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Local Intelligence.
Prom Saturday's Daily.
The weathek was threaten
ing nearly all of yesterdaj,
nnd trade, altho' not absolutely
dull, was las lively thau any
preceding day this week, At
ttlns writing, late m the even-
J ? . i .1 ..,:.,.,
jfl'lg, It 13 uu uubuiteu tjiieaiiuu
whether wo are to have rain,
' snow or sleet.
J Dk. G. W. Fosteh, of Nel
S Bonville, was in town to-day.
He says farmers are .industri
ously engaged in preparing land
for the seed, and in repairing
lenses, and performing other
plantation labor. There will -be
,more oats sowed by fanners in
that part of Austin coantVj
than usual.
Tne Banner acknowledges
an -acceptable present, consist
ing.' fine cigars and brandy,
jroin the new firm of Hooper &
.belter. iivery taste was grati
fied. A few of those belonging
to the office, do not, as a rule
"take sugar in theirs," but all
can appreciate the fragrance of
aSne Havana. Tlie brandy
was duly sipped, and the health
aud success of the new firm
drank in animating bumpers.
On the beautiful plantations
idong the road from Travis to
the city, we noticed that nearly
all the farmers have commenced
turning up the sod. Most fann
ers recognize the fact, and act
accordingly, that the first and
most important step in securing
gwd- crops, is to thoroughly
prepare the soil for the recep
tion of seed. Besides the ne
cessity of proper preparation of
the soil to insure good crops, it
should be. borne in mind that
where this has been properly
attended to, the cultivation can
be accomplished with at least
one-fourth less labor. Every
thing is in favor of thorough
preparation of the soil, and we
are glad' that farming communi
ties generally, in this portion of
the State, are acting on the idea.
From Sunday's Daily.
Pneumonia, We learn that
there are several cases of pneu
monia in the ciy, superinduced
by the changeable weather
which has visitea us during the
the past three weeks.
Wood. The freeze caused
several wood-haulers.to hrinr in
wood yesterday, which they of
fered at the "moderate" price
of five dollars perord. The
demand was quite limited at
that extortionate fiarnre.
Fined. The parties engaged
in the free fight' at the market
house Friday 'evening, were up
before the Mayor yesterday
morning, and were made to
contribute liberally to the city
Stopv rr. Complaints are
made that owing to the boistcr
otis and indecent-language used
at the market house. Jadies lire
prevented from doing their own
marketing. A few jieary fines
jvould put a stop" o this busi
ness. kJ
FeEiR-The Ifeairiest sleet
and -freeze that has vibited this
section for the past seven years
was experienced on Friday
"tight- Yesterday morning
the trees, fences, houses, kc,
were covered with ice, which
caused great suffering to stock.
Watee Failure. We learn
that in some parts of the city
that wells are still very low,
affording but a limited supply
of water. The" fall rains thus
far have not been sufficient to
benefit wells, hence the scarcity
of water.
-A Fair Compromise. When
we wrote a notice of the un
certain state of the weather in
our Iaat, we were in doubt
whether it would rain, snow or
. sleet. It did a little of each.
iNow that is what may be called
a fair compromise.
We learn from Hon. S. A.
Hackworth, the postmaster at
this place, that mail matter in
tended for the Northern or
Western States, will reach its
destination 12 hours earlier, if
deposited in the office here by
.half after 12 o'clock, instead of
waiting for the 4 o'clock, eve
ning train. We deem this a
matter of sufficient importance
to our business men, to give it
publicity. A iev hours are
sometimes of great importance
ih biijinecS" men.
out. We learn that
there was a general free fiht
at the market house on Friday
evening, resulting in one white
man being slightly cut by a
Yesterday was such a disa
greeable, bad day, that very few
citizens from the country show
ed their faces in the city. It
was a uice day for staying in
John J. Hagoekty, Esq., of
Bellville, was in the city yester
day, and called at our office.
Having been successful in most
of his cases at the late term of
the District Court of Austin
county, John was in a very am
ichble mood. He is stopping at
the Central.
Plnt Fkuit Trees. Within
aradins of four or five miles of
this city, there are half a dozen
nurseries or more. At these
nurseries select fruit trees enn
be had of all the fruits adapted
to our climate, on fair terms.
