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:'g:.W.i;.,T,j.v;i jj-. t
jus nght jr"""""""""""""FUrieaiio
"behind cottomlJag'jLnt now Hie
people haver tn Gonteftdagainst
carpet bag atwJscallawng.lSrcast
works, supported byjPederal
bayonets japd Gatling guns.
-3"he CivUZan'mraz-th& the
Galveston Agricultural and
Horticultural Association! are
makirtg an efiort to raise funds
by subscription to stock in the
way of a loan to give a grand fair
in connection with tbe Mai Test,
xm tberlstof Hay next.
'Mabpi Gbls. The grand
Mardi Gras festivities take place
at Galveston on the 13th ot
Tebrnary: At least Momus
Hex, the Sing of Mirth, has
caused to be published his proe
Lunation to. that effect in the
last issne of the GaTvesf on News.
A folly time will be Lad no
m mt
Brown county now tenders
the hospitalities of an elegant
new stone' jail to murderers,
tliieve3, forgers incendiaries and
other gentlemen who are1 felon
iously inclined. The newBuild
iiig, wo .arc assured by the
GasdUcscslKm beauty- of
architecture aud durability ot
r W. 1. Surra lias beeu trans
ferrer! from Leon to Ilearne.
He was editor ot the Xcon Cdb
inet. He is to be editor of the
Jlearoc Argus. His chief rea-
, win for the change of location,
is, that Hearne never uses ar
dent spirits as a beverage.
Smith you see, is a teetotaler
J or something ot the kind.
' Jt is said, thirteen County
Judges in tbis State have resign-
led and two have abdicated. It
is, perhaps, well to mention that
there has beet no difficulty in
finding a sufficient number of
patriotic aspirants to supply the
places ot those who resigned.
Patriotism, you see, goes a long
waynr-.this country.
.trSosTJit H. Fabb has pur
chased the interest of.G. W.
Newnam in toe Waller Comity
Courier. Jo is a shirty, clever
fejlow and knows how to make a
good paper, if the Hcmpstead
ites but give him the necessary
encouragement in the way of
$etajips aud advertisements. Suc
cess to you Jo.
The Williamsport (Pa.) Sun
says Gen. Grant, iu lcs3 than
. eight years, has dono what no
former President ever accom
plished. He has demolished
the Republican party, trampled
"under foot the constitution and
ruined the entire country
, Grant goes put and down under
.1 dark clond?" with the cxecra
tion ot all ffoncst men upon his
head, and his name for coming
time, will be on iecoid .i- a trai
tor mid con-pirator.
"till Volume, with bright
hopes- and flattering prospects.
During the past twelve years
the Bannkb has been an earn
est and faithful advocate of the
cherished principles of the Dem
ocratic faith, laboring zealously
iorthe triumph and success ot
its teachings. For tlie success
"of ""these principles, firmly be
lieveing a3.we do, that they are
the only' safeguard for represent
tatfve government,, wo sball
zealously contribute; all in our
power to maintain them pure
and intact.
The Wekklt Banneb con
tains a larger -amount of read
ing matter than roost papers in
the interior, tmtbe last issue,
ot its thirty-two columns, twen
ty were reading matter, con
taining the latest telegrams of
general interest, and informa
tion on a great variety of sub
jects. We gave, and shall con
tinue to give the, latest local
news of general importance
occurring at the most promi
nent points in "Wasbington coun
ty," wlierc Ave have made ar
rangements with local correspondents-to
bo furnished with
every item, of interest that may
occur in their vicinity. In
addition to this we shall
afecgive the local news of Aus
tin county, most of whose citi
zens look to Brenbam lor a mar
ket. In brief, we are determin
ed to make the Banker worthy
ot the liberal patronage it is re
ceiving, and hope, by Btrict at
tention to correct journalism, to
receive large additions to our
subscription list.
That able and fearless Demo
cratic journal, the Williamsport
(Pa.) Sun, thoroughly under
stands the eternal fitness ot
things, especially when r.pplied
to the present stato-of the pol
itical atmosphere. It says that
"the Presider t, without intend
ingnt, gave a tremendous im
pulse on Saturday, to the grow
ing feeling among respectable
Republicans in favor of tho
election of Tilden. He said,
apparently by way of complaint,
that in case of the inauguration
of Mr. Tilden 'not one' of the
Republican governments at the
South 'could stand lor twenty
four hours ! "What honest man
ot any party at tho North,
knowing the nature of these
Republican Governments, '
would not hail such a result as
the redemption of our national
name from the blackest disgrace
under which it now labors P
Pork is selling in Holly
Springs, Mississippi, at from
tour to six cents a pound, and
corn at twelve and a half cents
a bushel. Coin and meat are
plentiful in ilurt ivgion, and the
people are happy.
