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Subscription Rates
One Year 600
6 Months 300
3 i50
1 60 cts
Moke tariff tiukering is the
iirst thing promised under the
McKinley regime This ia not
calculated to do much in the
way of restoring prosperitj
especially toward raising the
prices of farm products
Tjle Galveston News thiuks
theslump in Now York ha8
killed the Tammany tiger too
dead to skin The Nexvs for
gets how many lives members
of the feline family usually
posses and the New York kit
ten is probably uo exception to
the rule
Li Hung Chang the great
Chiuese still continues to form
the chief topic of Eastern news
It is reported now that he will
be appointed head of theNor
thern and Southern squadron
of the Chinese navy His trip
around the globe has greatly
added to his importance with
the celestials
It is now stated that Pres
identElect McKinley will call
a special session of congress
shortly after his inauguration
for the purpose of passing new
revenue laws and putting the
government on a paying basis
It will be remembered that it
was due to the tactics of the
republicans in the last congrpss
that laws to ensure suflicient
revenue were not passed hence
the expense of the expected
exira session will be charged
up to the account of the g o p
Chicken fried in a vegetable
batter makes a delightful
change out a plump young
chicken into pieces wash it
and put it into a sauceapan
with half a nip of hot watei
cover and let it simmr over
tii tire 15 minutes When the
chicken becomes cold wipe
eiih piece and rub with sail
Make a natter by healing light
the yolks of two eg s with
half a 8altspoonful of salt stir
ling in gradually one table
spoonful of oil adding ou cup
of ti > ur and lastly half a cup
of cold water and beating
vigorously Put the batter to
one side for an hour or longer
Put into a chopping bowl one
small onion Jjlhree sprigs of
parsley and two tomatoes peel
ed and with the feeds removed
Chop the vugHtaoies wry fiit
nnd when ready to use ttir
them into the batter Lastly
add the whites of the eggs
beaten lijiht Put the pieces ol
prepared chicken in the hatter
and aee that each one is well
roVeied Set a spider over the
lite and melt in it enough hut
ter t > rover the bottom Place
the bitter covered thicken in
til bjldti atid ity it shnvl tin
til siit pl ces are cooked to a
it h blown Arrange the cook
ed pieces upon a hot platter
and pour a tomato sauce around
President Clevelands Mm
Will Deal Willi the
Washington November 7
If private adyices from New
York as wpII a rumors now iu
circulation here are to be be
lievedinteresting developments
in the Cuban question may be
expected This is at all events
the talk in Washington One
of the priucipal reasons wby
the administration has thus far
persisted in keeping hands
oil in Cuban affairs has been
the presidential electiou It
involved too much in which the
administration was deeply in
terested With these matters
satisfactorily disposed of and
the threatened debasement
of the curreuce out of the way
it is now thought President
Cleveland will direct his atten
tion toward remedyiug evils
which it is apparent can not
be corrected except through the
interference of the United
States It is self evident that
the report of Consul General
Lee on the coudition of affairs
in the island cun not fail to
show that the condition of
affairs there isif anything even
worse than it was a year ago
American property has been
destroyed to theextent of mil
lions and American interests
have suffered so greatly that
they cau not be aggravated by
any change of policy It is
expected that these enormous
losses aud the further fact that
Spain h s made no headway in
suppressing the rebellion to
the great injury of this coun
trys commerce will be refer
red to iu the presidential mes
sage and that he will make
certain suggestions for their
abatement With a congress
in sympathy wiih the move
ment to lestore peace in Cuba
it dues not require much effort
conceive what action will be
taken by that body in the
London Nov S T P O
Connor in discussing the
celebrated case of Mrs Castle
in the Sun today says
Some proof of the esteem
in which this family is held in
San Francisco can be found in
the fact that friends of mine
have cabled me to do the best
that 1 could for Mrs Clastic I
would gladly do anything that
lies in my power in this matter
My feeling is that this poor
woman ought to be turned over
to her friends immediately
There is not the slightest
doubt but that she is unhinged
in mind for she is wealthy
educated and of a nature en
tirely free from viciousnoss
Mr Castle deserves the sym
pathy and respect of every
man and especially of every
husband 1 lis trail has been
a terrible one I do not think
there could be a finer exhibi
tion of manliness and genen a was successfully concealed till
sity than this poor fellow ex
hibited in standing by his wife
in her hour of extremity
faithful tender and un re
proachful The American
1 1 I It
authorities are now working
for her liberation and I am
sure that public opinion in
Great Britain will back them
up with full hopes of success
Employes Bounced Because
