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Tie Weekly Banner
J. b., K1NKIN".C -- ,t I).! JCCKIJIMOK.
Editors, Publishers and Proprietors.
l'2LlJAJii&HIFir G-3r.8- 1!M.
Local option was defeated in
frneMone county at' a cecent
ation, by a smalf majority.
.occasion yet to get a pliy-
kin'a certificate in tliat.eoun-
order to pet a glass ot
linns warmicjj and. sootli-
ilToo Er, a dork in the
deiot at Hcniiistead,
instantly killed August
om, tli Stli instant. At
jic time lie shot and mor-
ronndeJ Harry Clajipart.
not learned rue c.iue
iffienlty. Mooney sur--
t) to the anthoriiijS.
said to be oat of the
jn to "appeal from' Grant
Grant sober," as was
5y parties interested iii
of one Philip, a lew
Philip sobered
.TJicy say Grant
an that sort ot
sticks to old
'Robfcsoli county," as pcrsistent-
ho ps"'ed alonr on the
' the Potouia.Q, r
e;kk of theXcw York
Us that the dnel, be
imd liennett, was
hid that the. , pistols
. .pm miining neav
aft wadding. Imr
Iad. to-jtQr tBdepVive
ttliauts ot the empty
iding- before, a pis-
fclen bullet, and
ecs of its pene-
aden heads, May
pistol was load-
-T-liis is the
ppcx just estab-
, t'. and It. M.
itors andjiro-
spiKj,- jiewsy
liberal sup-
jli temperate
: gentlemen,
iiot stand in
any cousid-
.mps'; Iieuce
rich. .
.11 limn of
simple l!
all made i
wills, bu
(ltlionsrli an ,
i!e (he best '
y, plac -
ing it in pi
u" apnli-
cd to the pu
sired to
&erv-, durin
he. He
did not leav
'to execu-
tors to carry
ns wunes.
mv. i. eaootrc,"
the grateful
live forever in
aflection of those
.ehasWfltted., . . ,
til T-r-r; jr-i t,
Ir dueling at4 a 1111000111 'or
piemium? At Fair Bluff, North
' Carolina, the lflth inst., a cou
ple of. sable sfentlcman of South
CaroHna,fbughta,duel. fiThey
really 'meant business and blood.
INo shaui, with them.- They in
terchanged four shots, and one
of the parties was wounded
three Jimcs, dangerously. The
other party was wounded in the
light arm. TlieJtmonstrated
that they po.-scsgne pluck.
Who' will daPy now,
that-the' darkey is advancing
in -the more relineJ elements of
The Dailt Galvkstoxiox.
This new candidate tor jiopular
favor, made its first appearance
in the Island city last Fri.day
morning. It is a morning pa
ler, containing the associated
press dispatches, as well as tel
'eg'ram"of interest from all tho
important points in the State,
not embraced in the associated
The Gdlvestonion is a hand
Fome sheet, and under the ad
ministration of its racey propri
etor and editor. Major 1). L.
iMcGarv, b destined to '.. a
'!.' n r '"- -"
U;li place i . "I'll' i,r .
The report of the joint com
mittee of tlie two houses of
Congress to provide tor the
counting of the electoral vote,
has at last been made. The re
port was unanimous, with one
solitary exception, and that ex
ception, 0. P. .Morton, goes far
to strenthen the belieftliat the
bill is fair, and breaks up the
nice little job that he and Chan
dler and their co-workers in
fraud, had conceived, of count
ing in Hayes, by the aid of cor
rupt and profligate rctunii.iig
bohrds. Senator jtfortori i"s one
of those unscrupulous politicians
who is entirely innocent of
favoring anything that could be
wnstrned into fair dealing with
a question inrolving thu inter
est of his party. II is opposi
tion to the measure, is not a
had. recommendation to the
bill, as reported by the com
mittee, the passage of which is
now scarcely questionable. Jfr.