2uw is the time tor planting
peach, plum and pear tree.
Every man, who owns a few
acres of land, can and should
enjoy the healthy luxury of good
fruit, for good fruit is not only
healthy, but is one of the most
exqisitc luxuries that ever tick
led man's palate, "since his ex
puUio.n from the garden sup
posed to have been prolific of all
golden fruits.
Xo man, who owns and cul
tivates a few acres of land, can
offer a sound excuse for depriv
ing himself and family of the
healthy comfort afforded by fruit
alone. Every consideration,
even the practical one of econo
my, urges upon every man who
owns soil, to cultivate fruit. A
few dollars invested in select
fruit trees will repay a hundred
fold. There is nothing to be
gained by delay, and everything
by acting at once.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Post Master Hackworth has
made an improvement in the
Postoffice by a general painting
up, which was much needed. A
man owning a lock box now,
can find his nnmbcr without
putting on spectacles to aid his
natural vision.
Personal! Major D. L.
McGary, of tho Civilian, soon
to be of, the Galvestonian, was
in the city yesterday, aud hon
ored our sanctum with his pres
ence. The Major is looking the
picture of a man who had
pleasant prospects of pastures
fresh and green in the near
Personal. Mr. Jas. E. Ste
vens of Travis was in the city
y-stcrday. and reports every
thing prosperous in that portion
of Austin county.
Mr. Stearnes, Senior, and Dr.
Creath, .both of Rickey, were
also in the city yesterday. If
we tiny take the appearance of
the two gentlemen named as an ,
average sample of the hygienic
condition of the people in the
neighborhood of Roekcy, there
is no very flattering prospect
that the Doctor's professional
services will bgjjj, pressiong de
maud. But when there is any
cases to be treated in that vic
inity, tho skill of Doctor C. is
certain to be put into immedi
ate requisition.
Last Sunday there were four
Mexican women in the city, try
ing to turn an honest penny by
selling mocking-birds, a' cage
with a pair of thesec birds, be
ing attached to the shoulders of
each of the "ladies."
The toilets of the Mexican
Senoritas, were not greatly dif
ferent from those worn in the
rural districts minus the "pull
back," for these dames seemed
intent on going forward.
In the style of arranging their
raven tresses, they exhibited a
commendable degree of imita
tion, by wearing this crowning
adornment to woman's charms,
in the fashion known as "scram
ble." We are not well up in
the technical terms that hedge
in the "mystical sublimities"
that constitute a lady's divine
paraphernalia. But at any rate,
while looking in vain tor the
languishing beauty, said by so
many writers to linger in the
"sott black eyes" of Mexican
Senoritas, we observed that their
"head gear' presented the ap-.
poarancc of having long bcon a
stranger to the regulating influ
ence of the domestic article
known a a- cinli.
w-'Mi emag
i;l ; ! nrn. ,.. . a, kmt,jLv:- --V-aut Kgtjmmji JUJ-tatauLiTTrji; i: i yiaaeaasaetjauXhLiXJwhJaAjieaB
From Vwlneda's Dally.
Dons Advertising Pay ? A
sewing machine repiircr adver
tised that he would be in Bren
liam by the 20th of this month,
for the purpose of waiting on
those needing his services. Two
orders at the Banner await his
arrival. It looks as if advertis
ing paid, and promptly at that.
The law card of C. T Kava-
naugh, Esq., will be found in
this' issue of the Banner. Mr.
K. is a gentleman of large expe
rience in the management of
legal business, and having an
extensive circle of fri&nds and
acquaintances who can appre
ciate his merits, he will, no
doubt, find employment for his
time aud talents.
Anthony Kelly and Dave
Corus, alias Dave Williams',
were tried yesterday for hog
stealing, and sent to the peni
tentiary for one year. Klep
tomania seems to be a malady
prevailing among our lately en
franchised fellow-citizens. Will
they never learn to distinguish
between meuni et teum, or in
plain old English, mine and
The Weather. Yesterday
was the worst day we have had
during tho winter. It sleeted
some during the night and set
in about breakfast time as if
business was meant, and contin
ued until about 11 o'clock.
Few men from the country
came to the city during the day,
except tho32.who were forced to
attend court in some capacity.
Less business wa3 transacted by
our merchants than in any day
tor a long time back.