My laughil
Sfck, suffused wl
of them Ixous
't is well for the lady that sj
did nothave a red head.
boys" might lmve mistook i
a flame, and turned loose
water on it.
The Groesbeck JTew Era
wants to know what has become
of the Cabinet. We are down
here "in tho post-oak runnel's
pagging away, trying to make -a
living, and fighting whiskey.
We have succeeded in breaking
John Barlovcorn's neck, and arc
now in a fair way to break our
own. Leon Cabinet.
Just so. Fighting either
whiskey or "the t'ger," is dan
gerous, and has been the rnin of
many a good fellow.
Jjt Virginia a man's pol! tax
receipt is an indispensable re-
qnisite'fo the exercise of snflrage.
Keep Straight Aiitad.
Pay no attention to slauderers
or gossip mongers. Keep
straight in your course, and let
their backbiting? die the death
of neglect. What is the nse ly
ing awake at night, brooding
over the remark cf some false
friend, that runs through j-our
brain like forked lightning?
What's the nse ol fretting over
a piece of gossip that has been
set afloat to your disad vantage'Uy
some meddlesome busybody who
has more time than character ?
These things can't possibly in
jure you, unless, indeed, you
take notice ot them, and in
combatting "them give them
character and standing. If
"what is said about you is true
set yourself right at once; if it
is false let it go for what it will
fetch. If a bee stings you would
you go to the hive and destroy
it? Would not a thousand come
upon yon ? It is wisdom to say
little respecting the injnries you
have received. We are gener
ally losers in the end if we stop
to refute all backbiting and gos
sipping we may hear by the way.
They are annoying it is true,
but not dangerous, so long as
we do not stop to expostulate
and scold. Our characters are
formed and sustained by our
selves, and by our own actions
and purposes, aud not by others.
Let us always bear in mind that
"calumniatars may usually be
trusted to time and the slow out
steady justice of public opinion."
The Marshall Herald says
the snow fell iu that city to the
depth of IS inches on a level.
The roof ot the Texas & Pacific
Railroad Hotel and depot gave
way, causing damages to the
amount ot about 3,500 dollars.
Among tho other casualties it
mentions the falling in of the
railroad cotton shed, the roof of
the liveiy stable east of the
Capitol Hotel. Mrs. Evans was
seriously injured by the falling
in of her home, also Mi3. Gill
McKay who was living about
eight miles from town with her
father Dr. .lloock.
A little six year old daughter
of Mr. George Tackett, living
on Beriy's creek, eight miles
from Georgetown, in William
son countv. was burned to death
on Tuesday ot last week. Tho
mother left thiee little children
at home by themselves, and this
is the lc-ult.
lav agree
till eon-
it the
na'iai .iu-
ji the
ent is mao
mfr I residen
taKe pains to prevent an
official declaration either of
Hayes or Tilden." The Presi
dent ot the Senate has nothing
to do with it. If the votes are
counted, so many for Hayes, so
many for Tilden, anybody who
is capable of doing a sum in
simple addition will know who
is the President, whether the
President of the Senate speaks
or holds his peace. As a mat
ter of courtesy, he has generally
been tlie presiding othcer upon
such occasions and announced
the vote. Bnt that is a purely
ceremonial position. Ho is of
ficially President of the Senate,
directed by the Constitution to
open the certificates. There is,
however, no reason for depart
ing from the usual courtesy, ex
cept it bo supposed that he pro
poses to assume powers not con
ferred by the Constitution.
The place for opening .the cer
tificates and counting the votes
is jiot designated in the Consti
tution. The House of Repre
sentatives, which is tne larger
and more convenient liall for
the purpose, has beeu generally,
but not always, selected. The
proper place, however i3 the
Senate-chamber; for it is the
President et the Senate whom
the Constitution appoints to re
ceive and open the certificates,
and the chamber of the body of
which ho is the official head is
obviously the place in which he
should perform the duty. More
over, as no plaeo is prescribed,
and the duty is enjoined upon
the President of the Sonate7he
may unquestionably appoint tho
place aud invite the attendance
of both Houses. These are de
tails which have been settled
without difficulty hitherto, and
which should raise no question
now. Indeed, nothing but a
custom which is not uniform
can be urged m favor of the hall
of the House of Representatives.