'lorton may swallow his cha
grin as best he can, and digest
his malignant venom in solitary
grandeur. There is no consid
erable number of even his own
party, who will pcrsUt in trying
to give the count ot the electo
ral vote, a purely partisan bias, '
regardless ot law, right, justice
and the constitution.
Hon. Mr. Julian, member of
Congress, made a masterly '
speecn at inaianapoiis, tne oui
instant, before ,a convention of
the, people of Indiana. It was
an eloquent appeal for the pres-
ervatioii ot the constitution, and. 1
an unanswerable vindication of
the right of Tilden anJ Hcn-drick.-;
to the seats to which they
havedeen unmistakably elected
by the voice ot American free
men. Alluding to those who
wouhl subvert the constitution,
by foisting into the office of
President a man clearly not.
elected, he thus' concludes" :
Let them be warned in season
by every lover of regulated lib
erty that millions of men will
be found ready to offer their
lives as hostages to the sacred -ness
of the ballot, as the pallad
iiini of our liberty. ':Whosoever
hath the gift of tongues, let him
usa it : whosoever can wield the
pen of a ready writer, lot him
dip it in the inkhorn ; whosoever
hath a sword, let him gird it on
for the crisis demands our high
est exertions, phyjica! and
LLEtrronAL Yotk of Floi-ida.
By reference to our telegrams
in this morning's Baxxee. it
will be feen that the Canvassing
Board ot Florida, in obedience
to an act of the Legislature of
that State, on counting the re
turns found to be regular and
legal, gave the electoral vote of
the Flower State to Tilden and
Hendricks by 94 majority. This
ought to settle the question, and
we suppose will. Logan ot the
Senate and Chandler of the
Cabinet, will rave and iume,
but in the end, these viperous
politicitians will find they 'lave
been biting files, hurting their
own fangs, and nothing else.
Those little bribery operations I
of. the .Hon. Win. Pitt Kellogg i
in New Orleans'ars lo'iio inves-;
tigated by the Grand Jury ot
Orleans parish, and it is hoped
that he may be dealt with to
the full extent of (helaw,"in
such cases made aiiiFprbvided.
Ho is charged with. bargaining
with Representatives atj$250 a
vote and with Senators- (God
save the workl at SlOOO a vote.
jjiioop nun up ; ne riciuy deserves
Itt i i tit " '
Hoak has been elected to the
tT. S. Senate from Massachu-
i setts, after numerous balloting!.
Logan has not yet been elect
ed from Illinois, and it is to be
hoped he will not be. Anybody
to beat Logan. Palmer is his
most formidable competitor.
m m
John Davis stabbed Henry
Dixon in the breast with a
knife near Hearne la-t Thurs
day, killing him almost instant
ly. Davis eloped and has not
been heard from since.
The Capital Theatre has been
closed by legal means at Austin, j
What will the paper ol that ;
- ii ! f..r !..cil- no-.
.v iMfj-KTCPg-g ,-n-.-".'.T:.n
Our northern exchanges are J
full of accounts of destitution
among the people of that sec
tion. In the city of New York,j
there are fifty thousand workinJ
men and women out of employ-
inent- The same number arc in
the same condition in Chicago,
and of course the smaller cities
and towns have their due pro-
port'on of destitnto men and .'
woniQjMMUimr to work but u
a conver.-l
uiia. T:.-..!Tf, i nntoev-"i
oiaicn iisniLi .iliui
:i-ier AttoNftiiTTm
previous to the election, in
which Corbin said that the cn-
tluiMasm of the whites was such
that the State would be lost to
ihe Republican party, unless
forty or fifty negroes could be
killed in order to give excu-e
for the introduction ot Federal
troops. Ycry soon after this
conversation the Ellenton riot
occurred, the troop? followed,
pud Corbin hasince. bcen.elect
crto the ITii'tcd States Senate.
Cause and effect were never
more eabiiv discerned.
BoirrwF.i.1. is of opinion tint
the. bill agreed on by the con
ference committee ot the two
houses, on the electoral vote,
elects Tilden. The people know
that Tilden wis elected by their
votes, and by the grace of God
and the inherent v!r:ues of th?
constitution, he is morally cer
tain to bo inaugurated. A fair
count is all the country demands,
and nothing less will be accept
ed by the people.
