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If I were to writo for tho papers to
What here I indite I opine
That my critics would say it was
written thai way
For so many dollars a lino
And so with the viotv UlatFni writ
ing Id you
Whore no critics lances arc hurl
Ill touch the taut springof my lyro
anil sing
Of tho besthearted man in tho
jlark back to tho prospect in Pover
ty Gulch
Boforo you founcLdlrt that would
When tho hope in your breast liko
the gold in the wdst
Burned brightest at cldso Of the
If I were but rich or if ydu were
still poor
And we sat where your cabin
smoke curled
Thon in unstinted lays C could ponr
out tho praise
Of tho besthearted man in tho
Cy Wanuaiij inNdw York Sua
Muddy streets
Fine cordials at Jagous for clirist
Inos and new year presents
Tho Alice mail stago passed El
Bauz at 840 this morning no
Pertons coming in from tho coun
try report the road in a sonidwhat
muddy condition
Tho 7th anniversary of tho Alian
ra y Fratornidad society was colo
bralcd lastuight at their halh
Light rain continued to fall at in
ervulfi since last Friday making
he streets rather slopping in
An aged and wealthy ranch owner
i mod Pedro Lozano living in Ma
Ui < oro died yesterday ntorning of
O 1 8g
> i < > glad to loam that Col II
H riold who has been seriously ill
w fh puoumononia is very much
Tho steamship Clinton sailed yes
brday at one oclock from Morgan
City for Brasos Santiago with
twentyfour cars of freight
Tho concert which was to have
occurred last night in Matamoros
for the benefit of tho poor was post
poned on account of the bad weather
Thero was an auction salo of con
demned cavalry horses at Fort
Brown this mornirtg Somo excel
lent bargains were mado by tho
Last Monday morning Mrs II M
King received a consignment of 17
tars of cattlo frdin KorrvilJo
wore lino Iteroford and Durham
stoCk Alice Reporter
A mexican woman by the name of
Angela Molina was snvdroly rut
Snurday night last by a Mexican
from Matamoros who she say was
frying to rob her Ho escaped acrosn
tho river
The old woman Who was accident
ally bnruod about fen days since
mention of which was mado by
The Hiiuviii is reported to bo jn a
dangerous conditio ntft Naviirg
tnyoae to tbb 2r di irit
choOl Yo
count ir
rates will
Jan 1st
Ibel For the Public
tabel Tox Deo 251896
it Heralu Tho usual quiet
little City by tho Sea was
led last night by a genuine
Fashioned Christmas troo fur
cd by the good people for thd
ildren of tho public school and
othor littlo onoa of tho town Capt
J J Egan had kindly tendered tho
uso of tho Rio Grande depot for the
occasion and although tho room is
quite largo it was closely crowded
many boing forcod to stand outside
Ono could but wonder whoro all tho
pooplo camo from
Boforo tho tree was shown tho
crowd wan troaled to an ontortain
inent in tho Way of dialogues roci
tations songs speeches by tho littlo
ltion and drills by the school girls
In tho opinion of tlio writer
it would bo Unfair to particular
izd when all did so well
Though it is Just to say that thero
was Hot a single failure in tho
wholo program Tho Harvest
Drill was parucuj5ffJ good and
reflocted groat credit upon tho skill
and patience of Miss MalticvWiId
man who was in charge In fact
too much cannot be said in praieo of
Miss alattios excellent management
of ho wholo affair
At tho closo of the program
the curtain was rung up and disclos
ed tho Christinas troo which was
glowingly beauiiful Santa Claus
had been gonerous and the treo
fairly bont Under a weight of good
things for tho children No little
ono was forgetton and it would bo
aro to say that our Itttlo
town never contained so many hap
py heartB at ono time boforo For
some unacdountablo reason old
Santa Glaus failed to put iu his per
tonal appearance but loft Capt
Egan to ropresont him which was
certainly dono to tho Queens taslo
All in all everybody was plPased
and everybody hopos for many re
turns of the day W
Special to The Ukrald
Rio Grande City Tox Dec 28
Dr Buffington died suddenly
hero yesterday of appoploxy Ho
was an old army 6urgoon and well
known on tho border having served
at both Fort Brown and Fort Ring
Tho Malamoros Cronieta of yes