The propriety ot tho case clearly
designates the Senate-chamber
as the place for counting the
The action of both Houses
will be narrowly watched every
moment until the final proceed
ings, and whatever looks like a
straining of power or the exer
cise ot qnestoinable authority
will bo injurious to the side that
attempts it. Sensible people,
and they are really the mnjorit'
this time, wish to see no depait
ure from the acknowledged
forms ot law. The question is
not one of party, but of institu
tions. Tho paramount duty of
the two Houses is to agree in
advance upon some rule'to gov
ern their action when the votes
are counted.
- - -
Tho Austin Statesman says
that in the payment ot the dog
tax, the scalps of the cougar,
panther, bear, wolf and cata
mount are received, for two dol
lars for each sc dp ; also the
scalps of the wild cat and red
fox at one dollar each, the gray
fox at fifty cents each, and rac
coon scalps at twenty-fivo cents
each ; provided that Mich ani
mals are killed in tho count v.
Washington, Jan. 8. Kel
logg telegraphed Grant for
troops; Gmut refuses to send
troops or to ietignizu either
Packard or Nieholls untill "af
ter the report of the Congress
ional investigation committee;
in other words they are left to
fight it out between each oth
er, so the peace is not disturbed.
Both Packard and Nicholl
wcic duly inaugurated as Gov
ernors of Louisiana on Mon
day, anil "delivered their usual
inaugural addresses. Packard
was inaugurated under cover
of barricades and police at the
State House; while Nioholls
was inaugurated before the en
thusiastic multitude of freemen.
A slight disturbance occurred
at about 2 o'clock, as Lieut.
Governor Intoinc was conclu
ding his remark', a wowd of
about six hundred persons col
lected on Royal btrect, iu front
of the State Ijou.-e, and, after
hootin'Jfcj' at the o-
i co jHbrau
el ling
?iu tho
is tne
bcm and
be the
;asey are
The field.
in. 8 in the
seime, Air. ouerinan presented
the petition ofjirominent busi
ness men of Cincinnati, members
of both political parties, asking
an amicable settlement of the
presidential contest. He spoke
ot the high standing of the pe
titioners, and said their opinions
were entitled to ercut weight.
He felt sure ihe geneial tone off
the petitioners lor a peaceful
and orderly count ot the electo
ral vote would be approved by
every Senator. The petition
was referred to the special coni
mittee of seven Senators ap
pointed to consider the presi
dential question.
New Orleans, Jan. 8 The
Democratic Legislature .has
passed bill No. 1, amending the
election law, and repealing sec
tions 23 and 2(5 providing for
tho "purity and freedom of
elections." Tho bill provides
that the Governor, Speaker and
three Senators, representing
different parties, sljall constitute
a board of caurasscrs, who are
authorized to canvass and raake
return of tho votes cast at the
recent election, 'and to anthorize
conte.-ts for office iu certain
Washington, Jan. 8. Pri
vate dispatches report the Dem
ocratic mass meetings through
out the country asthoronghly
patriotic and determined. Their
speeches were somewhat threat
ening and the resolutions posi
tive in their declarations.
Tho 512,000, which was sto
len in transit trom the Tre.isiirv
to Chicago, has been returned".
Colnmbus, Ohio, Jan. 8.
The convention was very large
aud resolutions strong They
recommend a lmtiomil conven
tion to be held at Washington
city on the 12th of February.
San Antonio, Jan. 8. On
Wednesday lost, one Geo. D.
Mnnson presented a check on
II." Secligson & Co., Galveston,
for ST92.00 to Simpson & Co.,
at Columbus for payment, which
was refused until they winld
confer by telegram with Seelig
son; Seeligsou replied that he
did not know McKinney, the
signer,;and that tlie check was
bogus. -d.t a p. si. anotner tele
gram was received stating that
tlip phw.Ir was iill nirht. Jvinr."-
alias Munson, called shortly af
ter and presented the check
again when it was cubed. .
King was ai rested here last
night and $707 of the money
recovered. Paities from Colum
bus have arrived and identified
King as the man who drew tho
money under the name of Mun
son, and ho w ill be returned to
Columbus to-morrow.
