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one turns a neat ear to tho present v
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Iho o..e koynoto to tho situation Is
pn'so Uj tho deinocnts. '
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Entered at the postoffice at Green
ville, Texas, as second-class uiatl
Wednesday, Nov. 16, 1910.
For Tax Assessor and Collector:
It. Q. TOLUEllT.
You're waiting lor dad to undress
You say you are waiting for me:
Then come to jour daddy. Lord bletB
Just como to your daddy aniTTio
Wjill soe you through aJl of your
Will get your warm nightie aua
Will tell you queer tales till yoi
With laughter .and will get you a
I'll tell you long stories of fairies.
Of. only the good kind, jou know;
For never a Btory that harrieB
A babo when tho sun Is down low
Is In amongst all of my stories.
They're all of tho laughllngcst faysl
And roses and blue inumlng glories
Of romps along tree-shaded wuyj
I'll sing you a song of Tit-willow,
And toss you way over my head,
. I'll land you a swat with a pillow.
And, when you aro snuggled In'
I'll sit on tho bed right beside you goes directly to tho bettering of tho
And whisper moro stories, uutil ,rm7 contrast the amount bonow-
Tho slumbor boat pauses to ride yo-j'ed by cities for street improvements
To Slumbeilaad under tho hill. wku tho amount borrowed to improve
.' country mmla
Tn Slmnbcrlnnil rinu-n In Hia hnllnu- '
Whoso scenes are tho fabric oi
Where never a grown-up may follow
Where shallops float down tho glad
AH mannod by tho babes of our lov
Who crowd tho frail shallops with
And start with all pushing aud
As glad as wee babies can be.
And when they're away on the bil
low. And dim grows tho Slumborland
Mamma, won't you pick up the plV
And fix baby's bed Just once nioroY
We're done for tonight with the
Of pillows, and done with tho glee,
The horns ot the Slcepland aro blow
ing And babe's on tho Sleepyland Sea.
Judd Lewis.
The press of Virginia i( llnec" up In
a squabble that runge-t from the twin
capos to tho West Virglula border.
No, it isn't politics. It's Just
And the question Is shall school
marms be allowed to dance
Superficially, the topic seems frlvo
lous, but you only have to scan Virgin
la paperB to see they do not regard
the matter from that angle.
Tho trouble rose In tho action ot
the school board of tho town of Poca
hontas in prohibiting tho women
school teachers under Its Jurisdiction
from dancing.
In this contest we cldo with &e
school teachers decidedly, I
If any public employee In the ent.inlof
gamut ot the civil service or out ol
it row fat policemen down to mes
senger boys, need the relaxation and
tie rejuvenation associated with dauc
Jne it is tho choo teacher, whether
In country or city.
they work harder, m a rule, than
Uneeda Biscuit
are soda crackers made from the finest
flour.and the best materials obtainable
That Makes them an ideal
Uneeda Biscuit
are baked in surroundings where clean
liness and precision are supreme
That Makes them
Uneeda Biscuit
are touched only once by human hands
when the pretty girls pack them
That Makes them
Uneeda Biscuit
.are sealed in a moisture proof
That Keeps them
tho average business man and, In
country Georgia at least, a large num.
ber of them afe paid less than tho
husky day laborers ot our city.
Any fond father who has tried to
control ono brisling jounster knows
tho size of tho undertaking. Multi
ply the trouble by any numeral fmtii
twenty to sixty and you havo a taut
inkling of just ono part of tho Job ot
tho woman school teacher. Add to
this tho homework Indispensable from
grading or paper?, stilly to keep no
reast, etc., mid jou pi o up a case ot
contiuual norve-strnin that is nothing
short of impressive.
II any class of workers on eauh
need lest .relaxation and enjoyment,
it is the school teachers. lly nil
means they should bo permitted to
danco to their heart's content. Moro
than that, tho little town of Poca
hontas would have done far better r
at the public cipouse, It had decided
to get up u danco party occasionally
for It3 overworked and unpaid teach
ers. Squaro dances, round dances, the
Merry Widow waltz, the hobble-skirt
prance, tho picture-hat "fade away'
let the teachers who want to dano
pick out any they will, or all, and
dance the tire from their muscles and
tho cobwebs from tholr heads. At
lanta 'Constitution.
