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t Uttoed Erery Day Esccpt SunsayO
-: 3telf4 -tte JtSeioffica t BrawsBtS!-, f
.- M gecoBU-Oiasfi jran jmtteri ,-"-
fTxx Herald is the orily paper published
en the lower Rid Grande.-
Subscription Rates.
j.3ne Year
6 Months,
; $6.00
r r -j t
60 cts
t t i t
t .
"WEDNESDAY JEtfE 30, 1897.
xxw development In wa
termelot cttlftrrs is the "gold-
standard" mlonT which 23 of a
golden yellow color and de
t ribed at possessing such a de
licious Savor thai eves a red
hot, 16 to 1 silver editor will
at,tbem with gusto.
A faxe of socks can now be
purchased for five cents at any
dry goods store, that would re
Quire two day to manufacture
If knitted by hand. . And still
there- are some women in the
country who demand emancipa
tion. Beevilfe Bee.
Maybe that is because- they
Bare to pat in all their spare
tune: keeping Abose fife-cent
iatf-Iiosff darned. Any woman
wioiff husband wears live-cent
lose must have a hard time of
Week, if England.. Eussls
2apan and all the rest of the
Eastern world are going to
raise a fuss about Uncle Sam
ftnaexinz Hawaii r the old gen
leman wiI2 just up and do it
without, farther parley, to show
fhenx that he can do as he darn
ed pleases about she matter.
The way to make the proposed
annexation at certainty is for
those eastern fellows just to
da-re Uncle Sam to do it. Our
Tio- Sanraelita" is very easy
going: and doesut often lose
his temper, but when he does
gel his dander up all the king's
horses and all the King's men
can't stop him.
One of the most horrible
stories lately told by the press,
wiiich sometimes seems to reek
with tales of horror, Is the mur
der of a little school girl of
2iJewto,nr Long Island, by an
sight year old boy,, one of- her
cboolmatesr who- deliberately
1st fie to her clothes and en
Joyed lier agony as s-he rolled
toe ground trying to-- extin
guish the flames. The little
joosfter is reported to have
laehed with glee as his victim
was Borne tor the cemetery, and
to hav proclaimeoMiis joy at
being murderer. Just what
can. oe cone-wrm sucn a enmi
Baf must puzzle the- deepes
cnioKers. . is ne a menrar per
vert,, totally depraved, bornone
of the devil's- own imps? A
bild cannot be hanged even
ftrtnurder, but it is question
able if the-wojld may not suf
fer in the future for allowing
such a creature to- preserve1 ft
existence. Confinement in a
5 forma lory with &i aggrega-
titx frfeefrser bad
boys, under
thMiOTaltyfjferere and often
tb1 reifiroe 6frsuciV
:tf6 will prolSa'Jbly bnly serve
JPlMdB- icb a' nature and
, r oxx io . rer, mwm the
rorld5 a- mm w wytSF o
jtatsral development
r vfu! F-'- nJjpL-
Tke ridicule figures at
which soma fruits and nearly
ml vegetables are now selling
at Houston atTdather Texas
markets merely serve to enmhas
126 the statement often made
by the Post ihat a half a doSen
canning factories are needed in
this section. Houston whole
salers buy canned goods by
the schooner load in Baltimore
and other outside markets. A
Texas label is seldom seen on
a Can of fruit or vegetables
bought by the Ho as ton house
keeper. Growers here occasion
ally send thejr products to
eastern markets and have them
returned as a canned article,
but only a very few Texas
towns have canning factories
of their own. Tomatoes are
ow felling on the Houston
market at 20 25c & bushel;
frequently they can't be sold
for anything. Next fall Hous
ton retailers will sell tomatoes
packed in Baltimore for 515c
per can. Snapbeans can barely
,be given away now, bat very
soon the Baltimore canned
snaps will be worth at least
10c a kcup. There is al
ways a surplus of raw stock on
the market at this' time of the
year. One great heVp to the
market this year has teen the
larga shipment of Texas fruit
and vegetables to points out
side the state. All -arly pro'
duits can be readily disposed
of in this way, but in the sum
mer, when vegetables are grow
ing everywhere, there is very
little demand from any source.
