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Many heavy failures are re
ported throughout the countr
despite the mnrli talked of re
newed prosperity
Gkn WKrLFus return from
the field to Havana without
hrinping Maceos bead or some
such trophy has not added any
lustre to hie railirarj fame
It is rumored that cvcloBe
Davis will leave Texas to re
eide in Kansas Poor old Kan
sas What has she done to
merit this additional misfor
President Cleveland will
have one more ohauce of telling
congress what ought to be done
to improve the present proble
matic state of the government
He will be heard from veiy
The republicans tell us in
one breath that the gold stand
ard has made the British the
most prosperous nation on
earthr and in the next solemn
ly declare that free trade has
ruined British indnstries
MESSRS Green Grant Cn
ney et al are making strenuous
efforts to bag the federal pa
tronage in Texas nndpr McKin
ley Wonder if they base their
claims on the brutal majority
with which the democrats car
ried the state for Bryan The
certainly accomplished vpry lit
tie in Texas on behalf of Mc
Aw income tax law snch as
the democrats passed only to
be knocked out by the supreme
court would supply the present
deficiency in the revenues of
the government and divide the
burden of sustaining the gov
ernment more equally The
money power would th n ne
made to pny its fair share of
these necessary expenses In
stead of tliis however the re
pnblicans propose to tax the
poor mans coffee and tea and
even sugar is threatened
Houston Post
JasperTexas For the bene
fit of those concerned I sent for
publication the following cure
for warts on stock
Applr to the wart very lib
erally fresh pure hogs lard
For instance today then miss
one day and npply pgain and
when the animal comes up for
the third greasing the wart will
be gone I saw the above in
some newspaper many jears
ago and the person who pub
lished the remedy said it was
so very simple that no one
would believe in its efficacy
enooSh to try it But I have
tried it in several instances
and each time with couipleto
eucrns Try it
I Hive you also a simple cure
for distemper in horses which
3 havp trind in a number of in
stances on my own horseB and
luules viz A heaping tables
pnouru of sulph quinme each
nay I lmve i 7er had to give
11 i ri a wo m i h lo fert a
vu s Af J Rigshy
1y II
The Southern Pacific Company
Not After the Mallory
STow York Journal of Commerce
A report has recently been
current in local steamship cir
cles that the Southern Pacific
company was contemplating
the withdrawal of its New Or
leans service and was arrang
ing for a service to Galveston
In order to accomplish this it
was stated the company was
negotiating for the purchase of
the Mallory Line which now
runs to Galveston or was peek
itig to make some arrangements
with that line
C P Huntington president
of the Southern Pacific compa
ny said We have had no
negotiations whatever on the
subject with the Mayory Line
We have been looking over the
question of extending onr rail
Jine to Galveston but nothing
has been decided upon There
are already thiee roads As far
as our steamship service is
concerned we may go to Gal
veston when the enlrancce to
the harbor is sufficiently deep
to permit our large ships to
enter In that event however
we should not discontinue our
New Orleans service for New
Orleans is certain to be the
most important port
At th office of the Mallory
Line it was officially Btated that
the report had no foundation
Good rains have fallen in the
drouth stricken regions of In
dia and the nufferinps of the
famished people will be mitigat
Genoa Nov 23 Italian
emigration to South America
is increasing On Saturday and
Sunday 3000 persons started
for La Plata and 3000 will 3tart
for the Argentine Republic thiB
Bnenos Ayres Nov 24 It
is estimated that the seasons
crop of coin will be 20 per nt
below last years yield
Halifax N S No vein W 24
Alrhongh the Canadian au
thorities at this port profess to
believe that the steamer Ber
muda will not attempt to carry
a cargo of arms and ammuni
tion to the insurgents in Cuba
precautions ave being taken to
prevent the vessel from fitting
out for any such txpedition in
Canadian waters It was learn
ed today that the Spanish con
snl general at Montreal in the
interests of his government
last night notifiied Hon L H
Daviep minister of marine and
fisheries at Ottawa that the
Bermuda had carried a filibust
ering expeJitinn to Cuba and
today the registrar of shipping
here received a tHlegram from
Mr Davies requesting to exer
cise the utmost caution to pre
veni an expedition of this char
acter from leaving this port
The fact that the vessel is ly
ing deep in the water it is be
lieved will pause the consul
general at Montreal to commu
nicate with the government
The Spanish consul at thia port
is also watching the vessel