'Our cities aro growing faster than
tho country dlstiicts,'' D. F. Yoakum
told Oklahoma farmers the other day.
because mouey Is poured luto them
to make them grow. Our farming in-
uustry is not developing as It should
because not enough mouey U expend-
eu iur ino larm mo to enable it to
keep pace with the town life."
Funnels constitute nearly a third
of tho country's population and faun
products make up nearly a third ot
the country's commerce: but nf iim
mouoy luat tll0 comllrj. gptfnUg on pub
lie Improvements what proportion
country roads.
To make farm life moro attractive
by quoting from .Mr. Wordswoith's
appreciations of Nature and by distri
buting domestic-science literature,
that shows how to nourish thohlrou
man without pie, Is nu amiable ana
praiseworthy ambition; but the sor
did facts is that making the "farm mora
attractive is gotiie to tako money.
Itural wall delivery, telephones and
automobiles havo added to the at
tractiveness of country life; and they
have cost something, too. How would
tho city man enjoy an annual appro
priation of thirty-seven dollars a mile
for streot Improvements and a recom
inundation to lead Wordsworth?
Good country roadB will add moro
to the farm economically and socially
than almost auy other ono thing, it
a city were lu like position It would
as a matter ot course, borrow tho
money and make the Improvements.
Farmers are entitled to uso about a
thlid of tho country's credlL What
ever amount of credit they uso for
for Intelligent road Improvement will
prove a good Investment, Saturday
Evening PosL
-T 0
When Senator Dolliver was In Mich
igan, shortly before the tieptcmbor
primaries, a residout said to him:
"There would bo a strong Insurgent
movement in this Btate too tho peo
ple are ready for it if wo only had
a loader." lie replied: "You don't
noed leaders. Leaders didn't make
the Insurgent movement. Tho move
ment msdo the leaders"
With Tospoct to ailchlgan, the1
truth of this remark was proved ut
tho primarlosifor, without nny nota-
bio leadership, insurgency swept the
cta'tt. JJIs true, lu a measure, with!
respect to lows.
From the tusf tie people were back
Dolliver and Cummins, It must be
increasingly true, in a measure, In
proportion as tue machinery of gov
eminent Is made more democratic by i
the introduction of direct primaries.
The closer the contact between peo
ple and government, the more closely
and automatically will government
A Package
(Never sold in bulk)
cvrrospond to the public good. Yoi
there will nuvor be a tlmo wh.ui lead
ers liko Dollivur can bo easily spar
ed. Ills ability for leadership wnb
great and ho was not ouly willing
nut anxious to put It at tho public':,
service. A bouse of tho unfalrnosa
of tho taiiu" Iowa farmers undoubted
ly had, aud of themselves they wou J
soouur or later hao given some sort
of expression to It. For them, at
once, Dolliver gave it powertul ana
luminous expression.
Ho made their sense of tho tarirt'.,
unfairness a stirriug, tar-Carrying call
Leadership of that kind will never bo
a negligible qunutlty. Saturday Ei-
eulug Post.
What was accomplished lu tho rc-
ceut republican lout is iinpoitaiu
maluly us it represcuta opportunities
and a foundation for absolute deun.--cratio
victory lu litis.
hi this respect, little more cou'd be
asked of Xho conspiracy of circum
stances or of the overturn which glvei,
the nation, at least, an opposition par
ty worthy tho term nud numerically
capable of effectlvu lighting.
in every btate and congressional
district where democracy was victor
ions, and iu otkois where republican
ism wrung a scant victory, tho pegs
aro set for a democratic congress auu
a democratic president two jcars
Tho fulfillment of destiny rosts sim
ply lu tho hands of democracy itsolt.
As It Uvea up to tho obligations and
tho opportunities of the situation, it
Is capable of grasping them it will
shape Its own fato.
For tho first tlmo 'iu, poihupa, a
quarter of a century the consonatlve
business men oi tho country aro lin
ed up with aud favorably disposed
toward tho democratic party.