Houston ios t.
Tse speedy arrest, prompt
trial and convietion and proba
ble early execution of Maximo
Martinez, the Send who brutal
ly murdered three persons near
Floresville a few weeks since,
speaks well for the judicial ma-'
cMnery of that county. Though
the entire populace were out
raged over Martinez confessed
crime, yet there was no attempt
to lynch him, as there very
probably would have been in
other sections, and by the
prompt punishment of the fri
pie muiderer, no tendency to
the development of mob law,
should similar cases arise in
future, will be cultivated.
Wellington Has Made a Per
sonal Canvass-.
Washington June 25. Sen
ator Wellington of Maryland
has conversed generally with
Republican Senators daring the
last week and he does- not be
lieve that any attempt will be
I made to call np the Hawaiian
annexation treaty during the
present session of Congress,
and "believes that the treaty
cannot be ratified at any time.
"It is a serious question,"
said Mr. Wellington in a tone
of voice so- serious that it was
evident his mind was troubled,
"and I think the Republicans
will proceed very slowly with
the matter when- it is reached."
It iff weft known that Wellington-
is opposed to the treaty,
ana ne expressed inmseif so-
emphatically on the subject
that it wilf be decidedly embar-
passing to him if eventually his
party associates decide in caucus-
to carry out the wishes of
the administration and bring
pressnra i hear to record
every Republican vote infavor
of annexation.
a Bti&m engineer;
- -T. -
Stops ft 3ralii
ing3dd Jas Ponhding-.
'' Iajiefea
$ew 3fork 0"une.
-- ?
train on 'the Gen tral Railroad
of New Terseyr which is knpwa
as the "Newark Speifcialj" be"
tween Newark and Point Pleas-
ant, met witk an accident, be
tween Hazlet and Middletown.
Bnt for the nerve and cour
age of Engineei: William R.
Bennett there would have been
loss of life and serious injuries.
5"he train Consisted of three
passenger coaches and a com;
bination baggage and smoking
car. On the trip to Newark it
left Red Bank on time, and
was traveling about a mile a
minute, when the driving rod
on the right side of the engine
broke and flying up struck the
top of the cab over the window
where Engineer Bennett sat.
He was knocked from his seat
and the broken rod smashed
the cab into splinters. He was
badly bruised and bleeding
from a dozen wotinds,- but he
managed to evade the pounds
ing rodj crawl out over the
boiler and signal "down
brakes." He attempted to
work the aijrorakes but found
the air pump which operates
them had feen smashed by the
flying rod. His fireman, George
W. Roland, was helplessly pin
ned in on his side of the cab
by the timbers which had been
crushed in upon him. After a
run of a mile under these con
ditions in a minute the train
came to a standstill. The fire
man was found to be unhurt
and Bennett's injuries, while
eevere and painfal, were found
to be not Vsrions. Congrats
lations were ifeowefed upon the
engineer by thejlossengers and
s committee of wealthy bas
iness men Was formed for the
purpose of preparing a more
substantial recognition of his
Near Beaths Door. History
of the Murder.
St. Louis KepTibHc.
New York, June -0.- Ed
ward S. Stokes of Hoffman
House fame, who served a four
years' term in Sing Sing prison
for killing Jim Piak, and was
restored to citizenship by Gov
ernor Cleveland,- nfter his release,-
is said to be dying.
Mr. Stokes has been sojourn
ing at the Hot Spring of Vir
ginia, but on the advice of his
physicians he will, if possible,
go to Carlsbad, Germany f in
the hope of gaining relief. He
Is said to be so reduced in
strength, however, as to make
this trip impossible without
endangering his life:
Mr? Stokes gained wide at
tention in 1872 by killing Fisk.