TnERE may have been scores
of local items laying around
loose yesterday, to be utilized by
a persevering reporter, but the
day was too inclement for in
dulging in outdoor amusement.
It may be seriously doubted if the
most oppressed son-in-law who
was ever harrasscd by that much
misrepresented personage, the
tjaditional mother-in-law, would
have been willing to attend her
funeral yesterday. Undoubted
ly he would have grumbled and
said "why couldn't she have
put it oil a day or two ?"
From Thursday's Daily.
Several State cases were dis
posed of in the District Court,
yesterday. 2sone of them, how
ever, were of great importance
to the public.
If our people do not supply
themselves with mocking birds
to cheer their hearts with ever
varying songs, the fault will be
their own, and not that of the
dealers in the feathered song
sters. These peddlers were split
ting the mud yesterday.
Yesteday was so very un
pleasant, that iittle business was
done in the city, outside of the
trade within its limits. We are
having a spell ot bad weather,
whose protracted stay is as dis
grceable as that of an unwel
come guest.
Hugh Cam vck, a colored man,
was tried yesterday in our Dis
trict Court on achirgcof maim
ing, and was acquitted. Messrs.
Breedlove & Ewing conducted
the defense it would be super
fluous to say with ability. They
arc always equal to that.
Personal. Lieut. J. L. Hall
of Capt. McKelly's Company is
in the city. Last week Lieut.
Hall delivered five prisoners
from De Witt, at the city of Aus
tin last week. The company is to
be mustered ont of the State
service the 25th instant.
Lieut. Hall is stopping with
his friend Col. Sloan.
Mr. J. K. Whitman, of
Lownde3 county, Alabama, call
ed at the Banner office "yester
day. Mr. Whitman has t e ap
pearance of a genial, solid gen
tleman. He will probably be
come a citizen of our county.
There is room for such men,
who are an acquisition to any
"Peabody Fund." Doctor B.
Seirs will lecture in this city,
Wednesday, the 31st instant, on
the "Peabody Fnnd," his object
being to prepare the way for a
larger and more beneficial dis
tribution of this great fund,
in Texas.
Doctor Sears is one of the
representative great men of the
day, and his learning and abil
ity, will command a full house
when he conic-.
From Friday's Daily.
Rev. Dr. Browne, the Jew
ish Rabbi, lectures here to-night.
He w ill doubtless draw a full
Remember, the reading to
night by Mrs. William, in the
parlor of the Central. It will
bo a feast for gentlemen and la
dies of cultivated t.istes.
Ye-tekoat evening, the sun,
which had for several da3-s kept
Ills filc :ls closely veiled a, a
Aiohannneaan beauty is sup
posed to preserve hers, dispens
ed his rays, rendered unusually
welcome by their long absence.
The weather is now as pretty as
lip.irt could wish.
"Leonora," our Scmpronius
correspondent, wc hope will ex
cuse the Junior of tho Banner
for the liberty he has takqn of
drawing the pencil through the
paragraph so. highly compli
mentary to himself. Wc are
obliged to our correspondent
for the good opinion entertained
ot us, and shall study to deserve
and maintain it.
Marriage licences issued by
11. M. Lewis, County Clerk, for
week ending Jan. IStli, 1S77:
W. Spencer to E. Patton;
Robert Johnson to A. Clay; R.
Burleson to Ida Royall; II. M.
Read to M. Y. McDade; R.
Evans to H. Carothers; Henry
Lewis to Ellen Talbert: H.
Sange to S. Folzinski; II. Wie-
kel to Louise Steffen.
Our Semproriius friends vis
iting the city Fridays and Sat
urdays, can get the Banner
from three to four days earlier,
by calling at this office'and get
ting the package, than by wait
ing for i to reach them by
conrse of mail. We hope they
will not neglect this. We will
keep the package for them, till
Monday, noon. tf
Personal. The many friends
of J. F. Matchett, will be glad
to learn that he contemplates
returning to Brenham at an
early day and resuming prac
tice. He is a fine physician, an
able man and a clever gen tie
man. The return of this gentleman
to Brenham is proot, if proof
of the fact were needed, that
the advantages of Rrenham and
surrounding country, aie not
excelled by any section of our
great State. During his ab
sence Dr. M. has visited several
of the nrth western counties,
and among them .Browne and
Comanche. The truth is there
is no portion of Texas tbafrof
fers supeiior attractions to those
found in our own midst.
