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McKinleyites claim Ohio is
for McKinley But they
selves think it to be an
Vigly doubtful state
Thirtyfive Ohio Republicans
vho are here working on the
sewer are being shipped to
Ohio to vote They are hav
ing their transportation paid
both ways together with their
other expense and pay lor time
absent from work Hanna and
his plutocratic backers are
squandering about 3000 on
these 35 voters and yet the
state of Ohio is not doubtful
Hanna and his confederates
are not scared Oh no
Hanna and his allies haven t
enough money to debauch
enough voters to elect Wm
McKinley the tool of trusts
and plutocrats Ohio is sure
to cast her vote for Bryan
And Hanna can t import
enousffr votes with all the mon
ey of Wall and Lombard
streets to change the result
San Antonio Journal
There is a new jjirl as
well as a new woman She
has not been much talked
about and she would not like
to be but she exists strong
of muscle and keen of intellect
modest and dignified fearless
yet tender selfreliant yet never
aggressive a girl more often
beautiful than othervwise for
beautiful is the divine right of
every woman properly bred
and nourished She is well
well groomed and dressed
unconsciously expressing her
harmony of thought in harmo
ny of appearance She is a lov
ing lovable girl with a splendid
capacity for romance but none
for sentinventalism She is
the newest growth of a new
cbufiLry an exponent of the
freshest and strongest civiliza
tion in existence From Mary
Annable Fanton in Demo
rest s Magazine for Novem
Perry Ok Oct 30 Twen
ty miles east of here five high
waymen robbed a dozen farm
ers Wednesday night The
robbers were masked and
went from house to house
faking everything of value
The families at each house
were made to line up at the
point of pistols and guarded
by two men while the others
went through the house
Chris Jones firedon the band
as they left his house and sev
eral shots were fired but no
one was known to have been
hurt A parly followed the
robbers into the Osage Indian
country where they lost track
of them
Western Teas Stockman
It is reported that more than
1 500 sheep died rJear San An
gelo during the recent cold
rains The sheep that died
had been shorn So far as
thb Stockman has been able
jVr learn there have been no
liases in this section as our
sKepmeh are letting their
co grow for better prices
7 Cfiam inkingyoyvoci
l i o tn Ji
London Oct 30 A high
official of the foreign office le
ferring to the statement made
by the Chronicle this morning
that theVe is good reason to
believe that a tribunal similar
to the Bering sea commission
will be appointed to adjust the
Venezuelan boundary affair
said this afternoon that he
had no knowledge of the ap
pointment of such a tribunal
Asked if such a tribunal should
be appointed would all the
territory claimed by Venezue
la be included in the arbitra
tion he replied
That is the essence of the
whole matter Venezuela on
ly claimed all along territory
to the bank of the Equibo
Everyone knows that portion
was settled by the Dutch and
Venezuela throughout has
been so stubborn in the mat
ter that it has been impossible
to arrive at any conclusion If
the entire disputed territory te
submitted to arbitration it
might involve giving up the
greater part of the colony
However the matter is now
under discussion and the
wh > le state of the matter is be
ing discussed I must await
the report before expressing
an opinion
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Cameron County 13 the extreme
southern county of Texas It is
separated from Mexico by the Rio
Grande on the south and has about
100 miles of golf coast as its east
ern boundary tt was organized in
184S and contains 3308 square
miles Farming and stock raising
are the principal industries of the
people the location climate and soil
being admirably adapted for both
The greater portion of the soil is a
rich loam and produces an exceed
ingly heavy yield of both cotton
and com the chief farm products
Two and sometimes three crops of
corn averaging from fiftv to seven
ty bushels per acre are raised year
ly while cotton will easily ield
from one to two bales per acres