Gi;x. LixnsTr.KT, who has
done .-o mii'jh dirty work tor
Radicalism in Louisiana is now
trying to make the people ot tlie
Crescent City believe that he
has turned Democrat, 'i'he
General is a bad egg. lie sees
that the Democracy are going to
win, and he wants to take posi
tion on the slron side.
There now, the Hearne ..-b'-gux
man has gone and done it.
Why he has actually heralded
it to the world that we imbibe.
We are a ruined woman sure ;
and think of in-titntlng suit
against Mr. -iiguS'Cjr damages.
Sh.ime to talk so iiVjont a tem
perance man ! j
. Hon. W. W. L.v(-cljias been
re-elected - toJithfLap'osi tion of
WorthwjMaster.of'the Texas
iT"-fc ' ilTJ"! T-1H" .
Ilcs?mado an
efficient officer and has been du
ly rewarded and doiibly honored
by his re-election.
Me. E. M. Hatohkr, ot Gal
veston, and Miss Sallie Sax-
of Austin county, were
married la-t Thursday evening,
at the residence of Dr. G. W.
Foster, at Nclsonville, by the
Rev. Mr. Buckingham.
There was a lifteen thousand
dollar fire at Denton on the l.'th
inst., consuming the South side
of the public square, including
the Jfunitor printing- establish
ment. A colored man named Bill
Walker was tried at Calvert la-t
week on a charge of murder,
convicted and is to pay the
death penalty for the deed.
Houston has a fire company
composed entirely ot colored
le bo,
trf gathering
lit the house o
about three miles in tli?
try. A merry time tl
laying the country bo.
pletelyin the shade, arv
olized the smites ot tli'
lasses. The hours fie
heeded until the time
farewells, when tho bovs
they had paid dearly fo
fun. The country boys hT
ken their revenge. iSot a
was to he tonnci to carry r
back to the city, and slo;
stdly aim niuuilily tho young
Lmnn-drasrs'e-d themselves home
ward, mentally resolved to give
the country boys a fair showing
next time. Stermuii Register.
vAsiuxr.Tox Talk. On Sun
day the Administration was a J
"little oil 'so badly ort, m fact,
that Brother Orville, who visis-
ed ihe White Iloue on family
business, came away and told
his friends that the President
was in one of those moods in
which it was no use to talk to
him. It serins that Morton,
Sherman, Stirjieant. Don Came
ron and others ot the conspira
tor. in the Senate and Cabinet,
took advantage of the Presi
dent's unfortunate condition,
and induced .him to send the
telegram to General Augur.
The poor, oppressed female
clerks ot Washington are thus
mentioned in a recent letter :
''la the departments the clerks
work in the forenoon during the
holidays, and the afternoon the
streets present a giy and anima
ted appearance, for the young
ladils are out, arrayed more
gorgeously than Solomon or the
lilies, in bewitching pullbacks,
rouge, pearl powder, dark eye
brows and under-cored eyelash
es, bent, like Tamerlane, on
John II. Houghton, who re
Rides in falls county, Texas, has
instituted suit in the Sixth Dis
trict Court for the parish of Or
leans against Stephen B. Pack
ard, formerly 1T. S: Marshal,
who at present "lodges at the
St. Lonb Hotel." Plaintiff al
leges that s.iid Packard owes
him SI 77.50 for services ren
dered as keeper of a steamboat
at Shicvcport, La., at. the rate of
$3 a day. A'. 0. Picayune.
A special from Washington
says that Hon. Win. A. Wheel
er visited President Grant on
the 15th, at the solicitation of
Senator Colliding, . and urged
the President to take no steps
in the Louisiana matter until
the Congressional committees
make their leports. Mr. Wheel
er having come diivet from an
interview with Governor Haves
gives some particular interest
to his present attitude.
We are intructed by the A.
