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ro very Definite News Re
ceived of die Captain Gen
erals Movement v
r lavan Nov 15 NoXy ery
Explicit news has been receiv
ed from Gen Weyler but it
is known that the engagement
at the Rubi HHls he continued
his march into the interior of
themountains towards Sonora
and that he succeeded impene
trating to points to which no
other Spanish columns have
ever reached He has had
several skirmishes with the in
surgents notwithstanding the
advantageous positions which
they hold in the mountain
strongholds but he has not
succeeded in concentrating
any considerable force > of the
Insurgents hsve again at
tacked the village of Gondola
and have cannonaded it but
without inflicting any dafnage
the Spanish sharpshooting
having silenced the artillery by
picking off the gunners
Eightyeight families and
482 men have been concentrat
ed at Mantua in Pinar del
Rio j
Capt Gen Weyler is now
at Oleaga i
The committee of national
defense today held a meeting
presided over by the Govern
or and agreed to name com
mittees for the provinces who
are to invite the presidents of
political parties to join the
committee in the work they
seek to accomplish j
The committee on national
defense also revolved to take
steps to organtze the lafaorof
the island for work in tlie ag
ricultural districs
Antonio Maceo is today at
San Juan Coutroas m the
southern part of the province
of Pinar del Rio fifteen miles
from Artemsia His vanguard
occupies a position between
Punta Brava and Candelaria
Col Stumpf Explaining Their
Scope and Force to the
Rome Nov 15 Col Her
bert Stumpf superintendent of
immigration of the United
States who has come to Rome
for the purpose of explaining
the United States immigration
laws to the Italian authorities
has had several conferences
since his arrival on various im
migration questions
Among other projects which
have been gone over at these
conferences was the establish
ment of a bank tcr enable Ital
ian residents in the United
States to send home savings
and otherwise assist immi
grants The Marquis di Ru
dini premier has sent a circu
lar to prefect in structng them
to publish the principal points
of the United States laws on
The Italian Socialist Rernar
dino sailed from Genoa on the
Oraga for New York
fir Price s Cream Baking Powtlfct
Restricted Supply and High
Ratqs Reduce English
London Nov 15 Money
rates have been firm and there
has been a brisk demand for
Sfold for the continent It is
probable that large shipments
are going to India shortly
Dear money has restricted bu
siness on the stock exchange
but the tone has been good in
all departments except mines
which were stagnated and de
pressed on the impression that
the Transvaal would demand a
big indemnity of the Chartered
South African Company for
the Jameson raid Public in
vestments in the African mar
ket have almost wholly ceased
The demand for low priced
bonds andhares of reorganiz
ed railroads is active at increas
ing prices The Venezuelan
settlement vould have had a
better effect on the market but
for the rumors of trouble be
tween the United States and
Spain over Cuba Lord Salis
burys speech at Guild Hall
had a steadying effect on for
eign securities
Manchester Nov 15 There
has been less active selling this
week and for the leading mar
kets it was more difficult Tl e
minor markets and also the
home trade are doing fairly
well In yarns the previous
position is maintained The
absence of surplus stocks ren
der the shippers independent
of cloth stackners or cotton va
Kentucky Club
Genuine OiiH when bottled in this
titjliI clcagc
Lut up in Qirrrs Pints and One
half Pints
Ask you fleilor for these brands ihe
Hasnt them wrio us
R fCl BflmiSB CO
For Sale by
How to Attain li
A Wonderful New
Jlcrtlcal lJookwrlttcn
for Mrn Only One
popy innj be had free
ou amplication
currA o hv
The Goodrich Real Estate
Southwest Texas Immiplioi Bureau
JBSSB WHgElB Secretary
Brownsville Cameron OoM jTexas
Cameron County is the extreme
southern county of Texas It is
separated from Mexico by the Rio
Grande on the south and has about
100 miles of gulf coast as its east
ern boundary It was organized in
1848 and contains 3308 square
miles Farming and stock raising
are the principal industries of the
people the location climate and soil
being admirably adapted for both
The greater portion of the soil is a
rich loamand produces an exceed
ingly heavyyield of both cotton
and corn the chief farm products