King, who is a first class op
erator' himself, cut the wire
about a mile from Columbus,
and sent tlie second. telegram
himself, so manipulating the
wires'ns to deceive the Colum
bus operatcr into the belief that
it came from Galveston. King
is an old operator aud bcrved in
that capacity at Mason, anil
Rio Grande City and was on
his way under orders to Fort
Stockton when captured.
Later. King attempted sui
cide by strangulation. last night
in jail, but Lis intention was
time to save his
Austin, Jan. S Ajspccinl Jo
the News states thatthecon
tractors for buildingilthe East
Texas penitentiary have pre
sented their bond to tlfe "Gover
nor for approval. Tlie bonds
men are citizens of Ohio, who
have he recommendation of
Gov. Hayes. Gov. Hubbard
favors the project for building
the penitentiary by convict la
bor and hesitates about approv
ing the contract awarded by the
coninii-sioners. Mr. Lang, 0116
of the commissioners, has re
The Board of Directors of the
Agricultural and mechanical
College, consisting of Gov. Ilub
bnrd, Lient.-Gov. Thompson,
Maj. B. H. DavN, Col. A. J.
Peeler and Col. Chas. .Deiiiorse,
met this aftornoon excluding
reporters. Last bussion there
were thirty-two students. The
approaching session will begin
with eighty, and the l'umber be
fore the close may be largely
increased. Students board is
reduced to S12 per month, and
Farm, held by Gen. Bee, win.
abolished, which reduces tbacx
penso $500
New Orleans, Jan. 9 Gov.
Nickoll's Militia and police have
possession of all police stations
and court-rooms no resistance
made. Radicals under Packard
are securely confined in. the
State Uon-c; no interference as
yet by Unit.'d States troops
The excitement has subsided:
icholPs police in full and
peaceable possession of the city ;
the people are jubilant; no dis
turbance of the peace Grant
re-iterates his determination not
to intei fere in Louisiana matters,
umess it be to preserve the
Teacc. From 3000 to 5000 of
Nicholl's militia are under arms,
and the State Honse is beseiged.
No one is suffered to.gaiu ad
mittance. 2:40 p. m. Democratic lead
ers now assert that they have no
intention ot attacking the State
House. The following lias just
been issued as a proclamation
from the Executive Department,
dated New Orleans," January 9,
1877, and addressed to the peo
ple of Louisiana r
I would be most protouifdly
surprised and disappointed
should any citizen of Louisiana
at this moment so Jar forget
himself as to be guilty of any
exces whatsoever. There is
dauger in collecting together iu
large bodies. I urge yon, there
fore, to retire at once peacefully
to your homes. Tlie greater the
wrongs to w Inch you. have been
subjected the greater, to your
crcuu suouiu.you recognize ana
recollect-your own simple and
plain duty a.s-eitizens.. Let no
one be injured, how ever' obnox
ious he may be, aud let the peo
ple of tho whole country see
that we are law abiding, just
and moderate,
FnAxris T. Nicnotxs,
Governor ot Louisiana.
The Democratic Legislature,
with a quorum in both honscs,
voted for United States Senator.
J. B. Eustis received a majority
ot the votes cast for the term
ending in 1S79." No choice was"
made for the long term.
New York, Jan. '9, At the
TTmou Club roonukfs afternoon
it was asserted definitely the
duel between Jos. Gorden'Ben
uet and Frederick May had ac
tually taken place in 'the State
of Deleware, near 'a place-called
Slaughter IlilJ. Mr. May
was slightly wounded and Mr.
Bennett was entirely uninjnred.
The feud was settled after firing
the first shot.
Washington, Jan. 9. "-Dispatches
from Gen. Angur, com
manding at New Orleans, to riie
Secretary of War were .submit
ted to a full Cabinet to-day. It
is not known exactly what their
contents are, bnt they report
considerable commotion in rtew
Orleans. A dispatch from Pack
ard was also betorejfhe Cabinet.
There is no doubt that the
decisional the Cabinet was lo
have instructions sent to the
military authorities at New Or
leans to enforce peace should
riot be threatened. The Presi
dent is reluctant to proceed
fnrfher in the recognition of
either party in the Louisiana
gubernatorial question thah was
liidicatL in his dispatch to
Kellogg ot last Sunday. As"
1he result of to-day's delibera
tions the following was sent.
. Executive Mansion, Jqn. 9.
Gen.1 C. O. Angur,New Orleans
A dispatch just received trom
the Hinted States Marshal at
New Orleans indicates that un
authorized and armed bodies of
men are organizod and assem
bling in a manner to.threaten
the peace and safety of the city.