S. of M., to roiider a resolution
ot thanks to the Brenhaiii A. S.
ot M who visited this place on
Tuesday last lor tho sole pur
pose ot organizing a like or
der at this Yace.GidJi)irs
The authorof "Hold the Fort"
and other popular songs Mr. P.
P. Bliss, was among those kill
(1 by the Ashtabula,
tit tn
kien un'OTi 'the
ewspappr men
and that ho is
jive them if they
shouldn't write
rdships and ex-
so great, llns
nor anybody else
It is true newspaper
ues work pretty
!is a rule, thev don't
than h good for them,
have no excuse tor
g things they ought not to
t became of their worry.
iv should keep their tempers.
Jrother Ta'.mage. savs that
tors write and publish bad
ings because the public taste
unhealthy, and they must give
We readers what thev wish. It
Ihey do this thev'' deserve to be
held up to reprobation by all
paeachers and moralists. That
people have vices is no pallia
tiof the oliojise of those who
p.TWer to them. But the bus i
ness of newspapers is to report
fact-, and sometimes facts reveal
the depravity of human nature
nc -oll c ifc t-ivfur2 Tl ia imf
lTic function of an editor to
make lacts or to ignore them.
He must take hem as they are,
i-.voiding in their publication
whatever merely tends to pro
voke immorality or to gratify a
morbid appetite. A minister
may easily preach against wick
ednoss'in such a way as to stim
ulate cuiiosity regarding it and
to inflame the desire to commit
it. Sensational ministers have
be-m known to do that very
thing in their eagerness to at
tract hearers. This is bad in a
miii'ster, m in an editor.
Brother Talmage says the re
sponsibility of what an editor
publishes is divided between
him and his readers. We ask
no such division. If the paper
is evil, it is the editor who is
at tr.nlt. He has no business to
publish what is unfit to read.
No, let the preachers offer no
palliations tor the offenses of the
editors. Editors havn a great
responsibility, and they ought
to boar it fncmselves.
It was asserted to-day by one
of Grant's stroiig, steadfast
friends, that, as he has but six
weeks further ot power, he is
utterly indifferent to such opin
ions as bis enemies in the House
may form ot him. He means
to act with vigor as decisive as
as that which brought about the
surrender of Appomattox, and
he means to deal with the incip
ient rebels of 1S77 as sternly as
with the full fledged rebels ot
1S05. The person responsible
for this information further
states that Grant asserted that
whoever wondered at this would
have still more to wonder at be
fore thev were mam da vs older.
Extra Billy Smith, Yirginia's
war governor, and a celebrated
ante-bellum politician, is now
member of the State legislature.
Although seventy-six years of
age, he is robust in general
health and vigorous in mind as
ho was twenty years ago. IPs
inclination to talk is irre-istable,
and usually he talks well. He
keeps abreast ot the times as
to subjects of thought, though
his ideas as to the treatment of
tho subjects are occasionally an
tiquarian. The old gentle
man's photograph graces the
editorial rooms ot the Jleralu.
JMllai Herald.
"Flora Temple." the famous
old trotting marc, still livos.
aged'! I.
do no not like liei'ffify
though all her friends, despite
her imqucst Toned plainness, re
gard her as a charming woman.
A Federal soldier in the ranks
writes : I have been at a great
many places of late, and I find
that the greatest number of en
listed men are for Tilden and
Hendricks." Again : "I ask
the people of the United States,
would a soldier of tho United
States Army be bound to put in
a corrupt President not lawfully
elected ? Why, a soldier would
be breaking tho laws ot the
country by putting in a Presi
dent that is'not lawfully elected
by the people's vote, and a sol
dier onght not to be used as a
tool for political parties."
nox. Bex. Hill thinks the
newspapers have treated him
badly, and wants it distinctly
understood that he is in full
sympathy with the Democratic
party. Galveston jVaws.
It is refreshing to learn that
the IIox. Bex is "in sympathy"
with something good, and it is
to be hoped his love may prove
. -. .
