c
UUsaiilC SusUlHlIiUdi luss lloor to and f rcbi all deport
Dealer In
Comrnerclo 3b 3atamoios
IMako your money can you a
monthly Milary
1000 mid more made daily hy our
now Systematic Plan of Operation on
small investments in grain and stock
All we ask is to investigate our
now and original method Iast
workings of plan and highest refer
ence furnished Our IJooklet Points
JlinU how to make hum and
otVr information snt I LEI
G11 ic raiutor tf CU A 3 f
iinor o auI Urokers J
Oion Hoard of Trado LIdi C1L Ac lTi
cajjo 111
Boarding and Lodging Houss
Thirteenth Street
Late of Milierss Hotel
Meals at all hours Coffue and
Chocolate Fish served at ail Lrnra
of day and night
Brownsville Texas
Consignments Solicited
Brownsville Texas
± i Q Krausss
Is now Prepared to do all kinds of
Watch ana C ock work
Repairing Jewelry and Silverwareof s11
Kinds a Speciality
ellat Restaurant
Beard by Day Week orMoTith
at Reasonable
Table supplied with the bect
the market affords
Mahncke Ho I
Cor Houston and St 3Ia 3 St
San Antonio JfXa >
> r
car j
F B Armstroxn
jjleriean and Souths gird
Mammal Skin
Bird yy < <
and Sjjccimeris of JS ul
uiid Uislury
Caveats il TrrJc Iark3cljttnelard P tJ
JO ROrnccioOppoEiTEUS frrz it rrir
Jtid iictTii ire rui < iit m jtji ilrni tau > e
remote iron Wu > hi turl
5 bend n d oraniiij or hif trlh Ij
tic n V advisr it yalcriu Ic or Jj
Jci r Car fee u t d c ull pntrnt is l1 d >
fc t o ame in the L > S and lot a rot ntf
wv > < e
y Tf

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