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> DEC 2t < I4
Attkntion will soon be cen
tred at Austin when tbesolonB
begin operations s
What ex Queen Lil Wants
in Washington is one of the
subjects now worrying the
American public She is prob
ably going there to attend the
White House reception on New
Sears dav
The will of Samuel J Tilden
lias been declared invalid by
the Supreme Court Tt would
seem that as great a lawyer as
he vraa should have been able
to draw up a will that would
stand before the conrts
The San Antonio Express
hat one of the best
the times is the im
nber of books bought
las presents this
Me United States
no doubt that the
is country are rap
in intelligence
surer sign of
reasing desire
R > o Grande City Texas lirninary matters such as ar
December 21 Among import iraigning the defendant em
ant measures liable to be con
sideredattbe coming session of
the Jegislatura the following
might bo specified
ors by insolvent debtors by
means of deeds of trnst chattel
mortgages etc The present
law often permits great in
justice to aTisent creditors and
is the cloak of frequent frand
The amendment need not be a
radical one
2 A sweeping reform of our
probate laws in the direction
of expediting the closing of ad
ministration on the estates of
decendents TheJ changesjsug
geBted by the Texas Bar asso
ciation will probably be adopt
ed and will then reduce great
ly the present outrageons
charges on such estates The
court should always be open
for probate matters and the
tiniewithln which claims may
be prcbented to the administra
tion for approval should be
limited to six mouths instead
of twelve etc
3 Our criminal laws need
many reforms Among others
one tending greatly to prevent
rom Iuseiulamendment wotW be a
aVr ivi re r Sresumption that all maiters of
et fr u in U > > vh PrHe and time 7 < re r > roved
Info3ts the blood of htfmanity It
Upon the trial and that all pre appears in varied fonns but ia forced
paneling the jury etc were
complied with unless such
matters were issaes at the trial
4 A redistriciingof the State
1 An amendment to ouri whereby five or six districts
present assignment law thatwith their attendant expense
will either prevent or narrowly may be eliminated without im
limit preferences among credit pairing the efficiency of the
district courts then remaining
and the work of these courts
may be more evenly divided
5 The purchase of peniten
tiary farms The system has
proved very beneficial to the
convicts aud very profitable to
the State and should be ex
tended by large appropriations
from the general revenue fund
to be covered back from time
to lime out of the profits of the
6 An increased appropria
tion for the rangers Thej
have demonstrated in the past
year their usefulness and effi
ciency in spite of the ridicu
lously small appropriation
made by the last legislature
Not less than 40000 should
be appropriated for this service
7 An enlarged appropriation
for the office of State revenue
agent enabling this officer to
employ efficient deputies or as
sistants and cover the enormous
territory within his jurisdiction
reversals on technical groun s would make this office of as
would be an amendment to ar
tide 723 code of criminal pio
cedure 1895 providing that
the technical grounds therein
mentioned should not be cause
for reversal unless it appears
that thp defendant was prob
much utility to the State as the
corresponping Federal office is
to the general government and
would serve to enforce a collce
tiou of tens of thousands of
dollars perhaps hundreds of
thousands of lawful taxes now
ably injured thereby Another fraudulently withheld from the
phristmas Dont wait until the last minute but come at once
of Holiday Presents Our stock consists of the finest
yver Leather Goods Perfumery and all kinds J of Toilet
d at our store suitable presents for your husband
Uife sweetheart or the children
Partial list of
Our Other Goods
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prices that cannot be discounted
to yield to Hoods Sargaparilla which
purifies and vitalizes the blood and
cures all such diseases Head tills
In September 1S9J Imnde a misotep and
Snjorod my ankle Very Boon afterwards
tiro Inches across formed and In walking
to favor It I sprained my ankle The sore
bocamo worse I conld net put my boot
on and I thought I should have to give up
at every stop I conld not get any reliof
and had to stop work I read of a cure of
a similar case by Hoods Sarsaparilla and
conclcdeid to try It Beforo I had taken
all of two bottles tbo sore had healed and
the swelling had gone down My
is now well and I have been greatly bene
fited otherwise I have Increased In
weight and am in better hoalth I cannot
say enough in praise of Hoods Barsapa
rllla Mhs H Blake So Berwick Mo
This and other similar cures provo that
> arsapan
Is the One True Blood Purifier All druggists L
Prepared only bj 01 Hood A Cc LotvoII Mass