George Fredrick Watts has
has sent in his resignation as
Roj al Academic m
Interesting Life Insurance Case
Terminated in Favor
of Plaintiff
Fort Worth Tex Nov 23
One of the most interesting
of cases was disposed of in the
district court here today It
was that of Mrs Sallie M Bak
er vs the Mutual life insurance
company of New York In
1892 plaintiffs husband B M
Baker died leaving life insur
ance policies aggregating a
large amount One of these
policies for 25000 was in de
fendants company Payment
was refused owing to alleged
nonconformity with certain
conditions in the policy and
suit was instituted thereon in
January 1893 and later on a
trial was had resulting in judg
ment for plaintiff for some 37
000 including the face of the
policy costs attorneys fees
and 10 per cent penalty allow
ed by law The company ap
pealed the case securing a re
versal Hie second trial in the
jower court resulted in a ver
dict for the company but a new
trial was granted the company
but new trial was granted
The case being called for the
third trial an agreed judgment
for the plaintiff was entered
for the face value of the policy
25000 and all court costs
but not for the attorneys fees
and 10 per cent statutory pen
alty About eighteen months
since Mrs Baker was again
married her present name be
ing Mrs Sallie Dunham The
case has been a hotly contest
ed one from the filling of the
ga a >
Denver News
train of the
Gulf and
do Midland roads between
Denver and Cripple Creek is
a native of Zululand South n
rica An English traveler eSns
leaving Cripple Creek Thurs
day addressed him in the Zulu
The surprise porter replied
in the same tongue and an ac
quaintancship which was be
gun in South Africa several
porter speaks seven
languages and in the course
of a varied experience has vi
sited almost every country of
the globe
years ago was renewed
Or Price s Cr cm BalclnsfPowdtS
VVcrIdo Fair Kisfceat AwanJ
Stomach sometimes called watorbrash
and burning pain distress nauaea
dyspepsia are cured by Hoods Sarsa
parilla This it accomplishes because
with its wonderful power as a blood
purifier Hoods Sarsaparilla gently
tones and strengthens the stomach and
digestive organs invigorates the liver
creates an appotite gives refreshing
sleep and raises tho health tone In
oases of dyspepsia and indigestion it
eeins to have8 a magic toflfih
For over 12 years I suffered from soar
with ecvere pains rcross my shoulders
and gTcat distress I had violent nausea
whioh would Icavo mo very weak and
faint difficult to get my breath These
spells camo oftoner and more severe I
did not recehro any lasting benefit from
phyBldans but found such happy effects
from a trial of Hoods Sarsaparilla that I
ook several bottles and mean to always
teeplt In the house I am now able to
lo all my own work which for six yeara
havo been unable to do My husband
md son have also been greatly beno
ted by Hoods Sarsaparilla for pains In
tie back and after tho grip I gladly
commend this grand blood modicino
Iks Petkii Bushy Leominster Mass
the One True Blood Purifier AH druggists Jl
cur0 a I > lv8r ls an
HflOOS PlllS HirkH siirhe isccn
As compared with years
ago we have a new hog He
is new in his make up lives
fat and dies early tor profit
and hence is handled different
ly from what he used to be
The demands oirhim are new
also Instead of a year and a
half old he must mature in
seven or eight months A
writer on this subject says that
now the feeding weight of the
hog of commerce is 175 or
200 pounds instead of 300 or
350 as formerly This writer
says that hogs of 350 pounds
of dead weight and lupward
could hardly be produced with
out their being wintered over
< CS > 0 j5 0J04f5v OvO jg3fc JG 5
ifiS SiffSmCP t > S0f < >
Watch The Ad Next Week
This took all the butter off
the gingerbread unless prices
were abnormally high But
rri 1 1 1 1
J b
l he ebony hued porter who
hogs weighing 17 to 200
> one season
Is a
ntJ Is the result c enffia and fcJIirXaarrjtCli
sudden climatic chanocj fj5 cjrv ft
UcanbemrcdbyapleiAnnt jFltftrrEVTB fiisi
reroodv vhich ia n d > 5 =
tctly Into the notni1 Ec Qiyr
tacnnlcklyabsotbeditglvtd ffj S
relief at once
5 > v
Elys 6ma Balm
ts ncknowlcdccd to be the mopt Uioroura cure for
Na3alCiUarrh Cold in Held and Uay Ferer of til
remedies Kojmsnrd 1cxn5ts tho n ealpassa cs
allays psin and iuf nmationh < > ai tborvis pro
jects tho membrane from coJd > rc ton3 tho uensea
51 MWiiSf tell Price Me atPnKi stsorbmmL + >
Pullman car Zaca
r i pounds can brought to sala
of the Eleven come Seven
blc maturity in the course of
An early spring1
litter of them can be fitted for
market before cold weather 1
to make feeding up
profitable Farmer s Review
The 500000 left by the
late Sir John Millais is the
largest fortune earned by an
artist in many years
WONDERS OF SCIENCE coast defenses at Fort Marion
St Augustine Fla Keys It
A Needle Located with the X