Two and sometimes three crops of
corn averaging from fiftv to seven
ty bushels per acre are raised year
ly while cotton will easily 3ield
from one to two bales per acres
Grasses grow all the year and stock
liud pasturae without being fed or
shelteredJurinp the winter But
the soil and climate of the Lower
Kio Grande Val ey are by nature
best adapted for the production of
vegetables and fruits Vegetables
af all kinds grow all the year
oround and northern people are as
tonished to find tomatoes lettuce
spiuach English peas etc served
frefh from the gardens in midwin
ter This is undoubtedly the par
adise of trjck gardeners and so
soon as rail transportation is ob
tained Cameron county vegetables
by the car load will he shipped to
northern markets during winter and
early spring and will obtain the
highest prices as there will be no
competition This is due to our
exceedingly mild climate Fre
quently the entire winter passe
without a single frost and there is
rarely ever any cold veather before
Christmas Fruit culture has not
been attempted in this county on a
large scale but there is one large
banana plantation on which this
delicious fruit yields most abund
antly and in the greatest perfection
Grapes are also raised extensively
growing in almost every yard They
ripen from two to four weeks ear
lier than in any other sectiou
Many planters here make all of
their own table wines Oranges
and lemons also grow in profusion
and this section could easily be
mart tn rival Florida in the pro
duction of oranges Sugar cane is
Iso one of the most important pro
pticts of this valley The Rio
Grande plantation of Mr Geo lJru
lav and the Uabb Starck plantation
proline gra at quantities ot cane
whii h is all manufactured on the
llio Grande plantation This cane
makes sugar which is prod need I13
experts to be even superior to the
best Louisiana product Havana
tobacco has also proven a success
here Col J G Tucker having
made some most successful experi
ments with it his samples were
classed by Now York buyers as
equal to the best Havana
The county is watered by the Hio
erous small streams ca led arroya
and uresacas
The population of Cameron coun
ty according In the census of 1S90
is 13421 Urownsville the countr Also
= eat has a population of about
7000 Point Isabel the seaport of
the con
tants and Santa Maria a growing j 5 u u i u i i u i u i oj
little river sol lement has ilout250 j 210 B Houston St San Antonio Tex
Improved lands m > 11 for from 5 Aiknowle iged the best ilea Kts in tie
to 25 per acre unimpro
frin 2 to u per acre Tl
u SljtMry lVinlcis extrathm of teeth 3 > l
There are 82 240 acres of seho > l JociiN lninlcH uilimr o cent ami
laud in the
his a total
1100 aid gives employment to
teachers The average length
the s ho d term is live moiths The
total tuition revenue received from
tue State is 13 000 There are n
number of public schools in the
advantaies gvVC o yg < ojw v j hj 557
Hoineseekers are gradually be U H i J J J
ginning t > Imd their nvay to this
land w here faruKrs can work in thef
Oillee Hours From i to 11 a m
open air 3155 days in the yeir lint froni > t V
it is coniiarativelv undeveloped as ftfL
yet Wlh the building of the
Jailroad to Corpvs ChrNti however
a irreat infiu < of settlers may be
expected and they wll be heartily
welcomed This valley is capable
of supportinji millions f people
The Hekaij will be pleased t > fur
nih any further infor latiui re
warding thej Lower Rio xrnde S f0
V that r adera
m yr ST S
e aire
esK wc
1st 300 acres of land two must
from city hall of Brownsvil e si V
ated on Resaca la Guerra and
horseshoe affluent of such resaca
on mail road suitable for fruit or
chards 30 acres now in irrigation
with pecan walnut chestnuts
plum peach pear apricot cherry
Japanese persimmon fig grape and
ribbon cane Can be subdivided
into 5 or 10 acre lots giving each
abuudant water supply there being
a depth of 5 to 15 feet of water all
seasons of the year Price 810 to
25 per acre accordiug to location
Will sell in a body at special rates
2d 32 pieces adjoining one of
200 and the other of 120 acressitu
ated on Resaca Rancho Viejo five
miles from city hall on mail road
Both pieces almost surrounded by
water of 10 to 15 feet in depth 40
acres uuder irrigation 1 his land
is equal to if not superior to the
Mississippi bottom lands and can
be made a paying investment for a
fruit orchard or truck gardening
< rii be subdivided into 5 to 10