the beat famllycnUiartlC
ui j > rtiti
flOOU 8 FlilS andHrorstimulant 25c
State by liquor dealers etc
8 No sweeping or general
bill for the reduction of the
fees of county officers will be
passed but many n seful
changes might be effected tir t
merely in the line of redncing
these fees but also of equaliz
ing and in some cases where
now the work is not fairly paid
for even of raising them It is
very apparent now that the
compensation of sheriffs and
county judges can not with
equity be reduced The sheiiffs
especially earn every cent the
make and much more that they
do not make
0 An official stenographer
paid a Bmall salary by the
counties but principally conn
pensated by fees might be pro
vided for the different district
courts to the great improvement
of judicial administration
F Y Skauupt
He Denies the Story of Maceos
New York December 24
Tomas Estrada Pal ma pres
ident of the Cuban junta issued
this statement todnjj
I am not very much sur
prised to see Dr Zertucha rush A
into print for the purpose of
detracting attention from him
self by attracting it to a scan
dalous charge which can only
aid him with the Spaniards
For me it is suffiueut indi
cation of the mans character
that he surrenders to the enemy
nnder the conditions in his case
and thai ho id treated in such
a kindly manner by the Span
iards What is more natural
that lie in connection with
Spanish diplomacy should be
the instrument by which the
revolution should be discredit
ed He certainly knows that
this interview will be pent to
Cuba where it can not be read
by the Spanish otherwise than
with demonstrations of grati
I know from letters received
from General Antonio Maceo
the conditions o
Pinar del
14 My Distinguish
The active operation
campaign bave prevent
against my wishes t
answering immediately yc
communications of the
19lh and 25th ultimo
Geueral Rivera happily
disembarked with all the war AIR
materials and was employed in
a series of hard combats which
we sustained
against our en
tiffed lines and make us suffer
a tremendous defeat by means
of simultaneous attacks Df for
ces previously placed in those
positions but the most brilliant
success rrowned our efforts
Six of the enemys which tried
to impede our progress after
our saving the expedition of
General Rivera were destroyed
As late aB December G the
day it is
reported Maceo was
killed a person of confidence
with the general and I am iu
that the Cuban forces in Pinar
del Rio were in excellent con
10U KEV AKD 100
The realtors of this papor will bo
pleased to learn that tlioro is at least
one dreaded disoaso that science has
boon ablo to euro in all its stages
and that ia Catarrh Halls Catarrh
Curo is tho only positive cure
known to tho modical fraternity
Catarrh being a constitutional dis
easo requires a constitutional treat
ment Halls Catarrh Cnro is taken
internally acting directly npon fha
Mood si > i silicons eurfucus of the
6 > lom thereby destroying tho fonn
dation of tho disease and giving tho
patient stronglh by building up lire
constitution and assisting nature in
peruon our mutual confidence
through whom we frequently
communicated that Maceo was
not in desperate straits depict
ed by the doctor The follow
ing extract frojB a letter lately
re dsd Vrti show iUhl be in
doing its work Tho proprietors
personally as wall as from a have so much faith in curative pow
ors that they offer Ono Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails to
Cum Sond for list of testimonials
Address F J CHEN IS Ss CO
Sold by Euuggisff 7oc
Halls Faniilv Pills aro fho best
Pr Ps Ices Gre < rn BaKnc Powilsi
The analysis
emies but which were almost amount of oxygen ins
all signal victories for us The mi b etw5en G ° er StreS
octuMVeyl olnipri8
our army between two for by volume wh I3 in the worst
courts of London J
it was neveJ
found lower than 2086 says
Health News Pure air con
tains 2094 per cent ofcxygn
And with dimiruiUon
jxy en
there was a proportionate 1n
crease of carbonic a id gd
normal quantity is cro
parts but Dr
Smith whose
analysis w are
quoting found that in one of
the Metropolitan Railway tun
nels the carbonic acid gas was
0388 per cent this is excess
sively high when we take into
consideration Prof Pettenko
formed that Maceo then stated Per s assertion that whenever
Chicago Denial Pailors
of n Antonioare now in the svr of
fices jof E Heu3fm St one block
west of Postoffice and are making
until January ist
1 in Sold Given
to tlio person writing tin bes > t advertise
ment for the
Tit advertNeinent can he in either proser
or poetry to contain not over 75 viard
Prize Paid January si fS8
Remember this fr tie 6sly Dental In
stitution in Sin Vatoniachartered under
the State laws to practice ireVrslrv
the carbonic gas in the atmoi
phere exceeds oioo per cent
dition in charge of Rivera and Jhe be breathed muh polluted to
safely to
that he was well satisfied V
with health

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