Hieronymns complains that
freight from St. Louis is thirty
days en route to Hempstead,
and an indefinite period puts an
end to oysters coming from
Galveston. Nothing will rush
madly to Hempstead until that
circular saw ceases to alarm the
country and locomotives.
"Dar's gwine to be wall," re
m irked a colored citizen, "an'
all you niggahs might jes' 's
well git rcaily for active busi-ncs-."
"Which side shall we
take V asked one of his hearers.
"You niggahs can take jes' wha
side y'er please ; l'se gwine to
take de Canada side!"
Foiirclergyinen who officiated
at a wedding in New York the
oMier day were paid two hun
dred and fifty dollars each for
their services.
A Sample 1'ottlfiFrct.
Ifjou are troubled with Headache
duUnes. incapacity to keep tha mind on
any subject, dizzy, sleepy, or nervous
feelings, gliioiny forebodings, irratabii
ty of temper, or a b.ul taste in tlie
mouth, unsteady appetite, chkimr sen
sation in the throit, pain in the side or
about tho shoulders' coldness of ex trum
idea, etc. , or in fact any pyiutmns of
Ijiver complaint, bi'iousness, constipa
tion of the bowels, or dyspep-ia, fo to
your drusirist 1$. E. Lulin and net a
bottle of Dr. Siierm ui'a Prickly Ash
Outers. Xo spirit is used in theii
manufacture except a putts atticle of
tl Hand Gin. Jj.idirs in particular
will find them pecaliarlr adapted to
their wants in all ages and conditions
of life. The table tells all they con
tain, cjusequently physicins d n-)t
liesitile to prescribe tliem. Sample
bott'e for trial free. Keuular size ?l
Tlie American l'conlp.
Xo peoplein the world sutler as much
Willi Dyspepsia as Amerunns. Al
though v ears of experience in nied:
ciuo ha tailed to accomplish a certain
and sure remedy for disease and its ef
feels, such as Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Ilibitual Costivoness, pal
pit'i'lon ol the Heart, Ht.irt-butn
Waler brah. coming up of food alter
eatinjr, hnv spiritK, ,vc, yrt since the
introduction of c.ltKKN's Auuiwr ki.ow
Kit we beli.v.' nii'ir is no case of lvs
ewia and I.iver Complaint thai can
not eh iiunii'.Mately relieved. 3 ,('()0
dozen sold l.t year with nit one c.ue
of failure reported, do toyourlru
rUt 1!. I". !, ihn&Cn , and -ret a stain
pie llottle for 10 rents awl trv it. Two
doe5 will reliee you. Uvular Srzr '
Ti eeul-.
.licino is acknnwledjj
ed to'lnvelio equal as a liver
luudicirie; containin-r thrso
Southern roots and herbs which
an all wise Providence has plac
ed in countries wheie Liver
Diseases most prevail.
'! have'given your medicines z thor
ough trial, and in no case has it failed
to "(jive full satisfaction." Ellen ilea
cham, Chattahoochee, Fla.
"From actual experienie in the use
of this'medicino in my practice, I have
been, and am, satisfied to use and pre
scribe it as a purjativen.tedicinej' Dr
J. Mason. ,
'I have ued Dr. -Simmons' Liver
Rejrul.itor in my family for Dyspeia
and Sick Headache, and regard it an
invaluable remedy. It has not failed
to (jive relief in any Instance." Rev. F.
EtHerl'ii;. . . . , - -. -
"Simmons Livfer Rejrnlator "is cer
tainly a specific for that class of com
plaints which it claims t cure." Rev
David Wills, President Ofrlethorpe Col
lege. pct"3.w.l.
-i.-t torn oy e1 X-i aTtr,
Brenhnm, - . Texas.
VCWl practice in Washington and ad
joiuinj; counties. janlGdlmw'lm
rr. it. mi.i.ixosi.EA
Chappell Hill.
Attorneys - ailja'--r,
OHice in Onins b.iildinjr. Hast side
Conrt House Square,
Brenham, - - - Texas.