"Farmer Boy" has a place in
this issue of the Banner, but we
by no means adopt the idea that
it would be sound policy for the
grangers to "buy their staple
goods at Galveston. - .
We oncerread a portion of a
book entitled "Every Man his
own Lawyer," and were soon
convinced that any man who
followed the book, having any
considerable business to transact,
requiring legal acumen, would
soon find himself so entangled
in tho meshes of uncertainty,
that it would require the labor
of two or three good law.) ere to
6triighten him out.
'"Every man his own Doctor,"
is a work equ illy absurd. If it
was followed, perhaps there
would be fewer fools in the
world and fewer people also.
Wc have alluded to these t',o
professions to show the absurdity
of a man's being his own every
thing. It is not more absurd
for every man to be his own
lawjer, doctor, blacksmith or
silversmith, than it is for every
man to be his own merchant.
Attention is directed to the
advertisement of Messrs. Wood
ik Low, in this issue. These
gentlemen are well known in
the county and no doubt re
ceive the patronage they so well
deserve as public benefactors.
As old tried friend. For
twenty years Tutt's Pills have
proven the friend of the iuvalid
and through all the changes of
that period tens of thousands
still stick to their old friend,
and as many more arc daily
testing tbeir virtues.
"Your Simmons' Liver Reg
ulator has been iti use in my
family fr some time, and I am
pcrsuaddl it is a valuable addi
tion the mcdi'sal science. Gov.
.Ino. Gill Shorter, of Aal."
"It has proved a good and ef
ficacious medicine. C. A. Xut-tinir."
District Court, laslliii?toa Connlj.
ISIO Cook vs Carter.
49(53 Carter vs Cook & Degges.
5377 Campbell vs Breedlove.
4991 Locketc vs Maynard.
504 Knap) vs Grive.
535S Wangemann vs Ins. Co.
5378 Wardwell-vs Matchett.
503G Pesch vs Bassett.
5090Davis vs Garrett.
5137 Rankin vs Rankin.
5159 Hackworth vs Hackworth.
5097 Tonn vs Wiechmann.
5375 Willis vs Whitman!.
5379 Wilkins vs Fleming.
45S9 TJ-wdle vs. Compton.
52S7 Kelly vs Kelly.
52S9 Nichols vs. Barber.
4167 Meredith vs Chadwick.
4S29 Kramer vs Kramer.
5114- Low vs Mclntyre & Rip-
5209 Mclntyre vs Low.
4723 Kenedy vs Mclntyre
5110 Dwyer vs Parsons &
5356 Hendley & Co vs nodde
"Wednesday, Feb. 7.
4750 Griffin vsLockett
4993 Perry vs SI & T C R.
W'y Co
5006 Flewelien vs Evans
Thursday, Feb. 8.
4774 Morgan vs Giddings
4920 Gaines it Stone vs Ham
mond. Fiuo'ay, Feb. 9.
4906 H&T O R Wy Co vs
Binding 4
E!dridge"vs Fox
5298 "Moore vs Moore v
Saturday, Feb. 10.
5039 Reese vs Wilkins
Monday, Feb. 12.
5135 Burton Bros, vs Bailv &
5350 Hodge, Goddard & Co vs
5351 Heron Bros, vs Bronnen
kaut Tuesday, Feb. 13.
517S Anderson vs II & T C It
Wy Co
5390 Reid & Smith vs Wil
kinson 5391 Ruid & Smith vs Mat
thews Wkdnfsday, Feb. 14.
5111 Bassett & Bassett vs Axer
5395 Hatfield Estate.
Cases not set on snbject to
call. Joun Sayles, Prcs't.
Seth Shepaed, Sec'y.
Wn clip the following from
the,Houston Telegraph, indors
sing Mrs. Williams' Reading.
We have no doubt that every
word said in comraandation of
her ability is well deserved.
Mrs. Williams is in the city,
stopping at the Central. She
honored the Banner office by a
call yesterday evening. She
will give Readings in this city,
to-night, in the parlor of the
Central Hotel.