For tho lirst timo in tho last hall
century all those business interests
not directly piohtiiig by tariff spoil-
allun havo been brought to sco the
wisdom and tho necosslty of a suno
leilslon of tho turitf. Tho high pro
tection fetich no longer obsussea the
ncragu buslnoss mail.
Democracy, Is thorcfoie, hack on
old familiar ground adovcacy of ai
honest tariff, free from special privil
eges, ' the ground upon which every
victory Ii has won slnco tho civil win
was accomplished.
Upon tho ability of democracy to
lienci forth wage its campaigns fiom
this vantage point rusts tho result u
Jf It cleaves Immovably to this one
ceutial Issue, all will go woll.
It it returns to a crazy program in
phantoms, nustiuius, isms innoia
tlous and bottled moonshine, its do mt
is wrltteu as surely us 112 roll,
Or, If, as in the past, bickering, Jt il
ousy of leadership, inability to caati
and enforce discipline .p.irtisnu uuIr-i
than a national rlowpolni'aru'poiuui
ted to mlu the effect will bo n ilia
It should uot ho forgotten that tlu
republicans hau Just been ponaii. -d
by tho country for tho continued mi
enso of party lying, to put It bidl
Aud the country will tolerate ban
faith. Inefficiency and foudlsm no
moro gracefully from democrats t'un
from republicans.
Nor will tho country endure petty
Jokoying and plnhoad policies perptt
trated In the name of "party o. sani
tation and advantage. For it h.n
Just given conclusive evidence that
today puity tie sit llgbtl), and tnut
men vote not upon tonus, but upon
If Heaven sends its grace upon H-e
democrats and they observe tin jo con
ditions religiously nud with Jjr.Mid
winds, the puny should eutur upu,.
long aud notable era of power, oi
pnrtuulty and what is bettci, of
For the republicans are tsgualoi
demoralized. JJ'aft Is no longer uail--
able as a loadc. If lu U again put'
to tho front, republican deK.u will
be more doclsho than auy ckait to Ine
democracy iu tho last two ieosdes.!
itoosevelt is tho party's ono hop
Aud with oven him as standard-bean-.
tho fight would be a tremendous Due,
with the odds favoring democrat1-.
Thus tho situation lines up, ;
Important Notice.
Owenvlilo Tribe Xo. 2 of the Mys
tic Tribo of Montojunm will meet Fri
day night Nov. 18 In Levy liftll at 7:30.
All monitor urpuil to he prosont.
J. A. Hodge, M. 0. .
IMS. H. Ilethell, .M. 8.
(all ;it on, More anil lot us sIioa
mjii tlio turnout dilil moat cnuipluie
..n.' ot lioute furnishings to bo fou.lil
in tho citycash or credit. Hiillio
furniture- Store.
Tickets on Sale.
'ilrkels on sale nt Goo's drug store
or Htyait's lectino nro going last. II
mi want to select good seats do not
' 1 iy. Ttct-ets 75 and 50 cents.
Woiso Than Bullets.
Ilullets havo. often caused loss sul
ferlim to soldier than the eczema L
V. llardlmau, ntirllngloti. Me., got In
Hio, army, and tuffeied with, forty
joars. 'But Uuck'en's A 'Rica Salve
iirod mo when all elso failed," ho
writes. Greatest healor for Sores, Ul
c-era, Molls. Burns. Cuts, Wounclf,
rtrulses and Piles. 25c at nil druggists.
m i U
Hoarseness In a child subject to
croup Is a sure indication of tho ap
proacli of the disease. It Chamber
ialn's Cough Ueinedy Is given at once
or even after the croupy cough lias
nipenrod, It will prevent tho attacK.
rontnliiB no poison. Sold by Mo
Gaugney uros.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy hu
become famous for Ita cures ot cough',
cnlds, croup and Influenza. Try it
when in need. It contains no harm
ful 8ubstanco and always gives
rotnpt relief. Sold by McfJaughey
The Call of the Blood
for publication, finds voice In pimples.
Iioils, sallow complexion, a JadndlcoJ
look, moth patches and blotches on
nt n,S,..S" .Vlv$!;troub!0-!