He had come from Philadel
phia, his native cityr and was
rising to a position of wealth
and influence when this tragedy
occurred. Youngs Stokes had
been- a bright fellow in college
and was a general favorite with
his classmates. His father, a
merchant of high standing in
Philadelphia,- sent him to the
metropolis", believing that here
he would have wider scope for
hi talents.
Stokes arrived in New "ork
in the early eixfies. Wall street
was in a whirl of wild and ex
"Tl'LfVfVl -.9 it
:BMtes full, regular aetJon
pt fheTXJwelij not irri
tate or laflamfe, bat leaTe
all the delicate diftiTe or
Tnftiii 0BI7 k7 a Heoi 'J-, Iah&U, Muc
citing speculation at the time
and the young thiladelphian
plunged boldly into the whirl
pool. Its swam straight its an
arrow in the boiling sea and
kept his head well above water.
It was at this; time that Jiin
Fisk, then perhaps the boldest
and most successful plunger in
the Streetj and the partner of
Jay Gould in the Erie Railroad
enterprise, made the acquaint
ance of Stokba. and admitted
him to his friendship. The two
men soon became intimate and4
Were much together after busi
ness hours. Stokes was a
strikingly handsome mah and
he and Fisk made a notable
team in certain quarters of the
city. Fisk put chances in the
way of his friend, and StokeB,
quick to grasp an opportunity,
soon found the royal road to
fortune. He accepted all favors,
was discreet, had the reputation
of being "a good fellow," and
rapidly developed as a finan
cier. Fisk prided himself on his
keen insight into human nature.
"Stokes is a nice felloWi' he
would say, "a capital fellow,
but I would not trust him
further than that I"
The "that" was a snap of the
The friendship between the
two men grew until, suddenly,
the ties which bound them were
snapped by a woman's hand.
" Jo8ie Mansfieldj a courtesan
young and beatiful,- drifted to
the metropolis from an interior
city and with one glance of her
eyes won Jim Fisk. He install
ed her in a handsome residence
on West Twentythird street
and there she held receptions
that dazzled that part of the
Ed Stokes was a guest at one
of these receptions and the
hostess looked upon him with
extraordinary favor. Someone
told Fisk of the progress Stokes
had made in Josie Mansfield's
affections, and instantly the
ties which bound the friends
were broken.
Fisk deserted the woman and
started in to ruin Stokes in
Wall street. He was doing it
rapidly and remorselessly,
when-January 4, 1872 meet
ing him on the grand staircase
of the Grand Central Hotel
Yotf fgrttfrally lose flesh fri
the sumnief nd running down
is so easy. You get a little
weaker each day without hard-'
1y noticing It. TfieFe is loss of
appetite, headache, weakness
6i the muscles, disturbed sleep,
weakness of memory, arid theser
are the beginning of nervous
prostration. Iron and tonics
arid bitters may afford some?
temporary relief, but what Oii
need is & food for body, bVairi
and nerves.
of CtfMv'ei' Oil with the Hy
pophospbites", ftlffiishesjust the
nourishment needed fof those
$rho are run down and pafe arid
mirl and weak, tf you lose flesh
fn suriTriterfake Scott's Emul
siorf rutiif. Dbri't wait till fall
dfu winter before beginning.- -
J- Mi 4-jr 4 ov jr"M 4rggMi6-
Pills B ttuol
Bona Fida SaJe
Stock Goods of the
-Srr-3r -3J--SS
is now going
brt and will ebritihiie" . until the
ladies' dress goods, holions, linens, men's aiid boy's .clothingj1
gents' furnishing gdods, etc., are closed out. : :
The goods are riot bid or shelf-worn, but are new g$bds
received in the last few months;
RememberIAt uogt!Remeiiil)erI
The undersigned is determined to close ouf firf thos'e wanting
anything in the dry gdods line should call at dhce. 9$
Mrg. S Ashniem.
t za: so
Z IRCAT.fPWT V ftTTIDIVTinm to can MTcaseef ismJmHm. Cateweta ik tM
w aiiuviiuxaiiM. uuminniuDU.. -...