Prompt attention to collections, ex
amining land titles and paying taxes
for ma residents.
k--t'toi'-ci.o3--is - a,-t -Xi-3.x7
Brenham. Texas
ii.ttor3ioy-at""!Ja-VD-, Z
Burton, - Texas.
Will practice in the District, County
and Justices Courts. Prompt att-H
tion given to the collection of claims
Will practice in the District Courts
of Washington, Lee, and Burleton coun
I.rprCE upstairs over Gidding's Bank
July 1C
.ttorzioy tx j"j.-ot7-,
Burton, Washington Co., Tex.
J. M.Gos. Bates McFarland.
Brenham, Texas.
Office Upstairs in Allcorn building
Near Brejdlovo & Chatlicks Bank, av
J. T.Xorris.M.D. L. B. Creath M. D.
rhysiciacs and Surgeons.
Oder their Professional services to
the citizens of Brenham and vicinity,
Omce Wood -i Co. Prnc Store.
May 14th 1874. 3m.
Trcscriplion Free
"FTlOR tho speedy cure f seminal
Jn weakness, lost mauhood. and nil
disorders brought on by indiM-reiions
or oxces-. Any druggist has the in
gredients. Address
SG Nasssu St., ew York.
The Second Term of the Seventy
first Session of this Institution wi!'
otMi,, ion.ii,r, .lamiary im.isii.
lt,r . ill. iiilnrtir.ltl.nl irii !r ti 1
dersiirn-l. JOHX C. MILI.KU.
- ........,..,., ..
dei-Jitl&wtl I'lr.-nii at
of Virginia, late of Gonzales Texas.
Having attended a fall Course of
Lectures at the Baltimore College of
Dental Surgery, and having had sup
rior advantogis in Practice, feels as
sured that he can ifnaiantec satisfaction
in every branch of his business. OlHce
over Wood's drug store. Brenham,
TeXM. noO'75
Has removed to the Minkwitz bnilding
west side public square, . where he is
prepared to attend to tho wants of hit
patrors. Ready nude Clothing and
Gents Furnihing Goods ot his own
make al ways on hand.
.Oct. 8-3m
352atrass -SfZaiiufacturcr,
Brenham Texas"
Kepps.ponstantly on hand Macliino
made Matrasses' of all kir.ds, which ho
is selling at moderate pticcs for c."h.
Call at 0. tt'ittebergs, next. door to R.
Hoffman, and examine my luatrnsrs
and prices before purchashing else
where; as I-am making the best mat
rass in tho market.
septlOtjl U. C. BARXETT.
rjggHj Blacksmithj
and manufacturer of
Breuliam. Texas.
J3JSpecial attention given to Hiirsk
Siioeinu, general job work and repair
ing. Terms liberal. Shop near May
nard's I jvery Stable. Jui.e IS. '74.
Dealer in
Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Nut?,
Cigars and Tobacco,
Crockery,Glass and Qneeiisware,
Under Cantral Hotel,
Brenham, Texas.
Cash paid for butter, chickens, eggs
and domestic fruits. The Patronagu if
the public bolicitcd.
Oct- 8-tf
Groceries and Provisions,
Brenham, Texas,
A full and complete Slack alwavs on
hand.forsaloat BOTTOM FIGiJKES
Give us a trial,
OctS. 1S74.
II. "W CK-ISli:!?,
Dcaler in
Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry, Specta
cles, Silver an.
Plated Ware.
Brenham Texas.
Repairs done on short notice ami
warranted. AH Goods arranied as"
represented. vlln3-
Brfnlmm, Tcses.
OtHcf over (Irabcre Jr-wdry Sto,
Xorth East Corutr of tlie Court lluusu
SI ni re.
Plates niailf mi flmrt notice. A'l! op-erattoa-5
L'ltani tfttl. 'iVrniri cadi.
.Ma.ch o. 7.lSm
"" " E3Ja.Krisi3--t,
roreisn and Domestic ExchaK.50,
Firo- Tnsiiniipo V
-Llll AllMUHlt.U 1
!" ' r.rcnliaii

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