Uut Dr. Kings New Life Pills make
rieh rod blood; give clear skit., rosy
.-hecks, fine connexion, health. Try
iiieiu-. zuc ni an aruggists.
Yout '(iiiah annoys you. Keep on
hacking nml tearing the delicato
u'.omhianjs ,1 your throat If von wnnt
to bo annoyed tint If you want relief,
nam. iu ue enreu, tano uliamuorialn o
Cough Remedy. Sold by McGaughey I
:i THE FIFTH LE5Sqn ' ' . Vlllm
Where Can We Get Them? , . fgk
l "-- No trouble to answer this question, the prices we make, and the goods we show',''" " fmlW '
inffi: are a complete answer to the question. ' ($'$& '
IS " jsgjs I This Beautiful Bed Room Suit fSk
i S17-50 iPH9' Orvly$20. Jgh, M
If Bed Davenport Mgl ' O fA
lrv' iSsSiS; -i pW A good value at 25. The suit Is well ' aSS.V'gfen tmfezt8?k Wm
Bftw , O inaile. very attmctlvo in appearauco agjaywgiilgfeiy - - V '
(Jfa A and -wl 1 bo satisfactory to the prldo iyr- -fw" -n. , ,, ..rgul-itrjl lli
M- nv! An unheard of price on a dependable Davenport. An Inspection will prove of any ono. That it will give tho i PfeSgjf pWiWftcS fcy?? ''Bj
Sji',. V tllls Davenport is w-ll made, construclod ot oak, neat In appearance, per- host of sorvlco is apparent in cvoiy Uji IJMl1--'., j5E-fl X '
J,,V fect ln operation, highly satisfactory In use. feature of construction. w!7VPf.)'fii!?WJ "a
il ' " PHces - j.m '
MmWk " ' New Home " Fi,ht mSmi
i lPY st, only . , . Terms t -
W Jf'-fek Reasonable WWWMw
yilwSfSSSr4afdltiSi. lift Eal 'BKSf if25 eJ2?7 -ABiffl &?vbJk&
I m WmW m tJfi rm II I
Wl lthc"m :Hy AH our prices are regular nonoi-. aro specl.1l. 'Q mako P fV? I - 'rJ KfW
Mjl C .-Y"-), fe Prices for the benefit of our trade year In aud year our, 'SstJ f"""" ' I ? Ifl
mfn " ' IHI
! & Mil m IM - mW&lkMi- i m
Mm mk a . . . . . LxhjsniM f m
i m tgcr.1.;:"1!! kss in b iiiii i ri &i zsjmwnwL TSgir-j t -Jtw iv ,
1 111 J.I I I btl2.A ID IB1 SSB HI SH JSM SSB SHI IBB1 SB1 SB) IB 1 4 SF Jl.M-llltrJ'i-M ( U dll --4.1 ' ' l, . r1 1 IU !
X&Sv 111 ,, vwm I ntr wbw'b mi mir H
Suro to Olvo Sntlsfnctlon.
It clonn , dootl , lii-nli nml jirolpcls the
di'j-il mrmhninorisnltlnjifrom Cntnrrh !
and ilrivc-i nwny n Cnlilin ilii' lloml qnlc-Ulv. 1
Jtonloioi I ho Bciios of Tasto end Hmcll. I
J jiv to uin. Contain1! no Inltulnus driiir-1
Apjilleil into tho limlrils nml absorbed.
Jrfirj;o Hlze, fiO cents nt TlrUKcMs or by
ipnll. Liquid Crrani Ualin for mo in
ntoniizors, 7if rentw, j
ELY DROTIIERS, CG Warren SI.. N York. '
anything electrical. Can make Immc-!
rtlate delivery on any she motor to;
suit tho new plant, also hare electric i
irons, water hcntcrB, perculaton,
curl ng Irons, etc. Prices tho lowo.H.
Kverj thing guaranteed.
Stoves and hardware tiaved from
the recent fire, so'.d at flro sale pric
es by J. M, Ceo today on South Stone
wall street. i
llest mainspring made put In your
natch, and guaranteed ono year for
one dollar at Flalgs.
Electric lions, curlers, motors and
everything electrical can bo had from
Duck at a nodernto price. Phono him
Dr. D. II. Waddle, specialist, rye,
ear, noso nnd throat. Glasses fitted.