If this be so, notify the leaders
of snch organization that they
must desist, on pain ot coming
in conflict with the United
States authority, sustained by
the military power of tho gov
ernment. Report at once the
situation and your action, keep
ing in mind that this order has
no reference to a recognition ot
either of the claimants of the
governorship or cither of the
Legislatures. J. D. Camero:.
Indiadapolis Jan. 9 Every
county was represented at
Tucad.iv'b State mass meeting.
The follow in.; was offered bv
discovered iu
life. -
Hon.jD. W-f YodrheeSjg and
adopted witKfmnchlapphiU.se : .
R-soLvraThat acommittee.
of lire bo appointed by the
president of this convention, tbj
oe Known as a--com m nice or
correspondence andpnblic'fertfe-'
ty," The duties of said com
mittre shall bo to correspond
with ,other, siuiilart-onnnittees.
nnd leading men of other States
for the purpose of bringing about
harmony of opinion and coiu-ert
of action iu the preseiTt porilotis
condition of national affairs,
and consider the propriety of
calling a national convention of
thj Democratic party, and to
correspond with different States
in regard thercfo. It shall be
the duty ot said committee to
consider and devise the bes!
means by which the people
nny exercise the right ot po
tioning. Congress, whether in
writing or iu person, iu order
that the pnblic peace may be
preserved and popular liberty
maintained, aud the laws up
held. Colnmbus, Jan. 9 The third
resolution of the Democratic
.convert tion is i That while it is,
clear in the conviction ot the
delegates that Tildet. -ii
dricks have not only
majority ot tlie ponu
and arc elected Preside
Vice President, we yet
that any decision made
Senate and House of Represen
tatives will be eheerftf'ly ac-
quiescea in by tlie whole people,
and that any atterapt-tcr lnaug E
urate a i'resmeiit simply upon
proclamation of the President
ot the Senate will be an act of
usurpation that will be resisted
by the people to the last ex
tremity, even should that ex-v
tremity be an appeal to arms.
Richmond. Jan. 9. Samne-i
n. Tboruberg, charged wit,h
robbing the bank of Peters
burg, Va., on the 30th ult., of
1G,700, returned to that pity
last night, and surrendered
himself. He says he way at
Harrisbiirg, Pa., when he hjeard
of the r.ibbery) and that, is he
was charged with crime and
gniltless, be " at once started
back to face tho ebanp and
establish his innocences I Upon
being seaichec, but tewiuollars
were lound on li
Thorberg positively
King any ot the
declines to tell w'
At the close i
the Honse yestorj
nication was prci
Secretary ot
to House, resol
2il JJe-
cember 8, givi:
tion of Unii
C troops.
According to
troop3 hero in
g, the
1 and G ot
U, G
T nf
and 1 of secon
and E of th
fonrth artill
of fifth
artillery i
and 720 im
e officers
h The
through tin
cers and
ount, ofii-
iGSl. Of
these, 100
umbia', S.
.C, and
ual force
J. Nearly
opsin the
; State of
massed ;
South ar
he entire
army rosl
at 27,004.
Tins cit
th include,
at the latl
about one
d forced of
the conr
. 10 The
of the L
,tem are sct-
tied. Tl
is over the
but es-
and throe from St.
The special House committee
on the privileges, powers and
dnties of the Htiuse ot Repre
sentatives in counting the elec
toral, vutes, have so far agreed
on only two points r First, the
President of the Senate has no
power-to count the votes; second,
that IheJIouse has eqnar power
with the Senate iu counting the
electoral' vote.
A 'deputy scrgeant-at-arms
left 'Washington l.i3t night 'to
serve on Win, Orton the writ of
tho, -Speaker for his arrest, to
bring him to the bar ot the
House. He has placed Orton
under arrest, and will bring him
to Washington to-morrow.
Thfrreport of the Texas and
Pacific Railroad committee to
the House is delayed by bitter
contest over the branches. There
are seven of these represented
befottf the committee, three
centering at St. Louis and two
at New. Orleans. Senator West
supports, the New Orleans,
Baton Rouge and Yicksburg
road, commonly known as the
"Backbone," in which he is said
to be largely interested as well
as iu tho North Louisiana road.
The Lonisiana delegation in tho
House unanimously support tho
New Orleans Pacific Railway.
It is generally apprehended that
the sacrifice of the New Orleans
Pacific Railway" will seriously
jeopardize and probably defeat
the bill granting government
aid to the whole " enterprise.