1 t ". . m T. ' w n 'St
pnwrannmiHa AS. OtABUllD UUfl)
now the Broadway Centrals
Stokes shot and killed his
former friend and patron.
The trial and conviction df
Stokes followed quickly and he
was found guilty of murder in
the first degree. When he heard
the verdict Stokes sprang to
his feet and cried that Jay
Gould had purchased his con
A new trial was demanded,
and, after one of the most bit-
Many Think!
tVhen it was said to the woman: "In
sorrow shalt thou bring forth chil
dren," that a perpetual curse was
pronounced, hut the thrill ct joy felfi
by every Mother when she clasps to
her heart her babe proves the con
trary. True, dangers lurk in the
pathway of the Expectant Mother
and should be avoided.
"Mother's Friefid
So repaf es the system for the changS
taking place that the final hour is
robbed of all danger and pain. Its
U3e insures safety to the life of both
Mother and child, and makes child
birth easy and recovery more rapid.
8ot br Kail, on rwolpt of pflco, Jl DO TEB BOTTLE.
Book. To Exttwetant MottgiV rallied freecoa.
taiolBc Taloaijla informatics a&'d ToraaUry trtt
xaoniaia. lie Bradfield Segliter CeM ltturfi, 6s.
ter legal o'Sttles in the history
of friminal jurisprudence,
Stokes Was sent 10' prison for
I four years on a verdict of man
In 2876 hewag pardoned and
eight yeafS later Governor
Cleveland res&red him" to all
the rights of citizen shirr.
After his j&lease Stokes en
gaged, witbjfifohn W." Mackey
the Postal Teleg'faph Company :
Cable enterprise. He' rnacTe a
fortune in this field and is a
wealthy man3He has had many j
has con-l
founded alt his enemies and,-
after a hard and bitter ffghf; is
on top though sgrely stricken
in Isody ancf lileeiy to succumb
from a complication of diseases.
SCROFULA m its worst form
yields to the blood eleasl power
Hood's" Sarsaparills. 5iidusids of
'Maes Jv seft fert&Mj CURfiP;
at Cost
aamaac iiifTiiByiimi
of the 3
: , . . . u
lir " JKJrt caesa wjmTMrrininii omtm-
Just try a 10c box of Cascaret the
fittest liver and bowel regulator ever,
Or, Price's Cream Baking Pwi
World's Fair HifMcft Awart. -J
Will eafri Jrbu
weekly witn
our plan of in-
Two men made $500 and
$650 last month otf $ro. You
can do likewise. If ydti don't
invest and keep the money in. jt
your pocket you will be poof
all your life. Try us wiih $id
and see' what we can do'. '
Write for particulars to
Offices 213-215 Byrne' Bid g,: m
Los Angeles,- California;
Ie kh M-'
Ifntili Sept ist to Introdnce Our F4iiH
less JKctH&el of FILL,IY& and
EXTRviCTlATil Teeth and Urit
PJEKFECT FMT$iir& a&Beag
SJiJT MTOJriO, feiasjgiraraF;
I6w to eaclf person, coming tt their, of-
i fieesffom Oiftsidethe city, f l.H' Jjfc
for UGHO until DiiUi
wori is completed. a4JL& H6it&
JUICE'S C&EJtfrMH, than
other?. '
Offices :C6r. ifbustph St. and AxiCf
"Ti- SK:
. (Hicks' Block) Szn Antonio,- r&ciVK
n ,, ..
URS. tiOOmiAN & rtAYS?
I1VC Vnil Hora dfbatr Pnnplesi O
JJcanfia. Xoati. ZBlr-raniasf Write, COl
K3QDCDX CO S07-3CaSleTcmt;
umib., ill-, lor procxs ex eorec.
I. 9&9&JB90. TTorst Okafcccrc
9&-&ays X9Q-ratm-
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