Rays and Extracted with
a Magnet
Georgetown Tex Nov 24
Yesterday Prof R H Hyer
of the Southwestern University
extracted a needle from Mrs
Mary Loves foot with a very
powerful electro magnet hav
ing first located the needle by
the use of the Croogs tubes
The needle which was a large
one had been in the foot for
eight weeks causing almost
continous pain and making
almost and impossibility Doc
tors had probed repeatedly for
the needle but had failed to
locate it With the Roentgen
rays Prof Hyer made several
shadowgraphs of the foot from
different standpoints and in
every one the needle was vory
distinct even the eye being
plainly visible A small incis
ion was made at the place
where the pictures indicated
the needle point lay The
magnet was applied and the
needle was out in a moment
El Paso Tex ov 24
Col Chas L Lane the wealthy
gold mine owner of California
who offers to put up the money
for Bryan to make an educa
tional campaign in the interest
of free coinage of silver arrived
in El Paso tonight and to the
Express reporter said The
fight for the free coinag of sil
ver is on stronger than ever
and we will win in 1900 Mc
Kinley s administration will
convince the people that we
cannot prosper under the sin
gle gold standard It will con
vince them too that England
is dictating the financial policy
of the United States and that
England is doing it in her own
interest The silver people
who are in favor of Americans
controlling America must keep
up their organization Bryan
was defeated but he is the
greatest American in the Unit
ed States today and will be
elected President in 1900
Congressmen should not agree
to any compromise in silver
Washington Nov 24 At
the war department it is stat
ed there is nothing significant
or new in the preparations for
improving battery defences at
Florida ports as stated by Key
West dispatches
The annual report of the
chief engineer made public
Jurre 30 called attention to
Equated condition of
states that large sums could
be expendedon them advert
tagously andadds
Under authority given by
congress to the secretary of
war it is intended to advertise
at an 5 early date for proposals
for constructing emplacements
for four 10inch and two 8inch
guns on disappearing carri
ages and sixteen 12inch mor
These guns are referred to
in the dispatches from Key
West stating that Lieutennnt
Colonel Benyard has proceed
ed with great secrecy to make
contracts for mounting these
big guns The authorities
say there is no secrecy and
that the contracts are in regu
lar execution of the work pub
licly reported five months ago
The same explanation is made
concerning the work at Pen
sacola and Florida Keys
D L Moody the evange
list is to begin a series of re
vival meetings in Boston on
January 1
Dr Nansen will lecture in
London Edinburg Glasgow
Dundee Aberdeen New Cas
tle Liverpool Manchester
Birminghan Belfast Dublin
and Swansea
For the last 20 years we have kept Pisos Cure fo Con
sumption in stock and would sooner think a groceryman cccl
get along without sugar in his store than we couH without
Pisos Cure It is a sure seller RAVEN CO Druggists
Ceresco Michigan September 2 J 896 j
Governorelect Robt L
Taylor of Tennessee is going
to take the lectqre platform
again and give his musically
interspersed lecture Thev
Fools Paradise
Every man Who Weald Know tko
Grand Truths tho Plain Facta tha
Raw Hiucoverlca of Kudloal Sclraed
as Applied to Married Life Wb
Weald Atono for 1aot Errors and
Avoid Fattiro ritfalU Sbonld Secnro
tho Wsawtirfal Zittio Book Called
Complete KlanhooJ and How t At
tain It
Hero at last h Information front litelr
medical eourcn that must tvork vrosdera vrttlx
tbl n
Bsnerniicnof taoii
The book fully describes a niethod toy which
toatuiiu full vigor and manlypower
A method by which to end all ensatnr
drains cu Uie system
To onto nerrcusD6ss lack oi clfC < tt rol < te
spoEdrncy < Src
To exchange a Jsded and won satare fa
ocoof briRiiintva buoynticynnd power f
To cure foreTtf tSects of 9xceeac3oTerwork
Trorry < fcc r
To EivcfclotrsiclhfTovcoriBEnt and urn
to every portion ftnd err an ottho body
Apo Bj barrier Fatlnrc itupauibla Two
inriuwnd rofertnre
Tie boci id inirolymedical and scientific
WcIjsJ to cnriocltjsetters invaluable to nca
only whncvIJt
AflcK tf Mill iTba had applied to us
kviti after wrote
TeiL I tell j ott that firs day Is one Ill
tiavcr J ret 1 yit b bulcfl idJi Joy I
kvji to Ira ovrvbftlrand tdl tbamiay
1 i d u I 56tcnIa cdiryiiowscfc
s tTA ttnl j WhymCat yott tell ma
xhy 1 ilut vrvto tit 1 voald liI it JiU
And aDothrrtiiEs 9K
if j on 0i > np6l s cart 6a < i of coll attny
ti vc1t > t i r h tlndntosinlomy
Sfai jo riaoiifd L sdcc
Ems ruicxcompant
Ti V i 2 t fr tlse lltt a tt S
< iu tS MlOt > lV BsfeW
it i t Jralswtasund
tbai t any
uu ja m17 ir La it i liitttK >

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