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Issued Every Day Except Sunday
g riisriw
xbitob ua > rsoraxeA
Tiie JIeraldIs tile only paper riibftshcd
on the lower Rfo Grande
tntered sttho rostoffico at Brownsville Tcxaf
is Second Clasli Mall Matter
tuursday yov 12 isus
Tho stcambort Bessio loft R5o
Urando City this morning on its
svay homowanl
lho Alice stayo passed E Sauz at
1015 this morning with Hospital
Stewart McXjloin wifo and Oireo
A now brick pavement is boing
3aid in front of tho residence of
5lon J B Well which has lately
been repaired and ropainfed
Mr Villalobos has made arrange
ments to iiavo the Matamoros etroot
cars run tonight until tho conclus
ion of the opera for tho accomoda
tion of thoso attending
Manager liussoll of tho ferry com
pany has kindly agreed to havo a
chalan at tho crossing tonight to
transport all thoso from this side
who attend tho performance in Ma >
tamoros tonight
Our onterprihing Spanish conlom
porary tho Dos Hepublicas this
morning publishes a full pago cut of
our popular county clerk Joseph
Wobb who has just been reelected
It is a handsome piece of work
Day before yesterday Deputies
Sheriff Uobb and Sanchez brought in
faix convicts from Hidalgo named
Tomas Buenleo Rosalio Cano Jtiah
Gutierrez Pablo Ortiz Simon Floros
and Tomas Garcia They will It
taken on board the Steamship Clin
ton and landed in Galveston
Capt Edward E Dravo commis
sary of subsistence chief commits
sary of tho doparimont will proceed
io Forts Mcintosh Itinggold and
Brown Texas Tor tho purposo of
making a thorough inspection of tho
Bubsibtonco department at thoso
popfs and upon completion or tho
fluty ho will return to Ins station at
Fort Sam Houston Express Army
1 ho KodriguozLaflita opera com
pany will give its initial perform
anco tonight in Matamoros tho pro
Krain to consist of two pieces The
firit is a threo act play entitled Un
lJBtudianlo on Salamanca and tho
second tho woll known Chateau
Marjjaux This company comes
highly fecomiuonded and tho per
formance wjll doubtless bo well
worth witnessing
night slate that A B Co won has
heeu admitted to the bar as a prac
tising lawyer before Judge R B
Green of the San Antonio District
court Mr Cowert is tho son ot Louis
Coweu the well known citizen of
Brownsville and gained his knowl
edge of law by his own efforts hero
having recently gone to San Anto
nio His Brownsville friends will
be pleased to learn that Mr Cowen
will return hero to engage In tho
practice Of his profession TiIe
HekaU joim them in wishing for
him a successful and prosperous
The cOmmiJsiohors have com
pleted counting their canvass of the
count election returns Some dif
tUulty was round iu tho work ou ac
count cf cvrorj in the returns from
tertain precincts Thotally Mieeta
from El Carmen box show the votes
fui1 most of tho candidates to be
worthless their names being put
down for otHcesfor which they iVeic
not running For instancy M M
Crane su named as candidate for
Lieut Gov Rudolph Kloberg for
Juliii oi lliu Court of civil ap
peal E A Atleo Tor congre R B
Rout fro for Stato Senator Titos Car
vii for DiMricl
AHorney and a
number of olhur liki > errors being
iia h The rtiimth a < omiitd will j
l < < ulihhfd m lilt UtiAiin i
TirtMCililitittVi TirtjrfiTiMi iimiKi un ii g > > myi > lMli fl T m IT
First SeTgt Michaol Lyons of
Troop K 5th Cav having received
his promotion to ordnance sergeant
will soon leavo for his new post at
Fort Bono I T This is an advautag
oous stop in ovory way for Sorgt
Lyons a ho has considerable landed
interests in that region ho can look
after Lyons has been in tho 5th
Cav for twonty years or moro and
has always been ono of its most o >
fluent noncommissiouodofficers bo
ing beloved by his men though a
strkl disciplinarian
Who his successor is to bo is not
yet known but tho diamonds will
probably bo added to tho chevrons
of Sergt Gustavo Opitz who is noxt
in rank Opitz is a veteran of tho
civil war joining with tho New
York volunteors of 02 and has boon
in tho 5th Cav for a scoro of years
nearly all tho timo as a noncom
Ho is a capable soldior and well lik
0t by tho troop San Antouio Ev
Sorgt Lyons is well known in
Brownsvillo whoro ho mado a good
impression uponall who know him
stationed at Brown His old com
rades and friends aro pleased at his
Tho now residence built by Mr >
Mario I Armstrong ou Washington
stio t is low about completed It
is a very pretty twostory brick and
adds much to tho appearance of that
part of tho city
Louis Kowalski mado a business
trip to Point Isabel today
Adolph Jagou is expected to ar
rivo from Laredo Saturday
Captain Beynou loft on tho stago
this morning for Corpus Chrisli
A U Howell returned to his homo
at tho Point on this mornings Ilio
Grande traiu
Miss Lo Grand would like a few
pupils in Spanish and French She
is an experienced teacher of both