They Supported Bryan and
Free Silver
Washington November G
The summary dismissal of a
number of treasury employes
known to have been favorable
to the cause of silver duing the
late campaign has subjected
Secretary Carlisle to much ad
verse criticism from both repub
licans and democrats The ac
tion of the secretary of the
treasury is said by not a few
to be violative of the spirit of
the civil service law to say
nothing of the unAmerican
Bpirifc which it betrays in try
ing to stille the glorious Anier
ican privilege of free Bpeech
The adverse comments have in
fact been such that those act
ing for Secretary Carlisle hast
ening to explain that politics
had nothing to do with it Ihe
explanation is as weak as it is
false and it is given little
credence Everybody who
kuowB anything knows that
the men removed most of whom
were appointed upon the re
commendation of Senator
Blackburn are made the target
of Carlisles piqne and animos
ity for the senior Kentucky
statesman There is no love
lost between Carlisle and Black
burn Apart from their friend
ship for Blackburn however
the dismissed democrats have
ever been loyal to the party
and steadfast supporters of
Carlisle and Cleveland It is
generally felt that even if those
with whom he was dealing were
political foes he might in their
hour of adversity have shown a
little more magnanimity
Pursuant to call over eighty
Spanish residents of this city
met at the store of D Fraucisco
Aruiendaiz last Sunday to con
sider assisting the mother coun
try iu the Cuban trouble espec
ially by contributing to the
increase of the navy and fur
the care of the wounded Those
present were prepared for the
question and responded cor
dially a considerable amount
being speediiy subscribed with
the ayrepniHtit to continue the
ftibscriDlious monthly for a
period of ten years of necess
On motion to divide the con
wihuliou of UHveral hundred
dollars folhe Wounded and
give half to the releif of the
sulferers by the cyclone in
Sinaloa this was unanimously
The Spanish colonys sub
scriplion to the Sinaloa relief
fund by Thursday amounted to
en 12
The Times can stale as a
positive fact that abottt live
months ago a Spaniard of this
city gave jij00 in aid of his
countrys cause The money
was sent direct to the queen
recent The name of this paliot
is never to be made known and
the vety fact of the donation
recently The Times has too
much lespeel for iiohilit of
character to whh to discover
to wish to dihcovet nioie than
hen stated about the matter
was a gland pailioiic art
and let the etedit be iveii to I standard in An
Every Blnn Who Would Know tho
Grand Truths tho Plain Facta tho
New Discoveries of lUodioal Bclenco
an Applied to married ldlo Who
Would Atono for Fait Errors and
Avoid Futuro Pitfall Should Secure
the Wonderful Little Book Called
Complete Manhood and IIor to At
tnln It
Hero at last is information from a high
medical source that must Work wonders with
this ceneration of men
Tho book fully describes a method br which
to attain full Irt and manly power
A method by which to end all unnatural
flralns on io system
To cure nervousness lack of selfcontrol dd
spondency c
icexchanco a Jaded and worn nature for
ono ot Mahtnew buoyancy and jtower
To enru forever offocta of excessesoverwork
worry o
To give full strength development and toco
to every portion nnd orpan of tho body
Aso no barrier Failuro impossible Two
thousand references
Tho book ia purelymedtcnl nnd scientific
useless to curiosity Beckers Juvaluablo to men
only who need it
A despairing man Who had applied to us
soon nficr wrote
Well I tell you that first day is one Ill
never forget I Just bubbled with Joy I
wanted to hue everybody and tell them my
OldEcIf had died yesterday and my now eelx
vaa born todav Why didnt you tell mo
when I first wroto that I would unriitihia
And nnothcr thus
life your
Buffalo K Y nnd ask for the lltUo book
called COMPLETE 21AXU0OD Eoferto
this paper and the company promises to 6ond
tho book In eealed envelope without any
ranrks anil entirely freo until It is wcU Intro
4 cod
charming character of the sac
rifice is not vulgarized nor the
generous patriot robbed of that
private satisfaction which could
exist no longer were his name
known to the public of his
nation Monterey Times
Birmingham Ala Nov 7
Iron has gone up 1 over
the summer panic prices It
was advanced another 25 cents
a tone by the Tennessee Coal
and Iron company yesterday
and is now selling close to
850 per ton and the indica
tions are that the price will in
the near future advance to the
point where an increase in the
wages of the miners will be in
order This is but one of the
many features of the activity
which has marked the Birm
ingham district since the
triumph of sound money Com
mercial confidence is greater
than it has been in several
European Authority Thinks
the World Will Be Forced
to Bimetallism
London Nov 8 The Vicn
na correspondent of the Times
says Prof Suezs the great
est of European authorities on
currency questions writes a
letter to die Nues Wienner
fageblatt entitled A Word
of Warning to Europe s Di
plomats Proof Suezs
agrees with the English biiHe