A glance at this lady serves
10 convince the beholder that
she is highly gifted, intel
lectually, and thoroughly ac
complished in the entertaining
art she practices. The Tele
graph says :
"Her programme was well
chosen, such pieces as Tenny
son's "Guiueveve," a fragment
of which she read; ''Quarrel of
Brutus and Cassius," from Juli
us Caesar; "Stealing Roses
through the Gate." and "Good
Xight, but not Good Bye,"' by
Mollie E. Moore; "Mrs. Cau
dle's Lecture," by Jerrold, and
John Hay's "Jim BludsO,' be
ing of a kind to give play to
her powers ot voice and man
ner. Her rendition of "Steal
ing Roses through the Gate,"
"Good Night, but not Good
Bye,'' and "Mrs. Candle's Lec
ture," struck us more favorably
than her reading ot the other
pieces, though they were well
rendeied also, and were most
favorably received by the audi
ence. There is scarcely a poem
in the English language more
difficult- to read perfectly than
"Jim Bludso," and when we say
that Mrs. Williams read it well,
we do her no more than simple.
Also the same new way! a
new principle! for the cure of
Catarrh, Sores in the Nose and
Throat, Dr. J. II. McLean's
Catarrh Snuff, It soothes and
heals. Trial Boxes 50 cts. by
mail. Dr. J. H. McLean, 314
Chcbiiut St., St. Louis, Mo.
IIolloways Pills are a sure
remedy for all sexual complaints
and may be taken by females
ot all ages, who are snffering
from a disorganized system or
those distressing diseases in par
ticular which frequently occur
(from inattention) at the turn of
life. They are so mild that the
most delicate female may take
them with perfect safety. 25cte.
per I". w put.
; i aia OiiLiM ' i. rnn
The man or woman who is
above labor, and despi-ei the
laborer, shows a want of
common sense and forgets that
every article that is Used is the
product of more or less labor,
and that the air they breathe
md the circulation of blood in
the veins, is the result ot the
labor of the God of nature.
Washington and his lady Were
examples of industry, plainness,
frugality and economy; aud
thousands of others of the
wealthy labored in the field and
kitchen, in olden times, before
toiiv superceded wisdom, and
fashion drove economy and com
mon sense off the track. The
necessity imposed on man to
labor is unquestionably a great
blessing, as much as many are
opposed to it, and others flee
from it. In those countries and
districts of country where the
greatest amount ot labor is
requisite to obtain the necessa
ries of life, we find the most
vigorous, healthy and athletic
inhabitants. Where nature has
done most, for man, in providing
for his bodily wants, wc find
him most destitute of the solid
comforts of life. In the high
lands of Scotland, on the moun
tains of Circassia. amidst the
hills of Norway, the people are
happier, by far more robust,
and more energetic than in
effeminate Spain or impover
ished Italy In our own coun
try, rockbound .New England,
the long range of the Alleghany
mountains, and their numerous
spurs and valleys, support a
hardy race ot men.
To Arrive, t
500 Barrels Genuine North
ern Seed Potatoes; Early Rose,
Early Goodrich, Ja'ckson's
Whites and Peerless. Also
200 Barrels choice' large red
Northern apples.
tf C. W. Kheden.
Market Hep or t.
Gold 109 109J
Silver ." 102 103
Low ordinary
Ordinary 91-2
Good Ordinary 1014
Low middling 10 3 4
Middling 1114
Good middling 11 1-2
BnEAD Stuffs
Flour 700,ffS00l?bl
Corn meal 50 75 tbn
Corn 30 50Pbu
Dry Flint 1S13 12
Dry Sailed 1111 1-3
Green 31-2a 4
Cli-arSidea 121-2al3
Lard 14 aI6
Bntter 20 ,a30
Effsi 15 a20
A Card t the Pablic.
For many years we have made
two icedicines suited to the ail
ments of a vast class of sufferers.
Thousands ot cures have heen
made by them, and, in fact, the
word failure could not.be coup
led with them. But within the
last two years counterfeits of
our medicines have sprung up,
dangerous in their close imita
tion of our trade mark. To se
cure the people wo have placed
upon each gunuine box of Hol
loway's Ointment the fac simile
of the signature of our agent,
Mr. Jos. Haydock. To counter
feit is felony. We shall relent
lessly pursue any one who imi
tates this with the utmost vigor
of the law. We mot earnestly
beg that the great mass of the
American people will aid us in
our efforts to protect their
health, and help us in our task
of bringing these most unprin
cipled men to the bar of justice.