Grasses grow all the year and stock
find pasturao without being fed or
sheltered during the winter But
the soil and climate of the Lsuer
Rio Grande Val ey are by nature
best adapted for the production of
vegetables and fruits Vegetables
af all kinds grow all the year
oronnd and northern people are as
tonishpd to lind tomatoes lettuce
spinach English peas etc served
fresh from the gardens in midwin
ter This is undoubtedly the par
adise of trjck gardeners and so
soon as rail transportation is ob
tained Cameron county vegetables
by the car load will be shipped to
northern markets during winter and
early spring and will obtain the
highest prices as there will be no
competition This i3 due to our
exceedingly mild climate Fre
quently the entire winter passes
without a single frost ami there is
rarely ever any cold veather before
Christmas Fruit culture has not
heen attempted in this county on a
large scale but there is one large
banana plantation on which this
delicious fruit yields most abund
antly and in thegreatpst perfection
Grapes are also raised extensively
growing in almost everj yard They
ripen from two to four weeks ear
lier than in any other section
Many planters here make all of
their own tilde wines Oranges
and lemons also grow in profusion
and this section could easily be
madi tn rival Florida in the pro
duction of oranges Sugar cane is
also one of the iiir > st important pro
ducts of this valley The Rio
Grande plantation of Mr Geo Bru
ivand the Rabb Starclr plantation
produce graat quantities of cane
which all mannfactuml on the
Rio Grande plantation This cane
makes sugar which is produced by
experts 0 be even superior to the
best Louisiana product Ilavaua
tobacco has also proven a success
here Col J G Tucker having
made some most successful experi
ments with it his samples were
classed by New York buyers us
equal to the best Havana
The county is watered by the Rio
Grande with its ample flow along
the southern boundary and mini
erous small streams calcd arroya
and nresacas
The population of Cameron coun
ty according to the census of 1800
is 13421 Brownsville the comity
seat has a population of about
7000 Point fsabel the seaport of
the county has about 400 inhabi
tants and Santa Maria a growing
little river settlement has about230
Improved lands sell for from 5
to 23 per acre unimproved for
from 2 to 6 per acre The aver
age taxable value of land is 1
There are 82240 acres of school
1 nd in the countv The county
lias a total school population of
4400 ami gives employment to 80
teacher The average length of
the acho 1 term is live month The
total tuition revenue received from
the Stat is 13 000 There are a
1111 mh r of public Mihools in the
county affording ample educational
Honieseeker8 are giadually be
ginning to lind their way to Ibis
land where farmers can work in the
open air 305 day in th year but
it is compMiatively undeveloped as
ye With the building of the
Jail road to Corpvs Christi however
a gretl iulltix of seltlert may be
j expected and they wdl be heard v
I weconipd This valley is capable
of supporting niillrons of people
The Ukuvld will I p 1 lextd t lur
nihanv triMur inf imnhnn ro
iradmg tiui liiwcr Rto Grande
Viile thafr > riLdtrh abroad hity
The Goodrich Real Estate
Southwest Texas ImmigialioS Bureau
ESSE 0 WHEELER Secretary
Brownsville Cameron Go Texas
1st 300 acres of land tvo must
from city hall of Brownsvil e siji
ated on Reaaca la Guerra and
horseshoe affluent of such resaca
on mail road suitable for fruit or
chards 30 acres now in irrigation
with pecan walnut chestnuts
plum peach pear apricot cherry
Japanese persimmon fig grape and
ribbon catie Can be sabdivided
into 5 or 10 acre lots giving each
abuudant watersupply there being
a depth of 5 to 15 feet of water all
seasons of the year Price 10 to
25 per acre nccording to location
Will sell in a body at special rates
2d 82 pieces adjoining one of
201 and the other of 120 acressitu
ated on Itesaca Rancho Viejo five
miles from city hal on mail road
Both pieces almost surrounded by
water of 10 to 15 feet in depth 40
acres under irrigation This land
is equal to if not superior to the