lallisls that McKinley s elec
lion involves a triumph of in
ternational bimetallism over
ndependent bimetallism but
he regards Mr Bryan s dcifeat
as a misfortune to America
two camps the great silver
field comprising the whole
part of America and the whole
of Asia and part of Africa The
gold would have comprised
Europe and Australia and
parts of Alrica It is usually
puerile to consider that the
election has solved the silver
question either for America
or for the rest of the world
Recent events on the contra
ry he thinks have proved the
existence of a general feeling
that the injustice is wholy for
creditors from existing condi
tions of the coinage is ever as
suming large proportions
The bimetallic movement
in Europe is extending gold
coinage has twice brought as
in recent years to the verge
of universal crisis First
seven years ago when gold
production was stagnant until
the discovery of the South Af
rican gold fields and the sec
ond the Bryan agitation
Prof Suezs concludes with
ifjSuTd wfa cart load of coU at my the expression of his opinion
Gladness Into 1 ir
feet it would not bring such my
f a an numnfhvl Tina done 7 f t t t it ft
that Europe s hailing Mr Mc
Kinley whose tariff so injur
iously affected foreign enter
prise is so foolish they they
should earnestly thinks of rid
ding the world of a universal
An editorial in the Tirres
says that it is believed that
it Is believed that Mr McKin
ley is not expected to let his
protectionist views fall into
abevance but it considers the
passage of a new tariff bill
remote and uncertain and
thinks there is likely to be re
newed attempts on the part of
the United States government
to push forward a scheme of
international bimetallism Be
cause says the Times It is
obviously to America s interest
to do something for silver
The Times also says with
reference to Prof Suezs the
Austrian expert Prof Suezs
presumption about the injust
ice of maintenance of the gold
standard has already bedn re
futed many times
Is caused by torpid liver which prevents diges
tion and permits food to ferment and putrify in
the stomach Then follow dizziness hcadacuc
lnsomina nervousness and
if not relieved Dlllous fever
or blood polionlnR IlooU3
Tills stimulate Uiu stomach
rome tho IUer cure tuuttnehc dizziness con
stinatlnn etc 25 ccrli Sold by all cVussisfcs
Thaoulv PJH to tako with Uood3 Sar aparih
The fencing championship
of Germany has been won by
Dr Edward Breck of the Bos
ton Fencing Club
Wilford Woodruff president
of the Mormon Church denies
that polygamy is still practiced
He himself lives with only one
of his two living wives but
supports both of them
One of Mgr Atartinflli s
New York interviewers thus
and to the world in generaldescribes his personal appear
Free silver bethinks wouldance The new apostolic del
have driven all the gold out of Jgate is Italian in manners and
America and
then the appearance He is short and
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine Cures the
common everyday
ills of humanity
jaws His eyes are small and
black lending an expression
of shrewdness to his counten
Labourche cannot see why
Sir Ldwin Arnold should have
made a fuss because his
Queens Day ode was used
to increase the attractiveness
of certain advertisements of
beef and beer The first pres
ident of the Royal Academy
he declares was made by the
employment of his picture
Bubbles to spread the fame
of soap
The Bookman states that
Oscar Wilde is reduced to a
state of the ntmost weakness
He is subjected to the most
rigid prison discipline being
governed by the silent system
For merely turning his head
to see the person next him in
the chapel he has several
times been deprived of his
matterss and been made to
sleep on the bare floor His
sentence has only six months
more to run Mrs Wilde is
to rejoin her husband at the
expiration of his imprisonment
They will probably retire to
sorde obscure continental
The Marchoiness of Salis
bury Is very unpopular with
all classes of English society
in consequence of her un
gracious manners She has a
queen habit of turning away
her head when she extends
her hands in greeting even at
her own receptions and an
irrevent young attache of one
of the foreign embassies de
lighted the social world of
London some time ago by
training his poodle to sit up
and on mention of Lady Salis
bury s name to turn its heady
over its left shoulder while it
extended a paw with an air of
PECULIAR in comblnatlgn Jm
portion and propiiratiou of mgrfcui
cntSjIIoodsSarsaparilla possesses grca
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Old newspapers for sale at
this office 25cts hundred
ilr Pi tees Cream Baking PowtTe
vrtrd il fV > i M W Midwinter Filr Sir Frinasa
< aa
but built I fe
of slight compactly
ui a bitti l J > fcfc
Maws a < i 3
merica would and he has broad shoulder g btfaLo I stfsS
tbdSpuiiUh race in this wav have been Stable for 1 le has a large square fore
of publishin t what Wo hivt some fine to Mine It would head and aquiline no > < a
discovered by chance the have < 1ei < hM the wmUl into imall month and strung h avy S tciiQ JL

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