Uniformly refuse to purchase
Medicines purporting to be ours
unless Mr. Jos. Ilaydock's sig
nature is attached to each box
of Pills or pot of Ointment and
the end will soon be reached.
The public's obedient 'servants,
dcly. Uollowat tfe Co.
Xew Advertisements.
Wood 8l Low,
Stadbaker Farm and Spring
Kentucky Cane Mills and Evar
orators. Phoenix Cotton Gins, Etc.
Lumber, Shingles, Sa-h, Doors,
Kliuds, Etc., ISi-ciiImhi. Tc.v.i-.
I lilt Jri
j-L'-jjj'iazssaamJ-aijivaiijvxi ::'i:ogaac
Kept on hand nnd for sale at tbia office,
-sucli as-
Attachment Bonds,
Warrants, Subpoenas, Writs,
(&e., dee., dbo.
Satisfaction guaranteed as regards
quality-of roj-k and price.
Power KcsidcnccsforrKcnt.
- - ,
ONE mile from TJayloi University:
8 jfcod rooms, plenty of wood and
water convenient; asinucbandasmay
bo desired. Address
janlSnlm Independ nca.
Brenham, - - TeSas.
t Will practice In Washington and ScP
joining counties. jftdU;.ilmw3in
A Sample BollloFrc6
Ifj-on aro troubled with Headache
du!InesTincapacityto keeptha mind on
any subject, dizzy; sleepy, or nervous
feelings, gloomy forebodings, irratabil-
ty of temper,, or a bad tasto in the
mouth, unsteady appetite, choking sen
satidnln the thrctit, pain in tho sida or
about tha shoulders' coldness of extrein
Hies, etc. , or in fact any symtoms of
Liver complaint, biliousness, constipa
tion of the bowels, or dyspepsia, go to
your drngist R. E. Lnbn and get a
bottle of Dr. Sherman's Prickly Ash
Bitters. No spirit is used iu their
manufacture except , pure article of
II dland Gin. Ladu-s in "particular
will find them peculiarly adapted to
their wants iu all ages and conditions
at life. The lable tells all they con
tain, consequently physicans d not
hesitite to prescribe them. Sample
bottle for trial freo. Seugular size SI.
Pits or SJpilepsy.
- Any person afflicted with the above
disease is requested to send their ad
dress to Ash & lJobbins, and a trial box
of Dr. Goulard's infallible Fit Powders
will be sent to them, by mail, post paid,
free-. These powders have been tested
by hundreds of cases in the Old world,
and a permanent cure has been the re
sult in evtry instance. Sufferers from
this disease skould give these powders
an early trial, as its curative powers
are wonderful , many persona having
been cured by a trial box;
Price for large box, by mail, post paid
to any part of tho United Stales or
Canada, $3.00.
Address" ASH & ROBBINS,
360 Fulton Street,
ect2 wly Brooklyn, X. Y
I'loicer and Vegetable Garden
is the mest beautiful work of the kind
iuthe world. It contains nearly 150
pages, hundreds of fine illustrations,
and six Chrnmo Plates of Flowers,
beautifully drawn- ana colored from
nature. Price 50 cents in paper covers,
1 .00 in elestant cloth. Printed in Ger
man and English.
Vick's Floral Guide, Quarterly, 35
cents a year.
Vick's Catalogue 300 illustrations
nly 2 cents. Address
J vmes Vick. Rochestor.. T.
ON Saturday evening, Doc. 30,1876,
opposite Court House square, neo
bay m lie, branded D on the hip, and
a blotch brand o- s'loulder. I will pay
a liberal reward fcr tha mule, or any
information that will lead to his recov
ery. J. V. M. KAURIS.
Brenham, January 5, '77. w3f
Navasota Tablet copy twice and send
bill to J. Vf. il. Harris, Brenhaa.
Cin and Press Repairer,
Buckhorn, Austin County, Texas.
Has had an extensive experience in
repairing Gins. Gin Filing, building of
Gin Gearing-, Cotton Viet-w, etc; also
does carpenters work. Refers to Capt.