Mississippi bottom lands and can
be made a paying investment for a
fruit orchard or truck gardening
an be subdivided into 5 to 10
acre lots Price 10 to 25 per
acre whole tract on special terms
3d 100 acre tract two miles
from the city of iirownsville oh
resaca with good water supply
Ebony Mesquite Ash Hack berry
and other timbers Allnvial soil
To one who desires to subdivide in
small tracts this is a paying in
vestment Sold in bulk only Price
10 per acre
4th 25000 acres in one body
having a frontage of about six
miles on the Rio Grande Railroad
pn the south and the Arroyo Col
orado on the north Well timber
ed along the streams and lakes ba
lance prairie Includes within its
limits the fanions battle fields of
Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
Arable and pasture Price 3 per
5th A tract adjoining No 4
which togother with that tract will
include 100000 acres in one body
very desirablo Special terms to
0th 10000 acre tract about
three miles from the Arroyo Post
Office This land is well timbered
and watered soil alluvial adapted
to fruits cotton corn cane etc
Special terms to any one bnying
tract obligating to colonie
7 tb 10 aero trnct fronting on
the Rio Grande about twenty mile
from BrownBvlfe and 8 miles from
Santa M r a ffOO ncoea under cnlti
vxtion on K w la > da ou river front
ll good urablu land Price 3 per
8th 725 ncrcs trifingnlnr form
fronting on Rio Grande lG miles
above Brownsville cood land Well
wntored Price 3000
9 h Nnranrom trnnts of pasfnrc
laniiR from 1000 to C000 ncres eaoh
iu different parts of tbu county
10th This is a very dtairable
plnco for n pmnll frnit or trnok farm
containing 10J acres with a now
brick dwelling of Grooms frame Bta
bio nnd other ontbonses and large
underground ciflffirn three miles from
BrownaTille jn Resaca do la Palma
on the connty rOnd
iVChlCiKr III lor rr ofs vt curcit Cii lJfi
pn iil nSO > Wi > Wwt veii rurrd In Ifryjj
A il Say ICftf 111 >
Rlinds Doors Sash Paints
Oils and Yarnish
The vorv highest Cash prices paid
foi ilides Wool Cotton
Bones Hair Etc
arie I tastas
ffrowns vilTe G x6s
copyaiCHTS etcl
For Information unit froo Handbook write to
Oiliest bureau for scciirttiK patent In Arnirln
KTcry pit nt tnken out by us broncht N fere
tho iubllo by a notice given IrtO dchargo In U10
lurpfst circulation of nmr scientific paper In tho
world Splcndliriy llliMratM No Intelllrrnt
man hbuM lie without It Weckfy MOlla
year 3Uslicmontha Aildrt > 3inNV t CO I
lCPiisHLCi 301 Broadway Not York f
New Home
The Best llid 3faiC Ennning
Machine in the World Took
the Medal forsnperioty at
the recent Colnmhian
Worlds Fair
Dealer Iti
Commercio St Matamoios
f MONBY if
rako your money earn yoll a
tnoiftlify salary
iKMXland more nuulo daily liv our
nnv Sj tiinatii Plan ofOpcration on
hinafl iiiviHtineiits in < rain and slock
All wfi uhIc in to invcfetijrilo our
now and original molliodi Past
workinjcn of plan and liirlu t rofor
fiict fuiiiislud Our Ilookkl Point
r llinls how to make iimuhv and
otliir infonnatioii stuit IKMK
dlMi or iV liiiiTv < > r and Irokcrt
Onlloartlof Trade 15ld hi
1 > PJ
swoptwwui wwry fve iHag > p lg r
> r
< h
Boarding and Lodging Hous
Thirteenth Street
Late of Millerss Hotel
Meals at all hours Coffee and
Chocolate Fish served at all henr
of day and night
Brownsville Texas
Consignment Solicitea
Brownsville Tcaas
H G Krausse
Is now Prepared to do all kinds of
Watch ana C u wort
Repairing Jewelry and Silverware of ati
Kinds a Speciality
ellat Restaurant
Board by Day Week or Month
Table supplied with the best
the market affords
Blahiicke Hotel
Cor Houston and St Jlarjs Sts
San Antonio
JlrIora cnnvenienrcsrunsine a sep
cialtyritsS200 nerd y > reelstara
pats doOr to and fnni all depots
F B Armstrong
Jleaidan dud Southern Birth
Maiiitiial Skin Bird lujgs
and tyeeimens of j at
111 til History
Tavcat and Tr dt ilar obtained an I t I u J
rntbu 111 conducted r MooEHATC ces
Son OFricis oppositi U siPatsi
> jid c can m < urc pati nt in Ias tuu
Jremcte roat WaJiitvton
Send ni > lr v im r pli to i
i > n V odi ll t ir > u cr 11
J ari Our 1 r t ilut t i c is
I A PAMWiiCT vrl nl
i > r t cut f jr j t

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