languages Apply at hor rosidenco
on Loveo street near tho Woodhouso
store Terms very reasonable
Tho oni nowpaper baying now
is the timo to subscribe was uover
moro true than at present The tinios
aro so full of incident so many im
portant national and Stato affairs aro
shaping themeolvej for a change
that no ono can afford to bo without
a metropolitan daily or weokly Tho
St Louis Republic thogreate tduni
ocratic newspaper is making a hpe
cial offer of its daily and Sunday pa
per for three months at L50 It i
G a year by mail The Twicea
Republic is sunt two times a week
101 papers for only 1 a oar In
addition to all the political news it
prints ovory day a spread of general
news and foatutos not equalled b
any other paper
M Leah agent for tho Stomped
San Antonio papers arriving latt Firo Extinguisher will receive a
large consignment of those excellent
machines ou the next steamer Now
is your time to place orders and pro
ect your property from tho Fire
aend >
To make it apparent to thousands
who think thenisehes ill that they
are Hot alllicted with any disease
but that the system simply needs
cleansing is to bring comfort homo
to their hearth as a costive condition
is easily cured by using Syrup of
Figs Manufactured by tho Califor
nia Fig Sxnip Company only and
sold by all druggists
Mrs Geo Kraus > u Offers Many Rare
To doso out the business Mr
Geo Krausse is belling at coat her
entire stock of
Fine Stationary
Glass and China waro
Fine Baby Cariiugoa
Musical lutiumuhls
Fancy gooth
Organs and
A Fine Piano
Read tho Solfing at Cost notice
of Mrs Geo Krausse
Dennett received a lot offlne can
ned salmon by tho last steamer
Fon Rent A couple of will
fnnished rooms can bo rented cheap
jy Apply at this office
The U S Govt Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
suoprlor to all others
Ono or two boardors can got ac
commodations at reasonable prices
at Miss Lo Grands on Loveo street
Received on this steamer byl Co
ostiii Jagou tho following list of fresh
cheeses Limburger Swiss Edam
Isigny Neufchatol and Roquofort
Just received at Mrs 11 Ballack a
boautiful lino of Lariios Coat and
capes which will bo sold at reason
able prices Call and take a look at
them No trouble to show goods
Gregorio Estrada has tho houor to
offer his services as tailor at his
shop in Brownsvillo opposite tho
railroad office also in Matamoros
half a blosk from Main plaza Com
mercial street Satisfaction guaran
LADIES I make big wages at
home and waut all to havo tho saino
opportunity Tho work is very
pleasant and will easily pay 18
weekly This is no deception I
want no money and will gladly send
full particulars to ail sending stamp
Miss M A Stobbins Lawronce Mich
W F Dennett sales agent for
Wanamaker Brown Oak Hall
Philadelphia has recoivod a full lino
of fall and winter samples pf clothr
ing ready mado or mado to orde
suits gents furnishing goods etc
etc Sample room on Washington
streot opposite Mrs JSauder Open
from 10 to 11 oclock every morning
There aro a great many of tho un
Cortunato onos in this worldgreater
in number than thoso who aro bleso
ed with good digestion To somo
peoplo tho grcalost misfortuno is not
to bo able to Oat overything sot be
fore thorn I suffered for years with
Dyspepsia and over thing I ato dis
agreed with mo I was induced to
try Simmons Livor Regulator and
was cured I now cat overything
M Bright Madison Parish La
Mns Winslows Soothing Syrnp
has been used for over fifty years by
millions of mothers for their children
while teething with perfect success
It soothes tho child softens the gums
allajs all pain cures wind colic and
is tho host remedy for Diarrhoea
It will roliovo the poor liltlo sufferer
immediately Sold by Druggosts in
every part of the world 25c a bot
tle Bo sure and ask for Mrs Wins
lows Soothing Syrup and take no
other kind
FokRkst A couplo of woll
furnished rooms can be rented cheap
ly Apply at this office
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars
Howard lor any case of Catarrh that
can not bo cured by Halls Catarrh
F 1 CM ENEY k CO 1rops To
ledo O
Wo the undersigned havo known
F 1 Cheney for tho lat 15 years
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and fin
ancially able to carry out any obli
gations made by their firm
West Tiiuax Whosaly Druggists
Toledo s
Wamhnc 1uva < s MauCis Whole
sale Druggists Toledo Ohio
Halls Catarrh Cuio is taken inter
nally acting directly upon the blood
an mucous Surfaces of tllo system
PrceToc per bottle Sold by all
ruiggi s Tcliiiionials free
Hall s Family Pillb aro tho best
tixtist s fult > lull the sickness in Uio worM g
retains U > rtigcstii looil too in the bovte1
ami produces luliouaiieas torpid lior imli
Kestion lud Libi cniKd
tongue sick lieailjilie in
somnia etr llixxls Tills
cure constipation and nil its