J. S. Smith. J. F. Matthews, Ed. (,hap
pcll, John Carlisle, and others at Chap
pell Hill.
All orders left with John Carlisle,
Chappell Hill, rr addressed to me at
Buckhorn, will meet with prompt at
tention. Oct. C wSm.
A trial box of Dr. Kissner's celebrat
ed Consumption Powders will be sent
tree, by mall post jiairt, to every suffer
er lroni tho ab'Ve disease. This i.s the
only preparation known ti cure or
btnerH that disease. Price for Iarv
box, S3 00. Address,
Asn & Homus-s.
GOJFuliou Street,
oct2 wly Brooklyn, N. Y
TJ10 American People.
20 peoplein the world BuOeras mncli
with Dysptpsia a- Americans. M
lhnu;;h ears of experience in rnedn
cine has hilled to aicomplish a certain
aiid sure remedy for ilis. ue and its ef
fecu, such as faour Stomach, hick
Headache, Hibitual Costiveiiesa, pal
piUilon ot ihe He-art, Heart-burn
i ater brash, cominjr up of fuod alter
eatiur, low spirits, &c , yet siiire the
11 troduotnin of oiileVs Auuvar vi ow
mt wu believe there is no case of Js-pep-u
and Iner Complaint thai can-'
not eb immediately relieed. ;! 1,000
dozen sold la.t year without one ease
of failure reporled. Go tn jour Druj;
Cist 1! E. I.uhn & Co , and get a Sam
pie Bottle for 10 centsand try it. Two
'J'."""'' "'" ri-l'ee u, Beiular Mie
7 j tiits.
J- Qiltt M.TCW U H4 K?g
Gla-Dressor an" Repairer,
Keinprtead, Teias,
TaSea pteamm in nnnrntneing-tEatlia
i wnr prepared to apply in jrirp Krf
r.eir Patent Gin-Dres at reasonJTtfi.
rales-. My mode of dres is aupt rlitntj -
uib urmr pinni irr kiij (Jutrr m uei ill
atraueb es it. dor not imp, cle.un tha
eeJs, makes a belief sample nnd gins
AH'orders svnttrt me' afHeiapytemJ
irloSt nl lire Brenhnp !NMJl olllco
will receive prompt rsiteuConr
aeptSly T. B ORl,U?BY.
SsiMtu Stokq!
STOLEN from ny Iiou-p on Tnesdar
night lat, new fulf-rfjqrcd kniT
dler. Tho tree is n.Smithlrw.timef
r bbed cantcl. I will pay.n literal r-
ward for Uih return of I b saddle; and
an nddflfonaf reward for the thief, wilU
evich-nce sulScienl lococvirtL
novlTd&irlvr F8ITZ F1SIIEK.
- . ttTxzA for Sale.
A iplendld homestead cm iifgftpraf'
rie, Burleson county, nirn miles south ;
of.Cnldwell. Tract conta'ns 175 acre, '
one half prairie the other half timber i
40 teres in cultivation, goodde!lU)r
andnnthoiibes, ciiteru aud Gnu or
chard. 'Trie place, can be ptirtliaseit
cheap md ortyisy terms. Apply on th
premises to S. B Albright, or- tn T. J.
Pampell, Brenham. Nuv3-2uv
Esiray XSotiee. '
Taken up by John 1 Fhar and ev
trayeil before B A, Watson. J.Pl're;- "
cfnctNo.4j lfalungton cmmtycnvtuiJ
Till day of" November 1876, a tnarn- -f
and colt; bay mare abmit 14 bands '""
high, threowhife feet, abont 11 years
old, brarded 5, 'lay horse colt about
sitmonths old. both appraised bv J. K.
Blocker and V P. Mij Held at &0'Z v
Taken np by 8. N. JIad Jox, and cs-J
trayed before B, AVr'ataonJ.PjPje- ' -
cinct Xo.4,. Washington couniv, on'thV - .
lrt of October tS7G, ' bay mare with;?-,-
ihe left hip knocfted down,abdut 14'
hands high, 11 years oM, Branded onC" -, . ""
the left shoulder Htf, raid ma"rehad jjt
two colts, otie-1 year oldVthe nther tw oTt m
years o'd. all anoraised bf.AVinJ'Eid-
son and V. M. Parish at $32 0OjLdM&
y. iUhW.,
HaYfng.jiurcha3Lri' tbe" bfoodSl
notice is herebv given that-1 fit wilt
stand at my stable at the low'prico of
$ 5 00 per season payable In corn or
Wick's Floral Guide
ia a beautiful Quarterly Journal, finely
illustrated, and containing andrgant
colored Flower Plate with the first
number. Price only 25 cents for tlm -year.