The friends of the New Orleans
Pacific Railroad state that it is
under rapid progress ot con
ion. by biibsci iptious from
is of Nciv'Oi'luaius audtJie
f . "-. . .
bv the
country parishes, while thff
"Jrjckboiie r has done no work
but relies upon- its charter of.
It'll and" its land.
The military are constructing
"a telegraph Imer between the
WRrdparnrrcitr airdho- arse
nal. London, Jan,10. The JV-jf-r
discussing Jtho,. statement that
tho Porte is elaborating a new'
scheme based on the Andr.issy:
:ote; anticipates little result if
Turkey is permitted to fonce
with the propos.ils.of the Pow
ers. Tliejgamef-TBrkey 1ms
lasted too 'longhand -we are all
beginning to- feel that the at
titude of the Conference is?
somewhat (rumiliating, but
some signs appear to show
that forbearaiue has nearly"
reached its time. Prince IJis
marek is safd to have forbid
den-hi j repreentativerirto-dis
cu-s any further concessions
Impatience tp visible in Other
quarters, and unless; the Turks
suddenly change- their tone, a
rupture may come any day.,
A dispatch from Per.i to the
Daily Telegraph reports that
gfoit. excitcurant - prevails". -among
the lurks ii conse
uence ot reports ch eclated by
a l nrKisu newspaper ot Ku
siati defeats in ToorkistaJn, and
crowds of people paradiiitr5!",
ptreets of Constantinople cheer'
lii; uer me nuns..
A dispatch from Constanti
nople says, Gen. Igilatieff, the
L Kussian representative, in " a-
confidential communication to-
MehemitPasha on Saturday nrg
ed the acceptance of the certain,
points ot the Conference pro
posals, and indicated the means
and advised the acceptance of
an International Commission
with consultative powers only,
no suggested tho appointment
6f officers of instruction instead
of the establishment of a for
eign geas d'armes, aud the ap
pointment ot a .Bulgarian iik
stead ot a European, as govern
or of Bulgaria. He denied iu
his letter' that Russia incited
Servia to make war. ---ji
London: JaiulO. According
to tho returns the deaths from,
smallpox laetg, week was HG,
against 75 the previous week.'
The Metropolitan Hospitals
contained 859 smallpox patients
on Saturday, agTnt 823 the "
previous0 Satnrday. 2001 case
were refused admission during ""
the week for want of bed room.
Washington, Jan.. S. There
is a r.nmor in Deriiocratic cir
cles here this morning to the
effect that .Fernando Wood and
Ben. Hill had a quarrel Satur
day, in the coarse of which
TTill fifrrnnnrlv nfrimnforl TiTa lit.
lict that Hayes would be inau
gurated, and that a largo -ma--"
jority of the Southern people
would not be displeased thereat.
I cannot as yet fiud confu-
mation of this minor, but a
leading Northern Democrat,
whose opinion is always valua
ble, told mo not ten minnte- .
ago that he had no doubt Hill
meditated desertion, and 'was
thU moment in correspondence
with the enemy. The-o are
the gentlemau's" exact -ordsr
and he is not -a man who talks
at random.
"LooNk QyX
la now in receipt of Lis stock ot
5aW. I "WxsOietf
Consistio of
Ladies' and Gent.i' furnishing
goodsj ready made clothing.
Alpacas, linens, jticoncts, do
mestics, jeans, doeskins, obiia-.
bergs, .sheetings, corsets boots,
shoes and hoisery, hats, gloves
and underware, in' endless va-
riety, -.which 1 am now offering
cheap for the ready cash. Jl lie
goods are bound to bo sold.
Gi me a caIifyou are iu
search of "bargains. '
Wehave a flue asscrtmentof
and defy competition,, either in
style or prices.
cheaper than ever. We do only
a cash business. No tronble to
show goods. Call and see us.
A. sxraozr.
Bren!im.Teias.Sept. $5tli 1S70.
Mower and Vegetable Seeds
me plnted j a. million people ia
Aim-ricn. Sto
Vick's C'jtalogne-300 iUaalratio.
"Vick'a Floral Guide, Qoanerir,"!!5i
cents a j t-ar.
VicK'sFlowpranAYrgelaUe GnnTen
50 crata; with elegant cloili covers
AX ray rulilicatiuns are printed in
Euglu'i aud liermaa. A-ldrrsf
J.uii!? Vice, toclic ter,A V.

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