rusulUeasilj ami Uiornughl r > c Allcinij pisis
Vrei r d c 1 Hood Low
j > fcCo < It Ma
tall iarly ami lay in a supply dj T mniiivrtiLroulewiuniotMiswr iwiii
f I iNiiiih 41ft nlit = U < L iart j
I K iho Mf HH rjr1 1 < > r l < t 40 in 4JS < A i
1 Mli l I wilMJlMi
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasantefforts
rightly directed There is comfort in
the knowledge that so many forms of
sickness arc not due to any actual dis
ease but simply to a ccnstitiated condi
tion of the system which the pleasant
family laxative Syrup of Figs prompt
ly removes That is why it is tho only
remedy with millions of families and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health Its benetieial
effects are duo to the fact that it is tho
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts It is therefore
all important in order to get ito bene
ficial effects to note when you pur
chase that you have the genuine arti
cle which is manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co only aud 6old by
all reputable druggists
Tf in the enjoyment of good health
and the system is regular laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed If
alllicted with any actual disease one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians but if in need of a laxative
one should have tho best and with the
wellinformed everywhere Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
Used and gives most general satisfaction
Last Weeks Statement Does
Not Tell the Whole Story
of Improvement
KTew York Nov 7 The
New York Financier says this
week The statement of the
New York banks for this week
covering five business days is
chiefly valuable as a record of
the flurry immediately preceed
ing the election The state
ment is supposed to include
the week only up to Thursday
and it is very evident that the
recover which has taken place
since the election is not shown
in the totals For instance it
is known that several million
ol specie have ben redeposited
and gold is now in the clearing
house vaults although the
statement shows only a slight
expansion in specie It does
not seem reasonable either
in the face of a rapidly rising
and active stock market such
as markedjast week to look
for a skrinkage in loans
amounting lo 4070700 which
the statement shows The rap
id fall in call money and the
competition between bariks for
commercial oflerinors since
Tuesday is another evidence
that banks are not decreasing
loans and it is still a little ear
ly to look for voluntary pay
ments of obligations due banks
The clearing house statement
at the close of business Satur
day was of course better than
when the present statement
was made the showing for
next week will demonstrate
the eflect of the election of
Nov 3 The balances are
climbing toward the 40000
000 mark and there seems to
be no doubt that the banks
will soon resume settlements
in gold coin The banks in
fact will show larcre rains in
gold from the treasury reserve
which will find its way into
bank vaults and tliehce into
the Treasury The clearing
house institutions for the first
time in months will be able to
maintain their reserves uniform
ly above the 25 per cent limi j
Because if unchecked it may lead
directly to consumption Catarrh is
caused by impure blood This Tact is
fully established Therefore it is
usoless to try to cure catarrh by out
ward applications or inhalants Tho
true way to euro catarrh is to purify
T r j
tiro blood Hood s SaVrtiparPla li
great hlodd purifier euros catarrh 1
its power totlrivo out all impurltrj
from tho blood Thousands of pro
testify that they have ueen pcifej
and permanently cured of tatarr
by Hood s Sarsapa rilla
Or Prices Cream BafcSosPov der
Worlds Fair liljihest Award
Commission Merchant
Fire and Marine
POM 018s
Sporting Goods Shot Guns Pistols Riiiea and Aiinnunition
Wines Ccguao Gin Ale Cigats Pqro Olive Oil Mineral Watt1
and delicacies of every description rlwa3S < > ti ivimd
5rPrompt attention given to oil Orders by Mail or othcru usr
Elizabeth street
STORE One block from Rio Grande railroad depot
Lime Cement and Brick Car
riage Wagon and Building Mater
ials Hardware Paints Oils 1 ter
pentine and Varnishes for Car
riages and Buildings
Agent for John Finnegai Go
W ill pay the highest cash price lot
hides skins and a3 country pro
Dry Goods Staple Goode Boote Shoes and tirocume
Ml Rinds Mais Caps Shirts and Draw flotions ami Family Brocens
All European goods kepi ill our Matamoros 1Ioup
33rMail Orders Proiui tly Attended To
Brownsville Texas
Dry Goods
Winchester arms and
We biilinl
JQ pp > Ci
j MoroWaviTleys oM in tle lat tuo > ars Mmi anv o hor t w I
D n r IVclaro thorn
lopnlarai1 Kost llii M
I1VK WVS y A E9rjfr ww B aruJ 1
Dr Price s Cream Baking Fojvddt
f ri s Fair rrQRt Awai 2MVt A Pk i t t M
r X IT i MM f 4

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