terday publiehos tho names of tho
gentlemen who will servo on tho
various committee at tho annual
ball of tho Casino do la Union next
Thursday night Groat exertions
aro boing mado by the club to make
their ball a most elegant affair and
will doubtless eclipse every social
event occurring in either cf tho
Twin Cities this season Tho per
sonnel of the committeo is as follows
Floor managers Frank S Schreck
and German Arambunt Refresh
monts G Follain and F Segurola
Decoration Pedro L Webber and
Jose Pinoro Orden do me a Jose
Dorsal J Levy B Urtusastegui G
Follain FSigurola L Kowalski
and J II Bloomberg Reception
II Urtttsastcgui G Follain Sam
Dworman M Colsa Fernandez G
Aramburu J Bielenberg F S
Schreck h Davila and P L Wob
Dr Miguel Harragan having spe
cial instruments to examine the eyes
of persona suffering with disoa ° es of
the eyt such as myopia etc should
call at his dnigbtoro for ionsulta
tion Ho will proscribe the appro
priate cyoglasses to ovorcomo any
defectin tho vision
At tlio Bolica doi LoonMatamor6s
Dr Barragan haB a completo aHsort
mont of eye ghifsof with all kinds of
louses and crystal rock glasses at
very low prices f
further notico tho Firnt
will discoint city
s C per cent and
oucher at 8 per cent
lg to ai range for the
vouchors at above
notify bank before
uifbrson CaMiier
wk jKt pr
jgg M
Tho ground in this section is said
to bo iu fine condition for nost years
Louis Levy representing a Now
Orleans stationery houso arrived
Antonio Gutforroz Pflna tho up
todate drmnmor who hails from
Laredo is in town for a fow days
Hon F W Sdabury of Rio Grando
City is in thy city shaking hands
with old friends of his former Iiomo
Hon J H Edwards camo down
on Saturdays M M for a brief
visit to friends in Brownsville Ho
returned this morning
Shoriff Closnor the popular guar
dian in chief of Hidalgo county
was a visitor hero from Saturday
afternoon until this morning when
ho rolurned homo
T Harri3 a inombor of tho Tox
as Rangers belonging to Capt Rog
ers company who has boon here for
several days past loft this morning
for Uprivor points
French andATSpanish winB3 at
Jagous Just Ihd thing for tho
Ofilce of the City Secretary
Urownsville Tex Doc 22 1805
Notico is hereby given that the
Market Revenue of tho City of
Brownsville Texas undor existing
ordinance for tho ensuing year bo
ginning Jan 1st 1S97 will be sold
to tho highost bidder Sealed pro
posals to purchaso said Market Roy
enue will be received at my olllco
until 0 p m on Monday Dec 2Sth
IS9G and will bo canvassed at the
first meeting of tho City Council
held thereafter Proposals should
bo addressed to the Mayor and Board
of AldPrmen of the City of Rrowns
villo and tho envelopes should be
marked on tho end Proposal to
purchaso Market Rovenue All
proposals must bo in US mdriey
Tho City roservos the right to re
ject any and all proposals For all
further information required to make
proposals apply to
M B KixasnLiiY
Ha found that her little ones are
improved more by the plca = ant Sy
rup of Fig when in need of Hie
laxativo effect of a irontlo romedy
than by any other and that it is
moro accptable to them Children
eujoy it and it benefits thorn Tho
true romedy Syrup of Figs is man
ufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Company only
ually going on in tho humau sys
tem Hoods Sarsaparilht drives ou
iiseaso and Restores Health
Having beon appointed on tho
21st inst by Mr Win Nealo as his
agent and attornoy in fact all pyr
sons indebted to Mr Noalo will
ploiso call 011 me without delay at
my residence Cor 14th and Eliza
beth street and mako satisfactory
nrrar jinuuts A 15 CO WEN
Agt and Atv
Ilrowi sviilo Tex Nov 23rd 1896
MMs Winslows Soothixo Syrup
has beon Ubcd for over lifty years by
mil lions of mothers for their children
whilo toothing with perfect success
It Hoothes the child eoftons tho gums
allays all pain cures wind colicand
is tho best romedy for Diarrhoea
It will rolieve tho poor little sufferer
immediately Sold by Druggosts in
every part of the world 25c a bot
tle Bo sure and ask for Mrs Wins
lows Soothing Syrup and take no
other kind
Tho Regular Annual meeting of
tho Stockholders of tho First Na