acre lots Price S10 to 25 per
acre whole tract on special terms
3d 160 acre tract two miles
from the city ofJirowiisville on
resaca with goou > water supply
Ebony Mesqnite Ash Hack berry
ami other timbers Alluvial soil
To one who desireifto subdivide in
small tracts this is a paying in
vestment Sold iiifbulk only Price
10 per acre
4th 25000 acres in one body
having a frontage of about six
milns on the Rio Grande Railroad
pn the south and the Arroyo Col
orado on the north Well timber
ed along the streams and lakes ba
lance prairie Includes within its
limits the famous battle fields of
Palo Alto and Re ica de la Palma
Arable and pasture Price 3 per
5th A tract adjoining No 4
which togotber with that tract will
include 100000 acies in one body
very desirable Specinl terms to
Cth 10000 acre fract nhout
three miles from the Arroyo Post
Office This land is well timbered
and watered soil alluvial adapted
to fruits cotton corn cane etc
Special terms to any one buying
tract obligating to colonize
7 lb lfjOO ncro trr ct fronting on
Ibe Rio Griindc nbont twenty miles
from Brnwnsvlle nnd 8 mile s from
Santa Mnr b 30 hcoph umler culti
vation on It w lands on river front
All ood arable land Price 3 per
8th 725 Poics liinnpnlnr form
fronting on Rio Gnuide 1G miles
nhovo Browiaviilc coed laud Well
watered lncr 3000
9th Nnaierons trnnts of pasture
lands from 1000 to 5000 noreB ench
in lifTorent parts of the county
10th This 18 a very disirnble
placo for a small fruit or trnok farm
contiiinine 10J acres with a new
brick dwelling ofG rooms frame pt
ml oiber oiilhousc and large
Grande with it ample How
Sitclci8 ln b om nm
the southern boundary and num BrowiiHville Hemica efr
on de la Palum
on I ho county roul
15y Visiting the
county has about 400 inhabi p I h t r fll PflT
U hA 01 U B l d d flTQ
ved loriHc tiie < nunli cheaper than others
ho lC < > V c1rtc Cl dental i Mi uti II ir
ivnr Texas lor the pri tice ol mode n del
countv The county
sihool population of
county affording ample educational j i < 40 JtL j ± IlOril
vards llest te th inclitdtti extract > n
from 5 to S T louan Is of references
Work guaranteed lor i < years
Dr iuoiiMAN Pres
Dr RobtJ ke IIays
Secrciarv and 1 reasrurc
Opposite Killers Mi
BrnvivMiUe Tex
WiYOU or Tit
7b >
r < fy JrmsJrtJS
53 S > 4
tK not tv
jffrowhB ilp
FoMaforoiitlnn anil In o amluook Trrlf t <
Hlinds Doors Sash Paints
Oils and y irnisli
The vervjiighest Cash prices paid
foi Hides Wool Cotton
Bones HairEtc
lane I kwkw
0lsntiflo Amsrican
< > v
J u N ro s61 raor > wAY krw Yorz
O tffi bnraiu
ftv irltiR rrt nfs In Amcrlv
K ory vatnt ta enoutbT in Is LroiRlit hefcire
Jjinrost ClrralaUon of titnttflo ttid
nrr prper In
world hrJenJidiy tilmtratcJ No lntelltwnt
dan tiinaltl Ikj wiOiout 1 Weckir gjeo a
year SS Mkltaiomiis Addpp MtXN CO
rcpuiiuan iG I Uroadwo7 S v Yurie rtv
New Home
Sewing Machines
The Rest and Easiest luinuihg
JMachine in the World Took
the Medal fursuperioty at
the recent Columbian
World s Fair
Dealer lix
Cominercio St Blatamoins
Al ie your money ean yon a
monthly hiliiy
rKUHIiind more made daily bv our
nrw Systematic Ilaii orOporalioil on
finall investments in yrain and itouk
All we ak i to inve ti < rato our
now and rtl method t
woilxnirs of n iiI biihe t refer
ences furnished Our Hookuflointa
tj I iiM how to niiko mone aiil
other iiiforonhoti t 11 FU
o jj i uLeiM ud Kroker
Boarding and Lodging Houss
Thirteenth Street
Lale of Milleras Hotel
Mcal9 at all hours Coffee and
Chocolate Fieh served at all hrnr
of day and night
Brownsville Texas
Conpignmenle nlici ea
> > owv8ville levas
G Krausse
Is now Prepared to do all kinds of
Watch and C ock worL
Repaiiing Jewelry and Silverware of an
Kinds a Speciality
at Restaurant
Board by Daj Wefk or Month
at Reasonable
Table supplier with the besl
the market ufforda
Slalmcke Hotel
Cor Houston and St Marys Sts
San Antonio TeXas
Modern conveniene s cuisiiio it sep
eialty r < ipp 52 DO per d y Srfits card
pas door to and fn 111 all depots
UDWlii filAIIAK Prop
F B Armstrong
JMeaimn unrf Southern Birds
Mammal Skin Bird Jfyysi
and Sjtccinwns of Nul
la id History
Jicnnffrom Wflj1
S Scat n ja I i a 1 ir or tf oo vrih dcj
V a t
iCsvciftl I raVifajisoMaincflana J Iavj
trtb nrJconrccdf ir MoDtnATE Fcro 5
f Jd Cull x t p t m 1C5 toic tu a tuo > c
n c iir in t > c o J
wjur O rfiCTi i1 ut ssccuird 2
A J ipmct 1 v7nOitinl it Oi Tcith
res a same n t h S and cu3nr

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