Opera House block.
You'- wa'cu clock cleaned and
. .
S"arnnteed ono year for ono dollar
n Fa,E'". in Corner Drug Store.
Whore It is once so'd. It continues
to be bought. This Is tho case with
.Monogram flour.
I am wiring houses ovcry day.
Why not have yours wired? Elrr-er
T.irner, Electrician, 211 Lee St.-et.
Al v--:-Til'- i--v v, Ja D H I H U K S U I Kt H . T N H HljUK .. I' I'M liH AJt H . B mm
i -iM UjRJ a ilVWW tUATtS.ILT WHUtUT uai a-nwtt BH
'iki IssD
, feU by usintj vholesouie, pnKitnblc
i Ms
I ffi1 Pressed from choice cotton seed. Carefully and scientifically refined. Bfll
Absolutely the best shortening on the market. W
ragC Sold only In 3, i and 10 lb. cans. H
$M IT'S KOSHER At nil good grocer., or dlrecX from GUARANTEED H
Accept No Substitutes DALLAS OIL AND HEFININO CO.. to contain no animal fat M
1 I
i MaALiiiiisirassasyiststKiiai
The Texas Wonder
cuiei-- Kldnoy, llladili'r and nheiimatl-:
troul' es. $1.00 bottle seldom falls to
give quick and permanent relist.
Write for local testimonials. Dr. M.
W. Hull. 23M Olive St., St. Louis, Mo.
Sold by Driignlsts.
flood home-made bread Is something
wo all enjoy, and comes with tho U30
ot Monogram Hour. Not only white,
but wholesome.
I put Iu electric boll burglar alarms
and do all kinds ot wiring. Elmel
Turner. Electrician. 211 Lee Street
Hot Drinks tho hottest of all hot
drinks at Hoohn's 11-ltf
cmei-- Mdnoy, UladdiT and rtheiimatl: fH HBCWWIlfir WttSB faft? BaiW
R KB,p3.1. 6-Lfa AJba
n imiiftiniii niDjir.n tKik. -i a
Simple way for any family to retain
Tho cllinrs of "Health Itlnt.i"
nnd ,
'Ques-llons nnd Answers" havo ono qucM
tlon that Is put to them moro often than
ny other, unit which, strangely cnouRli,
they nml the most illtllcult to answer,
mat is "How can 1 euro my constlna-
Ur. Caldwell, nn eminent Fpeclnllt In
diseases ot the stomach, liver and bowels
has looked the whole llclil over, has prac
tised tho specialty for forty ycats awl Is
convinced that tho Increments contained In
what Is called Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
has the best claim to attention fiom con
stipated people.
Tf cmvsa in fhfl pure of stubborn con
stipation has done much to displace tho
uso of salts, watern, MronK cathartic
end mien uungs. ftyrup i-cp-m, dv ihihi
lnc the stomach nnd bowel muscles to
m:uin do their work naturally, nnd v."U I
Try il Free
the good health of all its members
its tonic InBredlcnlA strcnethenlnd the
nerves. nunKs aoout u lasiini; cure.
Ainonu Us stronKebt suptiorters aro Mr.
John Clnnellno of 98s Mltwaukco Ave..
Detroit, Mich.. Mr. J. A. Vernon of Okla
homa City nnd thousand of others, it
eon be obtained nf nny druggist nt fifty
cents nnd one dollar a bottle, or If you
want to try It nrst u free sample bottle
can be obtained by writing tho doctor.
Jr. Cnldwell does not feel that tho
purchase of his remedy ends hla obli
gation. Ho 1ms specialized In stomach,
liver and bowel disenBcs for over forty
yenrs nnd will be pleaded to Klvo tho
lender nny ndvlce on tho subject freo
of charKe. All nro welcome to wrlto
liinl. Whether for tho nicillcnl ndvlco
or the free rampio midres.i Mm nr.
W. II. OaMwoli.
ilnntli-cllo. 111.
511 Ha W well building
sssMlffifciiitiTi-fiim-r . rfrfy"Bttfi
WBffgslrrMMMiWifeiMPWy "

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