tional Hank of Brownsville Texas
will bo held at its olllco at 3 p 111
on tho second Tuedav in January
1S97 for the purpose of electing di
rectors and the transaction of such
othor businessas may properly come
before it
J D Anderson Caihier
Announce tho presence of rhou
matisitt which causes untold suffer
ing Rheumatism s iltfo to lactic
acid in tho blood It cannot bo cur
ed by liniments or othor outward ap
plications Hoods Sarsaparilla pu
rines tho bloodrei > ioves the cause of
rheumatism and permanently cures
ihis diseases This is the testimony
of thousands of people who once
suftorod tho paiiib of rhouinatism
but Who have jtct ualy boon ctfrod
bytdklng Hoods Sarsaparilla Its
great power to act upon the blood
and rumor0 every iinprtrity 13 the
sWcrtt of tho wonderful cures br
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding cf the
transient nattucof the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasantefforts
rightly directed There is comfort in
the knowledge that bo many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease but simply to a constipated condi
tion Of the system which the pleasant
family laxative Syrup of Figs prompt
ly removes That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families andi3
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value pood health Its benehcial
effects are due to the fact that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating tho
organs on which it acts It is therefore
all important in order to gut its bene
licial effects to note when you pur
chase that you have the genuine arti
cle which is manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co only and sold by
all reputable druggists
If in the enjoyment of good health
and the system is regular laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed If
afflicted with any actual disease one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians but if in need of a laxative
one should have tho best and with the
wellinformed everywhere Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
nsed and gives most general satisfaction
Toys 1 Toys 11 Toys ill at Mr 3 J
All kinds of fresh chEeso at C
Jagous V1
French and Bo gna Sausago just
received at C Jag < i
Genuine Key We Monte Cris
to cigars at C Jagous
A complete assortment of fire
works at Mrs Dreyfus
The U S Govt Reports
shors Royal Baking Powder
suoerior to all others
A full lino of ladies Misses and
childrens shoes at Mrs J Dre yfu3
which will bo sold cheap from now
until Jan 1st
Gregorio Estrada has tho honor to
offer his services as tailor at his
shop In Brownsville opposito tho
xu lroad office also in Matamoro
half a blosk frdhi Main plaza Com
mercial street Satisfaction guaran
Memory Is a littlo treacherous
now and then ami causes one to
forgot some things worth remember
ing unloss ono has an experi < nni
liko that which cahio to Mr I L
Eit Moffatti CreSk Va who 3 s
I had been suffering for years v ith
a torpid liver and found no relief on
till I took Simmons Liver Hcyulitor
when I was entirely relieved of my
troubles I ihtW intend be in
without immon > Liver Regulator
Can Ur Bomul
mr m Lots of Good things at
if 1 h
On 14th street Everything
Best rilgin Butter
Kaiiins Currants
Farina Tapfoka Citren
Selfraising Buckwheat
Oatflakes Oatmeal MalAinti
California Fruits dried and canned
Quince Pear and Strawberry preserves
Currant and other jellies
Pickels in barrel
Corned beef Pickled Pork
PigsFeet ijaur Kraut
BonelS3 and Holland Ilerririg
Macki rel
China nd Glassware
Of Tinware a complete assortment
A pleasure to show goods Artudes
purchased delivered free All are cor
dially invited to call
the Grocer
I Stetson Hats
Fancy Rstgs anil
Mattings Linens
Of Ml kindsEtc
Dr Price s Cream Baking Powfi
8portin4Bood8 Shot Guns Pistols Rifles
8 Pro
A com
ditc <
jq Cifjais Pure Oliv J
Jpire am
Y f Dennett sales
WananySltor UroWn
rliilad phia has tocoivf
of fall and wiitlor sample
ing rcadr made 9r mult
suits coots furnishing
etc sample room on
street pnposile Mr J
from 10 to 11 oclock ox
1 run
I fcarj
Lnst St
jahiornii eval
unct liieat
ne jj Hies
itrac s

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