The first JCo. for 1S7? just is
sued id German and English.
Vick's Flower and Vegetable Gar
den, in paper 50 cents; -with ilegant
cloth covers 1.00,
Tick's Catttlogue-8C0"lllustrations,
only 2 cents- Address
JiiitsTiCE, Eochi Ft'r, If. T.
Washington Conntyt
This County is situated on tiietwest
side of the Brazos lliver, iu Latitude
80 North and Longitude 00 West.
UllEKIt 3S)
Ihe counir seat, with a population o(
4,000 inhabitants, is upun the western
branch of the Houston and Texas Cen
tral Railway, ninety-si, miles east of
Austin, the ttate capitol, and seventy '
m les northwest Irom Houston, and one;
hundred and twerity-five miles from Ual
veston,the principal BPaportoftbeStatp.
Tho county embraces about 30J
square miles, with S0.G0O inhabitants,
aud is well supplied with- churches,
and schools, and within convenient (lis.
lances of ea:h neighborhood. Two
male and three fem.de schools of lii,rh
irrade and reputation, are located i'l
this county.
The cocintr Is well timbered and. was
tered. Th i iil Is eseepdonably gcKl.
Cotton and -rn are about the principle "
products ; about 40,000 bales of- eotto'i
beinjr, shipped annually. Wheat, oats,
barley, potatoes, (sweet rfnd Iriih) na,
ar cane, atfrrhumv etc, xv9 ' lare V
produced. All kinds of frmis are sue
cessf ully prown. There are now in the,
county three large nurseries of estab
lished reputation, supplying a large
portion of the State with Orchard
The native grasses are excellent, r -n-derins;
tbe western portion of the cuiiu;
ty especially adapted for dairying. Cat
tle are kept in a fine condition upon
the pastures durinii the winter months,
without other food or shelter! .Sheep
are extensively raised and require bat
little care.
of (rood quality can be bocsrnt at
from $1, to $50 per acre, the) price:
bun;; dependent upon locality and
improvements, and can be rented
atf roni 3 50 to $0 00 per acre, or on&
fourth of Ihe cottjn and one-third of all
other products.
A railroad is now ranninjr through!
the county east and West far a distance
of fony miles. Ano.her passing Dorth
and south through the county !s al.
readv commenced and will soon be
completed, jrmiiff rail communication
with theseaboard by two routes. The
railroad coininunicat'ons offer the clian.
ces of two routes to the ?torth and
The population of this county ia
drawn from overy State of th Union,
aud erery country ia Europe. Tha .
immigrant willTBnd friends ia every
neighborhood and be most heartily
Prescription Free
"TJtOR. the speedy cure f seminal
1 weakness, lost manhrod, and all '
disorders brought on by indiscretions
or etces. Any druggist has the iu
nredients. Address
SS Nassau St , New York,
(TjafJA A MONTH. Agents wan
.jOU ted everywhere- Business
honorable and first class. Particulars?
sent free. Address J. ORTH .t Co.,
St. Louis, Mo maiSlwtf
Aoticc to Holders of Claims.
All pe sons holding claims again-t
the estate of Cvrns JI. Pnnderson, de
ceased, npon which lett ra of ndmin-'
istration were granted by the Hon.
County Court of Mushing county, on
the 20th djy of September A. D. 1870,
are hereby notified to pr. sent the same
tome for allowance within the time
prescribed bv law.
fee. 2nd dlt&w4t Admx.
Hunry Henricfcs. A. B. Hall.
vw liolosalo G-Tooora
Commission Merchants,
Houston, Tcxiisr.
Agrnts for the mot ppulsrhramUo
KAMII.r rjXirR. (f-S 1.-,.
I :
mr . m
lESSS1 r '
vwjffl"SWSIfIfr' '
bSSEbbb-. - -
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